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Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

Works in the Online Gallery of the Museo del Prado, Madrid

A Dead Turkey, 1808-12
A Hunter and his Dogs, 1775
A Hunter Loading his Shotgun, 1775
A Hunting Party, 1775
A Picador, ca.1795
A Stickball Game, 1779
Aquelarre, or The Witches' Sabbath, 1821-23
Blind Man's Buff, 1788
Blind Man's Buff, 1788-89
Boy and a Tree, 1779-80
Boy with a Bird, 1779-80
Boys Climbing a Tree, 1791-92
Boys Inflating a Bladder, 1778
Boys Picking Fruit, 1778
Boys playing at Soldiers, 1779
Boys with Mastiffs, 1786-87
Card Players, 1777-78
Cardinal Luis Maria de Bourbon y Vallabriga, ca.1800
Carlos III in Hunting Costume, ca.1788
Carlos IV on Horseback, 1800
Carlos IV, 1789
Catfight, 1786-87
Chicken Fights ("Horse and Rider"), 1805
Christ Crucified, 1780
Commerce, 1804-06
Dead fowl, 1808-12
Dog half-submerged, 1821-23
Dogs on the leash, 1775
Duel with Cudgels, 1821-23
Fantastic Vision (Asmodeus), 1821-23
Fernando VII at camp
Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, 1798
General Antonio Ricardos, 1793-94
General José de Palafox on Horseback, ca.1814
General José de Urrutia, ca.1798
Hunter beside a Spring, 1786-88
Hunting with a Decoy, 1775
Immaculate Conception, 1783-84
Industry, 1804-06
Isidoro Máiquez, 1807
José Álvarez de Toledo, Marquis of Villafranca and Duke of Alba, ca.1795
José Moñino, Count of Floridablanca, 1783
Josefa Bayeu, ca.1814
Juan Bautista de Muguiro, 1827
Judith and Holofernes, 1821-23
King Carlos IV in Red, ca.1789
King Fernando VII with the Robes of State, 1815
Leocadia Zorilla, 1820-23
Magpie in a Tree, 1786-87
Majo with Guitar, 1779
María Antonia Gonzaga, Marchioness widow of Villafranca, 1795
María Teresa de Vallabriga, 1783
María Tomasa de Palafox, Marchioness of Villafranca, 1804
Picnic on the Banks of the Manzanares, 1776
Picnic on the Banks of the Manzanares, 1777
Pilgrimage to the Well of San Isidro (The Inquisition), 1821-23
Poor Children at the Well, 1786-87
Queen María Luisa with a Bustle, ca.1789
Queen Maria Luisa on Horseback, 1799
Saint Barbara, ca.1773
Saint Isidore's Day at the Saint's Hermitage, 1787-88
Saint John the Baptist as a Child in the Desert, ca.1810
Saint Justa and Saint Rufina, 1817
Saturn devouring one of his sons, 1821-23
Self-Portrait, 1815
Self-Portrait, ca.1795
Shepherd playing a Dulzaina, 1786-87
Stilts, 1791-92
Strolling Players, 1793
Tadea Arias de Enríquez, ca.1789
The 2nd of May 1808 in Madrid: the charge of the Mamelukes, 1814
The 3rd of May 1808 in Madrid: the executions on Principe Pio hill, 1814
The Blind Guitarrist, 1778
The Clothed Maja, 1807-08
The Countess of Chinchón, 1800
The Date, 1779-80
The Drinker, 1776
The Drunken Mason, 1786
The Duchess of Abrantes, 1816
The Duchess of Alba and her Duenna, 1795
The Duke and Duchess of Osuna and their Children, 1787-88
The Fair in Madrid, 1778-79
The Family of Carlos IV, ca.1800
The Fates (Atropos), 1821-23
The Fisherman with his Rod, 1775
The Flower Girls, or Spring, 1786-87
The Grape Harvest, or Autumn, 1786-87
The Hawthorn Seller, 1778-79
The Holy Family, 1788-90
The Holy Family, ca.1787
The Injured Mason, 1786-87
The Kite, 1777-78
The Maja and the Cloaked Men, or A Walk through Andalusia, 1776
The Marchioness of Santa Cruz, 1805
The Meadow of San Isidro, 1814
The Milkmaid of Bordeaux, ca.1826
The Nude Maja, 1797-1800
The Parasol, 1777
The Pilgrimage to San Isidro, 1821-23
The Pottery Vendor, 1779
The Quarrel in the New Tavern, 1777
The Reading, or The Politicians, 1821-23
The Snowstorm, or Winter, 1786-87
The Soldier and the Lady, 1779
The Straw Manikin, 1791-92
The Swing, 1779
The Taking of Christ, 1798
The Threshing Floor, or Summer, 1786-87
The Tobacco Guards, 1779-80
The Washerwomen, 1779-80
The Wedding, 1791-92
The Witches' Flight, 1798
The Woodcutters, 1780
The Young Bulls, 1779-80
Tobias and the Angel, ca.1787
Two Friars, 1821-23
Two Old Men Eating, 1821-23
Two Women and a Man, 1821-23
Young Women with Pitchers, 1791-92


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