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Maria Sibylla Merian1647-1717German
Maria Sibylla Merian: Nature's Bounty
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Georg Dionysius Ehret1710-1770German
Lilium Auratum
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Henry William Bunbury1750-1811British
Falstaff's Escape
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Robert Smirke1752-1845English
Odysseus and Circe
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Isaac Cruikshank1756-1811English
Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia
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Thomas Rowlandson1756-1827English
Richardson's Theatre
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William Blake1757-1827British
William Blake: Ancient of Days
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James Gillray1757-1815English
The Liberty of the Subject
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George Montard Woodward1760-1809English
Quack Doctor
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John James Audubon1785-1851West Indian/American
John James Audubon: Louisiana Heron
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George Cruikshank1792-1878English
Monstrosities of 1818
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William Heath1795-1840English
The Battle of Toulouse
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Titian Peale1799-1885American
Theodore Lane1800-1828 
Fight Between a Lion and Dogs
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Thomas Henry NicholsonDied 1870British
Constantin Guys1802-1892French
Constantin Guys: Box Seats
Art Prints from
Honore Daumier1808-1879French
The Rescue, ca.1870
Art Prints from
Charles Martin1812-1906French
Full Length Portrait of J.M.W. Turner
Art Prints from
Hablot Knight Browne1815-1882English
Demons in a Churchyard
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David Hunter Strother1816-1888American
John Leech1817-1864English
Mr Fezziwig's Ball, from A Christmas Carol
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Edward Lear1818-1888English
Philae on the Nile
Art Prints from
Frederick Richard Pickersgill1820-1900British
Mother and Child with a poppy
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Sir John Tenniel1820-1914English
Alice Stretches at the Neck
Art Prints from
Felix Octavius Carr Darley1822-1888American
Struggle on a Bridge During the Retreat from Manassas
Art Prints from
Richard Doyle1824-1883English
Fairy Procession
Art Prints from
Henry Heath1824-1828English
Man-Trap Warning
Art Prints from
Etienne Carjat1828-1906French
Victor Hugo on Jersey Rock
Art Prints from
Gustave Dore1832-1883French
Gustave Dore: Don Quixote in his Library
Art Prints from
Charles Altamont Doyle1832-1893English
Self Portrait
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George Du Maurier1834-1896British
Svengali Mesmerises Trilby
Art Prints from
Thomas Nast1840-1902German/American
Christmas Eve '62
Art Prints from
Frederick Stuart Church1842-1924American
C.M. Coolidge1844-1934American
Walter Crane1845-1915English
The Earth And Spring, 1875
Art Prints from
Randolph Caldecott1846-1886English
Illustration of Animals' Tea Party
Art Prints from
Kate Greenaway1846-1901English
Kate Greenaway: Mother and Child
Art Prints from
Leslie Ward1851-1922British
Spy: Golfers: Hoarce Hutchinson & John Ball Jr.
Art Prints from
Edwin Austin Abbey1852-1911American
Cotton Culture
Art Prints from
Jean-Louis Forain1852-1931French
Maurice Leloir1853-1940French
Howard Pyle1853-1911American
Howard Pyle: Jackson's Brigade
Art Prints from
Joseph Pennell1857-1926American
Adolphe-Leon Willette1857-1926French
Louis John Rhead1858-1926English/American
George Wharton Edwards1859-1950American
Louis Wain1860-1939English
Maurice William Greiffenhagen1862-1931British
F. Cayley Robinson1862-1927British
Jessie Willcox Smith1863-1935American
Phil May1864-1903British
Calculating Gentleman
Art Prints from
Leon Bakst1866-1924Russian
Edward Penfield1866-1925American
Beatrix Potter1866-1943English
Charles Dana Gibson1867-1944American
Winsor McCay1867-1934American
Arthur Rackham1867-1939English
Johan Thorn Prikker1868-1932Dutch
Walter L. Greene1870-1956American
Maxfield Parrish1870-1966American
Charles Robinson1870-1937 
Elizabeth Shippen Green1871-1954American
Aubrey Beardsley1872-1898English
Art Prints from
Sir Max Beerbohm1872-1956English
Howard Chandler Christy1873-1952American
John Wolcott Adams1874-1925American
J.C. Leyendecker1874-1951American
Frances MacNair1874-1921Scottish
Design For A Decorative Frieze
Art Prints from
Frederic Dorr Steele1874-1944American
Kinuko Y. Craft20th CenturyAmerican
In the Forest of Peace
Art Prints from
Ivan Bilibin1876-1942Russian
Harrison Cady1877-1970American
Harrison Fisher1877-1934American
James Montgomery Flagg1877-1960American
Alfred Kubin1877-1959Czech
Carton Moore-Park1877-1956Canadian/British
Frank E. Schoonover1877-1972American
William Henry Dethlef Koerner1878-1938American
Millicent Sowerby1878-1967English
Norman Lindsay1879-1969Australian
George Herriman1880-1944African-American
C. Coles Phillips1880-1927American
Joseph Clement Coll1881-1921American
Edmund Dulac1882-1953French
Willy Pogany1882-1955Hungarian/American
N.C. Wyeth1882-1945American
Edward Julius Detmold1883-1957English
Rube Goldberg1883-1970American
Frank R. Paul1884-1963Austrian/American
Kay Nielsen1886-1957Danish/American
James Chapin1887-1975American
Chesley Bonestell1888-1986American
Louis Icart1888-1950French
Margaret Tarrant1888-1959English
Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge1889-1975American
Harry Clarke1889-1931Irish
Kerr Eby1889-1946American
John Held Jr.1889-1958American
Dean Cornwell1892-1960American
Henry Darger1892-1973American
Will James1892-1942Canadian
J.R.R. Tolkien1892-1973South African/British
Norman Rockwell1894-1978American
Arthur Szyk1894-1951Polish
Josef Fenneker1895-1956 
Alberto Vargas1896-1982Peruvian/American
Ludwig Bemelmans1898-1962Belgian/American
M.C. Escher1898-1972Dutch
Boris Artzybasheff1899-1965Ukrainian/American
Antoine de Saint-Exupery1900-1944French
Fritz Eichenberg1901-1990German/American
Sulamith Wulfing1901-1989German
Martha Sawyers1902-1988American
Al Hirschfeld1903-2003American
Robert Benney1904-2001American
Miguel Covarrubias1904-1957Mexican
Terence Duren1904-1968American
Dr. Seuss1904-1991American
Jack Markow1905-1983British/American
Lee Brown Coye1907-1981American
Stevan Dohanos1907-1994American
Don Freeman1908-1978American
John Phillip Falter1910-1982American
Dan Rico1912-1985American
Arthur Sarnoff1912-2000American
Arthur Getz1913-1996American
Hannes Bok1914-1964American
Gil Elvgren1914-1980American
Virgil Finlay1914-1971American
Mac Raboy1914-1967American
Saul Steinberg1914-1999Romanian/American
Will Eisner1917-2005American
Jack Kirby1917-1994American
Robert T. McCallBorn 1919American
Frank Kelly Freas1922-2005American
Charles M. Schulz1922-2000American
Frank McCarthy1924-2002American
Edward Gorey1925-2000American
David Levine1926-2009American
William Kurelek1927-1977Canadian
Frank Frazetta1928-2010American
Maurice SendakBorn 1928American
Andrei SokolovBorn 1931Russian
John BerkeyBorn 1932American
Rien Poortvliet1932-1995Dutch
Paul GobleBorn 1933British/American
Douglas AllenBorn 1935American
Ralph SteadmanBorn 1936British
MoebiusBorn 1938French
Jim SterankoBorn 1938American
Greg HildebrandtBorn 1939American
Tim HildebrandtBorn 1939American
Jerry PinkneyBorn 1939African-American
H.R. GigerBorn 1940Swiss
Barry MoserBorn 1940American
Philippe CazaBorn 1941French
Boris VallejoBorn C.1941Peruvian/American
James C. ChristensenBorn 1942American
Robert CrumbBorn 1943American
Ron WalotskyBorn 1943American
Roger DeanBorn 1944British
Rowena MorrillBorn 1944American
Bruce PenningtonBorn 1944British
Vincent Di FateBorn 1945American
Rodney MatthewsBorn 1945British
Ken KellyBorn 1946American
Chris AchilleosBorn 1947Greek/British
Brian FroudBorn 1947British
Michael William KalutaBorn 1947American
Alan LeeBorn 1947British
Chris MooreBorn 1947British
Jim BurnsBorn 1948British
Clyde CaldwellBorn 1948American
Olivia DeBerardinisBorn 1948American
Larry ElmoreBorn 1948American
Art SpiegelmanBorn 1948Swedish/American
Stephen HickmanBorn 1949American
Christian Riese LassenBorn 1949American
Barclay ShawBorn 1949American
Chris van AllsburgBorn 1949American
Gary PanterBorn 1950American
Michael WhelanBorn 1950American
Don DixonBorn 1951American
Thomas CantyBorn 1952American
Don DavisBorn 1952American
Suzanne DuranceauBorn 1952Canadian
Don MaitzBorn 1953American
Attila HejjaBorn 1954Hungarian/American
Luis RoyoBorn 1954Spanish
Charles BurnsBorn 1955American
Dennis DavidsonBorn C.1955American
Tom KiddBorn 1955American
Fred GambinoBorn 1956British
Todd LockwoodBorn C.1956American
John HoweBorn 1957Canadian
Frank MillerBorn 1957American
John Jude PalencarBorn 1957American
Graeme BaseBorn 1958Australian
Julie BellBorn 1958American
James GurneyBorn 1958American
Keith Parkinson1958-2005American
Bob EggletonBorn 1960American
Ciruelo CabralBorn 1963Argentine
Ismael RoldanBorn 1964American
BromBorn 1965American
Stephen YoullBorn 1965British
Donato GiancolaBorn 1967American
Alex RossBorn 1970American
Stephanie Pui-Mun LawBorn 1976American
Dean Morrissey American


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