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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres1780-1867French Painter
Study for the Martyrdom of St. Symphorian
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Horace Vernet1789-1863French Painter
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David Roberts1796-1864Scottish Painter
David Roberts: Great Temple of Abu Simbel
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Eugene Delacroix1798-1863French Painter
Delacroix: Frightened Horse
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Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps1803-1860French Painter
The Desert Ride, 1839
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Thomas Allom1804-1872English Painter
Garden of The Imperial Palace, Peking
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John Frederick Lewis1804-1876British Painter
Hareem Life, Constantinople
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Prosper Marilhat1811-1847French Painter
The Cedars of Lebanon
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Charles-Theodore Frere1814-1888French Painter
Amedeo Preziosi1816-1882Italian Painter
Ottoman Coffee House, 1862
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Eugene Fromentin1820-1876French Painter/Writer
The Land of Thirst
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Charles Landelle1821-1908French Painter
Portrait of Alfred de Musset
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Emile Lecomte-Vernet1821-1900French Painter
Alfred Dehodencq1822-1882French Painter
Frederick Goodall1822-1904British Painter
A Turkish Pasha
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Alexandre Bida1823-1895French Painter
The Exile from Judah
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Gustave Boulanger1824-1888French Painter
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Jean-Leon Gerome1824-1904French Painter/Sculptor
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Alberto Pasini1826-1899Italian Painter
The Grand Canal, Venice
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Leon Belly1827-1877French Painter
Caravan of Pilgrims Cross the Desert to Mecca
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Adolf Schreyer1828-1899German Painter
A Regal Procession
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Henriette Browne1829-1901French Painter
The Sisters of Mercy, 1859
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Paul Desire Trouillebert1829-1900French Painter
Morning Effect, Silver Birches and a River
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Victor Huguet1835-1902French Painter
Arab Encampment, 1872
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Jose Tapiro Baro1836-1913Spanish Painter
Gustave Guillaumet1840-1887French Painter
Evening Prayer in the Sahara, 1863
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Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy1842-1923French Painter/Sculptor
Francisco Masriera y Manovens1842-1902Spanish Painter
Young Woman Smoking, 1894
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Georges Clairin1843-1919French Painter
Sarah Bernhardt as a Queen
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Henri Regnault1843-1871French Painter
Henri Regnault: Salome
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Benjamin Constant1845-1902French Painter
St John Chrysostom Exiled by Empress Eudoxia
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Jean Andre Rixens1846-1924French Painter
Frederick Arthur Bridgman1847-1928American Painter
Edouard Debat-Ponsan1847-1913French Painter
The Massage, 1883
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Gustav Bauernfeind1848-1904German Painter
At the Entrance to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem
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Edwin Lord Weeks1849-1903American Painter
The Triumphal Procession
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Eugene Alexis Girardet1853-1907French Painter
The Sacred Fire Of Jerusalem
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Rudolph Ernst1854-1932Austrian Painter
Ludwig Deutsch1855-1935Austrian/French Painter
Giulio Rosati1858-1917Italian Painter
The Sitting, 1887
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Etienne Dinet1861-1929French Painter
Fabio Fabbi1861-1946Italian Painter
Henri-Emilien Rousseau1875-1933French Painter
Hovsep Pushman1877-1966Armenian/American Painter


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