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Jan Brueghel the Elder

Works in the Online Gallery of the Museo del Prado, Madrid

Archduke Alberto de Austria, ca.1615 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Country Life, 1620-22 (with Joos de II Momper)
Country Wedding, ca.1612
Cybele and the Seasons in a Garland of Fruit (with Hendrik van Balen)
Flemish Market and Washing Place, ca.1620 (with Joos de II Momper)
Garland with the Virgin and Child, ca.1621 (with Hendrik van Balen)
Garland with the Virgin, the Christ Child and two Angels, ca.1620 (with Giulio Cesare Procaccini)
Gypsy Gathering in a Wood, ca.1614
Hearing, 1617 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Landscape with Wagons, 1603
Saint Hubert's Vision, 1615-30 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Sight and Smell, ca.1620
Sight, 1617 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Smell, ca.1617 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Taste, Hearing and Touch, ca.1620
Taste, 1618 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
The Archdukes hunting, ca.1611
The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, ca.1615 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Touch, ca.1617 (with Peter Paul Rubens)
Wedding Banquet Presided Over by the Archduke and Infanta, ca.1612


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