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Art Nouveau

Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century

Art Nouveau is an elegant decorative art style characterized by intricate patterns of curving lines. Its origins somewhat rooted in the British Arts and Crafts Movement of William Morris, Art Nouveau was popular across Europe and in the United States as well.

Leading practitioners included Alphonse Mucha, Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt and the American glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Art Nouveau remained popular until around the time of World War I, and was ultimately replaced by the Art Deco style.

Chronological Listing of Art Nouveau Artists
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Felix Bracquemond 1833-1914 French Engraver
Eugene Grasset 1845-1917 Swiss/French Designer
Three Women and Three Wolves
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Emile Galle 1846-1904 French Glassmaker
Figure of a Cat
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Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848-1933 American Stained Glass Artist
L.C. Tiffany: Butterfly Window
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Antoni Gaudi 1852-1926 Spanish Architect
Detail Of Tilework By Gaudi At Palau Guell., Barcelona
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Ferdinand Hodler 1853-1918 Swiss Painter
Leman Lake Seen from Chexbre
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Adolphe-Leon Willette 1857-1926 French Illustrator
Decorative panel depicting Paris
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Theophile Alexandre Steinlen 1859-1923 Swiss/French Painter/Printmaker
Cat, 1894
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Edmond-Francois Aman-Jean 1860-1935 French Painter
Portrait of a Young Woman
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Alphonse Mucha 1860-1939 Czech Printmaker
Alphonse Mucha: Papier a Cigarette Job
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Victor Horta 1861-1947 Belgian Architect/Designer
Aristide Maillol 1861-1944 French Sculptor
Aristide Maillol: Woman with a Parasol
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Gustav Klimt 1862-1918 Austrian Painter
Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
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Henry van de Velde 1863-1957 Belgian Designer
Lucien Levy-Dhurmer 1865-1953 French Painter
Lucien Levy-Dhurmer: Woman with a Gold Medallion
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Georges Lemmen 1865-1916 Belgian Painter
The Beach at Heist, 1891-92
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Hector Guimard 1867-1942 French Architect/Designer
Georges de Feure 1868-1943 Dutch Painter/Printmaker
Village Pres De La Mer
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Charles Rennie Mackintosh 1868-1928 Scottish Designer
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Village of La Llagonne
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Johan Thorn Prikker 1868-1932 Dutch Illustrator
Aubrey Beardsley 1872-1898 English Illustrator
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