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Master of the Playing Cards1435-1455German
Israhel van Meckenem1445-1503German
Positive Organ
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Master E.S.1450-1467German
Daniel Hopfer1470-1536German
Albrecht Durer1471-1528German
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
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Master F.V.B.1475-1500Flemish
Marcantonio Raimondi1475-1534Italian
The Judgement of Paris
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Giulio Campagnola1482-1514Italian
Jean Duvet1485-1561French
Urs Graf1485-1529Swiss
Soldier with a Lance, 1514
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Agostino Veneziano1490-1540Italian
Hans Sebald Beham1500-1550German
Beham: The Story of David
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Master M.Z.1500German
Heinrich Aldegrever1502-1555German
The Society of Anabaptists
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Barthel Beham1502-1540German
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Augustin Hirschvogel1503-1553German
Gian Jacopo Caraglio1505-1565Italian
Master S.1505-1554Flemish
Hieronymus Cock1510-1570Flemish
Virgil Solis1514-1562German
Giorgio Ghisi1520-1582Italian
Dirck Volkertszoon Coornhert1522-1590Dutch
Theodor de Bry1527-1598Flemish
Indian Woman and Young Girl
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Pieter van Der Heyden1530-1575Flemish
Master B. of the Die1530sItalian
Cornelius Cort1533-1578Flemish
Philip Galle1537-1612Flemish
Navigation by Reference from the Sun
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Jost Amman1539-1591German
Jost Amman: 16th Century Playing Cards
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Diana Scultori1547-1612Italian
Jan Sadeler I1550-1600Flemish
Celebration Scene, 1588
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Hendrick Goltzius1558-1617Dutch
Hendrick Goltzius: Adam and Eve
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Adriaen Collaert1560-1618Flemish
Jan Saenredam1565-1607Dutch
Jacob Matham1571-1631Flemish
Cornelis Galle I1576-1650Flemish
Boetius Bolswert1580-1633Netherlandish
Willem Jacobsz Delff1580-1638Dutch
Remigio Cantagallina1582-1656Italian
Jacques Callot1592-1635French
The Temptation of St. Anthony
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Lucas Vorsterman the Elder1595-1675Dutch
Claude Mellan1598-1688French
The Head of Christ, 1735
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Abraham Bosse1602-1676French
The Court Ball
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Paulus Pontius1603-1658Flemish
Rembrandt van Rijn1606-1669Dutch
Return of the Prodigal Son, c.1668-69
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Wenceslaus Hollar1607-1677Bohemian
The Execution of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford
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Gilles Rousselet1610-1686French
St. Francois de Salles and St. Jeanne de Chantal
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Prince Rupert1619-1682German
Allart van Everdingen1621-1675Dutch
Northern Waterfall
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Israel Silvestre the Younger1621-1691French
The Prince of Conde as the Emperor of Turkey
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Robert Nanteuil1623-1678French
Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Vicomte de Turenne
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Cornelis Vermeulen1644-1708Dutch
Robert White1645-1703British
Title page from The History of the Reformation of the Church of England
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Francis Place1647-1728English
Johannes Hanias1650German
George Vertue1683-1756English
Philip de Mornay, Count of Plessis
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John Harris1686-1740British
Peter Pelham1695-1751English/American
Cotton Mather
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Jacobus Houbraken1698-1780Dutch
Jacobus Houbraken: Portrait of Lieutenant General John Lambert
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Hubert Francois Gravelot1699-1773French
Illustration for 'Nicomede' by Pierre Corneille
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Thomas Spencer1700-1753British
Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain1710-1758English
A View to The Grotto of The Serpentine River
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Giovanni Battista Piranesi1720-1778Italian
Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Carceri VII, 1760
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Charles Grignion1721-1810English
Gilles Demarteau1722-1776French
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Pierre Francois Basan1723-1797French
Noel Le Mire1724-1801French
Francesco Bartolozzi1727-1815Italian
Angels Drawing
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Louis-Marin Bonnet1736-1793French
Augustin de Saint-Aubin1736-1807French
The Washerwoman
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Valentine Green1739-1813English
Pierre-Etienne Falconet1741-1791French
J.F. Clemens1748-1831Danish
Thomas Bewick1753-1828English
The Stag or Red-Deer
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Amos Doolittle1754-1832American
State of Connecticut, c.1827
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Peter Rushton Maverick1755-1811American
Wall Street in Winter
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George Cooke1781-1834English
Milo of Crotona
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John Burnet1784-1868Scottish
William Harvey1798-1866English
Discovery Of The Circulation Of Blood, 1628
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Samuel Cousins1801-1887British
Thomas Shotter Boys1803-1874English
The Horseguards And Company
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Paul Gavarni1804-1866French
Portrait of Victor Hugo 1829
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William Henry Bartlett1809-1854English
William Henry Bartlett: Fountain and Square of St. Sophia, Istanbul
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Rodolphe Bresdin1822-1885French
Felix Bracquemond1833-1914French
Felicien Rops1833-1898Belgian
The Row, 1877
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Henry Farrer1843-1903English/American
William Baxter Closson1848-1926American
Timothy Cole1852-1931English/American
Jose Guadalupe Posada1852-1913Mexican
Musical Flowers I
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Henry Wolf1852-1916American
Galileo Galilei Visited by John Milton
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Paul Helleu1859-1927French
Sir Muirhead Bone1876-1953Scottish
Jan C. Vondrous1884-1956Czech
John Heartfield1891-1968German
Asa Cheffetz1897-1965American
Clare Leighton1898-1989British/American


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