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Featured Online Exhibits

June, 1999

Michael Lucero: Sculpture 1976-1995
Michael Lucero's ceramics, bronzes and mixed media sculptures bring together are whimsical, funky, and elegant in various combinations.
This site is the online version of a travelling show put together by the Mint Museum. It dates from 1996, so it's hardly leading edge, and it would be nice to see even larger reproductions of the artist's work, but overall it's a solid effort with a wide variety of work available to be viewed online. Also, the designers have clearly tried to present Lucero's works in a complete and contextual way, offering multiple views in some cases and lots of accompanying text.
There's also a nice "for kids" section, in which you can hunt for pieces to add to your own Lucero-esque sculpture. The game is almost embarrassingly linear and simple-minded by today's standards, but did have it kid-tested, and my daughter pronounced it "cool". So there you have it.
Note: In order to gain access to the exhibit you have to scroll way down to the bottom of the opening page.

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