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Gothic Art

5th Century to 16th Century A.D.

Gothic Art is the style of art produced in Northern Europe from the middle ages up until the beginning of the Renaissance. Typically rooted in religious devotion, it is especially known for the distinctive arched design of its churches, its stained glass, and its illuminated manuscripts.

In the late 14th century, anticipating the Renaissance, Gothic Art developed into a more secular style known as International Gothic. One of the great artists of this period is Simone Martini.
Although superseded by Renaissance art, there was a Gothic Revival in the 18th and 19th centuries, largely rooted in nostalgia and romanticism.

Chronological Listing of Gothic Artists
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Benedetto Antelami 1150-1230 Italian Sculptor
Mastro Guglielmo 1158-1165 Italian Sculptor
Maestro Esiguo 13th Century 
Master of the Franciscan Crucifixes 13th Century Italian Painter
Bonaventura Berlinghieri 1215-1242 Italian Painter
Nicola Pisano 1220-1284 Italian Sculptor
Fra Guglielmo 1235-1310 Italian Sculptor
Guido Bigarelli 1238-1257 Italian Sculptor
Pietro Cavallini 1250-1330 Italian Painter
Giovanni Pisano 1250-1314 Italian Sculptor
Lorenzo Maitani 1255-1330 Italian Sculptor/Architect
Arnolfo di Cambio 1264-1302 Italian Sculptor
Master of San Jacopo a Mucciana 14th Century Italian Painter
Master of the Bardi Saint Francis 14th Century Italian Painter
Simone Martini 1285-1344 Italian Painter
Tino da Camaino 1285-1337 Italian Sculptor
Evrard d'Orleans 1292-1357 French Sculptor
Andrea Pisano 1295-1348 Italian Sculptor
Jacopo del Casentino 1297-1358 Italian Painter
Segna di Buonaventure 1298-1331 Italian Painter
Giovanni da Balduccio 1300-1360 Italian Sculptor
Goro di Gregorio 1300-1334 Italian Sculptor
Jean Pucelle 1300-1355 French Manuscript Illuminator
Gano di Fazio 1302-1318 Italian Sculptor
Vitale da Bologna 1309-1360 Italian Painter
Agostino di Giovanni 1310-1347 Italian Sculptor
Guariento di Arpo 1310-1370 Italian Painter
Allegretto Nuzi 1315-1373 Italian Painter
Nino Pisano 1315-1368 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Giottino 1320-1369 Italian Painter
Giusto de Menabuoi 1320-1397 Italian Painter
Puccio Capanna 1325-1350 Italian Painter
Altichiero 1330-1384 Italian Painter
Bartolo di Fredi 1330-1410 Italian Painter
Peter Parler 1330-1399 German Sculptor
Andre Beauneveu 1335-1401 Netherlandish Painter/Sculptor
Master of the Dominican Effigies 1336-1345 Italian Painter
Giovanni da Campione 1340-1360 Italian Sculptor
Master of the Rebel Angels 1340 French Painter
Andrea da Firenze 1343-1377 Italian Painter
Puccio di Simone 1345-1365 Italian Painter
Nicolo da Bologna 1348-1399 Italian
Bonino da Campione 1350-1390 Italian Sculptor
Luis Borrassa 1350-1424 Spanish Painter
Giovanni da Milano 1350-1369 Italian Painter
Jacquemart de Hesdin 1350-1410 French Miniaturist
Master of the Rinuccini Chapel 1350-1375 Italian
Claus Sluter 1350-1406 Netherlandish Sculptor
Giovanni Bon 1355-1443 Italian Sculptor/Architect
Melchior Broederlam 1355-1411 Netherlandish Painter
Giovanni del Biondo 1356-1399 Italian Painter
Gherardo Starnina 1360-1413 Italian Painter
Francesco di Vannuccio 1361-1389 Italian Painter
Jean de Liege 1361-1382 Netherlandish Sculptor
Taddeo di Bartolo 1362-1422 Italian Painter
Jean Malouel 1365-1415 Netherlandish Painter
Gentile da Fabriano 1370-1427 Italian Painter
Lorenzo Monaco 1370-1425 Italian Painter
Stefano da Verona 1375-1438 Italian Painter
Jacobello Dalle Masegne 1383-1409 Italian Sculptor
Master of Saint Veronica 1395-1420 German Painter
Jacopo Bellini 1400-1470 Italian Painter
Hermann Limbourg 1400 Netherlandish Manuscript Illuminator
Jean Limbourg 1400 Netherlandish Manuscript Illuminator
Paul Limbourg 1400 Netherlandish Manuscript Illuminator
Master of the Berswordt Altar 1400 German Painter
Henri Bellechose 1415-1440 Netherlandish Painter



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