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October, 1999: Spotlight on Impressionism

We've been online since February of this year, and I think we have shown remarkable restraint in waiting this long to feature this subject. Impressionism is fine art for a great many people, and Claude Monet regularly appears as the most popular artist in our Top 30 list.
Considered to be a forerunner to Modernism, Impressionism quickly spawned Post-Impressionism, which led to Expressionism (via Gauguin) and Cubism (via Cézanne), and virtually all of 20th-century art.
Follow this link for a full list of Impressionist artists.
The featured artist for October is Claude Monet, the artist most closely associated with Impressionism, and also the artist for whom the movement was named (after his painting, Impression: a Sunrise).

The featured museum site is the North Carolina Museum of Art, in Raleigh, NC. Click here for a brief review of the site.

The featured online exhibit is Monet: O Mestre do Impressionismo, an online exhibit created by the Museu de Arte of São Paulo, Brazil. Yes, it's in Portuguese only, but if you want more than just the images, we'll tell you how to get a passable translation. Click here for a brief review of the exhibit and to visit it.

The featured book from Amazon.com for this month is Impressionists in Winter: Effets de Neige. It's September 30 as I write this, and there is already a thin blanket of snow outside my window, and it occurs to me that this would be a wonderful book to raise one's spirits through the fall and winter months. After all, it can't always be springtime - even in Giverny.

The featured poster from AllPosters.com is a wonderful Nympheas with Evening Effect painting by Claude Monet.

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