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Frans Snyders1579-1657Flemish Painter
The Butcher's Shop
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Paulus Potter1625-1654Dutch Painter
The Piebald Horse, 1653
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Melchior d'Hondecoeter1636-1695Dutch Painter (Birds)
Barnyard with Chickens
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Jean-Baptiste Oudry1686-1755French Painter
Jean-Baptiste Oudry: Indian Blackbuck
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George Stubbs1724-1806English Painter (Horses)
Stubbs: Zebra
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Richard Roper1730-1775British Painter (Horses)
Richard Roper: The Racehorse Regulus
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Sawrey Gilpin1733-1807English Painter (Horses)
Wenzel Peter1745-1829Austrian Painter
Hares And Leverets In A Rocky Lair
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Jacques-Laurent Agasse1767-1849Swiss Painter
Two Leopards Lying in the Exeter
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James Ward1769-1859English Painter
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James Barenger1780-1831English Painter
Edward Hicks1780-1849American
Edward Hicks: Noah's Ark
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John Ferneley I1782-1860English Painter (Horses)
Thomas Wilkinson with the Hurworth
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John James Audubon1785-1851West Indian/American Illustrator (Birds)
John James Audubon: Louisiana Heron
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Abraham Cooper1787-1868British Painter (Horses)
Abraham Cooper: Hunting Scene in the Counties
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John Frederick Herring1795-1865British Painter
Pharoah's Horses
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Antoine-Louis Barye1795-1875French Sculptor/Painter (Wildlife)
Two Jaguars from Peru
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Titian Peale1799-1885American Painter/Illustrator (Wildlife)
Christophe Fratin1801-1864French Sculptor (Wildlife)
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer1802-1873English Painter
Dignity and Impudence
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Thomas Sidney Cooper1803-1902British Painter
Thomas Sidney Cooper: Sheep in the Water Meadows
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Jacques-Raymond Brascassat1804-1867French Painter
Pierre-Jules Mene1810-1879French Sculptor
Constant Troyon1810-1865French Painter
Country Woman Riding a Donkey
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Wouterus Verschuur1812-1874Dutch Painter (Horses)
Grooming the Horses
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John Woodhouse Audubon1812-1862American Painter (Wildlife)
Richard Ansdell1815-1885English Painter
Returning from The Hill, 1868
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Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait1819-1905English/American Painter
Buck and Doe in the Adirondacks
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John Frederick Herring Jr.1820-1907British Painter (Horses)
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Henriette Ronner-Knip1821-1909Dutch Painter
Henriette Ronner-Knip: Contentment
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Rosa Bonheur1822-1899French Painter
Study of Horses
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William Holbrook Beard1824-1900American Painter
William Holbrook Beard: Bear Dance
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Auguste Bonheur1824-1884French Painter
Emmanuel Fremiet1824-1910French Sculptor
Equestrian statue of Joan of Arc
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John Henry Dolph1835-1903American Painter
Safe Refuge
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Briton Riviere1840-1920British Painter
Briton Riviere: The Last Spoonful
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Edward Kemeys1843-1907American Sculptor (Wildlife)
John Macallan Swan1847-1910British Painter/Sculptor
Indian Leopards
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Richard Friese1854-1918German (Wildlife)
Germany, The Rhine
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Edmund Henry Osthaus1858-1928German/American Painter (Dogs)
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen1859-1923Swiss/French Painter/Printmaker (Cats)
Arthur John Elsley1860-1952British Painter
Alexander Phimister Proctor1860-1950Canadian/American Sculptor
Archibald Thorburn1860-1935Scottish Painter (Birds)
Louis Wain1860-1939English Illustrator (Cats)
Bruno Andreas Liljefors1860-1939Swedish Painter (Wildlife)
Joseph Crawhall1861-1913English Painter
American Jockeys, Or Racehorses
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Maud Earl1864-1943English Painter (Dogs)
Carl Ethan Akeley1864-1926American Sculptor (Wildlife)
Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert1865-1926German Painter (Wildlife)
Martin S. Garretson1866-1955American (Wildlife)
August Gaul1869-1921German Sculptor
Lion, 1904
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Lucy Kemp-Welch1869-1958British Painter (Horses)
Carl Clemens Moritz Rungius1869-1959German/American Painter (Wildlife)
Henry Merwin Shrady1871-1922American Sculptor
Louis Agassiz Fuertes1874-1927American Painter (Birds)
Charles R. Knight1874-1953American Painter (Wildlife)
Herbert Haseltine1877-1962Italian/French Sculptor (Wildlife)
Franz Marc1880-1916German Painter
Franz Marc: Die Fuchse (The Fox)
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Rembrandt Bugatti1884-1916Italian/French Sculptor
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Marguerite Kirmse1885-1954English Printmaker (Dogs)
Louis Paul Jonas1894-1971Hungarian/American Sculptor (Wildlife)
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe1901-1979British Painter (Birds)
Bob KuhnBorn 1920American Painter (Wildlife)
Robert BatemanBorn 1930Canadian Painter (Wildlife)
Rien Poortvliet1932-1995Dutch Painter/Illustrator
Richard McLeanBorn 1934American Painter (Horses)
Douglas AllenBorn 1935American Illustrator (Wildlife)
Carl BrendersBorn 1937Belgian Painter (Wildlife)
Ken CarlsonBorn 1937American Painter (Wildlife)
Tucker SmithBorn 1937American Painter (Wildlife)
Ken BunnBorn 1938Sculptor (Wildlife)
Thomas QuinnBorn 1938American (Wildlife)
Simon CombesBorn 1940British Painter (Wildlife)
Theodore J. WaddellBorn 1941American Painter/Sculptor
William WegmanBorn 1943American Photographer (Dogs)
Kent UllbergBorn 1945Swedish Sculptor (Wildlife)
Michael ColemanBorn 1946American Painter (Wildlife)
Deborah ButterfieldBorn 1949American Sculptor (Horses)
Christian Riese LassenBorn 1949American Painter/Illustrator (Marine Life)
Art WolfeBorn 1951American Photographer (Wildlife)
Terry IsaacBorn 1958American Painter (Wildlife)
Walton FordBorn 1960American Painter


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