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Marcel Duchamp1887-1968French/American
Joseph Beuys1921-1986German
Joseph Beuys: Painting on the Floor, c.1982
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Douglas Huebler1924-1997American
Yves Klein1928-1962French
Yves Klein: Das Daue Schwammrelief, 1958
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Sol LeWitt1928-2007American
Yayoi KusamaBorn 1929Japanese
Repetitive Vision, c.1996
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John BaldessariBorn 1931American
Kestner Gellschaft
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On KawaraBorn 1933Japanese
Piero Manzoni1933-1963Italian
Yoko OnoBorn 1933Japanese/American
Robert BarryBorn 1936American
Hoped For...
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Daniel BurenBorn 1938French
Dennis OppenheimBorn 1938American
Mel BochnerBorn 1940American
Twenty-Five Years -1984
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PanamarenkoBorn 1940Belgian
Lawrence WeinerBorn 1940American
One Plus One Is Two
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Jan DibbetsBorn 1941Dutch
Collage, 1975
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Ger van ElkBorn 1941Dutch
Bernar VenetBorn 1941French
Ligne Indeterminee
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Michael AsherBorn 1943American
Stephen WillatsBorn 1943British
Joseph KosuthBorn 1945American
Zero and Not
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Barbara KrugerBorn 1945American
Giuseppe PenoneBorn 1947Italian
Braco DimitrijevicBorn 1948Bosnian
Laurie SimmonsBorn 1949American
Jenny HolzerBorn 1950American
Rosemarie TrockelBorn 1952German
2006 FIFA World Cup-Woman With Whistle
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Jeff KoonsBorn 1955American
Puppy, Guggenheim Museum2
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Jaume PlensaBorn 1955Spanish
Jana SterbakBorn 1955Czech/Canadian
Pierre BismuthBorn 1963French
Adam ChodzkoBorn 1965British
Tobias RehbergerBorn 1966German
Simon PattersonBorn 1967British
The Great Bear, 1992
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Simon StarlingBorn 1967British
Komar and Melamid Russian/American


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