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Hendrick Cornelisz. Vroom1563-1640Dutch Painter
A Sea Action, possibly the Battle of Cadiz
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Adam Willaerts1577-1644Dutch Painter
Fisherman unloading and selling their catch
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Jan Porcellis1580-1632Flemish Painter
Fisherman on the Sea Shore, 1623
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Cornelis Claesz. van Wieringen1580-1633Dutch Painter
3 Master Firing a Salute on the Maas at Dordrecht
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Cornelis Verbeeck1590-1637Dutch Painter
A Dutch Merchant Ship off a Rocky Coast
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Willem van de Velde the Elder1611-1693Dutch Painter
An English Ship Close-hauled in a Strong Breeze
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Bonaventura Peeters I1614-1652Flemish Painter
Turks Storming a Seaport, 1641
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Jan van de Cappelle1624-1679Dutch Painter
Calm (Boats Near the Coast)
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Ludolf Backhuysen1631-1708Dutch Painter
Dutch Merchantmen Driven Onto a Rocky Coast
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Willem van de Velde the Younger1633-1707Dutch Painter
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Abraham Storck1635-1710Dutch Painter
Abraham Storck: The Port of Amsterdam
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Pieter Mulier1637-1701Dutch Painter
Adam Silo1674-1760Dutch Painter
Claude-Joseph Vernet1714-1789French Painter
Claude-Joseph Vernet: The Entrance to the Port of Marseilles
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Dominic Serres1722-1793British Painter
The fourth action off Trincomalee between the English
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Charles Brooking1723-1759English Painter
Shipping Off the South Coast of England
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Francis Swaine1725-1782English Painter
Shipping On The River Thames
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Francis Holman1729-1784British Painter
Nicholas Pocock1741-1821British Painter
Michele Felice Corne1752-1845American Painter
John Thomas Serres1759-1825British Painter
The Coast Of France Around Brest, 1801
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Thomas Whitcombe1760-1824English Painter
Destruction of the French Fleet at Toulon
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Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux1765-1835French Painter
Thomas Buttersworth1768-1828English Painter
Euryalus, Thunderer and Ajax
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Nicolas Cammillieri1768-1828French Painter
J. Pringle1770-1818British Painter
Jacob Peterson1774-1854Danish Painter
Miles Walters1774-1849British Painter
Robert Salmon1775-1845English/American Painter
Boston Harbor, 1843
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Joseph Mallord William Turner1775-1851English Painter
Fighting Temeraire
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William John Huggins1781-1845British Painter
A Two Decker off Gibraltar
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Giuseppi Fedi1792-1820Italian Painter
Clarkson Frederick Stanfield1793-1867English Painter
On the Dogger Bank, 1846
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Nicholas S. Cammillieri1798-1856Maltese Painter
John Wilson Carmichael1800-1868British Painter
John Wilson Carmichael: The Brayford Pool And Lincoln Cathedral
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Honore Pellegrin1800-1870French Painter
D.A. Teupken Sr.1801-1845Dutch Painter
Theodore Gudin1802-1880French Painter
The Capture of the Fort of Saint-Jean-d'Ulloa in 1838
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Edward Duncan1803-1882English Painter
Lifeboat Going to the Aid of a Sailing Ship
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Fitz Hugh Lane1804-1865American Painter
Fitz Hugh Lane: Boston Harbor
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Clement Drew1806-1889American Painter
Jacob Spin1806-1875Dutch Painter
Adolf Friedrich Vollmer1806-1875German Painter
Near the Aumuhle, circa 1830
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Edward William Cooke1811-1880British Painter
Edward William Cooke: Venice
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Samuel Walters1811-1882British Painter
Samuel Walters: Portrait of the Isis
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Abraham Hulk1813-1897English Painter
Fritz Muller1814-1861German/American Painter
James Bard1815-1897American Painter
The Francis Skiddy, 1851
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John Bard1815-1856American Painter
James E. Buttersworth1817-1894American Painter
James E. Buttersworth: Puritan and Priscilla off Sandy Hook
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Mary Blood Mellen1817-1882American Painter
William G. Yorke1817-1888British Painter
Duncan McFarlane1818-1865English Painter
James Hamilton1819-1878Irish/American Painter
Albertus van Beest1820-1860Dutch Painter
Eugene Boudin1824-1898French Painter
Eugene Boudin: Marine scene
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Hendrik Mesdag1831-1915Dutch Painter
Fisherman on the Beach
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Henry Moore 1831-18951831-1895English Painter
Carlo Crivelli: Chesil Beach, Rain Clearing Off
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John O'Brien1831-1891Canadian Painter
Mauritz F.H. de Haas1832-1895Dutch/American Painter
William Trost Richards1833-1905American Painter
Sea Coast
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Stephan D. Skillet1835-1860British Painter
Winslow Homer1836-1910American Painter
Right and Left
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John Tudgay1836-1865British Painter
Alfred Thompson Bricher1837-1908American Painter
A Pleasant Afternoon, 1880
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C. Clausen1837-1848Danish Painter
Jose Pineda1837-1907Spanish Painter
Domenico Gavarrone1840-1875Italian Painter
Frederik Tudgay1841-1921British Painter
William Howard Yorke1847-1921British Painter
Eugene Grandin1850-1909French Painter
Antonio Jacobsen1850-1921Danish/American Painter
Yacht Race
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Lai Sung1850-1885Chinese Painter
Joao Batista Castagneto1851-1900Brazilian Painter
Carl Locher1851-1915Danish Painter
Giovanni Luzzo1851-1877Italian Painter
William Lionel Wyllie1851-1931British Painter
T. Alexander Harrison1853-1930American Painter
James Gale Tyler1855-1931American Painter
John Henry Mohrmann1857-1916American/Belgian Painter
The Barque Kilmeny
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Frederick Judd Waugh1861-1940American Painter
Charles Herbert Woodbury1864-1940American Painter
Gordon Grant1875-1962American Painter
Paul Dougherty1877-1947American Painter
Montague Dawson1895-1973British Painter
William Bygrave Painter


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