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Listings for Commercial Galleries

Artcyclopedia is now offering free listings for commercial galleries (and auction houses).

Each artist page on Artcyclopedia will have a separate page containing commercial listings for that artist only. Here is an example of how gallery listings will appear: Jean Dubuffet.

Our goal is to make the commercial listing pages as useful and comprehensive and popular as our museum listings.

Each participating gallery will be given access to a very simple interactive process for adding, updating and removing their own listings. We are confident that they will find it in their interest to keep their listings accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Listing criteria:
  1. The artist must currently be included in our database of 8,000+ artists -- otherwise we have no useful place to put the listing.
  2. The gallery must have a web site of some kind, and the art work/works must be viewable online. At the present time we are not accepting listings which are not illustrated online. We strongly encourage all galleries to illustrate works with something larger than a "thumbnail" image.
  3. Free listings are for original works only; in other words, works by the artist's own hand. Unfortunately is not practical for us to offer free listings for retailers of posters, large print editions, books, etc.
  4. All listings will be provided at Artcyclopedia's sole discretion. This free service is being made available in order that we can provide a useful resource for our site visitors, and decisions will be made primarily on that basis. We offer no guarantee that any particular gallery will be listed, regardless of whether it appears to meet the preceding criteria.
Getting started...
  1. Register your gallery with us, choosing a user id and password.
  2. Wait for us to confirm your gallery details and activate your account.
  3. Once you have been notified that your account is active, log in and being the process of adding, updating and deleting your listings.


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