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America, circa 1880 to 1910

Tonalism is a style of painting in which landscapes are depicted in soft light and shadows, often as if through a colored or misty veil. Imported to the U.S. by American painters inspired by Barbizon School landscapes, it was a forerunner to the many schools and colonies of American Impressionism which arose in the first part of the 20th century.
The most influential practitioners of the style were George Inness, whose roots were in landscape painting, and James McNeill Whistler, whose approach was primarily aesthetic, aiming for elegance and harmony in the colors of a painting.
Tonalism's soft-edged realism also had an influence on the photography of the early 20th century - specifically on Alfred Stieglitz and his circle.

Chronological Listing of Abstract Expressionists
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George Fuller 1822-1884 American Painter 
William Morris Hunt 1824-1879 American Painter 
George Inness 1825-1894 American PainterSunset at Etretat
Art Prints
James McNeill Whistler 1834-1903 American Painter/PrintmakerWhistler: On the Beach, Hastings
Art Prints
John La Farge 1835-1910 American PainterJohn La Farge: Sunrise off Japan
Art Prints
Homer Dodge Martin 1836-1897 American Painter 
Alexander Helwig Wyant 1836-1892 American PainterSun in Kentucky
Art Prints
Maria A'Becket 1840-1904 American Painter 
Robert Swain Gifford 1840-1905 American PainterFisherman's Hut, Siberia
Art Prints
John J. Enneking 1841-1916 American PainterJohn J. Enneking: Mount Chocorua
Art Prints
Ralph Albert Blakelock 1847-1919 American Painter 
Albert Pinkham Ryder 1847-1917 American PainterLord Ullin's Daughter
Art Prints
Charles Melville Dewey 1849-1937 American Painter 
Dwight W. Tryon 1849-1925 American Painter 
Charles Harry Eaton 1850-1901 American Painter 
Thomas Wilmer Dewing 1851-1938 American PainterSummer, 1890
Art Prints
Ben Foster 1852-1926 American Painter 
Gertrude Kasebier 1852-1934 American PhotographerGertrude Kasebier: The Dance
Art Prints
Julian Alden Weir 1852-1919 American PainterVase And Roses
Art Prints
T. Alexander Harrison 1853-1930 American PainterSeascape
Art Prints
John Francis Murphy 1853-1921 American PainterAutumn Glow, 1897
Art Prints
John Henry Twachtman 1853-1902 American PainterTwachtman: Landscape with Haystack
Art Prints
Lowell Birge Harrison 1854-1929 American PainterGrand Central And The Biltmore In Hazy Twilight
Art Prints
Leonard Ochtman 1854-1934 Dutch/American Painter 
Charles Harold Davis 1856-1933 American Painter 
Franklin de Haven 1856-1934 American Painter 
Charles Appel 1857-1928 American Painter 
Bruce Crane 1857-1937 American PainterFall Morning
Art Prints
Charles Warren Eaton 1857-1937 American Painter 
Henry Ward Ranger 1858-1916 American PainterThe El, 1931
Art Prints
Elliott Daingerfield 1859-1932 American Painter 
William Langson Lathrop 1859-1938 American Painter 
Charles Paul Gruppe 1860-1940 Canadian/American Painter 
Arthur Frank Mathews 1860-1945 American PainterMathews: Youth
Art Prints
Karl Emil Termohlen 1863-1938 Danish/American Painter 
Alfred Stieglitz 1864-1946 American PhotographerGeorgia O'Keeffe, 1920
Art Prints
Leon Dabo 1865-1960 French/American Painter 
Louis Paul Dessar 1867-1952 American Painter 
Chauncey F. Ryder 1868-1949 American Painter 
Henry Percy Gray 1869-1952 American Painter 
Xavier Martinez 1869-1943 Mexican/American Painter 
Granville Redmond 1871-1935 American PainterSunrise over Catalina Island, 1920
Art Prints
Clarence H. White 1871-1925 American Photographer 
Aaron Harry Gorson 1872-1933 American Painter 
Max Meldrum 1875-1955 Scottish/Australian Painter 
Edward J. Steichen 1879-1973 Luxembourgeois/American Photographer/PainterGeorge Washington Bridge, 1931
Art Prints
Alvin Langdon Coburn 1882-1966 American/British PhotographerWoolworth Building
Art Prints
Imogen Cunningham 1883-1976 American PhotographerFrida Kahlo in San Francisco, 1931
Art Prints
Laura Gilpin 1891-1979 American PhotographerTaos Drum
Art Prints



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