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I have a print of Napoleon on Campaign and wondered if it is an original.thankyou,Lorette
Lorette Holske        (loholske@gwi.net)

I have a print of Burnozetti last supper and want information on it if I can thank you for your time.The print must be over 60 years old.
Jack oles        (jackoles@yahoo.com)
New York

i have a print by a bock number5 done in switzerland its of a old ship in the ocean with full sails a cloudy sky and rough seas does anybody know anything about it please email me thank you
michael dwyer         (dwyermikem@yahoo.com)

Do you know of any place where I can have a Renoir authenticated?

Dan O'Connell        (oconnell@cecomet.net)

i am looking for information on an artist called paul kujal i have an old painting called spring bloosoms
maurice        (maurice00@mindspring.com)

this is a kick ass site


I would like to find a painting by piccaso called "the scream" where can i find it?

have a puyet painting titled "Claudia" Anyone have any info on this artist or work?
susan williams        (jblondesrmorefun@aol.com)

I also have a picture of The Last Supper by branzetti.I was wondering if its worth anything.Anybody with information.I also have a painting of The Last Supper by Zabateri.Does that name sound familiar to anyone?
Edina Hess        (SBGRACE34@aol.com)


Christina p.

Here is my Modern Internet Self Portrait by Algis Kemezys follow this link>albums.photopoint.com/ j/SmashCast?u=585982&mode=view&smashID=100042330& smashTitle=The+atom+Molecule
Algis Kemezys        (bakfx@videotron.ca)

would like to know more about a painting by Paul Detlefsen. Don't know the title, it has a boy and his dog by a creek below a wooden covered bridge, with a white church in the background. It belonged to my great Grandparents, who died 25 yrs. ago. It was a gift to them in the 50's.
Marie Odum        (jodum@CairoNet.com)

I found a nicely framed picture of "Brunozetti's" Last Supper at the dump.It is hanging in my study. I wonder what it's worth?
Eugene J. Celico        (y-u@riconnect.com)
Rhode Island

none        (none)

I really like this site, except for all the dumbass schoolkids posting in the guestbook.

Why isn't my reply in the geust bo
Christa        (Igivehead@aol)

what was the art decor movement?
natalie roberts

i have philip r goodwin prints in ekselent god condision no water or sun dammid.i have onely seen 2 off them on the nett, for sale!! phone this number 47 92617840!! gerry.
gerry o solli        (no)
bergen norway

Dear Sirs,
I write you from Yugoslavia.I have picture from CARLO DOLCI, and I think it name "CICELINA". Picture represented one girl wheter siting and plaing piano. Aspect ratio is 21X24. I kindly ask you to inform me something about this painting and what her selling value.
Best regarts
Matic Anita

Matic Anita        (sanita@beotel.yu)

I am looking for an sculptor who creates life size figure
with a whimsical, clownlike(ie gumby,bozo)style any ideas
or recommendations?????

Danielle Roundtree        (PRoundtree21)

iI have a very old piece of art it looks as if it was done in ink its about 8 inches high by about 13 inches long it is a picture of a stone bridge over a stream with a large tree in the foreground and trees and landscape in the background it is signed either R.S.C.1882 or R.J.C.1882.
I am not looking for an appraisal but any info on this artist and anything i can find out about this picture it has been in my family for many years but no one seems to know anything. If you dont know of this artist can you suggest a way for me to research it via the internet i am very intrested. thank you in advance for any help you may be.

grant        (smelancer@aol.com)
kansas city

Yeah.... UMM i was looking for a picture of El Greco but did i find it here I think NOT. Well not that i said that i am done.

Kgirl        (Yabeyabegirl@hotmail.com)
San Diego

no marc davis yet!!!!??whats wrong with you? do you not appreciate creativity when you see it?
mike lopez

no marc davis yet!!!!??whats wrong with you? do you not appreciate creativity when you see it?
mike lopez

HELP! I'm doing a college research project on PROPAGANDA IN ART, based mainly on HANS HAACKE. i would appreciate any info on other artists who have used their work as a medium for propaganda, ie: Picasso's Guernica. Please email me! Thanks.
sarah        (sandrews@itookmyprozac/com)
Brighton, England

I want to contact the painter David Hockney. It would be great if somebody could help me to find out his e-mail adress.
Christine Thume        (cthume@hotmail.com)

spiral orange peel typ portrait was ESCHER


thougt u might like to visit www.rogerdean.com for way cool pictures

I am trying to find the name of the artist who did a portrait of a head that looked as though it was torn into a spiral, rather like a length of orange peel. Any ideas please?
Niki         (niki@jaguarmail.zzn.com)
Bristol England

I am trying to find the name of the artist who did a portrait of a head that looked as though it was torn into a spiral, rather like a length of orange peel. Any ideas please?
Niki Kirke        (niki@jaguarmail.zzn.com)
Bristol England

I have a painting of a ballerina signed Monte'. It is a large painting, and after buying it, I realized that I also have a smaller ballerina painting I have had since I was little...by the same artist. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything else about who it is. If anyone has any suggestions, or can direct me elsewhere, the help would be greatly appreciated.
Melanie Sicard        (mjsicard@hotmail.com)
Greenville, North Carolina

Hofmann quote: "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecssary so that the necessary may speak" My employer wants to know the source of that quotation attributed to Hofmann. NO - it's not a joke - and NO i don't know why he wants it, but he does. he saw it in a compendium of quotations. He's rich and eccentric - what can i say? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you. S. Kinney
sam kinney        (skinney784@aol.com)

I want a reprint of the Ross Bleckner painting "Birds Falling." Can you help me?
April Udron        (Sexy_angel2001@hotmail.com)

just a correction on the dates of claude monrts painting of the Charing Cross Bridge:1901-1904

I recently sent a question out into here but,I don't see it anymore;If anyone knows information on the paintings of Claude Monet:Charing Cross Bridge(Reflection of the Thames)1991-1904;Waterloo Bridge(Effects of Sun with Smoke)1903.
Thank you I really appreciate it.

Natalie        (edith50@earthlink.net)

Reply: I don't know where you were looking, but the Magritte page is here:


why is there no listing for RENE MAGRITTE?
Janet Rigg

can you make an analysis on paintings by mary cassatt? i am doing a research paper comparing her work to emily dickinson's work. if you could make an analysis it would be very helpful! thank you
crystal         (sweet__peach16@hotmail.com)

My net search for W.Dendy Sadler turned up your site and the comment..."I have acquired an original W Dendy Sadler print of a British gentleman decanting...." This is precisely the piece I am looking for information on as I have the same one. It appears to be a butler decanting and offering a glass of sherry, perhaps. It is co-signed by C. H. Boucher. Any information available would be helpful.


Kathleen Pulver        (bpulver@surfsouth.com)

Please, Mr. Jones may I have permission to obtain your autograph for my father who is unable to attentd you concert. We observed your in Reno and you are spectacular, please allow me your autograph. Thank You. carshow1@earthlink.net
Mike & Jackie Privette        (carshow1 @ear6thlink.net)
2713 Moon Wave Ave N. Las Vegas 89031

i have an oil portrait of myself, age 4, done in '46 by a female artist who lived on n.71st street, wauwautosa, wi. she also did another of me and some of my sisters around the same time. she signed her works I L F. we think her first name was Irene, but not sure, and last name was LeFebre or LeFeber or LeFevre or LeFever or same variations with La instead of Le. we would like to locate any of all of the other portraits. the other one of me was me as a paper boy with a collie by my side and i think i had a plaid jacket on. i was about 8 to 10 years old.
tcd333        (tcd333@aol.com)

Where can I find info about living American artists? I am trying to find the whereabouts of a USA painter named Kathy Roeckl. A friend of mine has a couple of paintings by her, and would like to contact her. Any leads are appreciated.
Katherine Mullay        (mullayk@hotmail.com)

check out this great Andrew Wyeth exhibit www.wyeth2001.com
joe blake        (www.wyeth2001.com)

Member of the Williamson County Art Guild, Georgetown, Texas. The Web site is: www.georgetownonline.net/wcag. The gallery exhibits pictures, sculptry, and other art work by members of the Guild. Check it out.
Kendall Young        (kyoung1924@cox-internet.com)
Georgetown Texas

I am looking for information about a German artist named Johann Friedrich Hennings. I understand he was popular in the 19th century (mostly landscapes) but I can't find information on the internet.
Susan Allende        (susana@psyber.com)
Auburn, California

I am looking for a Manley Macdonald painting called Latta Mills. If anyone knows where this painting is would you PLEASE contact me. Thank you.
Mary Beth Plumpton         (marybeth@plumpton.ca)

Great site! Truly inspirational, keep it up. Richard
Richard Hamilton

As a person who cares for art and has studied it, I want everyone to know about an important art talk titled: "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN LOVE?: Robert Indiana’s "Love,"[www.AestheticRealism.org/events2.htm]by Emmy award-winning filmmaker and Aesthetic Realism
Consultant Ken Kimmelman. It will be presented on Saturday, February 10th at 8:00 PM at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation
in New York City, as part of the Dramatic Presentation "People Are Trying to Put Opposites Together."
The talk, part of a weekly series titled: "The Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel Shows How Art Answers the Questions of Your Life!," [www.TerrainGallery.org/Art-Talks-Schedule.htm]is based on this principle stated by Eli Siegel, critic and founder of the education Aesthetic Realism: "The world, art, and self explain each other: each is the aesthetic oneness of opposites." With humor and depth, Mr. Kimmelman shows a new and surprising way of seeing this very popular painting, based on what he learned from Aesthetic Realism on two stirring subjects--love and art. I know people will enjoy learning that what makes a work of art good is what will have love succeed--as only Aesthetic Realism explains.
The presentation is at 8 PM on Saturday, February 10th, at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, 141 Greene Street in SoHo,
New York City, NY 10012, Tel: (212) 777-4490.
Miriam Mondlin

Miriam Mondlin        (mmondlin@mindspring.com)
New York City

Dear sir,
My absolute favorit painter I can't find with your search system.
Dirk Smorenberg 1883-1960 One of the only Art Deco painters we had in Holland. There is a site called smorenberg.8k.com which shows you some of his works.
Jan de Ruijter
The Netherlands

Jan de Ruijter        (jderuijter@wanadoo.nl)
The Netherlands

this site seems to be a good work but not very helpful. i am doing fashion design and looking for works of gunta stolzl from bauhaus, if anybody can help me then, please mail me at hitalio@usaonet
hitalio        (hitalio@usa.net)

I have two water colors painted in 1865 of Lyme Regis, one of the Cobb and one of the town, I believe, from the Cobb.
They are painted by a "W" or "M" Newbery. I am trying to find out who the artist is. They are very good work, obviously from a trained artist. If anyone has heard of ' Newbery I would be pleased to hear from them.

Thanks, PM

Peter Martin        (peterapm@aol.com)

need information re a picasso still-life we bought. it has a bowl of fruit and a vase with flowers. there is a glass lying on its side and a dish with food. there is a number on the back 156. would appreciate any information.
george aarons        (gaaron4063@aol.com)

have a small water color sighned, Homer. it's a painting of a work camp in the keys. I'll sell it for $1500 as is. to anyone who wants it.
D. Lee         (randy6178@aol.com)

athena        (aurora67543@AOL.COM)

I am trying to find out where to get a copy to the painting Ecce Homo by Antonio Ciseri it is a painting of Jesus before Pilot
Jim Barron        (flash189@earthlink.net)
Birmingham, Alabama

In 1997 I was in London and visited a Pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the V&A. I saw a painting there that I would love to find a print of...I believe it was "The Question" by a woman artist. The woman in the painting was bent over weeping and was holding a letter in an outstretched hand. The caption was something to the effect that she can save her lover's life by marrying his brother....

Lianne        (no1cain@aol.com)

cool site but it needs to be brightened up as it's just too dull.

I want a copy (print, etc) of Among the Olive Trees (1878) by John Singer Sargent. Can you/someone provide a link for me to a publisher? I saw it at the current Seattle Museum exhibit and know its in a private collection but I thought it must be published also...Thanks in advance for your help.
Rocky Coggins

Rocky Coggins        (stanimal90@hotmail.com)
Pullman WA

1)I am trying to locate information on a German Painter named Emil Keck. He did a portrait of His Magesty in approx 1911 and it hangs in Rosenheim Munick.
2) Information on Anton Hoffmann - Muenchen 1919. Also an artist of oils and charcoal battle scenes.

Ellen Sommer        (ellensommer@hotmail.com)


just a quick note to point out that Helene Black's site as it appears on http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/black_helene.html has moved to www.hblack.net

Correction to previous submittal:For those many interested parties seeking the whereabouts of the long lost "Brurgere" We have in our possession information regarding that Dutch Masters "Maiden gathering eggs", as well as info for obtaing. pls submit requests to: Eftheria@AOL.com
R. Crooz        (Eftheria@aol.com)
New York

For those many seeking information re the lost Dutch Master, Brurgers's, "maiden with eggs in her apron" may contact us at eftheria@aol.com
R. Crooz        (Eftheria@aol.com)

Could you please send me any inforamtion about the late artist Winslow Homer? I am doing a project on him for my art class. Thanks very much.
Stephanie Jones        (AberBaby23@aol.com)

I'm not sure if you can answer this question but I thought I'd write anyway. When we were in Puebla, Mexico in the fall I saw a large sculpture of about 5 or 6 angels on the outskirts of the city near the Sears Store. Can you tell me the name of this sculpture and it's meaning or whatever information you have on it.
Angie        (vandaea@mnsi.net)
Chatham, Ontario, Canada

jon        (none)

I am trying to locate prints by an english artist by the name of William Daniel. Particularly prints entitled "Elephant and Howday" and "Camel and Rider"
Rob Kuehn        (rkuehn@freerealtime.com)

Yours is the art site that I've been looking for. However, I am having problems opening some of the file types with the computer software that I have. Is there any way I can convert these picture files (from the Metropolitan Museum of Art) to regular jpg files, so that I can open them?
D. Weiss        (t&dweiss@escape.ca)

Thank you very much.
You have simplify my research and made me discover a lot of new pieces and artists.
Merci !

Louis Richard
Montréal (Québec) Canada

Can you please help me find out what sculpture Andrea Del Verrocchio is famous for ... ? I think it has something to so with jesus,I am not sure.
travis wright        (bonbon622699@cs.com)

Help.. I am looking for a Dutch (I Think) painter by the name of VAN HONDERCOETER Can you help, maybe the spelling is wrong??
Don Macdonald        (don.macdonald@albany-ulr.co.uk)

I love your site and usae it often. There is one big omission, hoever, and that is the exclusion of South African artists, many of which are wonderful, and whose images CAN be found on the web.
Lee Roberts        (lroberts93@home.com)

Do you know where I can find a Seurat puzzle.
Preferably Island en La Grande Jatte.

Margaret        (seadog_92656@yhoo.com)

Outstanding web site first class keep up the good work.

I have a copy of the Laughing Cavalier by Frans Hals were any prints ever made .Any help please.
Many thanks. Derek
PS We all have to learne even at my age 54.


Researching German painter, Anton H.Dieffenbach (1831-1914).
Lived in Paris between 1863-70.He painted landscapes,portraits,children and animals.Would like any additional information about his life & works.

Gary        (gbcinerec@cs.com)
New York

Jan Steen is back. Thank you very much. Why do I like his paintings so much. Probably because they are so humorous. Anybody else who likes these painting so much?
Vincent Donndelinger        (vincedonn@cs.com)

Did F. x. Winterhalter do any landscapes? If so, where can I find a picture of them?
L. Walker        (jswalker@up.net)

When my husband was in the service we were stationed in Germany,1967-1969. We bought a print of mare and foal. by Faust. info on the back reads Braun 540/115 Leisten Stute mit fohlen Faust 50x60. Can anyone give me any information about the picture and artist. Thanks
Sheila Dunlop        (sdunlo@suffolk.lib.ny.us)

I am doing a project in school and I have been asked to find out what Art Nouveau means. Can anybody tell me?
Daniel Perry        (daniel.perry@taw.org.uk)

Thanks for your product. My favorite site. But what happened to the page for Jan Steen? Did I cause it to go away?
Vincent Donndelinger        (VinceDonn@cs.com)

Thank you for hours of pleasure. I bought a new 19 inch moniter just for looking at your art works down loaded.
But what happened to the page for Jan Steen? Did I cause it to go away? Thanks again for your work.

Vincent Donndelinger        (VinceDonn@cs.com)

I'm looking for James Van'Derzee's Queen of Swastika .
Can anyone HELP!!!!

Samuel McElrath        (SMcElrath@msn.com)

great site great setup
nick boot        (jnickb@home.com)
san mateo california

I too have a Brunozetti "Last Supper" picture and would like to know how much it is worth.
jeanette montgomer        (usarfamily@aol.com)



Hello! Your web site is very interesting. I found it because I'm trying to find some information on the German painter Frédéric Von Rieger (1903-1988) Can you help me?

Jean Bianchi
Montreal, Canada

John Bianchi        (jbianchi@pubnix.net)

You have the sculptor Strong-Cuevas listed under artists with no dates. Her name is Elizabeth, she was the granddaughter of the American philosopher Charles Augustus Strong and Elizabeth Rockefeller. She was born in 1929.

I am a 3rd grade teacher and I include an artist a month as part of my art program. For February I would like to study Jim Dine with my class. I am looking for a collection of post-cards of Jim Dine's work. Can you give me a clue about that. I mainly see posters, but no postcards. Just a question. Thank you. Great site!!!
Allie        (aceball73@hotmail.com)
Los Angeles

I am trying to locate information on a Brazilian artist, Deaca.
Doug Zeh        (hivadv@aol.com)
Portland, Oregon USA

How fun!!!
A web site for people with a common interest, and an artis's eye.

EDITH ANDERSON        (Edith_A@msn.com)

Enjoy this site
Birda Burton        (msbs999@aol.com)

Do you know where I can find a piece of work by a German artist named (Jutta Ritter or Jutter Klement) entitled "Blutenreign III"?
Eileen Sherman        (eileen.sherman@us.cgeyc.com)
Needham, MA

Hi! I am currently on a fine art degree and as part of my second year I have to do a collabrative arts project. My work consists mainly of inky drawings of orgainic roboty things. I have also been designing a robot for a while. Im currently working on spoof brocheurs advertising the three robots Ive designed. If anyones intrested in doing some work with me or does similar stuff E mail me!

tim cole        (timcole49@hotmail.com)

I sketch in pencils only. I sketch people, take a look at my work at jagart.homestead.com/1JAGARTmain.html
Jeffrey A. Grant        (Jefgrant@hotmail.com)

Wonderful, now if we could only find the next big thing!
Kenneth Pappa        (kvphigherart@yahoo.com)

hi, I would be really grateful if any1 could send me info on the artist Leigh Behnke, its 4 my art coursework. THANX!!!x
Emma K        (Emmygurl@heyheyhey.co.uk)

Hi! I'm a high school student in Menomonee Falls. For my art Class I'm studying a painter by the name of Gabriele Munter and I need some more information. I also don't exactly know how to explain the meaning behind her work or why she creates what it is she creates. If you could help me out that would be great!

Hi! I'm a high school student in Menomonee Falls. For my art Class I'm studying a painter by the name of Gabriele Munter and never some more information. I also don't exactly know how to explain the meaning behind her work or why she creates what it is she creates. If you could help me out that would be great!

I am searching out a german artist named Rudolf Wittkampf. My stepfather is a direct decendant and has several of his works. He would have been doing his pieces around thelate 1800's. If anyone has any information I would surely appreciate hearing it.

Doug Prevost        (dprevost@maine.rr.com)

I 'd like to have all sorts of information, concerning Pieter bruegel. Everybody who has information for my can contact me via email: fumier55@hotmail.com. Pictures, texts, good sites i want it all.
Thanks too all!

tom        (fumier55@hotmail.com)
belgium, gent

hi iwas just wondering if anyone can tell me why renaissance art was a turning point??? Im doing Nat'l History Day, a competition where this years Topic is "Turning Points". My sub topic is "Renaissance art"...if u have ne add'l info or links or sources (primary sources too!!), please email me asap @ nygrl03@aol. The competition ends in early february so as u can see i dont have much more time left! thanks! please respond asap!!!
Laura        (nygrl032aol.com)

I am trying to identify (not appraise!) a piece I have, its a 4"x6" painting of a girl winding yarn into a ball from some sort of yarn spool. She is in profile, her feet an a stool, wooden shoes beside her on the floor. On the back there is the remnant of a paper label that says Schloffer'fche Kunfthandlung (F. Schott) Annaplate D 227 Augsburg Fernsprecher 509. In epncil on the back, it looks like someone has written Knopf Hausminther, but I cant be sure. At the top is also something written in ink pen, I can make out the word August, but thats all. It looks like this used to be in a matted frame, all I have is the painting, remnants of old paper around the edges. Any clues about how to identify this? No signature on the front. Any sleuthing would be appreciated!
AneMarie Spencer        (annemariespencer@cs.com)

Could someone please tell me more about Sally Mann, I am a high school student very interested in her work. I would be very pleased if I was about to get contact with her to ask her questions. Does anyone know? Please help
Sarah         (dreamzflow@aol.com)

am looking for information about a painting i believe titled "carnival night", a scene of 2 figures dressed in european clown regalia walking away from the lights of possibly a carnival. maybe it's by someone french 20th century any help would be appreciated. am looking for a print.

I was wondering if you could help me find any info on David Hockney during his time in Los Angeles in the sixties. This would be a great help e-mail me if you find any thing.
Thomas Connolly        (tc12c@hotmail.com)

i need help!!!!!!!! could somebody please tell me how to look up or get info on rapheal ...i don't now which one to choose from..there are too many....i need the one that painted something called Mary Magnolia or somthing like that! please help me.... and i need info on go-ghan or something /somebody like that...please i beg of you help!!!! anyone!! ...............
Christine        (wasted_15@yahoo.com)

Well done on an excellent, easy to navigate site!
From a web designer/graphic artist downunder.

John A McDonald
Auckland - New Zealand

Does anyone know the name of the artist who painted the scene of the melted clocks hanging from the tree branches in the desert? Email if anyone knows who painted that. thanks!
casey        (epiphanyblank@hotmail.com)

I was looking on information about coloured lithos by L.Boilly. I have one called: Les époux assortis (1821). Ditto.com send me to your website, but I can't find any info. Fine Arts Museum San Fransisco has some lithos. Please let me know if you have some info about this litho (it's funny but older people don't want to look at it.)
You have a very good site!

C.A, Troost        (c.troost@wolmail.nl)

I really like this web site

Billy Bob Johnson

FOUND: Marc Chagall original goache? I found your website by accident. Wonderfully informative. I own a painting signed Chagall. I've owned it for several years and have only recently investigated it's authenticity. Several appraisers have seen it and feel strongly that it is an original goache. Only this morning (01/10/2001), I located a website from Russia (Marc Chagall's home city), in which they describe 15 Chagall originals that they "lost". I have located 3 other original Chagalls that are similar to mine in title and depiction, but I've been unable to have it authenticated. If you have any information that you'd be willing to forward, I would be extremely grateful.

Richard        (rbeds70838@aol.com)

Marilyn Sunderman, passed away on December 8, 2000. The Marilyn Sunderman Foundation, will be funded by the sale of her lifetime works and private donations. The foundation will benefit women in their pursuit of creativity and spirituality.
Kenneth Sherman        (kennohuhu@hotmail.com)
Las Vegas

I have been searching, to no avail, for information on Jackson Pollock sculpture. My boss claims he has a production piece, of a limited run. I've not heard of his being a sculptor before. Can you help? Anyone?

Gregory D. Weflen        (prprfrtrbl@home)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Have a pastel in a museum fram signed G. E. Wood 1922. Could it be a Grant Wood? It's been in the family for 50+ years and came from an art dealer in NYC. Would love to know what I've got.
Lucie Leniston        (luciea@earthlink.net)
Absecon, NJ

hello, i have been looking for information and paintings by George Stubbs. i'm delited that you have a good selection.
Kyle Chivers        (stalion99@hotmail.com)

hello, i'm i have been looking for information and paintings by George Stubbs. i'm delited that you have a good collection of Stubbs work. thank you
Kyle Chivers        (stalion99@hotmail.com)

***somebody please help me! i have fallen in love with a painting but i do not know the title of it, nor do i know the artist. it is a painting of a couple dancing in the rain, with a their butler and maid each holding an umbrella over the two. i believe the women is wearing a red dress. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!
Alex D        (alex_gurl_121@hotmail.com)

looking for jose puyet oil paintings, do you have a lead where i might find any????? Please help. thanx
donia        (rostamfa@msn.com)

Hello, I have question. I am looking for more information and maybe a print of this painting.
" Syria,the Night Watch" by Briton Riviere,1880
It is a large oil on canvas painting of lions prowling amid ruins. I do know that the original is on display at Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks

S.N. Bonner        (ceryta87@hotmail.com)

i am an artist, and would like to be put on your list. i have three limited edition prints out. i do originals in oil. i do avian, wildlife, baskets, pencil. let me know. thanks
pat willams        (tranquilbayart-PW@centurytel.net)
presque isle, wi

Love your site - looking for information on:
Clarice Beckett (1887-1935)
lived in Melbourne Australia painted a lot of scenes
Brighton to Beaumaris area.

Val de Lange        (hdelange@bigpond.com)
Melbourne Australia

Your website is a valued attempt on displaying information regarding the arts. Yet, I see a great many artists absent which is unfortunate because this is the 21st century. Artists such as Moholy-Nagy, Albrecht Duerer, Naum Gabo among the few. There are plenty of websites on Picasso and Dali, the challenge is to really index artist and important periods! Go to it.
Andreas L. Hug

Reply: All of the artists you mentioned are on our web site, and thousands of others. Maybe you were just looking at the "Top 30" list?
- JM

I have Crape Myrtle and Fungus,hanging scroll,sung dyansty. Iwood like to know moor about the arts.
Bailey        (www.richaardbailey@webtv.com)

Your site has been very helpful, but I find nothing on Joseph Allen Haskell, fine art type 1804-1894. He has eighteen paitings listed in the NCFA, Smithsonian Institution. Suggestions as to where else I can search, please.
ken block        (cactus1ken@aol.com)
tucson, az

I love this site. I've told so many people how wonderful it is. It is entertaining to be able to enjoy art works from all over the world and to learn so much about the artists. Many Thanks!

You have an excellent and well informed website. Thanks for being there!
D. W. Tiffany

first, the swedish painter Ivar Arosenius is not included here. i truly admire him a´nd would like more people to know his art. He is representated both at Göteborgs konstmuseum and Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
second i search a picture by dora carrington, which i only had a glimpse of once. i know there is a church in the left upper corner, and gardens or something in the front. does anyone know what this picture is called?
thank you for the site, its very good.

elin brissman        (elin@rodakotten.zzn.com)
alingsås, sweden

first, the swedish painter Ivar Arosenius is not included here. i truly admire him a´nd would like more people to know his art. He is representated both at Göteborgs konstmuseum and Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
second i search a picture by dora carrington, which i only had a glimpse of once. i know there is a church in the left upper corner, and gardens or something in the front. does anyone konow what this picture is called?
thank you for the site, its very good.

elin brissman        (elin@rodakotten.zzn.com)
alingsås, sweden

I am researching a painting by Aert de Gelder called The Baptism of Christ which apparently shows a UFO above the holy scene. I have a copy of this painting but I do not know of the UFO has been added fraudulently afterwards.
Any knowledge of this please? Or maybe someone who knows a website where I can check the names of all known paintings by this artist? Many thanks. Contact me at visions@ntlworld.com

Dave Haith        (visions@ntlworld.com)
Bournemouth UK

I'm trying to get a print of a picture that was used in the film The Thomas Crown Affair (recent version) It depicts a business man in a bowler hat, his face if obsured by a red apple. Any help with artist title etc would be apprciated.

Matthew Freestone

Reply: That sounds like Rene Magritte: The Son of Man (1964). I don't know if it's available anywhere as a print.
- JM

I'm trying to get a print of a picture that was used in the film The Thomas Crown Affair (recent version) It depicts a business man in a bowler hat, his face if obsured by a red apple. Any help with artist title etc would be apprciated.


Matthew Freestone

Your list of Bouguereau painting locations isn't complete. The University of Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery has in its permament collection "The Young Priestess". And it is magnificent!
This particular painting once hung above a bar at a private mens club.

Frank DiPrimo        (fdiprimo@hotmail.com)
Rochester NY

Attention to the relative of the Dutch painter H.W. PLAATZER VAN DEN HULL, who used this talk-back site
for more information about this painter: please contact me.

C. Spaans        (starkenborg@wanadoo.nl)

Reply to the message below:

LOL! I totally sympathize with your situation. When I was compiling this site's list of museum websites, in many many cases I couldn't figure out what city, or even STATE, the museum was physically located in. The information was simply nowhere on the site.

You might want to look at MuseumNetwork, which lists information about many thousands of museums, both with and without web sites.

(Artcyclopedia lists art museums only, and only if they have at least a minimally useful website)

John Malyon

I am a photo researcher, and often need to access sources of images of fine art. I get SO FRUSTRATED by the fact tha so MANY museums do NOT have information about how to contact their rights and permissions/photo archives departments. Some museums have NO phone or fax numbers at all, some have no e-mail even, and there are some that don't even have a MAILING ADDRESS! Don't they realize there are people who want to access the museum for genuine meaningful research not just to look at pictures? I spend hours and hours and can't even GET to people I need to fax or e-mail to! Please, is there ANY way you can help them to make better web sites? I would appreciate it very much! Thank you..........!

Billie Porter        (billiep@shore.net)


I am struggling to find a particular piece of art. This is doubly difficult as i know neither the artist nor the title - however you may be able to help me.

It is of two (I think) figures in portrait. Probably 17th Century Baroque but i'm not sure. The most notable thing about the work is that there is a long unidentifiable object at the bottom of the painting - however if viewed from another angle it reveals itself to be a human skull. I think its supposed to say something about the mortality of the subjects.??

Can anyone help me please??


Chris Whyte.

Chris        (marzatax@hotmail.com)

I have been searching for the name of the artist that did the paintings in the movie Dr. Zhivago. Please help!
L. Miller        (laramiller@bigfoot.com)

Looking for information on Hilda Hatcher Ross, [Mrs. Homer Ross] Oil Painter on Canvas. Born 7/14/1885 in Shenandoah, Iowa. No listing in the artcyclopedia!!
John Haskovec        (johnh@mcguckin.com)

I have a comeo creation 1727-1775 her name is Miss Appy. if anyone has information on her let me know.
glenda        (dago_1960@yahoo.com)

Would appreciate any information on a painting titled "HORSE AND BUGGY DAYS" by Paul Detlefsen.
Dave        (D-dogyankees@worldnet.att.net)


i have recently seen several photographs by commercial photographer frank hurley-circa 1915. i have been looking for a location to purchase prints of these photos and have had no luck. can you help?
chris kelly        (vckelly@qwest.net)
lake elmo, mn

a fantastic site - i'm an elementary school art teacher and this has been great for my kids!!! i love the site with All of vangogh's letters. keep up the good work!
j. sassano
new jersey

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