Women Artists of the Renaissance

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Caterina van Hemessen
Flemish painter, 1527-1587

Caterina van Hemessen was the daughter of Mannerist painter Jan Sanders van Hemessen. She was trained by her father and even collaborated with him on some of his paintings. She worked in portraiture, painting wealthy men and women, usually against a dark background.

She was a member of the Guild of St. Luke and even became a teacher to three male students. Caterina's main patron was Maria of Austria (Regent of the Low Countries). When Maria resigned her post in 1556 and moved back to Spain, Caterina and her husband were invited to join her. Maria gave them funds, allowing them to live the rest of their lives comfortably.

Artcyclopedia page for Caterina van Hemessen: Works at museums, galleries and image archives worldwide.

Lady in 16th-Century Costume

Bowes Museum, Durham, England

Larger version

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