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Matthys Cock1509-1548Italian Painter
Denys Calvaert1540-1619Flemish Painter
Saint Cecilia
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Gillis van Coninxloo1544-1607Flemish Painter
Paul Bril1554-1626Flemish Painter
River Scene with a Ruined Tower
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Adam Elsheimer1578-1610German Painter
Ceres and Stellio
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Esaias van de Velde1587-1630Dutch Painter
Hercules Seghers1590-1638Dutch Painter/Printmaker
Rocky Landscape
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Cornelis Vroom1591-1661Dutch Painter
Pieter Anthonisz. van Groenewegen1600-1658Dutch Painter
Alexander Keirincx1600-1652Flemish Painter
Aert van der Neer1603-1677Dutch Painter
Sunset in the Wood
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Pierre Patel1605-1676French Painter
Perspective view of the gardens and chateau of Versailles
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Herman Saftleven the Younger1609-1685Dutch Painter
Gaspard Dughet1615-1675French Painter
Salvator Rosa1615-1673Italian Painter
Port at Sunset
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Nicolaes Berchem1620-1683Dutch Painter
The Old Port of Genoa
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Allart van Everdingen1621-1675Dutch Painter/Engraver
Northern Waterfall
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Adam Pynacker1622-1673Dutch Painter
Giovanni Ghisolfi1623-1683Italian Painter
Ruins of the Baths of Caracalla
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Hendrik Mommers1623-1693Dutch Painter
Hendrik Mommers: Market Scene Before the Dam Palace, Amsterdam
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Jacob van Ruisdael1628-1682Dutch Painter
Landscape with Waterfall
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Meindert Hobbema1638-1709Dutch Painter
Avenue At Middelharnis
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Francisque Millet1642-1679French Painter
Etienne Allegrain1644-1736French Painter
Promenade of Louis XIV by the Parterre du Nord
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Gaspar van Wittel1653-1736Dutch Painter
View of Marino
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Pieter van Bloemen1657-1720Flemish Painter
Jan Frans van Bloemen1662-1749Flemish Painter
Luca Carlevaris1665-1731Italian Painter
Regatta Held in Honour of Frederick VI of Denmark
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Giovanni Richter1665-1745Swedish Painter
Alessandro Magnasco1667-1749Italian Painter
A Court of the Inquisition, c.1710-20
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Marco Ricci1676-1730Italian Painter
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Giovanni Paolo Pannini1691-1765Italian Painter
Pannini: Vedute Di Roma Moderna
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Andrea Locatelli1695-1741Italian Painter
Canaletto1697-1768Italian Painter
The Rialto Bridge, Venice
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Antonio Joli1700-1777Italian Painter
The Election of the Pope
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George Lambert1700-1765English Painter
Francesco Zuccarelli1702-1788Italian Painter
An Italianate River Landscape
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Giuseppe Zais1709-1789Italian Painter
Landscape with a River and Dancing Peasants
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Michele Giovanni Marieschi1710-1743Italian Painter
Michele Giovanni Marieschi: Entree Du Grand Canal
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Francesco Guardi1712-1793Italian Painter
Departure of the Bucentaur (detail)
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Richard Wilson1713-1782Welsh Painter
View of the River Dee, c.1761
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Alexander Cozens1717-1786British Painter
Rocky Landscape
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Bernardo Bellotto1721-1780Italian Painter
Castle Courtyard, 1762
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Antonio Zucchi1726-1795Italian Painter
View of the cupola
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George Barret Sr.1728-1784Irish/English Painter
Simon Mathurin Lantara1729-1778French Painter
Jacob Philippe Hackert1737-1807German Painter
The Waterfall at Tivoli, 1785
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Giacomo Quarenghi1744-1817Italian Painter/Architect
The Riding School of the Imperial Guards, St. Petersburg
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Joseph Farington1747-1821English Painter
Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes1750-1819French Painter
Roman Countryside
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John Robert Cozens1752-1797English Painter
Chamonix and Martigny
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Sir George Howland Beaumont1753-1827English Painter
Alexander Nasmyth1758-1840Scottish Painter
Annefield with Glasgow beyond
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Giuseppe Bernardino Bison1762-1844Italian Painter
San Marco, Venice
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John White Abbott1763-1851English Painter
John White Abbott: Langdale Pikes
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Georges Michel1763-1843French Painter
Windmill on the Outskirts of Paris
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Thomas Barker of Bath1769-1847English Painter
Pierre-Athanase Chauvin1774-1832French Painter
Thomas Girtin1775-1802English Painter
Rainbow on the Exe
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Joseph Mallord William Turner1775-1851English Painter
Fighting Temeraire
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William Winstanley1775-1806English/American Painter
President John Adams
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John Constable1776-1837English Painter
On The Thames Near Battersea Bridge
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Jan Hendrik Verheyen1778-1846Dutch Painter
Jan Hendrik Verheyen: A Capriccio View Of A Town With Figures On A Frozen Canal
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John Sell Cotman1782-1842English Painter
The Mill
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Johan Christian Dahl1788-1857Norwegian Painter
The Neapolitan Coast With Vesuvius Erupting
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Sil'vestr Feodosievich Shchedrin1791-1830Russian Painter
View of Sorrento, Near Naples
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Francis Danby1793-1861Irish Painter
Francis Danby: Apocalypse
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Thomas Doughty1793-1856American Painter
Ben Lomond
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Robert Havell1793-1878American Painter/Printmaker
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Asher B. Durand1796-1886American Painter
James Madison
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Achille Etna Michallon1796-1822French Painter
The Forum of Pompeii
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Carl Rottmann1797-1850German Painter
View over Palermo, 1828
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Thomas Cole1801-1848English/American Painter
Thomas Cole: River in the Catskills
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Richard Parkes Bonington1802-1828English Painter
Self Portrait
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Thomas Fearnley1802-1842Norwegian Painter
Adrian Ludwig Richter1803-1884German Painter
The Emperor Otto I Consolidates His Empire
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Robert W. Weir1803-1889American Painter
Mothers Lessons, Amalfi, 1857
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Georg-Heinrich Crola1804-1879German Painter
Adrien Dauzats1804-1868French Painter
The Palais de Justice
Art Prints from
V. DeGrailly1804-1889French Painter
Niagara Falls Scene
Art Prints from
William Leighton Leitch1804-1883British Painter
Santa Maria della Salute from the Grand Canal, Venice
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Giacinto Gigante1806-1876Italian Painter
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
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Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Pena1807-1876French Painter
Diaz de la Pena: The Jean de Paris Heights in the Forest of Fontainebleau
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Thomas Chambers1808-1866English/American Painter
Thomas Chambers: Hudson Valley, Sunset
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Alexandre Calame1810-1864Swiss Painter
Glacier, Rosen Lanigletscher, 1854
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Johann Hermann Carmiencke1810-1867German/American Painter
Constant Troyon1810-1865French Painter
Country Woman Riding a Donkey
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Henry John Boddington1811-1865English Painter
A View of Windsor Castle from the Thames
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Jules Dupre1811-1889French Painter
Theodore Rousseau1812-1867French Painter
In the Wood at Fontainebleau
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Samuel Lancaster Gerry1813-1891American Painter
Wijnand Nuyen1813-1839Dutch Painter
Thomas Miles Richardson Jr.1813-1890English Painter
Figures On The Road Below Fort Leon, Sicily
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George Loring Brown1814-1889American Painter
George Loring Brown: View of the Mythens Near Schwyz
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Edmund Coates1816-1871American Painter
Leon-Victor Dupre1816-1879French Painter
Regis-Francois Gignoux1816-1882French/American Painter
Indian Summer, 1855
Art Prints from
John Frederick Kensett1816-1872American Painter
Bish Bash Falls, 1855-60
Art Prints from
Benjamin Champney1817-1907American Painter
Pink and White
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Charles-Francois Daubigny1817-1878French Painter
Charles-Francois Daubigny: Sunset on the Oise
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Antonio Fontanesi1818-1882Italian Painter
The Raincloud
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Thomas Prichard Rossiter1818-1871American Painter
Muses and Graces
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J.H. Carse1819-1900Australian Painter
Henri-Joseph Harpignies1819-1916French Painter
Art Prints from
Martin Johnson Heade1819-1904American Painter
Sunlight and Shadows
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Thomas Worthington Whittredge1820-1910American Painter
On the Cache la Poudre River, Colorado
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Robert Scott Duncanson1821-1872African-American Painter
Felix Ziem1821-1911French Painter
Harbour in Constantinople
Art Prints from
George Fuller1822-1884American Painter
William Louis Sonntag1822-1900American Painter
Sunset On The Maine Coast
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Jasper Francis Cropsey1823-1900American Painter
Jasper Francis Cropsey: Evening, 1859
Art Prints from
Sanford Robinson Gifford1823-1880American Painter
Moment's Rest
Art Prints from
William Hart1823-1894Scottish/American Painter
Charles W. Knapp1823-1900American Painter
Paul Weber1823-1916German/American Painter
Summer Landscape, c. 1860
Art Prints from
Hans Fredrik Gude1825-1903Norwegian Painter
Fresh Breeze
Art Prints from
George Inness1825-1894American Painter
Sunset at Etretat
Art Prints from
Marcus Larson1825-1864Swedish Painter
Mountain Torrent, Smaland
Art Prints from
Frederic Edwin Church1826-1900American Painter
Church: Cayambe
Art Prints from
Giovanni Costa1826-1903Italian Painter
An Oriental Beauty
Art Prints from
Frederick Rondel1826-1892French/American Painter
Edward M. Bannister1828-1901African-American Painter
Edward M. Bannister: Approaching Storm
Art Prints from
Lionel Bicknell Constable1828-1887English Painter
Jules Jacques Veyrassat1828-1893French Painter
Carlos de Haes1829-1898Belgian/Spanish Painter
Mountains in Europe, 1876
Art Prints from
Albert Bierstadt1830-1902German/American Painter
Albert Bierstadt: Mountain Out of The Mist
Art Prints from
John William Inchbold1830-1888English Painter
Ferritet, Lake Geneva, 1882
Art Prints from
Camille Pissarro1830-1903Caribbean/French Painter
Camille Pissarro: Girl with a Stick, 1881
Art Prints from
John Brett1831-1902English Painter
Glorious Sunset
Art Prints from
Herman Herzog1831-1932German/American Painter
Louis Remy Mignot1831-1870American Painter
Mignot: Niagara Falls
Art Prints from
James Aumonier1832-1911English Painter
Punting on the Thames
Art Prints from
John Ross Key1832-1920American Painter
Fort Sumter, Interior View of Three Gun Battery
Art Prints from
Lucius R. O'Brien1832-1899Canadian Painter
Aaron Draper Shattuck1832-1928American Painter
William Trost Richards1833-1905American Painter
Sea Coast
Art Prints from
Martin Rico y Ortega1833-1908Spanish Painter
John La Farge1835-1910American Painter
John La Farge: Sunrise off Japan
Art Prints from
Francis A. Silva1835-1886American Painter
Late Afternoon, Haverstraw Bay, 1871
Art Prints from
Alexander Helwig Wyant1836-1892American Painter
Sun in Kentucky
Art Prints from
Alfred Thompson Bricher1837-1908American Painter
A Pleasant Afternoon, 1880
Art Prints from
J. Foxcroft Cole1837-1892American Painter
Jacob Henricus Maris1837-1899Dutch Painter
A Roman Girl
Art Prints from
Thomas Moran1837-1926English/American Painter
Gilbert Munger1837-1903American Painter
Daniel Somogyi1837-1890Hungarian Painter
William Keith1838-1911Scottish/American Painter
Anton Mauve1838-1888Dutch Painter
The Cabbage Patch
Art Prints from
David Farquarson1839-1907Scottish Painter
David Farquarson: The Shortening Winter's Day Draws To a Close
Art Prints from
John MacWhirter1839-1911British Painter
Alpin Meadow
Art Prints from
Matthijs Maris1839-1917Dutch Painter
Robert Swain Gifford1840-1905American Painter
Fisherman's Hut, Siberia
Art Prints from
Jose Maria Velasco1840-1912Mexican Painter
The Valley of Mexico from The Low Ridge of Tacubaya, 1894
Art Prints from
Jean-Charles Cazin1841-1901French Painter
Cottage in the Dunes
Art Prints from
John J. Enneking1841-1916American Painter
John J. Enneking: Mount Chocorua
Art Prints from
Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi1842-1910Russian Painter
Mary Nimmo Moran1842-1899American Printmaker
Arthur Parton1842-1914American Painter
Adirondack Mountain Landscape
Art Prints from
Emil Jakob Schindler1842-1892Austrian Painter
Voyage Au Tour Du Monde
Art Prints from
William Henry Jackson1843-1942American Photographer
Geza Meszoly1844-1887Hungarian Painter
Willem Maris1844-1910Dutch Painter
Edmond Petitjean1844-1925French Painter
Ralph Albert Blakelock1847-1919American Painter
Albert Pinkham Ryder1847-1917American Painter
Lord Ullin's Daughter
Art Prints from
Hugh Bolton Jones1848-1927American Painter
Sir Alfred East1849-1913English Painter
The Entrance to the Temple of Kiyomizu-Dera, Kyoto
Art Prints from
Albert Lebourg1849-1928French Painter
Dwight W. Tryon1849-1925American Painter
Charles Harry Eaton1850-1901American Painter
Thomas Wilmer Dewing1851-1938American Painter
Abraham Hulk Jr.1851-1922English Painter
Ben Foster1852-1926American Painter
Laszlo Mednyanszky1852-1919Hungarian Painter
John Francis Murphy1853-1921American Painter
Autumn Glow, 1897
Art Prints from
Lowell Birge Harrison1854-1929American Painter
Leonard Ochtman1854-1934Dutch/American Painter
Henry Pember Smith1854-1907American Painter
Old Palace on Rio St. Fravaso, Venice
Art Prints from
Charles Harold Davis1856-1933American Painter
Charles Appel1857-1928American Painter
Bruce Crane1857-1937American Painter
Charles Warren Eaton1857-1937American Painter
Emma Minnie Boyd1858-1936Australian Painter
Ralph E. DeCamp1858-1936American Painter
Henry Ward Ranger1858-1916American Painter
The El, 1931
Art Prints from
Elliott Daingerfield1859-1932American Painter
William Langson Lathrop1859-1938American Painter
Charles Paul Gruppe1860-1940Canadian/American Painter
Isaak Il'ich Levitan1860-1900Russian Painter
Spring, High Water, 1897
Art Prints from
Arthur Frank Mathews1860-1945American Painter
George Gardner Symons1863-1930American Painter
Karl Emil Termohlen1863-1938Danish/American Painter
Franz Bischoff1864-1929Austrian/American Painter
Leon Dabo1865-1960French/American Painter
Frank Dumond1865-1951American Painter
Alexis Jean Fournier1865-1948American Painter
William Wendt1865-1946American Painter
Jessie Benton Evans1866-1954American Painter
Arthur Streeton1867-1943Australian Painter
Henry Percy Gray1869-1952American Painter
Xavier Martinez1869-1943Mexican/American Painter
Emily Carr1871-1945Canadian Painter
Granville Redmond1871-1935American Painter
Edwin Dawes1872-1945American Painter
Aaron Harry Gorson1872-1933American Painter
J.E.H. MacDonald1873-1932English/Canadian Painter
F. Usher de Voll1873-1941American Painter
Tom Thomson1877-1917Canadian Painter
Tom Thomson: Woodland Waterfall
Art Prints from
Nikolai Astrup1880-1928Norwegian Painter
Luigi Kasimir1881-1962Austrian Printmaker/Painter
F.H. Varley1881-1969Canadian Painter
Anna Althea Hills1882-1930American Painter
A.Y. Jackson1882-1974Canadian Painter
Edgar Alwin Payne1882-1947American Painter
Walter Emerson Baum1884-1956American Painter
Walter J. Phillips1884-1963British/Canadian Painter
Lawren S. Harris1885-1970Canadian Painter
Carl Hoerman1885-1955German/American Painter
Derwent Lees1885-1931Australian Painter
Arthur Lismer1885-1969English/Canadian Painter
Frank Johnston1888-1949Canadian Painter
Alfred R. Mitchell1888-1972American Painter
Sam Hyde Harris1889-1977American Painter
David Bomberg1890-1957British Painter
Franklin Carmichael1890-1945Canadian Painter
Lionel Fitzgerald1890-1956Canadian Painter
Edwin Holgate1892-1977Canadian Painter
Arthur Hill Gilbert1894-1970American Painter
Paul Starrett Sample1896-1974American Painter
A.J. Casson1898-1992Canadian Painter
A.C. Leighton1901-1965British/Canadian Painter
Sir William MacTaggart1903-1981British Painter
Wally Brants1909-1998Latvian/Canadian Painter
Russell Drysdale1912-1981British/Australian Painter
Emily NelliganBorn 1924American Draughtsman
Dorothy Elsie KnowlesBorn 1927Canadian Painter
Neil Welliver1929-2005American Painter
John HubbardBorn 1931American Painter
Keith LowryBorn 1935American Painter
Freeman PattersonBorn 1937Canadian Photographer
Sylvia Plimack MangoldBorn 1938American Painter
Russell ChathamBorn 1939American Painter
Hal HolounBorn 1939American Painter
Terry FentonBorn 1940Canadian Painter
Frank GohlkeBorn 1942American Photographer
Susan PuelzBorn 1942American Painter
Fred SomersBorn 1942American Painter
Chuck ForsmanBorn 1944American Painter
Alan BrayBorn 1946American Painter
Robert Glenn KetchumBorn 1947American Photographer
April GornikBorn 1953American Painter
Scott GoudieBorn 1955Canadian Painter
Peter DoigBorn 1959British Painter


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