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An American term, Regionalism refers to the work of a number of rural artists, mostly from the Midwest, who came to prominance in the 1930s.

Not being part of a coordinated movement, Regionalist artists often had an idiosyncratic style or point of view. What they shared, among themselves and among other American Scene painters, was a humble, anti-modernist style and a desire to depict everyday life. However their rural conservatism tended to put them at odds with the urban and leftist Social Realists of the same era.

The three best-known regionalists were John Steuart Curry, Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood, the painter of the best-known and one of the greatest works of American art, American Gothic.

Chronological Listing of Regionalists
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Thomas Hart Benton 1889-1975 American Painter
Marvin Cone 1891-1965 American Painter
Grant Wood 1891-1942 American Painter
Molly Luce 1896-1986 American Painter
Paul Starrett Sample 1896-1974 American Painter
John Steuart Curry 1897-1946 American Painter
Alexandre Hogue 1898-1994 American Painter
Hale Woodruff 1900-1980 African-American Painter
Russell Limbach 1904-1971 American Printmaker
Dale Nichols 1904-1995 American Painter
Clyde Singer 1908-1999 American Painter
Aaron Pyle 1909-1972 American Painter
John Rogers Cox 1915-1990 American Painter
Roger Medearis 1920-2001 American Painter



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