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Abraham Bloemaert1564-1651Dutch Painter
Allegory of Age
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Pieter Lastman1583-1633Dutch Painter
Jonah and the Whale
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Jacob Pynas1585-1650Dutch Painter
Mercury and Herse
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Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert1591-1655Dutch Painter
Nicolas Poussin1594-1665French Painter
Nicolas Poussin: The Destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem by Titus
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Leonaert Bramer1596-1674Dutch Painter
The Moneylenders
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Rembrandt van Rijn1606-1669Dutch Painter/Engraver
Return of the Prodigal Son, c.1668-69
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Cesar van Everdingen1617-1678Dutch Painter
Sir Peter Lely1618-1680Dutch/English Painter
Barbara Villiers, as St. Catherine of Alexandria
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Sebastiano Ricci1659-1734Italian Painter
Bathsheba Bathing, ca.1725
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Antoine Coypel1661-1722French Painter
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Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini1675-1741Italian Painter
Pellegrini: The Clemency of Alexander the Great
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Jean-Francois de Troy1679-1752French Painter
The Ascension, 1721
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Giacomo Amiconi1682-1752Italian Painter
Two Court Ladies Out Shooting With Their Retinue
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Francois Le Moyne1688-1737French Painter
Louis XV Giving Peace to Europe, 1729
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Jean Restout1692-1768French Painter
Miracles of St. Paul at Ephesus, 1693
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Pierre Subleyras1699-1749French Painter
The Falcon, illustration from the Fables of La Fontaine
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Charles Joseph Natoire1700-1777French Painter
A Masquerade Ball
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Francois Boucher1703-1770French Painter
Francois Boucher: Girl Resting
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Carle Vanloo1705-1765French Painter
Louis XV, King of France and Navarre
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Noel Halle1711-1781French Painter
Venus Ou Le Midi, 1768
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Joseph Marie Vien1716-1809French Painter
A Young Woman In Turkish Costume Playing With A Cage-Bird
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Jean-Baptiste Deshays1729-1765French Painter
Jean-Honore Fragonard1732-1806French Painter
Fragonard: The Swing
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James Barry1741-1806Irish Painter
Portrait of the 1st Duke of Northumberland
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Francois-Andre Vincent1746-1816French Painter
Portrait of Monsieur Bergeret de Grancourt 1774
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Jacques-Louis David1748-1825French Painter
Jacques-Louis David: Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
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John Trumbull1756-1843American Painter
John Trumbull: Death of General Warren
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John Vanderlyn1775-1852American Painter
The Nags Head Portrait
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Benjamin Robert Haydon1786-1846English Painter
Portrait of William Wordsworth 1842
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Francois-Joseph Navez1787-1869Belgian Painter
Jacques Louis David, 1817
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Leon Cogniet1794-1880French Painter
The Garde Nationale de Paris Leaves to Join the Army
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Paul Delaroche1797-1856French Painter
Paul Delaroche: The Young Martyr, 1855
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Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury1797-1890French Painter
The Assassination of Brion
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Gustave Wappers1803-1874Belgian Painter
The Defence of Rhodes
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Antoine Wiertz1806-1865Belgian Painter
Louis Gallait1810-1887Belgian Painter
The Plague of Tournai in 1095, 1883
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Franz Ittenbach1813-1879German Painter
Franz Ittenbach: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
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Charles Muller1815-1892French Painter
The Call for the Last Victims of the Terror
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Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier1815-1891French Painter
Allegory of the Siege of Paris, 1870
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Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze1816-1868German/American Painter
Founding of the Colony of Maryland
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Theodore Chasseriau1819-1856French Painter
Andromeda Tied to the Rock by the Nereids
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Mor Than1828-1899Hungarian Painter
In the Studio of Miklos Barabas
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Edwin Long1829-1891English Painter
Easter Vigil
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Jean-Paul Laurens1838-1921French Painter
The Last Moments of Maximilian, 1882
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Tony Robert-Fleury1838-1912French Painter
Philippe Pinel Releasing Lunatics from Their Chains
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Gustaf Cederstrom1845-1933Swedish Painter
Albert Besnard1849-1934French Painter
Georges Antoine Rochegrosse1859-1938French Painter


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