Michael Weinberg's Photographs

Michael Weinberg is a Pennsylvania-based photographer who has made a hobby of taking superb photographs of great art at several museums in the Northeastern U.S. With his permission, we are presenting about 100 of them, with the first 9 available in high resolution.

His homepage is Michael Weinberg Photography.

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Francesco Francia
: Bishop Altobello Averoldo, ca.1505

Paul Gauguin
: The Siesta, ca.1892-94

Orazio Gentileschi
: Saint Cecilia and an Angel

Théodore Géricault
: Evening Landscape with an Aqueduct, 1818

Girolamo da Carpi
: The Apparition of the Virgin

Girolamo di Benvenuto
: Portrait of a Young Woman, ca.1508

Francisco de Goya
: Don Ignacio Garcini y Queralt, 1804

William Stanley Haseltine
: Natural Arch at Capri

Martin Johnson Heade
: Cattlea Orchid and Three Brazilian Humming Birds

Robert Henri
: Snow in New York, 1902

Jan van der Heyden
: An Architectural Fantasy

Pieter de Hooch
: A Dutch Courtyard, 1658/60

John Hoppner
: The Frankland Sisters, 1795

: The Virgin Adoring the Host, 1852

Jacopino del Conte
: Madonna and Child with St. Elizabeth & St. John the Baptist

Jacopo del Sellaio
: Saint John the Baptist

Eastman Johnson
: The Early Scholar

Joshua Johnson
: The Westwood Children, ca.1807

Thomas de Keyser
: A Musician and his Daughter, 1629

Fitz Hugh Lane
: Stage Rocks and Western Shore of Gloucester Outer Harbor

Josse Lieferinxe
: The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, ca.1497

Jan Lievens
: Head of a Man

Filippino Lippi
: Portrait of a Youth, ca.1485

Nicolaes Maes
: Abraham Dismissing Hagar and Ishmael, 1653

Alessandro Magnasco
: The Tame Magpie, ca.1707-08

Master of the Tibertine Sibyl
: The Marriage of the Virgin

Matteo di Giovanni
: Madonna and Child with Angels and Cherubim

Hugues Merle
: Falling Leaves, Allegory of Autumn, 1872

Willard Leroy Metcalf
: Midsummer Twilight, ca.1890

Jean-François Millet
: Haystacks: Autumn, ca.1874

Jan Miense Molenaer
: Self-portrait as a Lute Player

Moretto da Brescia
: Portrait of a Lady in White

Giovanni Battista Moroni
: Gian Federico Madruzzo, ca.1560

Jean-Marc Nattier
: Madame Marsollier and her Daughter, 1749

François-Joseph Navez
: The Massacre of the Innocents, 1824

Isaack van Ostade
: Workmen Before an Inn

Jean-Baptiste Oudry
: Missy and Luttine, 1729

James Peale
: Fruit Still Life, 1824

Perino del Vaga
: The Nativity

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