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Bernhard Keil1624-1687Painter
Vigilius Erichsen1722-1782 
Equestrian Portrait of Catherine II the Great of Russia
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Peder Als1726-1776Painter
Nicolai Abildgaard1743-1809Painter
Nightmare, 1800
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Jens Juel1745-1802Painter
Christian VII, King of Denmark and Norway
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J.F. Clemens1748-1831Engraver
Bertel Thorvaldsen1770-1844Sculptor
Bertel Thorvaldsen's Statue of Emperor Maximillian I
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Jacob Peterson1774-1854Painter
Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg1783-1853Painter
Moses Divides the Waters of the Red Sea
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Christian Albrecht Jensen1792-1870Painter
The Artist's Wife Catharine, 1825
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Johan Laurentz Jensen1800-1856Painter
Geraniums, Pansies and Heather in a Greek Kylix
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Martinus Rorbye1803-1848Painter
A View Of Copenhagen Towards The Stock Exchange
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Wilhelm Bendz1804-1832Painter
Constantin Hansen1804-1880Painter
The Artist's two youngest sisters
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Christen Kobke1810-1848Painter
Wilhelm Marstrand1810-1873Painter
Caricature of Soren Kierkegaard
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Johan Thomas Lundbye1818-1848Painter
Christen Dalsgaard1824-1907Painter
Entrance into Jerusalem
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C.C.A. Christensen1832-1912 
C. Clausen1837-1848Painter
Michael Ancher1849-1927Painter
Anna Ancher returning from Flower Picking, 1902
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Jacob Riis1849-1914Photographer
Immigrant Family, New York City, ca.1910
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Frants Henningsen1850-1908Painter
Ingeborg Treschow, Aged Three
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Antonio Jacobsen1850-1921Painter
Yacht Race
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Viggo Johansen1851-1935Painter
Silent Night, 1891
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Peder Severin Kroyer1851-1909Painter
Kroyer: Marie Kroyer
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Carl Locher1851-1915Painter
Emil Carlsen1853-1932Painter
Still Life With Green Peppers And Jug
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Laurits Tuxen1853-1927Painter
The Coffee is Poured
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L.A. Ring1854-1933Painter
Old Man Walking in a Rye Field
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Anna Ancher1859-1935Painter
Peder Mork Monsted1859-1941Painter
Going To Market
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Paul Fischer1860-1935Painter
Market Day at Hojbro Plads Copenhagen
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Carl Holsoe1863-1935Painter
A Lady In An Interior
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Karl Emil Termohlen1863-1938Painter
Vilhelm Hammershoi1864-1916Painter
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Harald Slott-Moller1864-1937Painter
Emilie Demant Hatt1873-1958Painter
Jais Nielsen1885-1961Painter/Ceramicist
Kay Nielsen1886-1957Illustrator
The Prince Looks Down on Sleeping Beauty
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Knud Merrild1894-1954Painter
Knud Agger1895-1973Painter
Franciska Clausen1899-1986Painter
Peter Sekaer1901-1950Photographer
Eduard Borregaard1902-1978Painter
Arne Jacobsen1902-1971Architect/Designer
Wilhelm Freddie1909-1995Painter/Sculptor
Ejler Bille1910-2004Painter
Sven Dalsgaard1914-1999Painter
Asger Jorn1914-1973Painter
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Mogens Andersen1916-2003Painter
Preben Hornung1919-1989Painter
Svend Wiig Hansen1922-1997Painter
Verner Panton1926-1998Designer
Arne Haugen SorensenBorn 1932Painter
Per KirkebyBorn 1938Painter
Flight to Egypt, c.1996
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Martin BigumBorn 1966Painter
Olafur EliassonBorn 1967Installation Artist


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