Women Artists of the Renaissance

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Fede Galizia
Italian painter, 1578-1630

As the daughter of Nunzio Galizia, a portrait painter, Fede Galizia was an accomplished artist by the age of twelve. Taught by her father, Fede had a great eye for detail and her skill at painting clothing and jewellery made her a very popular portrait artist.

She was also commissioned for both religious and secular paintings, and she painted several depictions of Judith and Holofernes. Fede was also interested in still lifes, for which she is perhaps best known. She was a pioneer in the genre for women and her style has influenced the evolution of still life painting.

Artcyclopedia page for Fede Galizia: Works at museums, galleries and image archives worldwide.

Maiolica Basket of Fruit, 1610s

Larger version

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