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August, 1999

PBS: American Visions
It's a book, it's a TV series, it's one of the better websites around. Can the action figures be far behind?
All of this activity is built around the critical commentary of Australian-born Robert Hughes, the insightful art critic for TIME Magazine. He's sometimes described as controversial, but it's hard to see why. I don't personally agree with all of his opinions, but they're not extreme, and even when he's slamming an artist unjustly (e.g. Norman Rockwell), his essential good humor shows through. I find that witty people are usually enjoying themselves too much to be genuinely mean-spirited.
Note that much of the exhibit is Shockwave Flash, but the gallery section is accessible without special plug-ins.
The book itself is an excellent overview of the history of American art. Click on the thumbnail to read great reviews of it at Amazon.com. It's also available in paperback, but the price difference isn't that great.

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