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Diego Velázquez

Works in the Online Gallery of the Museo del Prado, Madrid

Adoration of the Magi, 1619
Aesop, ca.1638
Antonia de Ipeñarrieta y Galdós and her son, Luis, ca.1631
Cardinal-Infante Fernando de Austria, ca.1633
Christ Crucified, ca.1632
Christ on the Cross, 1631
Diego del Corral y Arellano, Judge of the supreme Council of Castile, ca.1631
Felipe III on Horseback, ca.1631
Felipe IV in Hunting Garb, ca.1635
Felipe IV in Hunting Garb, ca.1653
Felipe IV on Horseback, 1631-36
Felipe IV, 1623-27
Felipe IV, 1626-28
Francisco Lezcano, "The Boy from Vallecas", ca.1640
Francisco Pacheco, 1619-22
Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares, 1635
Head of a Buck, ca.1634
Juan Francisco de Pimentel, Tenth Count of Benavente, 1648
Juan Martínez Montañés, 1635-36
Juana Pacheco, Wife of the Artist, characterized as a Sibyl, ca.1631
Maria de Austria, Queen of Hungary, ca.1630
Maria de Austria, ca.1652
Mars, ca.1641
Menippus, 1639-40
Mercury and Argos, ca.1659
Portrait of a Buffoon with a Dog, ca.1650
Portrait of a Man, ca.1623
Portrait of the man called "The Pope's Barber", ca.1650
Prince Baltasar Carlos as a Hunter, 1635-36
Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback, 1635-36
Queen Isabel de Bourbon, wife of Felipe IV, on Horseback, 1635-36
Queen Margarita de Austria, wife of Felipe III, ca.1631
Saint Anthony the Abbot and Saint Paul, the First Hermit, ca.1634
The Buffoon called "Juan de Austria", ca.1632
The Buffoon Diego de Acedo, "The Cousin", 1635
The Buffoon Sebastian de Morra, ca.1646
The Buffoon, "Redbeard," Cristóbal de Castañeda y Pernía, ca.1635
The Buffoon, Pablo de Valladolid, ca.1635
The Coronation of the Virgin, ca.1635
The Fable of Arachne, or The Tapestry Weavers, ca.1657
The Family of Felipe IV, or Las Meninas, ca.1656
The Infante Carlos, 1626-27
The Medici Gardens in Rome, ca.1630
The Medici Gardens in Rome, ca.1630
The Surrender of Breda or The Lances, 1635
The Triumph of Bacchus, or the Drunkards, 1628-29
The Venerable Mother Jerónima de la Fuente, ca.1620
Vulcan's Forge, ca.1630


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