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Europe, 1908-1920

Cubism was developed between about 1908 and 1912 in a collaboration between Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Their main influences are said to have been Tribal Art (although Braque later disputed this) and the work of Paul Cezanne. The movement itself was not long-lived or widespread, but it began an immense creative explosion which resonated through all of 20th century art.

The key concept underlying Cubism is that the essence of an object can only be captured by showing it from multiple points of view simultaneously.

Cubism had run its course by the end of World War I, but among the movements directly influenced by it were Orphism, Precisionism, Futurism, Purism, Constructivism, and, to some degree, Expressionism.

Chronological Listing of Cubists
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Lyonel Feininger 1871-1956 American/German Painter
Jacques Villon 1875-1963 French Painter
Raymond Duchamp-Villon 1876-1918 French Sculptor
Kasimir Malevich 1878-1935 Ukrainian Painter
Maria Blanchard 1881-1932 Spanish Painter
Patrick Henry Bruce 1881-1936 American Painter
Albert Gleizes 1881-1953 French Painter
Natalia Goncharova 1881-1962 Russian Painter
Fernand Leger 1881-1955 French Painter
Mikhail Larionov 1881-1964 Russian Painter
Henri Le Fauconnier 1881-1946 French Painter
Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Spanish Painter/Sculptor
Georges Braque 1882-1963 French Painter
Louis Marcoussis 1883-1941 Polish/French Painter
Jean Metzinger 1883-1956 French Painter
Gino Severini 1883-1966 Italian Painter
Robert Delaunay 1885-1941 French Painter
Roger de la Fresnaye 1885-1925 French Painter
Henri Laurens 1885-1954 French Sculptor
Andre Lhote 1885-1962 French Painter/Sculptor
Alexander Archipenko 1887-1964 Ukrainian Sculptor
Juan Gris 1887-1927 Spanish Painter/Sculptor
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska 1891-1915 French Sculptor
Jacques Lipchitz 1891-1973 Lithuanian/French Sculptor



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