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Charles Jervas1675-1739Painter
Portrait of Jonathan Swift
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Nathaniel Hone1718-1784Painter
Portrait of John Wesley, c.1766
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George Barret Sr.1728-1784Painter
Hugh Douglas Hamilton1734-1808Painter
Arthur Hill, 2nd Marquess Of Downshire (1753-1801)
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Christopher Hewetson1739-1799Sculptor
Nathaniel Grogan1740-1807Painter
Tivoli, Near Cork
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James Barry1741-1806Painter
Portrait of the 1st Duke of Northumberland
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Thomas Hickey1741-1824Painter
Colonel Colin Mackenzie and His Indian Pandits
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John Ramage1748-1802Painter
John Boyne1750-1810 
A Meeting of Connoisseurs
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Henry Tresham1750-1814Painter
Adam Buck1759-1833Miniaturist
Mother and Child
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Sir Martin Archer Shee1769-1850Painter
William Dixon1784-1834Painter
William Mulready1786-1863Painter
Giving a bite
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James Arthur O'Connor1792-1841Painter
William Guy Wall1792-1864Painter
Barnstable Mass, 1857
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Francis Danby1793-1861Painter
Francis Danby: Apocalypse
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Anne Brownell Jameson1794-1860Writer
Charles Cromwell Ingham1796-1863Painter
Major General Winfield Scott
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Patrick MacDowell1799-1870Sculptor
Daniel Maclise1806-1870Painter
The Elfin Knight Fell Horse and Man
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Paul Kane1810-1871Painter
Medicine mask dance
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Alfred Elmore1815-1881Painter
The Proposal, 1860
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Frederic William Burton1816-1900Painter
Meeting on the Turret Stairs
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John Henry Foley1818-1874Sculptor
James Hamilton1819-1878Painter
Edwin Hayes1819-1904Painter
Daniel MacDonald1821-1853Painter
William Gorman Wills1828-1891Painter
Edward Gay1837-1928Painter
Thomas Hovenden1840-1895Painter
Timothy O'Sullivan1840-1882Photographer
Pyramid Lake, Nevada
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Norman Garstin1847-1926Painter
William Michael Harnett1848-1892Painter
Harnett: The Banker's Table
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Augustus Saint-Gaudens1848-1907Sculptor
Diana by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
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Sir John Lavery1856-1941Painter
Stanhope Alexander Forbes1857-1947Painter
Walter Frederick Osborne1859-1903Painter
The Loiterers, 1888
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Roderic O'Conor1860-1940Painter
William Gerard Barry1864-1941Painter
J. Laurie Wallace1864-1953Painter
Jack B. Yeats1871-1957Painter
Paul Henry1876-1958Painter
Sir William Orpen1878-1931Painter
Eileen Gray1879-1976Designer
Harry Clarke1889-1931Illustrator/Stained Glass Artist
Sean Keating1889-1977Painter
Ronald Ossory Dunlop1894-1973Painter
Francis Bacon1909-1992Painter
Frederick Edward McWilliam1909-1992Sculptor
Louis le BrocquyBorn 1916Painter
Colleen BrowningBorn 1929Painter
William CrozierBorn 1930Painter
Barrie CookeBorn 1931Painter
Sean ScullyBorn 1945Painter
Dorothy CrossBorn 1956 
Alice MaherBorn 1956Painter
Willie DohertyBorn 1959Photographer/Installation Artist
Teresa HubbardBorn 1965Photographer
George A. Atkison  


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