Artists by Movement:
Contemporary Realism

America, Emerged in the Late 1960's/Early 1970's

Contemporary Realism is the straightforward realistic approach to representation which continues to be widely practiced in this post-abstract era. It is different from Photorealism, which is somewhat exaggerated and ironic and conceptual in its nature.

Contemporary Realists form a disparate group, but what they share is that they are literate in the concepts of Modern Art but choose to work in a more traditional form. Many Contemporary Realists actually began as abstract painters, having come through an educational system dominated by an professors and theorists dismissive of representational painting.

Among the best-known artists associated with this movement are William Bailey, Neil Welliver and Philip Pearlstein. There is an identifiable "group" of Contemporary Realists, but we have used a fairly loose definition to allow inclusion of a larger number of 20th-century realists.

Chronological Listing of Contemporary Realists
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Peter Hurd 1904-1984 American Painter
Henriette Wyeth 1907-1997 American Painter
John Koch 1909-1978 American Painter
Sylvia Sleigh 1916-2010 British/American Painter
Andrew Wyeth 1917-2009 American Painter
Roger Medearis 1920-2001 American Painter
Jane Freilicher 1924-2014 American Painter
Philip Pearlstein Born 1924 American Painter
Bernard Safran 1924-1995 American/Canadian Painter
James Bama Born 1926 American Painter
Billy Morrow Jackson Born 1926 American Painter
Robert Vickrey Born 1926 American Painter
Alfred Leslie Born 1927 American Painter/Filmmaker
Colleen Browning Born 1929 Irish/American Painter
Neil Welliver 1929-2005 American Painter
William Bailey Born 1930 American Painter
Jack Beal Born 1931 American Painter
Joseph Raffael Born 1933 American Painter
Christopher Pratt Born 1935 Canadian Painter
Mary Pratt Born 1935 Canadian Painter
Claudio Bravo 1936-2011 Chilean Painter
Warren Criswell Born 1936 American Painter
Sidney Goodman 1936-2013 American Painter
Janet Fish Born 1938 American Painter
Anthony Green Born 1939 British Painter
John Register 1939-1996 American Painter
Ken Danby 1940-2007 Canadian Painter
Leigh Behnke Born 1946 American Painter
Catherine Murphy Born 1946 American Painter
Jamie Wyeth Born 1946 American Painter
Richard Thomas Davis Born 1947 American/Canadian Painter
Randall Lake Born 1947 American Painter
Eric Fischl Born 1948 American Painter/Sculptor
Scott Prior Born 1949 American Painter
Paul Otero Born 1950 American Painter
Lynn Donoghue 1953-2003 Canadian Painter
Bo Bartlett Born 1955 American Painter
Vincent Desiderio Born 1955 American Painter
Mark Innerst Born 1957 American Painter
Bernardo Torrens Born 1957 Spanish Painter
Elizabeth Berdann  American Painter



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