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Richard Dadd1817-1886English Painter
Sir Thomas Phillips in Eastern Costume
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Richard Doyle1824-1883English Illustrator
Fairy Procession
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Kinuko Y. Craft20th CenturyAmerican Illustrator
In the Forest of Peace
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Frank R. Paul1884-1963Austrian/American Illustrator
Chesley Bonestell1888-1986American Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
Sulamith Wulfing1901-1989German Illustrator
Hannes Bok1914-1964American Illustrator
Virgil Finlay1914-1971American Illustrator
Robert T. McCallBorn 1919American Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
Frank Kelly Freas1922-2005American Illustrator
Frank Frazetta1928-2010American Illustrator
Andrei SokolovBorn 1931Russian Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
John BerkeyBorn 1932American Illustrator
MoebiusBorn 1938French Illustrator
Greg HildebrandtBorn 1939American Illustrator
Tim HildebrandtBorn 1939American Illustrator
William K. HartmannBorn 1939American Painter (Space Art)
H.R. GigerBorn 1940Swiss Illustrator
Susan Seddon Boulet1941-1997Brazilian/American
Philippe CazaBorn 1941French Writer/Illustrator
Boris VallejoBorn C.1941Peruvian/American Illustrator
James C. ChristensenBorn 1942American Illustrator
De EsBorn 1942Austrian Painter
Ron WalotskyBorn 1943American Illustrator
Michael BohmeBorn 1943German Painter (Space Art)
Roger DeanBorn 1944British Illustrator
Rowena MorrillBorn 1944American Illustrator
Michael ParkesBorn 1944American Painter/Sculptor
Bruce PenningtonBorn 1944British Painter/Illustrator
Vincent Di FateBorn 1945American Illustrator
Rodney MatthewsBorn 1945British Painter/Illustrator
Ken KellyBorn 1946American Painter/Illustrator
Chris AchilleosBorn 1947Greek/British Painter/Illustrator
Brian FroudBorn 1947British Illustrator
Michael William KalutaBorn 1947American Illustrator
Alan LeeBorn 1947British Painter/Illustrator
Chris MooreBorn 1947British Painter/Illustrator
Jim BurnsBorn 1948British Painter/Illustrator
Clyde CaldwellBorn 1948American Painter/Illustrator
Larry ElmoreBorn 1948American Illustrator
Stephen HickmanBorn 1949American Illustrator
Christian Riese LassenBorn 1949American Painter/Illustrator
Barclay ShawBorn 1949American Illustrator
Jim WarrenBorn 1949American Painter
Michael WhelanBorn 1950American Painter/Illustrator
Don DixonBorn 1951American Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
Thomas CantyBorn 1952American Illustrator
Don DavisBorn 1952American Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
Don MaitzBorn 1953American Painter/Illustrator
Luis RoyoBorn 1954Spanish Painter/Illustrator
Attila HejjaBorn 1954Hungarian/American Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
Tom KiddBorn 1955American Illustrator
Dennis DavidsonBorn C.1955American Painter/Illustrator (Space Art)
Fred GambinoBorn 1956British Painter/Illustrator
Todd LockwoodBorn C.1956American Illustrator
John HoweBorn 1957Canadian Illustrator
John Jude PalencarBorn 1957American Illustrator
Julie BellBorn 1958American Illustrator
James GurneyBorn 1958American Writer/Illustrator
Keith Parkinson1958-2005American Illustrator
Bob EggletonBorn 1960American Illustrator
Ciruelo CabralBorn 1963Argentine Illustrator
BromBorn 1965American Writer/Illustrator
Stephen YoullBorn 1965British Illustrator
Donato GiancolaBorn 1967American Illustrator
Stephanie Pui-Mun LawBorn 1976American Illustrator
Michael Carroll American Painter/Writer (Space Art)


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