Women Artists of the Renaissance

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Judith Leyster
Dutch painter, 1609-1660

Judith Leyster was born in Haarlem, Holland. Although her artistic education is unknown, her paintings are influenced by the genre paintings by Frans Hals and Dirk Hals. By 1633, she was a member of the Haarlem Guild of St. Luke where, within two years, she had three male apprentices.

Judith married Jan Miense Molenaer, another artist, and had five children. After her death, her work was forgotten until a painting at the Louvre was discovered to have her monogram on it, under a false "Frans Hals" signature in 1893. Since then, many works that have been incorrectly attributed to Hals have been revealed to have been painted by Leyster.

Artcyclopedia page for Judith Leyster: Works at museums, galleries and image archives worldwide.

A Youth with a Jug

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