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Feature Archive

February 2000
Results of our Most Interesting Living Artist Poll

Andrew Wyeth was voted the most interesting living artist by our visitors. Below are the top ten ranked artists, as well as some comments we gathered about why people voted the way they did. Thanks to all who participated.

  1. Andrew Wyeth
    American high realist painter, highly regarded both for his landscapes and for his figurative works. His work is genuinely intriguing, and he is sometimes classed as a Magic Realist due to the evocative nature of his paintings. His immense popularity is remarkable, given his uncompromising and unsentimental, almost bleak, vision.

  2. Odd Nerdrum
    Norwegian painter whose nightmarish works with their medieval imagery are somewhat reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch.

  3. Chuck Close
    American artist specializing in huge paintings and prints of the human face. He started out as a photorealist, but with time his portraits have become more and more abstract. In 1988, in mid-career, Close was paralyzed due to a blood clot in his spinal column. He regained partial use of his arms, and was able to return to painting after developing techniques which allowed him to work from a wheelchair.

  4. Cindy Sherman
    American photographer specializing in conceptual self-portraits. Some of her subject matter is kind of controversial.

  5. Mark Tansey
    Cerebral American painter whose work is rooted in literary history as well as in the study of 20th-century artistic movements.

  6. Carole Hand
    A San Francisco Bay area painter specializing in portraits of jazz greats.

  7. Lucian Freud
    German-born British painter, considered one of our time's great figurative artists.

  8. Tracey Emin
    Part of the recent "Sensation" show and one of the leading members of the Britpack. She was shortlisted for Britain's Turner Prize for her recent installation, "My Bed." (Two self-styled performance artists, who tried to "push her work to further limits" by entering the installation and staging a pillow fight on the bed, were not nominated.)

  9. Dale Chihuly
    American glassmaker. Fantastically innovative, and possibly the leading artist working in this medium.

  10. Bill Viola
    American video artist. One of the first important artists working with video.

Below are some comments people have made about why they voted for a particular artist:

Fukuda: He paints like a geographer makes his map: accurately, smooth, color sensitive. The result is a magnificent abstract modern painting with texture popin'up like a lacework. He is a modern brazilian painter.
Winston Graca
Patrick Caulfield: Although, maybe classed as "pop art" his use of colour and shadows transcends this level.
jann carvill
Wyland: Known for his "Whaling" walls and undersea paintings, I am always in awe of his ability to capture the wonderous creatures found under the sea.
Andrew Wyeth's work combines great sensitivity and subtlety with amazing technical mastery. No other artist alive today is capable of such fineness and brilliance.
Phil Hull
Carole Hand: Her art like jazz is fluid, spiritual, suprising, dynamic and soulful.
G. Harvey's street scenes and Civil War paintings are simply great. I look forward to his new releases.
Chas. T. McGill
Bryan Smith: While his medium [computer-generated art] is unusual, his results are amazing.
Mark Kayser
The works of Damien Hirst offer another battlefield for Piccaso an Duchamp. He makes us look as and think. Totally disturbing and *#$%*@* beautiful at the same time.
Brandon Marsh
Robert Rauschenberg is for me, a satisfying balance between the conceptual and the aesthetic. His versatility is evident in his diverse catalog, and his experimentation with various movements and techniques make him an important and respected figure in the "art world".
Anne Drogyness
Balthus paints the enigmatic in a uniquely powerful way.
Jack Gjovaag
Tracey Emin: british artist, turner prize '99 nominee. interesting because she might be genuine or might be an act.
Louise Bourgeois: I think she is the greatist living artist, and through out her very long career, her work has always been fresh.
Howard Hodgkin: Optimal appreciation of the painting medium through which to evoke affective and intellectually stimulating imagery.
Andrew Wyeth: I've met both Mr. and Mrs. Wyeth in person and it impressed me how they are down to earth people who loves art and lives for art.
Godwin Bradbeer: Sensual and spiritual, Godwin's drawings at their best touch the numinous. His "Man of Paper IV" was the stand-out winner of the 1998 Dobell Prize (Australia), and his work continues to develop in inspiring, challenging and witty directions.
Damien Hirst: After the glory and optimism that was Modernism, and the playfulness that was PostModernism, he serves as a counterpart to all of our inbuilt inhibitions, and all of our preconceptions about the serious purpose of art... while remaining serious nevertheless.
Scott Koterbay
A visionary artist who is renown both as painter and sculptor and holds the world record price for a portrait of a living person at $2.1 million, Brett-Livingstone Strong intends to create an 1100 foot tall "Angel Monument" for Los Angeles. His paintings, inspired and inspiring,are testaments to the incredible life force of our universe and the potential of humanity. Commissioned works include portraits of Dr. Armand Hammer and Michael Jackson as well as the "Bicentennial of the Constitution" Monument unveiled at Independence Hall. Mr. Strong is becoming the Michaelangelo of our time.
Donald Berry
Dale Chihuly: I love his work and I love the fact that he is the only artist in the world who has been able to pick up Andy's social gauntlet and run with it. Kind of a "sword in the stone" phenomenon. Name anyone else who is on a first name basis with Rauschenburg, Bill Gates, Jane Goodall and Hillary Clinton?
Mike Venema
Bill Viola: Never in my life have I ever walked into a gallery where I felt nervous, anxious, excited, and curious all at the same time. Bill Viola's work can arouse in me all of these emotions simultaneously and make an unforgettable impression on my existence.
R. Rene Carlin
See last month's feature for more insightful comments...

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