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Hans Holbein the Younger1497-1543German Painter
Portrait of Henry VIII, aged 49
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Caterina van Hemessen1527-1587Flemish Painter
Hans Eworth1540-1573Flemish Painter
Lady Mary Neville and her son Gregory Fiennes
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John Bettes1545-1570English Painter
Thomas Wentworth, 1st Baron Wentworth of Nettlestead, 1549
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Nicholas Hilliard1547-1619English Miniaturist
Sir Francis Drake, 1581
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Marietta Robusti1554-1590Italian Painter
Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger1561-1636Flemish Painter
An Unknown Lady in Fancy Dress
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Jan van Ravesteyn1570-1657Dutch Painter
Portrait of a Woman
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Paul Van Somer1576-1621Flemish Painter
Anne of Denmark, 1617
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Frans Hals1582-1666Dutch Painter
Portrait of a woman, 1644
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Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy1588-1655Dutch Painter
A Lady in a Black Embroidered Dress
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Cornelius Johnson1593-1661Flemish/English Painter
Portrait Of A Gentleman
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Jan Cornelisz. Verspronck1597-1662Dutch Painter
Jan Cornelisz. Verspronck: Little Girl in Blue
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Sir Anthony Van Dyck1599-1641Flemish Painter
Sir Anthony Van Dyck: Soldier on Horseback
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Gerard Soest1600-1681Dutch Painter
Philippe de Champaigne1602-1674Flemish/French Painter
Vanitas Still Life with a Tulip, Skull and Hour-Glass
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Rembrandt van Rijn1606-1669Dutch Painter/Engraver
Return of the Prodigal Son, c.1668-69
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Jacob de Wet1610-1671Dutch Painter
Daniel Killing the Dragon of Baal
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William Dobson1611-1646English Painter
Portrait Of King Charles I
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Bartholomeus van der Helst1613-1670Dutch Painter
Chamber of Cross-Bow Men at St. Sebastian in Amsterdam
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Gonzales Coques1615-1684Flemish Painter
The Artists' Meal
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Isaac Luttichuys1616-1673Dutch Painter
Still Life with Bread and Wine Glass
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Sir Peter Lely1618-1680Dutch/English Painter
Barbara Villiers, as St. Catherine of Alexandria
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Govert Dircksz Camphuysen1623-1672Dutch Painter
Barn Interior with a Maid Churning Butter
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Mary Beale1633-1699English Painter
Jacob Huysmans1633-1696Flemish Painter
John Wilmot 2nd Earl of Rochester
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Nicolaes Maes1634-1693Dutch Painter
Portrait of a Young Man, 1676
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Caspar Netscher1635-1684Dutch Painter
A Woman Knitting
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Sir Godfrey Kneller1646-1723German/English Painter
Samuel Pepys
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Thomas Smith1650-1691American Painter
Joseph Vivien1657-1734French Painter
Francois de Salignac de La Mothe-Fenelon
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Michael Dahl1659-1743Swedish Painter
Portrait of James Brydges, First Duke of Chandos
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Hyacinthe Rigaud1659-1743French Painter
Portrait of Philibert Orry
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Robert Tournieres1667-1752French Painter
Robert Tournieres: Autumn, 1718
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Jean-Baptiste Vanmour1671-1737French Painter
Figures Gathered Round a Kursi
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Alexis Simon Belle1674-1734French Painter
Alexis Simon Belle: Marie Anne Victoire
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Alexis Grimou1678-1733French Painter
William Aikman1682-1731Scottish Painter
Jean-Marc Nattier1685-1766French Painter
Portrait of Madame Maria Leszczynska
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John Smibert1688-1751Scottish/American Painter
John Vanderbank1694-1739English Painter
Claude Arnulphy1697-1786French Painter
Ivan Vishnyakov1699-1761Russian Painter
Joseph Blackburn1700-1780English/American Painter
Jacques-Andre-Joseph Aved1702-1766French Painter
Jean-Philippe Rameau with a Violin
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Robert Feke1707-1752American Painter
William Hoare1707-1792English Painter
William Pitt The 'Elder', Later 1st Earl of Chatham
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Joseph Badger1708-1765American Painter
Portrait of Helen Willis
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Pompeo Batoni1708-1787Italian Painter
Pompeo Batoni: Pierre de Suffren-Saint-Tropez
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Arthur Devis1712-1787English Painter
A Family Group on a Terrace in a Garden, 1749
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Allan Ramsay1713-1784Scottish Painter
Lady Holland, 1766
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Jean-Baptiste Perronneau1715-1783French Painter
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau: A Girl with a Kitten
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Jeremiah Theus1716-1774Swiss/American Painter
Frans van der Mijn1719-1783Flemish Painter
Sir Joshua Reynolds1723-1792English Painter
Admiral Barrington
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Francois-Hubert Drouais1727-1775French Painter
Family Concert
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Thomas Gainsborough1727-1788English Painter
Thomas Gainsborough: The Morning Walk
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Anton Raphael Mengs1728-1779German Painter
Giacomo Casanova
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Ivan Petrovich Argunov1729-1802Russian Painter
Peasant Woman in Russian Costume, 1784
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Richard Brompton1734-1782English Painter
George Romney1734-1802English Painter
Portrait of Ann Barbara Russell
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Dmitrii Grigorevich Levitskii1735-1822Russian Painter
Fedor Rokotov1735-1808Russian Painter
Portrait of Empress Catherine II the Great
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Anton Graff1736-1813Swiss/German Painter
Anton Graff: Friedrich II, der Grobe
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Thomas Beach1738-1806British Painter
Julia Keathberry
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John Singleton Copley1738-1815American Painter
John Singleton Copley: The Children of George III
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Charles Willson Peale1741-1827American Painter
Charles Willson Peale: George Washington
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Henry Benbridge1743-1812American Painter
Portrait Of A Gentleman
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Adelaide Labille-Guiard1749-1803French Painter
Portrait of a Woman, c.1787
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John Downman1750-1824English Painter
Johann-Friedrich-August Tischbein1750-1812German Painter
Portrait of Countess Theresia Fries
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Ralph Earl1751-1801American Painter
Mrs. Ralph Earl, 1794
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Friedrich Heinrich Fuger1751-1818German Painter
Lord Horatio Nelson
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James Sharples1751-1811American Draughtsman
Portrait of Joseph Priestley
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Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein1751-1829German Painter
Pieces of Fruit
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John Johnston1753-1818American Painter
Gilbert Stuart1755-1828American Painter
James Monroe
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Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun1755-1842French Painter
Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun: Portrait of a Man
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Sir Henry Raeburn1756-1823Scottish Painter
The Paterson Children
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Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii1757-1825Russian Painter
Portrait of E. Temkina, 1798
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John Hoppner1758-1810English Painter
Etching of Viscount Horatio Nelson from Hop Orig
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Lemuel Francis Abbott1760-1803English Painter
Lemuel Francis Abbott: Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson
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Francois-Xavier Fabre1766-1837French Painter
Portrait Of An Official, Said To Be L'Intendant Delonay
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Henri-Francois Riesener1767-1828French Painter
Madame Riesener and Her Sister
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Ezra Ames1768-1836American Painter
Portrait of Governor Clinton
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Sir Thomas Lawrence1769-1830English Painter
Lawrence: Miss Peel
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Sir Martin Archer Shee1769-1850Irish Painter
Henry Sargent1770-1845American Painter
William Jennys1774-1858American Painter
David Stone Coffin
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Marie-Denise Villers1774-1821French Painter
Young Woman Drawing
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Jacob Eichholtz1776-1842American Painter
President James Buchanan
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Anson Dickinson1779-1852American Miniaturist
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres1780-1867French Painter
Study for the Martyrdom of St. Symphorian
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John Wesley Jarvis1780-1840English/American Painter
John Wesley Jarvis: President Andrew Jackson
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Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey1781-1841English Sculptor
George Dawe1781-1829English Painter
Field Marshal Prince Von Blucher
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Thomas Sully1783-1872English/American Painter
Portrait Of A Girl Reading, 1842
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Charles Bird King1785-1862American Painter
Ne-Sou-A-Quoit, a Fox Chief
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James Frothingham1786-1864American Painter
Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl1788-1838American Painter
Mrs. Elijah Boardman and Her Son
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Samuel F.B. Morse1791-1872American Painter/Inventor
Samuel F.B. Morse: Gallery of the Louvre
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George Catlin1796-1872American Painter
White Cloud, Chief of the Iowas
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John Neagle1796-1865American Painter
Art Prints from
Eliza Goodridge1798-1882American Miniaturist
Giuseppe Molteni1800-1867Italian Painter
Madonna in Prayer
Art Prints from
Sarah Miriam Peale1800-1885American Painter
Henry Inman1801-1846American Painter
John Marshall
Art Prints from
Washington Bogart Cooper1802-1888American Painter
Shepard Alonzo Mount1804-1868American Painter
George Theodore Berthon1806-1892Austrian/Canadian Painter
Samuel Miller1807-1853American Painter
Samuel Miller: Picking Flowers
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Henry Weekes1807-1877English Sculptor
Prosper Marilhat1811-1847French Painter
The Cedars of Lebanon
Art Prints from
William Page1811-1885American Painter
Charles Loring Elliott1812-1868American Painter
Mathew Brady
Art Prints from
Charles Wesley Jarvis1812-1868American Painter
Adrian Baucker Holmes Children
Art Prints from
George P.A. Healy1813-1894American Painter
Thomas Jefferson third President of the United States
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Julia Margaret Cameron1815-1879British Photographer
Julia Margaret Cameron: Portrait of a Child
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Theophile Hamel1817-1870Canadian Painter
Theodore Chasseriau1819-1856French Painter
Andromeda Tied to the Rock by the Nereids
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Napoleon Sarony1821-1896Canadian/American Photographer
Sarah Bernhardt Reclining on a Divan
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Paul Baudry1828-1886French Painter
Toilette of Venus
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Leon Bonnat1833-1922French Painter
The Bandit's Wife, 1872
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Carolus-Duran1838-1917French Painter
Portrait of Edouard Manet, circa 1880
Art Prints from
Heinrich von Angeli1840-1925Austrian Painter
Emma Sandys1843-1877English Painter
Art Prints from
Henry F. Farny1847-1916French/American Painter/Printmaker
Through the Mountains
Art Prints from
Sir Hubert von Herkomer1849-1914German/British Painter
Bottom Asleep, 1891
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Harper Pennington1853-1920American Painter
Young Woman Reading
Art Prints from
Cecilia Beaux1855-1942American Painter
Cecilia Beaux: Sita and Sarita
Art Prints from
John Singer Sargent1856-1925American Painter
Lady Agnew of Lochnaw
Art Prints from
Jacques-Emile Blanche1861-1942French Painter
Claude Debussy
Art Prints from
Sir James Jebusa Shannon1862-1923American Painter
Violet, Duchess of Rutland
Art Prints from
Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov1865-1911Russian Painter
Portrait of the artist Isaak Ilyich Levitan
Art Prints from
Edward S. Curtis1868-1952American Photographer
Canyon de Chelly, Navajo
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Bert Greer Phillips1868-1956American Painter
Bert Greer Phillips: The Flute Player
Art Prints from
Philip Alexius de Laszlo1869-1937Hungarian/British Painter
Anna de Noailles
Art Prints from
William McGregor Paxton1869-1941American Painter
Betty In Garden
Art Prints from
Charles Goldie1870-1947New Zealand Painter
A Maori Warrior
Art Prints from
Kees van Dongen1877-1968Dutch Painter
Sir Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley1880-1952British Painter
Nicolai Fechin1881-1955Russian/American Painter
Gaston Lachaise1882-1935French/American Sculptor
Wayman Adams1883-1959American Painter
Ernest Procter1886-1935English Painter
Thomas Edgar Stephens1886-1966American Painter
Leopold Seyffert1887-1956American Painter
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst1890-1978British Painter
Sidney E. Dickinson1890-1980American Painter
Elizabeth Lochrie1890-1981American Painter
Nicholas de Grandmaison1895-1978Russian/Canadian Painter
Philippe Halsman1906-1979Latvian/American Photographer
Dali Atomicus
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Yousuf Karsh1908-2002Armenian/Canadian Photographer
Francis Bacon1909-1992Irish/British Painter
Pietro Annigoni1910-1988Italian Painter
Fresco Study
Art Prints from
William Franklin Draper1912-2003American Painter
Sylvia SleighBorn 1916British/American Painter
Richard Avedon1923-2004American Photographer
Jerome LieblingBorn 1924American Photographer
Bernard Safran1924-1995American/Canadian Painter
Duane Hanson1925-1996American Sculptor
Everett Raymond KinstlerBorn 1926American Painter
Lord SnowdonBorn 1930British Photographer
Philip GrausmanBorn 1935American Sculptor
Robert WeaverBorn 1935American Painter/Printmaker
David BaileyBorn 1938British Photographer
Drum Cover Girl
Art Prints from
Chuck CloseBorn 1940American Painter
Chuck Close: Self-Portrait, 2000-2001
Art Prints from
John WonnacottBorn 1940British Painter
Annie LeibovitzBorn 1949American Photographer
Bob Marley, photographed by Annie Leibovitz
Art Prints from
Paul OteroBorn 1950American Painter
June Mendoza British Painter


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