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Giovanni Santi1430-1494Italian
Lamentation of The Dead Christ
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Giorgio Vasari1511-1574Italian
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Karel van Mander1548-1606Dutch
William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson
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Giuseppe Passeri1654-1714Italian
Yosa Buson1716-1784Japanese
Landscape Panels
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William Blake1757-1827British
William Blake: Ancient of Days
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William Dunlap1766-1839American
Charles Brockden Brown
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Anne Brownell Jameson1794-1860Irish/English
Victor Hugo1802-1885French
Le Gai Chateau
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Elizabeth Rigby1809-1893English
John Ruskin1819-1900English
Etna From Taormina
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Eugene Fromentin1820-1876French
The Land of Thirst
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James Smetham1821-1889English
Saul Hiding Among the Stuff, 1866
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Lewis Carroll1832-1898English
Alice Pleasance Liddell As The Beggar Maid
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George Du Maurier1834-1896British
Svengali Mesmerises Trilby
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William Morris1834-1896English
Design for Avon Chintz
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Samuel Butler1835-1902English
Francis Davis Millet1846-1912American
August Strindberg1849-1912Swedish
Sunset, 1903
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Maria Bashkirtseff1858-1884Ukrainian/French
A Meeting
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Santiago Rusinol1861-1931Spanish
Jardin de Aranjuez
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Roger Fry1866-1934English
Ste. Agnes, South of France, 1915
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Lucie Cousturier1870-1925French
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti1876-1944Italian
George Herriman1880-1944African-American
Krazy Mondrian (by Pablo Echaurren)
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Wyndham Lewis1882-1957Canadian/British
Isaac Rosenberg1890-1918English
Henry Darger1892-1973American
J.R.R. Tolkien1892-1973South African/British
David Jones1895-1974British
Andre Breton1896-1966French
Photograph of Andre Breton, 1930
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Ludwig Bemelmans1898-1962Belgian/American
Henri Michaux1899-1984French
Antoine de Saint-Exupery1900-1944French
Dr. Seuss1904-1991American
Dr. Seuss' Numbers
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Charles Biederman1906-2004American
Denton Welch1915-1948British
Leonora CarringtonBorn 1917British/Mexican
Will Eisner1917-2005American
Manny FarberBorn 1917American
Charles M. Schulz1922-2000American
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F.N. Souza1924-2002Indian
Edward Gorey1925-2000American
The Awdrey-Gore Legacy
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Maurice SendakBorn 1928American
Movie poster for Where the Wild Things Are
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Ralph SteadmanBorn 1936British
Ralph Steadman: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
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Philippe CazaBorn 1941French
Art SpiegelmanBorn 1948Swedish/American
Chris van AllsburgBorn 1949American
James GurneyBorn 1958American
Darcey SteinkeBorn 1963American
BromBorn 1965American
Michael Carroll American


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