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George Catlin1796-1872American Painter
White Cloud, Chief of the Iowas
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Karl Bodmer1809-1893Swiss Painter
Karl Bodmer: Mandan Chief
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Paul Kane1810-1871Irish/Canadian Painter
Medicine mask dance
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Alfred Jacob Miller1810-1874American Painter
Joseph R. Walker
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William Tylee Ranney1813-1857German/American Painter
A Party of Explorers, 1851
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John Mix Stanley1814-1872American Painter
The Smoke Signal
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Charles Christian Nahl1818-1878German/American Painter
Thomas Worthington Whittredge1820-1910American Painter
On the Cache la Poudre River, Colorado
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Charles Wimar1828-1862German/American Painter
The Attack on the Emigrant Train, 1856
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Thomas Hill1829-1908English/American Painter
Yosemite Falls
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Carleton Watkins1829-1916American Photographer
Watkins: Arbutus Menziesii, California, 1861
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Albert Bierstadt1830-1902German/American Painter
Albert Bierstadt: Mountain Out of The Mist
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Frederick A. Verner1836-1928Canadian Painter
Thomas Moran1837-1926English/American Painter
Henry F. Farny1847-1916French/American Painter/Printmaker
Through the Mountains
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Ralph E. DeCamp1858-1936American Painter
Joseph Henry Sharp1859-1953American Painter
Frederic Remington1861-1909American Painter/Sculptor
Frederic Remington: Stormy Morning At The Badlands
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Charles Schreyvogel1861-1912American Painter
Breaking Through the Lines
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Charles M. Russell1864-1926American Painter
Eanger Irving Couse1866-1936American Painter
Jessie Benton Evans1866-1954American Painter
William R. Leigh1866-1955American Painter
Solon H. Borglum1868-1922American Sculptor
Edward S. Curtis1868-1952American Photographer
Bert Greer Phillips1868-1956American Painter
Edward Borein1872-1945American Painter
Julius Seyler1873-1955German Painter
Oscar Edmund Berninghaus1874-1952American Painter
Ernest Leonard Blumenschein1874-1960American Painter
Frank Tenney Johnson1874-1939American Painter
Maynard Dixon1875-1946American Painter
Walter Ufer1876-1936American Painter
William Herbert Dunton1878-1936American Painter
E.W. Gollings1878-1932American Painter
William Henry Dethlef Koerner1878-1938American Painter/Illustrator
Carl Oscar Borg1879-1947Swedish/American Sculptor
Belmore Browne1880-1954American Painter
Gustave Baumann1881-1971German/American Painter
Edgar Alwin Payne1882-1947American Painter
Victor Higgins1884-1949American Painter
E. Martin Hennings1886-1956American Painter
Andrew Dasburg1887-1979French/American Painter
Georgia O'Keeffe1887-1986American Painter
Alfred R. Mitchell1888-1972American Painter
Elizabeth Lochrie1890-1981American Painter
Theodore Van Soelen1890-1964American Painter
Will James1892-1942Canadian Illustrator
Nicholas de Grandmaison1895-1978Russian/Canadian Painter
A.C. Leighton1901-1965British/Canadian Painter
Ansel Adams1902-1984American Photographer
Edith Freeman1913-1992American Printmaker
Conrad Schwiering1916-1986American Painter
Bill StocktonBorn 1921American Painter
Frank McCarthy1924-2002American Painter/Illustrator
James BamaBorn 1926American Painter
Howard TerpningBorn 1927American Painter
Mel GerholdBorn 1928American Painter
Hugh CabotBorn 1930American Painter
Ted Long1932-2007American Painter/Sculptor
Tucker SmithBorn 1937American Painter
Russell ChathamBorn 1939American Painter
Ray KnaubBorn 1940American Painter
Bev DoolittleBorn 1947American Painter/Printmaker
Tim CoxBorn 1957American Painter
Judy Larson American Printmaker


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