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Frans Snyders1579-1657Flemish Painter
The Butcher's Shop
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Paulus Potter1625-1654Dutch Painter
The Piebald Horse, 1653
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Melchior d'Hondecoeter1636-1695Dutch Painter (Birds)
Barnyard with Chickens
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Jean-Baptiste Oudry1686-1755French Painter
Jean-Baptiste Oudry: Indian Blackbuck
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George Stubbs1724-1806English Painter (Horses)
Stubbs: Zebra
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Richard Roper1730-1775British Painter (Horses)
Richard Roper: The Racehorse Regulus
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Sawrey Gilpin1733-1807English Painter (Horses)
Wenzel Peter1745-1829Austrian Painter
Hares And Leverets In A Rocky Lair
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Jacques-Laurent Agasse1767-1849Swiss Painter
Two Leopards Lying in the Exeter
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James Ward1769-1859English Painter
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James Barenger1780-1831English Painter
Edward Hicks1780-1849American
Edward Hicks: Noah's Ark
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John Ferneley I1782-1860English Painter (Horses)
Thomas Wilkinson with the Hurworth
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John James Audubon1785-1851West Indian/American Illustrator (Birds)
John James Audubon: Louisiana Heron
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Abraham Cooper1787-1868British Painter (Horses)
Abraham Cooper: Hunting Scene in the Counties
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John Frederick Herring1795-1865British Painter
Pharoah's Horses
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Antoine-Louis Barye1795-1875French Sculptor/Painter (Wildlife)
Two Jaguars from Peru
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Titian Peale1799-1885American Painter/Illustrator (Wildlife)
Christophe Fratin1801-1864French Sculptor (Wildlife)
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer1802-1873English Painter
Dignity and Impudence
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Thomas Sidney Cooper1803-1902British Painter
Thomas Sidney Cooper: Sheep in the Water Meadows
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Jacques-Raymond Brascassat1804-1867French Painter
Pierre-Jules Mene1810-1879French Sculptor
Constant Troyon1810-1865French Painter
Country Woman Riding a Donkey
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Wouterus Verschuur1812-1874Dutch Painter (Horses)
Grooming the Horses
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John Woodhouse Audubon1812-1862American Painter (Wildlife)
Richard Ansdell1815-1885English Painter
Returning from The Hill, 1868
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Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait1819-1905English/American Painter
Buck and Doe in the Adirondacks
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John Frederick Herring Jr.1820-1907British Painter (Horses)
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Henriette Ronner-Knip1821-1909Dutch Painter
Henriette Ronner-Knip: Contentment
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Rosa Bonheur1822-1899French Painter
Study of Horses
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William Holbrook Beard1824-1900American Painter
William Holbrook Beard: Bear Dance
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Auguste Bonheur1824-1884French Painter
Emmanuel Fremiet1824-1910French Sculptor
Equestrian statue of Joan of Arc
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John Henry Dolph1835-1903American Painter
Safe Refuge
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Briton Riviere1840-1920British Painter
Briton Riviere: The Last Spoonful
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Edward Kemeys1843-1907American Sculptor (Wildlife)
John Macallan Swan1847-1910British Painter/Sculptor
Indian Leopards
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Richard Friese1854-1918German (Wildlife)
Germany, The Rhine
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Edmund Henry Osthaus1858-1928German/American Painter (Dogs)
Three Setters Afield
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Theophile Alexandre Steinlen1859-1923Swiss/French Painter/Printmaker (Cats)
Cat, 1894
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Arthur John Elsley1860-1952British Painter
Family Favourites
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Alexander Phimister Proctor1860-1950Canadian/American Sculptor
Archibald Thorburn1860-1935Scottish Painter (Birds)
Partridges at Sandringham
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Louis Wain1860-1939English Illustrator (Cats)
Cat Dressed as a Judge
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Bruno Andreas Liljefors1860-1939Swedish Painter (Wildlife)
Joseph Crawhall1861-1913English Painter
American Jockeys, Or Racehorses
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Maud Earl1864-1943English Painter (Dogs)
Maud Earl: Setters on The Moors
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Carl Ethan Akeley1864-1926American Sculptor (Wildlife)
Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert1865-1926German Painter (Wildlife)
Tigers Stalking Their Prey
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Martin S. Garretson1866-1955American (Wildlife)
August Gaul1869-1921German Sculptor
Lion, 1904
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Lucy Kemp-Welch1869-1958British Painter (Horses)
Lucy Kemp-Welch: Colt Hunting in the New Forest
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Carl Clemens Moritz Rungius1869-1959German/American Painter (Wildlife)
Monarchs of the Wilderness
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Henry Merwin Shrady1871-1922American Sculptor
Louis Agassiz Fuertes1874-1927American Painter (Birds)
Two Red Cross Rescue Dogs
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Charles R. Knight1874-1953American Painter (Wildlife)
Herbert Haseltine1877-1962Italian/French Sculptor (Wildlife)
Franz Marc1880-1916German Painter
Franz Marc: Die Fuchse (The Fox)
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Rembrandt Bugatti1884-1916Italian/French Sculptor
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Marguerite Kirmse1885-1954English Printmaker (Dogs)
Louis Paul Jonas1894-1971Hungarian/American Sculptor (Wildlife)
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe1901-1979British Painter (Birds)
Bob KuhnBorn 1920American Painter (Wildlife)
Robert BatemanBorn 1930Canadian Painter (Wildlife)
Robert Bateman: Moose at Water's Edge
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Rien Poortvliet1932-1995Dutch Painter/Illustrator
Richard McLeanBorn 1934American Painter (Horses)
Douglas AllenBorn 1935American Illustrator (Wildlife)
Carl BrendersBorn 1937Belgian Painter (Wildlife)
Brenders: Den Mother
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Ken CarlsonBorn 1937American Painter (Wildlife)
Tucker SmithBorn 1937American Painter (Wildlife)
Ken BunnBorn 1938Sculptor (Wildlife)
Thomas QuinnBorn 1938American (Wildlife)
Simon CombesBorn 1940British Painter (Wildlife)
Simon Combes: Protecting the Flanks
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Theodore J. WaddellBorn 1941American Painter/Sculptor
William WegmanBorn 1943American Photographer (Dogs)
Man's Best Friend 2009 Calendar
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Kent UllbergBorn 1945Swedish Sculptor (Wildlife)
Michael ColemanBorn 1946American Painter (Wildlife)
Michael Coleman: Meeting Place
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Deborah ButterfieldBorn 1949American Sculptor (Horses)
Christian Riese LassenBorn 1949American Painter/Illustrator (Marine Life)
Emperor's Dawn
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Art WolfeBorn 1951American Photographer (Wildlife)
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Terry IsaacBorn 1958American Painter (Wildlife)
Terry Isaac: Into the Mist
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Walton FordBorn 1960American Painter


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