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Etienne BobilletSculptor
Boccaccio BoccaccinoItalian Painter
Camillo BoccaccinoItalian Painter
Giovanni BoccatiItalian Painter
Umberto BoccioniItalian Painter/Sculptor
Mel BochnerAmerican Conceptual Artist
John BockGerman
Arnold BocklinSwiss Painter
Christoffel BockstorfferSwiss
Henry John BoddingtonEnglish Painter
Floriano BodiniSculptor
Karl BodmerSwiss Painter
Johann BoeckhorstFlemish Painter
Herbert BoecklAustrian Painter/Sculptor
Sir Joseph Edgar BoehmEnglish Sculptor
Karl BoehmeGerman Painter
Pieter BoelFlemish Painter
Alighiero e BoettiItalian Artist
Bram BogartDutch/Belgian Painter
Jakob BogdanyHungarian Painter
Frank M. BoggsAmerican/French Painter
Skunder BoghossianEthiopian Painter
John BogleEnglish
Walter E. BohlAmerican
Michael BohmeGerman Painter
Aaron BohrodAmerican Painter/Printmaker
Louis-Leopold BoillyFrench Painter/Printmaker
Alfred BoisseauFrench/American Painter
Felix BoisselierFrench Painter
Jean-Jacques de BoissieuFrench Painter
Louis-Simon BoizotFrench Sculptor
Hannes BokAmerican Illustrator
Ferdinand BolDutch Painter
Hans BolFlemish Painter
Giovanni BoldiniItalian Painter
Pedro de BolduqueSpanish Sculptor
Ilya BolotowskyRussian/American Painter
Boetius BolswertNetherlandish Engraver
Christian BoltanskiFrench Installation Artist
Giovanni Antonio BoltraffioItalian Painter
David BombergBritish Painter
Camille BomboisFrench Painter
Bartolomeo BonItalian Sculptor/Architect
Giovanni BonItalian Sculptor/Architect
Bon de BoullogneFrench Painter
Agostino BonalumiItalian
Bonanno da PisaItalian Sculptor/Architect
Giulio di Antonio BonasoneItalian Painter
Antonio BonazzaItalian Sculptor
Evaristo BoncinelliItalian Sculptor
Charles V. BondAmerican
Marion BondCanadian Painter
Henry BoneBritish
Sir Muirhead BoneScottish Engraver
Stephen BoneBritish Painter
Chesley BonestellAmerican Painter/Illustrator
Benedetto BonfigliItalian Painter
Auguste BonheurFrench Painter
Rosa BonheurFrench Painter
Gino BonichiItalian Painter
Richard Parkes BoningtonEnglish Painter
Bonino da CampioneItalian Sculptor
Pierre BonnardFrench Painter
Leon BonnatFrench Painter
Pierre BonnaudFrench Painter
Jean-Claude BonnefondFrench
William BonnellAmerican
Jonathan BonnerAmerican Sculptor
Louis-Marin BonnetFrench Engraver
Francesco BonsignoriItalian Painter
Lee BontecouAmerican Sculptor
Pierre BontempsFrench Sculptor
Monica BonviciniItalian Installation Artist
Francois BonvinFrench Painter
Chakaia BookerAfrican-American Sculptor
Cameron BoothAmerican Painter
Hendrik van der BorchtFlemish Painter
Pieter Van Der BorchtFlemish Painter
Paris BordoneItalian Painter
Francesco BordoniItalian Sculptor
Paul-Emile BorduasCanadian Painter
The Boread PainterGreek Vase Painter
Edward BoreinAmerican Painter
Francisco Bores LopezSpanish Painter
Carl Oscar BorgSwedish/American Sculptor
Pedro Alexandrino BorgesBrazilian Painter
Auguste BorgetFrench Painter
Enrica BorghiItalian
Orazio BorgianniItalian Painter
Gutzon BorglumAmerican Sculptor
Solon H. BorglumAmerican Sculptor
Juan de BorgonaSpanish Painter
Victor Borisov-MusatovRussian Painter
Jonathan BorofskyAmerican Installation Artist
Vladimir Lukich BorovikovskiiRussian Painter
Luis BorrassaSpanish Painter
Eduard BorregaardDanish Painter
Luigi BorroItalian Sculptor
Francesco BorrominiItalian Architect
Anthonie van BorssomDutch Painter
Johannes BosboomDutch Painter
Hieronymus BoschNetherlandish Painter
Pieter van den BoschDutch Painter
Andrea BoscoliItalian
Felice BoselliItalian Painter
Derek BoshierBritish Artist
Francois-Joseph BosioFrench Sculptor
Homer BossAmerican Painter
Ambrosius Bosschaert the ElderDutch Painter
Abraham BosseFrench Engraver
Giuseppe BossiItalian Painter
Fernando BoteroColombian Painter
Andries BothDutch Painter
Jan Dirksz BothDutch Painter
Jessie Arms BotkeAmerican Painter
Sandro BotticelliItalian Painter
Francesco BotticiniItalian Painter
Edouard BoubatFrench Photographer
Edme BouchardonFrench Sculptor
Louis BoucheAmerican
Francois BoucherFrench Painter
Adriaen Frans BoudewynsFlemish Painter
Eugene BoudinFrench Painter
Samuel BoughEnglish Painter
George Henry BoughtonEnglish/American Painter
Adolphe William BouguereauFrench Painter
Elizabeth Gardner BouguereauAmerican Painter
Gustave BoulangerFrench Painter
Louis BoulangerFrench Painter
Susan Seddon BouletBrazilian/American
Andre-Charles BoulleFrench Furniture Artist
Etienne-Louis BoulleeFrench Architect
Valentin de BoulogneFrench Painter
Emile Antoine BourdelleFrench Sculptor
Sebastien BourdonFrench Painter
Louise BourgeoisFrench/American Sculptor
Margaret Bourke-WhiteAmerican Photographer
James BourneBritish Painter
Samuel BourneEnglish Photographer
Esaias BoursseDutch Painter
Dana Boussard
Louis-Maurice Boutet de MonvelFrench Painter
Charles Edward BoutibonneFrench Painter
Charles-Marie BoutonFrench Painter
Aelbrecht BoutsNetherlandish Painter
Dieric Bouts the ElderNetherlandish Painter
Dieric Bouts the YoungerNetherlandish Painter
Antoine BouvardFrench Painter
Laurent Joseph Daniel BouvierFrench Painter
Harry BowdenAmerican Painter
Paul BowdenAmerican Sculptor
Harriette BowdoinAmerican
Ashley BowenAmerican Painter
Henry Alexander BowlerEnglish Painter
Frank BowlingGuyanese/British Painter
William BowyerBritish Painter
Sir William BoxallEnglish Painter
George Price BoyceEnglish Painter
Joanna BoyceEnglish Painter
Emma Minnie BoydAustralian Painter
Arthur Boyd Jr.Australian Painter
Arthur Boyd Sr.New Zealand/Australian Painter
Bob BoyerNative Canadian Painter
Eleanor Vere BoyleBritish Painter
Mark BoyleBritish
John BoyneIrish
Thomas Shotter BoysEnglish Engraver
Olga BoznanskaPolish Painter

Notes on the alphabetizing of names on this site: Following common practice, Italian "place" names (containing -da- , -di- or -della -, for example) are generally listed under the artist's first name (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci is under "L"). We have attempted to list Asian artists under their family name, although they may be written as last-name-first-name or Westernized as first-name-last-name. Extremely well-known artists are generally listed under their familiar names (e.g. Rembrandt, van Gogh). All other names are generally listed under the last word in the artist's name.

A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs. Raffaello Sanzio, etc.


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