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Luis Borrassa1350-1424Painter
Mounted Soldiers
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Bernardo Martorell1400-1452Painter
The Beheading of St. John The Baptist
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Bartolome Bermejo1405-1498Painter
Jaume Huguet1415-1492Painter
The Virgin and Child with St. Ines and St. Barbara
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Nicolas Frances1424-1468Painter
Luis Dalmau1428-1461Painter
Joan Reixach1431-1486Painter
Master of the Cypresses1434Manuscript Illuminator
Fernando Gallego1440-1507Painter
The Pentecost
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Jorge Ingles1445-1475Painter
Pablo de San Leocadio1447-1520Painter
The Virgin and Child
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Pedro Berruguete1450-1504Painter
Apparition of the Virgin to a Community
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Lo Spagna1450-1528Painter
Martin Bernat1454-1497Painter
Pedro Sanchez1454-1468Painter
Juan de Flandes1460-1519Painter
The Resurrection of Lazarus
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Gil de Siloe1467-1505Sculptor/Architect
Adoration of the Magi
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Juan de Borgona1470-1534Painter
The Dream of St. Joseph
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Vasco de la Zarza1470-1524Sculptor
Pedro de Bolduque16th CenturySculptor
Juan Vicente Masip1475-1545Painter
Felipe Vigarny1480-1542Sculptor
Isabella of Castile in Prayer
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Master of the Retablo of the Reyes Catolicos1485-1500Painter
Alonso Berruguete1488-1561Painter/Sculptor
A Man Seated On A Lege And Bending To The Left
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Pedro Machuca1490-1550Painter
Diego de Siloe1495-1563Sculptor/Architect
Pedro de Campana1503-1580Painter
Fernando Yanez1506-1526Painter
Juan de Juni1507-1577Sculptor
Juan de Juanes1510-1579Painter
The Last Supper
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Gaspar Becerra1520-1570Painter/Sculptor
Luis de Morales1520-1586Painter
The Pieta
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Juan de Herrera1530-1597Architect
Alonso Sanchez Coello1531-1588Painter
An Expedition Setting out from Seville for America in 1498
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Diego de Pesquera1540-1581Sculptor
El Greco1541-1614Painter
St. Louis and His Page
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Blas de Ledesma1546-1614Painter
Juan Pantoja de la Cruz1553-1608Painter
Portrait of Don Diego Valmayor
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Juan Sanchez Cotan1560-1627Painter
Still life with dead birds, fruit and vegetables, 1602
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Bartolome Gonzalez y Serrano1564-1627Painter
Portrait of Philip III of Spain
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Francisco Pacheco1564-1644Painter
The Immaculate Conception
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Francisco Ribalta1565-1628Painter
Christ Embracing St. Bernard
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Juan Martinez Montanez1568-1649Sculptor
St. Christopher, 1597
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Eugenio Cajes1575-1634Painter
Portrait of Lope Felix de Vega Carpio c. 1630
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Gregorio Fernandez1576-1636Sculptor
Juan Bautista Mayno1578-1649Painter
Pedro Orrente1580-1645Painter
Adoration of the Shepherds
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Luis Tristan de Escamilla1580-1624Painter
The Adoration of the Magi
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Juan Gomez de Mora1586-1648Architect
Juan de Espinosa1590-1641Painter
Francisco de Herrera the Elder1590-1656Painter
Job Tempted by the Devil, 1636
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Pedro Nunez del Valle1590-1649Painter
Jusepe de Ribera1591-1652Painter
The Assumption of Mary Magdalene, 1636
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Juan van der Hamen y Leon1596-1631Painter
Offering to Flora, 1627
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Francisco de Zurbaran1598-1664Painter
Agnus Dei, ca.1635-40
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Francisco Collantes1599-1656Painter
The Vision of Ezekiel
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Diego Velazquez1599-1660Painter
Self Portrait
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Alonso Cano1601-1667Painter/Sculptor
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
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Jusepe Leonardo1601-1652Painter
St. Sebastian
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Antonio Puga1602-1648Painter
Juan de Pareja1610-1670Painter
Portrait of Juan de Pareja by Velazquez
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Esteban March1610-1668Painter
Joshua at the Walls of Jericho
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Antonio de Pereda1611-1678Painter
Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo1612-1667Painter
Portrait Of Dona Elena Fernandez De Cordova
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Juan de Arellano1614-1676Painter
Corbeille a Fleurs
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Juan Carreno de Miranda1614-1685Painter
Portrait of the Duke of Lerma
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Francisco de Palacios1615-1650Painter
Antonio Castillo y Saavedra1616-1668Painter
Bartolome Esteban Murillo1617-1682Painter
The Immaculate Conception
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Sebastian de Herrera Barnuevo1619-1671Painter
Juan de Zurbaran1620-1649Painter
Still Life with a Bowl of Chocolate
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Francisco de Herrera the Younger1622-1685Painter
The Triumph of St. Hermengild, 1654
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Juan de Valdes Leal1622-1690Painter
Christ in the House of Simon the Pharisee, 1660
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Pedro de Mena1628-1688Sculptor
The Penitent Magdalene, 1664
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Josefa de Obidos1630-1684Painter
Christobal Ramirez de Arellano1630-1644Painter
Juan Antonio Escalante1633-1670Painter
The Communion of St. Rose of Viterbo
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Jose Claudio Antolinez1635-1675Painter
The Assumption of Mary Magdalene
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Vicente Salvador Gomez1637-1700Painter
Francisco Meneses Osorio1640-1721Painter
Pedro Nunez de Villavicencio1640-1695Painter
Claudio Coello1642-1693Painter
Communion of St. Teresa of Avila
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Juan Simon Gutierrez1643-1718Painter
Luisa Roldan1650-1704Sculptor
Esteban Marquez de Velasco1655-1696 
Francoise Duparc1705-1778Painter
The Seamstress or, Young Woman Working
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Luis Egidio Melendez1716-1780Painter
Still Life With Figs, 1746
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Francisco Bayeu y Subias1734-1795Painter
The Fall of The Giants Besieging Olympus, 1764
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Joaquin Inza1736-1811Painter
Jose del Castillo1737-1793Painter
Juan de Villanueva1739-1811Architect
Mariano Salvador Maella1739-1819Painter
Adoration of the Shepherds
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Ramon Bayeu1746-1793Painter
Francisco de Goya1746-1828Painter/Printmaker
Duel with Clubs
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Luis Paret y Alcazar1746-1799Painter
Charles III de Bourbon, Lunching Before His Court
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Antonio Carnicero1748-1814Painter
The Ascent of the Montgolfier Balloon at Aranjuez
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Rafael Ximeno y Planes1759-1825Painter
Lope Felix de Vega Carpio
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Jose Antonio Zapata y Nadal1763-1837Painter
Vicente Lopez y Portana1772-1850Painter
Maria Christina de Bourbon-Sicile, Queen of Spain
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Jose Aparicio1773-1838Painter
The Starving of Madrid, in 1811-12
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Jose de Madrazo y Agudo1781-1859Painter
Bernardo Lopez1801-1874Painter
Luis Lopez Piquer1802-1865Painter
Ferdinand VII
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Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz1815-1894Painter
Portrait of Amalia de Llano u Dotres
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Carlos de Haes1829-1898Painter
Mountains in Europe, 1876
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Martin Rico y Ortega1833-1908Painter
Vicente Palmaroli Gonzalez1834-1896Painter
Confidences on the Beach
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Antonio Gisbert Perez1835-1902Painter
Eduardo Rosales1836-1873Painter
The Testament of Queen Isabella the Catholic
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Jose Tapiro Baro1836-1913Painter
Joaquin Agrasot y Juan1837-1919Painter
Jose Pineda1837-1907Painter
Mariano Fortuny y Marsal1838-1874Painter
Recalling the Faust Fantasy, 1866
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Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta1841-1920Painter
After The Ball
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Francisco Domingo Marques1842-1920Painter
The Final Day of Sagunto in 219 B.C.
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Francisco Masriera y Manovens1842-1902Painter
Young Woman Smoking, 1894
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Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala1842-1871Painter
Luis Jimenez Aranda1845-1928Painter
Angel Lizcano Monedero1846-1929Painter
Francisco Pradilla Ortiz1848-1921Painter
The Surrender of Granada in 1492
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Luis Ricardo Falero1851-1896 
An Eastern Beauty
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Antoni Gaudi1852-1926Architect
Eugenio Lucas Villamil1858-1918Painter
Goya: Bullfight
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Santiago Rusinol1861-1931Painter/Writer
Laureano Barrau1863-1957Painter
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida1863-1923Painter
Joan Gonzalez1868-1908 
Antonio Fillol Granell1870-1930Painter
Ignacio Zuloaga1870-1945Painter
Hermen Anglada Camarasa1871-1959Painter
Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo1871-1949Designer/Photographer
Joaquim Mir1873-1940Painter
Julio Gonzalez1876-1942Sculptor
Julio Romero de Torres1880-1930Painter
Maria Blanchard1881-1932Painter
Pablo Gargallo1881-1934Sculptor
Pablo Picasso1881-1973Painter/Sculptor
Daniel Vazquez Diaz1882-1969Painter
Jose Maria Lopez Mezquita1883-1954Painter
Jose DeCreeft1884-1982Sculptor
Francisco Pons Arnau1886-1953Painter
Jose Gutierrez Solana1886-1945Painter
Juan Gris1887-1927Painter/Sculptor
Angel Ferrant y Vazquez1890-1961Sculptor
Joan Miro1893-1983Painter/Sculptor
Jose de Togores i Llach1893-1970Painter
Benjamin Palencia1894-1980Painter
Ismael de la Serna1897-1968Painter
Francisco Bores Lopez1898-1972Painter
Julio deDiego1900-1979Painter
Luis Fernandez1900-1973Painter
Esteban Vicente1903-2001Painter
Salvador Dali1904-1989Painter
Pedro Pruna1904-1977Painter/Printmaker
Oscar Dominguez1906-1957Painter
Jorge Oteiza1908-2003Sculptor
Remedios Varo1908-1963Painter
Emilio Grau Sala1911-1975Painter
Antonio Clave1913-2005 
Esteban Frances1913-1976Painter
Federico Castellon1914-1971Painter
Juan Vila CasasBorn 1920 
Antoni Tapies1923-2012Painter
Eduardo Chillida1924-2002Sculptor
Manuel Millares Sall1926-1972Painter
Jose BalmesBorn 1927Painter
Lucio Munoz1929-1998Painter
Antonio Saura Atares1930-1998Painter
Antonio Lopez GarciaBorn 1936Painter
Eduardo ArroyoBorn 1937Painter
Antoni MuntadasBorn 1942Video Artist
Manolo ValdesBorn 1942Painter/Sculptor
Susana SolanoBorn 1946Sculptor
Juan Munoz1953-2001Sculptor
Luis RoyoBorn 1954Painter/Illustrator
Jaume PlensaBorn 1955Conceptual Artist
Cristina IglesiasBorn 1956 
Miquel BarceloBorn 1957Painter
Bernardo TorrensBorn 1957Painter
Inigo Manglano-OvalleBorn 1961 
Jorge RibaltaBorn 1963Photographer
Santiago SierraBorn 1966 
Alicia FramisBorn 1967 


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