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John Glover1767-1849Painter
Aboriginal Coroboree in Van Diemen's Land
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William Gould1803-1853Painter
Henry Burn1807-1884Painter
Marshall Claxton1811-1881Painter
Eugene von Guerard1811-1901Painter
A Queue at the Theatre de l'Ambigu-Comique
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Louis Buvelot1814-1888Painter
Thomas Clark1814-1883Painter
Henry Gritten1818-1873Painter
J.H. Carse1819-1900Painter
A.W. Eustace1820-1907 
William Barak1824-1903 
Robert Dowling1827-1886Painter
The Slave Dealer, 1880
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Nicolas Chevalier1828-1902Painter
Julian Ashton1851-1942Painter
Walter Withers1854-1914Painter
Frederick McCubbin1855-1917Painter
Moyes Bay, Beaumaris, Victoria
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Tom Roberts1856-1931Painter
Tom Roberts: Roses, 1911
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Emma Minnie Boyd1858-1936Painter
Tom Humphrey1858-1922 
Bernard Hall1859-1935 
Arthur Boyd Sr.1862-1940Painter
Alexander Colquhoun1862-1941Painter
John Longstaff1862-1941Painter
Aby Altson1864-1949Painter
On The Balcony
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Rupert Bunny1864-1947Painter
Barge on a River, Normandy
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David Davies1864-1939Painter
E. Phillips Fox1865-1915Painter
E. Phillips Fox: The Ferry
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Agnes Goodsir1865-1939Painter
Arthur Streeton1867-1943Painter
Charles Conder1868-1909Painter
Imperia La Belle
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George Coates1869-1930Painter
Roland Wheelwright1870-1955Painter
Enid and Geraint
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Miles Evergood1871-1939Painter
Max Meldrum1875-1955Painter
Hayley Lever1876-1958Painter/Printmaker
Gloucester Harbor, 1913
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Hans Heysen1877-1968Painter
George Bell1878-1966Painter
H.B. Harrison1878-1948Painter
Norman Lindsay1879-1969Painter/Illustrator
Martin Lewis1881-1962Printmaker
Elioth Gruner1882-1939Painter
Charles Bryant1883-1937Painter
Camouflaged Ships in Harbour at Le Havre
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Derwent Lees1885-1931Painter
Clarice Beckett1887-1935Painter
William Frater1890-1974 
Grace Cossington Smith1892-1984Painter
Mary Cecil Allen1893-1962Painter
John Farmer1897-1989 
Douglas Dundas1900-1981 
Albert Namatjira1902-1959Painter
Jean Bellette1909-1991Painter
Lina Bryans1909-2000Painter
Elaine Haxton1909-1999 
Max Dupain1911-1992Photographer
Russell Drysdale1912-1981Painter
Noel Counihan1913-1986Painter
James GleesonBorn 1915Painter
Sidney Nolan1917-1992Painter
Charles Bush1919-1989Painter
Jacqueline Hick1919-2004Painter
Arthur Boyd Jr.1920-1999Painter
John Brack1920-1999Painter
Helmut Newton1920-2004Photographer
Bernice Coppleters
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Jeffrey SmartBorn 1921Painter
Ray CrookeBorn 1922 
Ian Armstrong1923-2005Painter
John Perceval1923-2000Painter
Robert DickersonBorn 1924Painter
Fred Williams1927-1982Painter
Charles BlackmanBorn 1928Painter
John OlsenBorn 1928Painter
Richard LarterBorn 1929Painter
Janet DawsonBorn 1935Painter
Dale HickeyBorn 1937Painter
Mike Brown1938-1997 
Brett Whiteley1939-1992Painter
STELARCBorn 1946Performance Artist
John NixonBorn 1949Painter
Tristram Shandy, 1786
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Anne GeddesBorn 1956Photographer
123 Pots
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Graeme BaseBorn 1958Illustrator
Ron MueckBorn 1958Sculptor
Tracey MoffattBorn 1960Photographer/Video Artist


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