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Feature Archive

December 1999
Poll: Who is Producing the Most Interesting Art Today?

Enough of that retro of-the-century and of-the-millennium stuff. Which living artists are doing work right now which inspires, informs, shocks, delights or moves us?

Through this poll, we are hoping to identify the fine artists creating the most interesting work today. We can't step outside of history to judge which artists of our era will prove to be the most important or influential, but here's hoping that the search for interesting art will provoke an open-ended and fruitful debate.

This poll should be a useful counterpart to our list of Top 30 Most Searched-For Artists, which rarely contains artists currently working. Bridget Riley is the only living artist currently on that list; she and Andrew Wyeth are the only ones to have ever made the list (in the 10 months we have been online).

We will publish interim standings, as well as final results after January 31. This exercise is intended to be fun, so please don't take the rankings seriously. We will also publish some of the comments provided.

Update December 16: At the risk of skewing the results, I'll report that controversial photographer Cindy Sherman is leading the polling, followed closely by the cerebral Mark Tansey, the monumental Chuck Close, and the medieval Odd Nerdrum.

Straightforward Rules:
  • You may vote several times for different artists
  • Don't vote multiple times for the same artist, or your ballots will be rejected
  • If you're an artist, encouraging people to vote for you is OK, but just include a link to us (i.e. don't copy the voting form onto your own site)
  • If you send spiders (computer programs) to our site to vote for you multiple times, you are so disqualified
Privacy statement: We will only use your email address to contact you if you specifically ask to be updated; personal information about you will never be shared with third parties.

Poll Closed - Thank You

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