Artists by Movement:
The Early Renaissance

Centered in Italy, 15th Century

The Renaissance was a period of great creative and intellectual activity, during which artists broke away from the restrictions of Byzantine Art. Throughout the 15th century, artists studied the natural world in order to perfect their understanding of such subjects as anatomy and perspective.

Among the many great artists of this period were Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Paolo Uccello and Piero della Francesca.

During this period there was a related advancement of Gothic Art centered in Germany and the Netherlands, known as the Northern Renaissance.

The Early Renaissance was succeeded by the mature High Renaissance period, which began circa 1500.

Chronological Listing of Early Renaissance Artists
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Giotto di Bondone 1267-1337 Italian Painter
Adoration of the Magi
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Bernardo Daddi 1280-1348 Italian Painter
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Taddeo Gaddi 1300-1366 Italian Painter
St. Francis Receiving The Stigmata
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Maso di Banco 1320-1350 Italian Painter
The Baptism, Relief Tile from the Campanile
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Agnolo Gaddi 1345-1396 Italian Painter
The Nativity
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Spinello Aretino 1350-1410 Italian Painter
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Francesco di Valdambrino 1363-1435 Italian Sculptor
Jacobello Del Fiore 1370-1439 Italian Painter
The Coronation of the Virgin in Paradise
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Michelino da Besozzo 1370-1450 Italian Painter
The Mystical Wedding of Saint Catherine of Alexandria
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Jacopo della Quercia 1371-1438 Italian Sculptor
Fonte Gaia (Detail)
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Master of 1419 15th Century Italian Painter
Master of Pratovecchio 15th Century Italian Painter
Master of the Avignon School 15th Century French Painter
Master of the Manna 15th Century French
Stefano di Zevio 1375-1451 Italian Painter
Filippo Brunelleschi 1377-1446 Italian Sculptor/Architect
View of The Nave
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Lorenzo Ghiberti 1378-1455 Italian Sculptor
The Sacrifice of Isaac
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Nanni di Banco 1380-1421 Italian Sculptor
Relief Depicting Artists and Craftsmen at Work
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Masolino da Panicale 1383-1447 Italian Painter
The Baptism of Christ and View of Baptistry
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Giovanni dal Ponte 1385-1437 Italian Painter
The Seven Liberal Arts
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Donatello 1386-1466 Italian Sculptor
The Prophet Jeremiah, 1423-27
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Fra Angelico 1387-1455 Italian Painter
The Madonna Delle Ombre, Detail of St. Dominic
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Parri Spinelli 1387-1453 Italian Painter
Andrea di Bartolo 1389-1428 Italian
Annunciation of the Madonna
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Sassetta 1390-1450 Italian Painter
Madonna with a Rose Bush
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Piero di Niccolo Lamberti 1393-1435 Italian Sculptor
Nicolo di Pietro 1394-1440 Italian Painter
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Donor
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Pisanello 1395-1455 Italian Painter
Pisanello: The Virgin and Child with Saints
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Michelozzo di Bartolomeo 1396-1472 Italian Sculptor/Architect
Panel from Prato Cathedral
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Francesco Squarcione 1397-1468 Italian Painter
Paolo Uccello 1397-1475 Italian Painter
Paolo Uccello: The Presentation of Mary in the Temple (detail)
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Domenico di Bartolo 1400-1447 Italian Painter
Domenico Veneziano 1400-1461 Italian Painter
Madonna and Child with Saints
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Filarete 1400-1469 Italian Sculptor
Michele Giambono 1400-1462 Italian Painter
Coronation of The Virgin
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Bernardo Martorell 1400-1452 Spanish Painter
The Beheading of St. John The Baptist
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Michele Pannonio 1400-1464 Hungarian Painter
The Muse Thalia
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Luca della Robbia 1400-1482 Italian Sculptor
Logic and Dialectic
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Masaccio 1401-1428 Italian Painter
Masaccio: Distribution of the Alms
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Giovanni di Paolo 1403-1483 Italian Painter
Paradise, from The Last Judgement predella
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Leon Baptista Alberti 1404-1472 Italian Architect
Medallion Self Portrait
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Bartolome Bermejo 1405-1498 Spanish Painter
Master of the Duke of Bedford 1405-1435 French Miniaturist
Fra Filippo Lippi 1406-1469 Italian Painter
Fra Lippi: The Annunciation
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Sano di Pietro 1406-1481 Italian Painter
Virgin and Child with Angels
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Lo Scheggia 1406-1486 Italian Painter
Giovanni da Modena 1409-1456 Italian Painter
Bernardo Rossellino 1409-1464 Italian Sculptor
Tomb of Leonardo Bruni
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Pietro di Giovanni d'Ambrogio 1410-1449 Italian Painter
Vecchietta 1410-1480 Italian Painter/Sculptor
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Giovanni di Francesco 1412-1459 Italian Painter
Zanobi Strozzi 1412-1468 Italian Painter
Historiated Initial O
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Apollonio di Giovanni 1415-1465 Italian Painter
Allegory of Prudence
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Jaume Huguet 1415-1492 Spanish Painter
The Virgin and Child with St. Ines and St. Barbara
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Paolo Romano 1415-1470 Italian Sculptor
Michele di Matteo Lambertini 1416-1469 Italian Painter
Domenico di Michelino 1417-1491 Italian Painter
Dante and His Poem
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Agostino di Duccio 1418-1481 Italian Sculptor
Gemini Represented by the Twins
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Andrea Bregno 1418-1503 Italian Sculptor/Architect
Zanobi Machiavelli 1418-1479 Italian Painter
The Madonna And Child
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Nanni di Bartolo 1419-1451 Italian Sculptor
Neri di Bicci 1419-1491 Italian Painter
Madonna and Child with Pomegranate
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Bertoldo di Giovanni 1420-1491 Italian Sculptor
Medal with the Head of Giuliano De'Medici
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Giovanni Boccati 1420-1487 Italian Painter
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Benedetto Bonfigli 1420-1496 Italian Painter
The Annunciation
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Bartolommeo Caporali 1420-1505 Italian Painter
Adoration of the Shepherds
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Jean Fouquet 1420-1477 French Painter
Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels
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Giovanni Francesco da Rimini 1420-1470 Italian Painter
Benozzo Gozzoli 1420-1497 Italian Painter
Benozzo Gozzoli: Lorenzo De Medici
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Antonio Vivarini 1420-1484 Italian Painter
The Virgin Enthroned with Saints
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Bartolomeo Bon 1421-1464 Italian Sculptor/Architect
Pesellino 1422-1457 Italian Painter
St. Virgin and Child Surrounded By St. Zenobius
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Piero della Francesca 1422-1492 Italian Painter
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Andrea del Castagno 1423-1457 Italian Painter
Andrea del Castagno: Monumento a Niccolo
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Alessio Baldovinetti 1425-1499 Italian Painter
Alessio Baldovinetti: Portrait of a Lady in Yellow
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Antonio Bregno 1425-1457 Italian Sculptor/Architect
Master of the Mascoli Altar 1425-1450 Italian Sculptor
Niccolo di Liberatore 1425-1502 Italian Painter
Antonio Rossellino 1427-1479 Italian Sculptor
Madonna (Detail)
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Luis Dalmau 1428-1461 Spanish Painter
Gentile Bellini 1429-1507 Italian Painter
Portrait of a Young Man
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Mino da Fiesole 1429-1484 Italian Sculptor
Piero De' Medici 1453
Art Prints from
Antonello da Messina 1430-1479 Italian Painter
Art Prints from
Lazzaro Bastiani 1430-1512 Italian Painter
Christ Blessing
Art Prints from
Belbello da Pavia 1430-1473 Italian Manuscript Illuminator
Noah and the Ark
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Carlo Crivelli 1430-1495 Italian Painter
Carlo Crivelli: St. Catherine of Alexandria
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Desiderio da Settignano 1430-1464 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Tomb of Carlo Marsuppini
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Vincenzo Foppa 1430-1515 Italian Painter
Virgin and Child with Saints
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Nicolas Froment 1430-1485 French Painter
Madonna and Child
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Francesco Laurana 1430-1502 Dalmatian/Italian Sculptor
Isabella Di Aragona Princess of Naples
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Master of the Osservanza 1430-1450 Italian Manuscript Illuminator
Saint Anthony of Egypt
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Matteo di Giovanni 1430-1495 Italian Painter
The Massacre of The Innocents
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Niccolo Fiorentino 1430-1514 Italian Goldsmith
Antoniazzo Romano 1430-1508 Italian Painter
Annunciation with Children and the Cardinal
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Giovanni Santi 1430-1494 Italian Painter/Writer
Lamentation of The Dead Christ
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Cosme Tura 1430-1495 Italian Painter
St. George and the Dragon, from a polyptych, 1469
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Andrea Mantegna 1431-1506 Italian Painter
Trompe L'Oeil Oculus
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Savelli Sperandio 1431-1504 Italian Sculptor
Francesco Benaglio 1432-1492 Italian Painter
Antonio Pollaiolo 1432-1498 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, 1475
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Marco Zoppo 1433-1478 Italian Painter
The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels
Art Prints from
Francesco del Cossa 1435-1477 Italian Painter
St. John the Baptist
Art Prints from
Pietro Lombardo 1435-1515 Italian Sculptor
View of the Exterior, Built 1481-89
Art Prints from
Andrea della Robbia 1435-1525 Italian Sculptor
Relief of the Head of a Lady
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Andrea del Verrocchio 1435-1488 Italian Sculptor/Painter
Equestrian Monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni
Art Prints from
Benvenuto di Giovanni 1436-1518 Italian Painter
Ascension of the Virgin (Predella Detail)
Art Prints from
Matteo Civitale 1436-1501 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Melozzo da Forli 1438-1494 Italian Painter
Melozzo da Forli: Angel with Violin
Art Prints from
Francesco di Giorgio Martini 1439-1501 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Adoration of the Child by St. Ambrose and St. Bernard
Art Prints from
Cosimo Rosselli 1439-1507 Italian Painter
The Crossing of the Red Sea
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Bellano 1440-1496 Italian Sculptor
Vittorio Crivelli 1440-1501 Italian Painter
The Madonna And Child Enthroned With Angels
Art Prints from
Giovanni Dalmata 1440-1510 Dalmatian Sculptor
Jacopo de'Barbari 1440-1515 Italian Painter
Art Prints from
Fernando Gallego 1440-1507 Spanish Painter
The Pentecost
Art Prints from
Antonio Rizzo 1440-1499 Italian Sculptor
The Scala Dei Giganti, Commissioned in 1485
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Vivarini 1440-1500 Italian Painter
St. Anthony of Padua
Art Prints from
Piero Pollaiolo 1441-1496 Italian Painter
Art Prints from
Benedetto da Maiano 1442-1497 Italian Sculptor
The Madonna
Art Prints from
Jacopo del Sellaio 1442-1493 Italian Painter
Triumph of Chastity
Art Prints from
Baldassare Estense 1443-1504 Italian Painter
Portrait of Borso D'Este, Prince of Ferrara
Art Prints from
Giuliano da Sangallo 1443-1516 Italian Architect
Bonifacio Bembo 1444-1477 Italian Painter
Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan
Art Prints from
Antonio Marescotti 1444-1462 Italian
Biagio d'Antonio da Firenze 1445-1510 Italian Painter
Sandro Botticelli 1445-1510 Italian Painter
Sandro Botticelli: The Birth of Venus, 1480
Art Prints from
Fra Carnevale 1445-1484 Italian Painter
Fiorenzo di Lorenzo 1445-1525 Italian Painter
St. Bernardino of Siena
Art Prints from
Gherardo di Giovanni 1445-1497 Italian Miniaturist
Liberale da Verona 1445-1530 Italian Painter
The Abduction of Helen
Art Prints from
Neroccio 1445-1500 Italian Painter
Pietro Perugino 1445-1523 Italian Painter
The Virgin and Child with Saints
Art Prints from
Alvise Vivarini 1445-1505 Italian Painter
St. Clare, c. 1485-90
Art Prints from
Francesco Botticini 1446-1498 Italian Painter
Scenes from The Martyrdom of St. John The Baptist
Art Prints from
Giovanni Antonio Amadeo 1447-1522 Italian Sculptor
Sculpture of the Virgin and Child
Art Prints from
Pablo de San Leocadio 1447-1520 Italian/Spanish Painter
The Virgin and Child
Art Prints from
Domenico da Tolmezzo 1448-1507 Italian Painter
Agnolo degli Erri 1448-1482 Italian Painter
Domenico Gagini 1449-1492 Italian Sculptor
Domenico Ghirlandaio 1449-1494 Italian Painter
An Old Man and a Boy
Art Prints from
Pedro Berruguete 1450-1504 Spanish Painter
Apparition of the Virgin to a Community
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Bernardino Jacopi Butinone 1450-1507 Italian Painter
Francesco Antonio del Cherico 1450-1470 Italian Miniaturist
Guidoccio Cozzarelli 1450-1516 Italian Painter
Episodio Di Storia Antico
Art Prints from
Ercole de'Roberti 1450-1496 Italian Painter
The Institution of the Eucharist, c.1490
Art Prints from
Nuno Goncalves 1450-1471 Portuguese Painter
Henry the Navigator
Art Prints from
Master of the Castello Nativity 1450-1475 Italian Painter
The Madonna and Child with Saints, 1449-50
Art Prints from
Guido Mazzoni 1450-1518 Italian Sculptor
Bartolomeo Montagna 1450-1523 Italian Painter
St. Monicamadonna and Child with St. Andre
Art Prints from
Antonio da Fabriano 1451-1486 Italian
Attavante Degli Attavanti 1452-1525 Italian Miniaturist
The Sciences Mountain with Moses, Sardi
Art Prints from
Giacomo Cozzarelli 1453-1515 Italian Sculptor
Martin Bernat 1454-1497 Spanish Painter
Pinturicchio 1454-1513 Italian Painter
Lucrezia Borgia
Art Prints from
Pedro Sanchez 1454-1468 Spanish Painter
Ambrogio de Predis 1455-1508 Italian Painter
Portrait of a Bearded Nobleman
Art Prints from
Filippino Lippi 1457-1504 Italian Painter
The Dispute with Simon Mago (Nero Enthroned)
Art Prints from
Benedetto Ghirlandaio 1458-1497 Italian Painter
Antonio Lombardo 1458-1516 Italian Sculptor
Giambattista Cima da Conegliano 1459-1517 Italian Painter
The Annunciation, 1495
Art Prints from
Antico 1460-1528 Italian Sculptor
Hercules and The Hydra
Art Prints from
Francesco Bonsignori 1460-1519 Italian Painter
Christ Falls Under The Cross
Art Prints from
Francesco Marmitta 1460-1505 Italian Painter
Niccolo Dell'Arca 1462-1494 Italian Sculptor
Cristoforo Mantegazza 1464-1482 Italian Sculptor
Raffaellino del Garbo 1466-1524 Italian Painter
Art Prints from
Giovanni Agostino da Lodi 1467-1524 Italian Painter
Baptism of Christ
Art Prints from
Gil de Siloe 1467-1505 Spanish Sculptor/Architect
Adoration of the Magi
Art Prints from
Boccaccio Boccaccino 1468-1525 Italian Painter
Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet
Art Prints from
Clemente da Urbino 1468 Italian
Lorenzo di Alessandro da Sanseverino 1468-1503 Italian Painter
Andrea Previtali 1470-1528 Italian Painter
Man in black cap
Art Prints from
Il Riccio 1470-1532 Italian Sculptor
Silvestro Dell'Acquila 1471-1504 Italian Sculptor
Jacometto 1472-1497 Italian Painter
Antonio Mantegazza 1472-1495 Italian Sculptor
Nicola di Maestro Antonio d'Ancona 1472 Italian
The Madonna and Child under an Archway
Art Prints from
Mariotto Albertinelli 1474-1515 Italian Painter
Annunciation (Angel Detail)
Art Prints from
Benedetto da Rovezzano 1474-1554 Italian Sculptor
Zoan Andrea 1475-1505 Italian Painter/Printmaker
Jean Barbet 1475-1514 French
Bartolomeo di Giovanni 1475-1511 Italian Painter
Saint Jerome (detail)
Art Prints from
Benedetto Briosco 1477-1514 Italian Sculptor
Carlo di Braccesco 1478-1501 Italian Painter
Pietro da Rho 1480-1508 Italian Sculptor
Tommaso Cazzaniga 1481-1504 Italian Sculptor
Giulio Campagnola 1482-1514 Italian Engraver
Giovanni Mansueti 1484-1526 Italian Painter
Master of the Retablo of the Reyes Catolicos 1485-1500 Spanish Painter
Marco Marziale 1492-1507 Italian Painter
Master of the Griselda Legend 1500 Italian Painter
Master of the Marble Madonnas 1500 Italian Sculptor
Camillo Boccaccino 1504-1546 Italian Painter



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