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Andre Beauneveu1335-1401Painter/Sculptor
Effigies from The Tomb of Charles V The Wise
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Melchior Broederlam1355-1411Painter
Altarpiece of the Chartreuse de Champmol
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Jean Malouel1365-1415Painter
Robert Campin1375-1444Painter
St. Barbara from the Werl Altarpiece
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Master of the Prado's Adoration of the Magi15th CenturyPainter
Master of the Saint Lucy Legend15th CenturyPainter
Mary Queen of Heaven, the St. Lucy Legend
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Claus de Werve1380-1439Sculptor
Hermann Limbourg1400Manuscript Illuminator
April: Courtly Life
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Jean Limbourg1400Manuscript Illuminator
Les Tres Riche Heures - May
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Paul Limbourg1400Manuscript Illuminator
Les Tres Riche Heures - July
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Rogier van der Weyden1400-1464Painter
The Last Judgement (detail)
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Jacques Daret1404-1470Painter
Petrus Christus1410-1473Painter
Our Lady of The Barren Tree c. 1444/62
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Dieric Bouts the Elder1415-1475Painter
Adoration of the Magi
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Albert van Ouwater1415-1475Painter
Hans Memling1435-1494Painter
Hans Memling: Angels Playing Musical Instruments
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Hugo van der Goes1440-1482Painter
St. Genevieve
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Dieric Bouts the Younger1448-1490Painter
Hieronymus Bosch1450-1516Painter
Temptation of St.Anthony (left panel)
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Aelbrecht Bouts1460-1549Painter
Christ, The Man Of Sorrows
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Gerard David1460-1523Painter
Gerard David: Rest on the Flight into Egypt
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Joos van Wassenhove1460-1480Painter
Joos van Wassenhove: Portrait of Dante
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Geertgen Tot Sint-Jans1460-1490Painter
The Raising of Lazarus
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Cornelis Engebrechtsz.1465-1527Painter
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
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Michel Sittow1469-1525Painter
Portrait of a woman, possibly Catherine of Aragon
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Jean Bellegambe1470-1535Painter
Mystic Bath of the Souls
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Master of Virgo inter Virgines1470-1520Painter
Jan de Beer1475-1528Painter
The Adoration Of The Kings
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Jan Wellens de Cock1480-1527Painter
Master of the Saint Bartholomew Altarpiece1480-1510Painter
Master of the View of Sainte Gudule1485Painter
Master of the Baroncelli Portraits1489Painter
Pieter Cornelisz. Kunst1490-1560Painter
Jan Sanders van Hemessen1500-1566Painter
The Surgeon
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Master of the Embroidered Foliage1500Painter
Virgin and Child in a Garden
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Master of the Magdalen Legend1500Painter
The Madonna and Child
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Master of the Morrison Triptych1500Painter
Jan Massys1509-1575Painter
Lot and his Daughters
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Anthonis Mor1517-1577Painter
A Widow and Her Son
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Peter de Witte1548-1628Painter
The Holy Family and Saint Anne
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Pieter Pietersz the Younger1550-1611Painter
Boetius Bolswert1580-1633Engraver
John Griffier the Elder1646-1718Painter
Queen Anne's Visit To Greenwich
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