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Art Deco

1920's to 1930's

Art Deco is an elegant style of decorative art, design and architecture which began as a Modernist reaction against the Art Nouveau style. It is characterized by the use of angular, symmetrical geometric forms. One of the classic Art Deco themes is that of 1930s-era skyscrapers such as New York's Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. The former, designed by architect William Van Alen, is considered to be one of the world's great Art Deco style buildings.

The Art Deco look is related to the Precisionist art movement, which developed at about the same time.

Well-known artists within the Art Deco movement included Tamara de Lempicka, fashion illustrator Erte, glass artist Rene Lalique and graphic designer Adolphe Mouron (known professionally Cassandre).

Chronological Listing of Art Deco Artists
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Rene Lalique 1860-1945 French Glassmaker
Leon Bakst 1866-1924 Russian Designer/Illustrator
Pierre-Felix Fix-Masseau 1869-1937 French Sculptor/Printmaker
Josef Hoffmann 1870-1956 Austrian Architect/Designer
Jean Dunand 1877-1942 Swiss Designer
Lee Lawrie 1877-1963 German/American Sculptor
Eileen Gray 1879-1976 Irish Designer
Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann 1879-1933 French Designer
Raymond Hood 1881-1934 American Architect
Jean Dupas 1882-1964 French Designer
William Van Alen 1883-1954 American Architect
Walter Dorwin Teague 1883-1960 American Designer
Paul Manship 1886-1966 American Sculptor
Winold Reiss 1886-1953 German/American Painter
Louis Icart 1888-1950 French Painter/Illustrator
C. Paul Jennewein 1890-1978 German/American Sculptor
Erte 1892-1990 Russian/French Painter/Designer
Norman Bel Geddes 1893-1958 American Designer
Meredith Frampton 1894-1984 British Painter
Tamara de Lempicka 1898-1980 Polish/American Painter
Cassandre 1901-1968 Ukrainian/French Printmaker
Viktor Schreckengost 1906-2008 American Designer



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