Artists by Movement:
The Baroque Era

Europe, 17th Century

Baroque Art developed in Europe around 1600, as an reaction against the intricate and formulaic Mannerism that dominated the Late Renaissance. Baroque art is less complex, more realistic and more emotionally affecting than Mannerist art.

This movement was encouraged by the Catholic Church, the most important patron of the arts at that time, being seen as a return to tradition and spirituality.

One of the great periods of art history, Baroque Art was developed by Caravaggio,Gianlorenzo Bernini and Annibale Carracci, among others. This was also the age of Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Velázquez.

In the 18th century, Baroque Art was replaced by the more elegant and elaborate Rococo art style.

Chronological Listing of Baroque Era Artists
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Federico Barocci 1535-1612 Italian Painter
Blas de Ledesma 1546-1614 Spanish Painter
Girolamo Campagna 1549-1625 Italian Sculptor
Paul Bril 1554-1626 Flemish Painter
Jacopo Chimenti 1554-1640 Italian Painter
Giovanni Battista Paggi 1554-1627 Italian Painter
Lodovico Carracci 1555-1619 Italian Painter
Antonio Tempesta 1555-1630 Italian Painter
Bartolomeo Cesi 1556-1629 Italian Painter
Alessandro Maganza 1556-1640 Italian Painter
Cristoforo Stati 1556-1619 Italian Sculptor
Agostino Carracci 1557-1602 Italian Painter
Bernardo Castello 1557-1629 Italian Painter
Hendrick Goltzius 1558-1617 Dutch Painter/Engraver
Lodovico Cigoli 1559-1613 Italian Painter/Architect
Enea Talpino 1559-1626 Italian Painter
Bartolommeo Carducci 1560-1610 Italian Painter
Annibale Carracci 1560-1609 Italian Painter
Adriaen Collaert 1560-1618 Flemish Engraver
Belisario Corenzio 1560-1640 Italian Painter
Kerstiaen de Keuninck 1560-1633 Flemish Painter
Domenico Robusti 1560-1635 Italian Painter
Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger 1561-1636 Flemish Painter
Tobias Verhaecht 1561-1631 Flemish Painter
Pietro Bernini 1562-1629 Italian Sculptor
Orazio Gentileschi 1563-1639 Italian Painter
Francesco Vanni 1563-1610 Italian Painter
Hendrick Cornelisz. Vroom 1563-1640 Dutch Painter
Joos de Momper II 1564-1635 Flemish Painter
Nicolas Cordier 1565-1612 French Sculptor
Jacques de Gheyn II 1565-1629 Dutch Painter
Hendrick de Keyser I 1565-1621 Dutch Painter
Rowland Lockey 1565-1616 English Painter
Camillo Mariani 1565-1611 Italian Sculptor
Francisco Ribalta 1565-1628 Spanish Painter
Jan Saenredam 1565-1607 Dutch Engraver
Giovanni Baglione 1566-1643 Italian Painter
Georg Flegel 1566-1638 German Painter
Michiel Jansz. Miereveld 1567-1641 Dutch Painter
Ottavio Miseroni 1567-1624 Italian Jeweller
Ventura Salimbeni 1567-1613 Italian Painter
Jan Bruegel the Elder 1568-1625 Flemish Painter
Juan Martinez Montanez 1568-1649 Spanish Sculptor
Frans Pourbus the Younger 1569-1622 Flemish Painter
Denys van Alsloot 1570-1628 Flemish Painter
Hendrik de Clerck 1570-1630 Flemish Painter
Francesco Curradi 1570-1661 Italian Painter
Abel Grimmer 1570-1619 Flemish Painter
Jan van Ravesteyn 1570-1657 Dutch Painter
Aegidius Sadeler II 1570-1629 Flemish Painter
Caravaggio 1571-1610 Italian Painter
Antiveduto Gramatica 1571-1626 Italian Painter
Rutilio Manetti 1571-1639 Italian Painter
Jacob Matham 1571-1631 Flemish Engraver
Paulus Moreelse 1571-1638 Dutch Painter
Jan H. Muller 1571-1628 Dutch Painter
Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder 1573-1621 Dutch Painter
Hendrik Hondius the Elder 1573-1649 Dutch Printmaker
Abraham Janssens 1573-1632 Flemish Painter
Inigo Jones 1573-1652 English Architect
Morazzone 1573-1625 Italian Painter
Bastiaen Vrancx 1573-1647 Flemish Painter
Giulio Cesare Procaccini 1574-1625 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Hendrick van Balen 1575-1632 Dutch Painter
Eugenio Cajes 1575-1634 Spanish Painter
Giovanni Battista Crespi 1575-1633 Italian Painter
Floris van Dijck 1575-1651 Dutch Painter
Stefano Maderno 1575-1636 Italian Sculptor
Master of the Annunciation to the Shepherds 17th Century Italian Painter
Master of the Procession 17th Century French Painter
Guido Reni 1575-1642 Italian Painter
Tommaso Salini 1575-1625 Italian Painter
Tanzio da Varallo 1575-1633 Italian Painter
Joan Valet 17th Century French
Giovanni Bilivert 1576-1644 Italian Painter
Guillaume Dupre 1576-1643 French Sculptor
Gregorio Fernandez 1576-1636 Spanish Sculptor
Cornelis Galle I 1576-1650 Flemish Engraver
Lionello Spada 1576-1622 Italian Painter
Paul Van Somer 1576-1621 Flemish Painter
David Vinckboons 1576-1632 Flemish Painter
Gian Battista Viola 1576-1622 Italian Painter
Cristofano Allori 1577-1621 Italian Painter
Giacomo Cavedone 1577-1660 Italian Painter
Peter Paul Rubens 1577-1640 Flemish Painter
Pietro Tacca 1577-1640 Italian Sculptor
Alessandro Tiarini 1577-1668 Italian Painter
Adam Willaerts 1577-1644 Dutch Painter
Francesco Albani 1578-1660 Italian Painter
Orazio Borgianni 1578-1616 Italian Painter
Giovanni Battista Caracciolo 1578-1635 Italian Painter
Vincenzo Carducci 1578-1638 Italian Painter
Adam Elsheimer 1578-1610 German Painter
Ludovicus Finson 1578-1617 Flemish Painter
Guy Francois 1578-1650 French Painter
Hieronymus Francken II 1578-1623 Flemish Painter
Fede Galizia 1578-1630 Italian Painter
Ottavio Leoni 1578-1630 Italian Printmaker/Painter
Juan Bautista Mayno 1578-1649 Spanish Painter
Peeter Neeffs I 1578-1660 Flemish Painter
Matteo Rosselli 1578-1650 Italian Painter
Bartolomeo Schedoni 1578-1615 Italian Painter
Alessandro Turchi 1578-1649 Italian Painter
Trophime Bigot 1579-1650 French Painter
Frans Snyders 1579-1657 Flemish Painter
Osias Beert the Elder 1580-1624 Flemish Painter
Boetius Bolswert 1580-1633 Dutch Engraver
Francesco Bordoni 1580-1654 Italian Sculptor
Willem Jacobsz Delff 1580-1638 Dutch Engraver
Francesco Mochi 1580-1654 Italian Sculptor
Pedro Orrente 1580-1645 Spanish Painter
Jan Porcellis 1580-1632 Flemish Painter
Carlo Saraceni 1580-1620 Italian Painter
Hendrik van Steenwyck the Younger 1580-1649 Dutch Painter
Andries Stock 1580-1648 Dutch
Antonio Susini 1580-1624 Italian Sculptor
Luis Tristan de Escamilla 1580-1624 Spanish Painter
Cornelis Claesz. van Wieringen 1580-1633 Dutch Painter
Domenichino 1581-1641 Italian Painter
Frans Francken II 1581-1642 Flemish Painter
Abraham Govaerts 1581-1642 Flemish Painter
Cornelius Liefrinck 1581-1640 Dutch Painter
Theodoor van Loon 1581-1667 Flemish Painter
Bernardo Strozzi 1581-1644 Italian Painter
Artus Wolffort 1581-1641 Flemish Painter
Remigio Cantagallina 1582-1656 Italian Engraver
Franz Cleyn 1582-1658 German Painter
Frans Hals 1582-1666 Dutch Painter
Jacob van Hulsdonck 1582-1647 Flemish Painter
Giovanni Lanfranco 1582-1647 Italian Painter
Bartolomeo Manfredi 1582-1622 Italian Painter
Hendrik van der Borcht 1583-1660 Flemish Painter
Antonio Carracci 1583-1618 Italian Painter
Hendrik Goudt 1583-1648 Dutch Painter
Pieter Lastman 1583-1633 Dutch Painter
Jan Pynas 1583-1631 Dutch Painter
Werner van den Valckert 1583-1627 Dutch Painter
Andrea Ansaldo 1584-1638 Italian Painter
David Bailly 1584-1657 Dutch Painter
Gaspar de Crayer 1584-1669 Flemish Painter
Jan Tengnagel 1584-1635 Dutch Painter
Willem van der Vliet 1584-1642 Dutch Painter
Cornelis de Vos 1584-1651 Flemish Painter
Arent Arentsz. 1585-1631 Dutch Painter
Hendrick Avercamp 1585-1634 Dutch Painter
Sir Nathaniel Bacon 1585-1627 English Painter
Sisto Badalocchio 1585-1619 Italian Painter
Angelo Caroselli 1585-1652 Italian Painter
Caspar Gras 1585-1674 German Sculptor
Hendrick Gerritsz. Pot 1585-1657 Dutch Painter
Jacob Pynas 1585-1650 Dutch Painter
Massimo Stanzione 1585-1656 Italian Painter
Marcantonio Bassetti 1586-1630 Italian Painter
Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot 1586-1666 Dutch Painter
Jobst Harrich 1586-1617 German
Hans Krumper 1586-1647 German Sculptor
Cornelis van Poelenburgh 1586-1667 Dutch Painter
Nicholas Stone 1586-1647 English Sculptor/Architect
Tiberio Tinelli 1586-1638 Italian Painter
Claes Jansz. Visscher 1586-1652 Dutch Printmaker
Jan Wildens 1586-1653 Flemish Painter
Alexander Adriaenssen 1587-1661 Flemish Painter
Filippo Napoletano 1587-1629 Italian Painter
Adriaen van Nieulandt 1587-1658 Flemish Painter
Martin Ryckaert 1587-1631 Flemish Painter
Esaias van de Velde 1587-1630 Dutch Painter
Claude Deruet 1588-1660 French Painter
Leonhard Kern 1588-1663 German Sculptor
Padovanino 1588-1648 Italian Painter
Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy 1588-1655 Dutch Painter
Hendrick Terbrugghen 1588-1629 Dutch Painter
Domenico Feti 1589-1624 Italian Painter
Domenico Fiasella 1589-1669 Italian Painter
Simon Guillain 1589-1658 French Sculptor
Sinibaldo Scorza 1589-1631 Italian Painter
Jeronimus Spengler 1589-1635 Swiss Glass Painter
Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne 1589-1662 Dutch Painter
Bartholomeus van Bassen 1590-1652 Dutch Painter
Christoffel van den Berghe 1590-1645 Dutch Painter
Andries van Eertvelt 1590-1652 Flemish Painter
Juan de Espinosa 1590-1641 Spanish Painter
Francisco de Herrera the Elder 1590-1656 Spanish Painter
Gerrit van Honthorst 1590-1656 Dutch Painter
John Hoskins 1590-1665 British Miniaturist
Daniel Mytens the Elder 1590-1647 Dutch Painter
Pedro Nunez del Valle 1590-1649 Spanish Painter
Nicolas Regnier 1590-1667 Flemish Painter
Floris van Schooten 1590-1655 Dutch Painter
Daniel Seghers 1590-1661 Flemish Painter
Hercules Seghers 1590-1638 Dutch Painter/Printmaker
Nicolas Tournier 1590-1638 French Painter
Moses van Uyttenbroeck 1590-1648 Dutch Painter
Cornelis Verbeeck 1590-1637 Dutch Painter
Simon Vouet 1590-1649 French Painter
Abraham de Vries 1590-1662 Dutch Painter
Willem Buytewech 1591-1624 Dutch Painter
Cosimo Fanzago 1591-1678 Italian Sculptor
Guercino 1591-1666 Italian Painter
Dirk Hals 1591-1656 Dutch Painter
Claes Cornelisz. Moeyaert 1591-1655 Dutch Painter
Jusepe de Ribera 1591-1652 Spanish/Italian Painter
Gerard Seghers 1591-1651 Flemish Painter
Paul de Vos 1591-1678 Flemish Painter
Cornelis Vroom 1591-1661 Dutch Painter
Jacques Callot 1592-1635 French Engraver
Giovanni da San Giovanni 1592-1636 Italian Painter
Pieter van Laer 1592-1642 Dutch Painter
Pieter Snayers 1592-1667 Flemish Painter
Gianfrancesco Susini 1592-1646 Italian Sculptor
Jacopo Vignali 1592-1664 Italian Painter
Cornelis de Wael 1592-1669 Flemish/Italian Painter
Balthasar van der Ast 1593-1656 Dutch Painter
Artemisia Gentileschi 1593-1652 Italian Painter
Cornelius Johnson 1593-1661 Flemish/English Painter
Jacob Jordaens 1593-1678 Flemish Painter
Georges de La Tour 1593-1652 French Painter
Francois de Nome 1593-1630 French Painter
Niccolo Roccatagliata 1593-1633 Italian Sculptor
Jan van de Velde II 1593-1641 Dutch Painter
Claude Vignon 1593-1670 French Painter
Valentin de Boulogne 1594-1632 French Painter
Jacob Gerritz. Cuyp 1594-1650 Dutch Painter
Willem Claesz. Heda 1594-1680 Dutch Painter
Clara Peeters 1594-1657 Flemish Painter
Francois Perrier 1594-1649 French Painter
Nicolas Poussin 1594-1665 French Painter
John Souch 1594-1644 English Painter
Dirck van Baburen 1595-1624 Dutch Painter
Jacob van Campen 1595-1657 Dutch Painter
Cesare Dandini 1595-1658 Italian Painter
Pieter de Molyn 1595-1661 English/Dutch Painter
Pieter van der Plas 1595-1650 Flemish
Joseph Plepp 1595-1642 Swiss Painter
Lucas van Uden 1595-1672 Flemish Painter
Lucas Vorsterman the Elder 1595-1675 Dutch Engraver
Aubin Vouet 1595-1641 French Painter
Goffredo Wals 1595-1638 German Painter
Leonaert Bramer 1596-1674 Dutch Painter
Abraham van Diepenbeeck 1596-1675 Flemish Painter
Jacob van Es 1596-1666 Flemish Painter
Jan van Goyen 1596-1656 Dutch Painter
Juan van der Hamen y Leon 1596-1631 Spanish Painter
Thomas de Keyser 1596-1667 Dutch Painter
Pietro da Cortona 1596-1669 Italian Painter
Ercole Procaccini il Giovane 1596-1676 Italian Painter
Jacques de Stella 1596-1657 French Painter
Hermann Weyer 1596-1621 German Draughtsman
Peter Wtewael 1596-1660 Dutch Painter
Jan van Bijlert 1597-1671 Dutch Painter
Salomon de Bray 1597-1664 Dutch Painter
Pieter Claesz 1597-1660 Dutch Painter
Francois Duquesnoy 1597-1643 Flemish/Italian Sculptor
Jean Lemaire 1597-1659 French Painter
Johann Liss 1597-1631 German Painter
Charles Mellin 1597-1649 French Painter
Theodore Rombouts 1597-1637 Flemish Painter
Pieter Jansz. Saenredam 1597-1665 Dutch Painter
Sebastien Stoskopff 1597-1657 French Painter
Justus Sustermans 1597-1681 Flemish Painter
Jan Cornelisz. Verspronck 1597-1662 Dutch Painter
Alessandro Algardi 1598-1654 Italian Sculptor
Gianlorenzo Bernini 1598-1680 Italian Sculptor/Painter
Pierre Brebiette 1598-1650 French Painter
Bartholomeus Breenbergh 1598-1657 Dutch Painter
Francesco del Cairo 1598-1674 Italian
Daniele Crespi 1598-1630 Italian Painter
Lambert Jacobsz 1598-1636 Dutch Painter
Claude Mellan 1598-1688 French Engraver
Francisco de Zurbaran 1598-1664 Spanish Painter
Francesco Borromini 1599-1667 Italian Architect
Pieter Codde 1599-1678 Dutch Painter
Francisco Collantes 1599-1656 Spanish Painter
Bartolomeo Coriolano 1599-1676 Italian
Willem Cornelisz. Duyster 1599-1678 Dutch Painter
Jan Miel 1599-1664 Dutch Painter
Andrea Sacchi 1599-1661 Italian Painter
Adriaen van Utrecht 1599-1652 Flemish Painter
Sir Anthony Van Dyck 1599-1641 Flemish Painter
Diego Velazquez 1599-1660 Spanish Painter
Gioacchino Assereto 1600-1649 Italian Painter
Jacques Blanchard 1600-1638 French Painter
Jan Cossiers 1600-1671 Flemish Painter
Jacob Duck 1600-1667 Dutch Painter
Francois Garnier 1600-1658 French Painter
Giovanna Garzoni 1600-1670 Italian Painter
Pieter de Grebber 1600-1653 Dutch Painter
Pieter Anthonisz. van Groenewegen 1600-1658 Dutch Painter
John Hayls 1600-1679 English Painter
Gerard Houckgeest 1600-1661 Dutch Painter
Alexander Keirincx 1600-1652 Flemish Painter
Antoine Le Nain 1600-1648 French Painter
Jacques Linard 1600-1645 French Painter
Gerard van Opstal 1600-1668 Flemish Sculptor
Salomon van Ruysdael 1600-1670 Dutch Painter
Giovanni Serodine 1600-1630 Italian Painter
Gerard Soest 1600-1681 Dutch Painter
Matthias Stomer 1600-1650 Dutch Painter
Herman van Swanevelt 1600-1655 Dutch Painter
Simon de Vlieger 1600-1653 Dutch Painter
Pieter de Bloot 1601-1658 Dutch Painter
Jan Bruegel the Younger 1601-1678 Flemish Painter
Guido Cagnacci 1601-1681 Italian Painter
Alonso Cano 1601-1667 Spanish Painter/Sculptor
Giuliano Finelli 1601-1653 Italian Sculptor
Jusepe Leonardo 1601-1652 Spanish Painter
Jacob van Oost the Elder 1601-1671 Flemish Painter
Antonie Palamedesz. 1601-1673 Dutch Painter
Jorg Petel 1601-1634 German Sculptor
Francois Ykens 1601-1693 Flemish Painter
Abraham Bosse 1602-1676 French Engraver
Michelangelo Cerquozzi 1602-1660 Italian Painter
Philippe de Champaigne 1602-1674 Flemish/French Painter
Claude Lorrain 1602-1682 French Painter
Michele Desubleo 1602-1676 Italian Painter
Henri Mauperche 1602-1686 French Painter
Antonio Puga 1602-1648 Spanish Painter
Pietro della Vecchia 1602-1678 Italian Painter
Pieter Jansz. van Asch 1603-1678 Dutch Painter
Francesco Furini 1603-1646 Italian Painter
Adriaen Hanneman 1603-1671 Dutch Painter
Simon Kick 1603-1652 Dutch Painter
Nicolaus Knupfer 1603-1655 German Painter
Louis Le Nain 1603-1648 French Painter
Frans de Momper 1603-1660 Flemish Painter
Aert van der Neer 1603-1677 Dutch Painter
Pietro Novelli 1603-1647 Italian Painter
Pietro Paolini 1603-1681 Italian Painter
Paulus Pontius 1603-1658 Flemish Engraver
Simon de Vos 1603-1676 Flemish Painter
Abraham Willaerts 1603-1669 Dutch Painter
Francois Anguier 1604-1669 French Sculptor
Viviano Codazzi 1604-1670 Italian Painter
Giovanni Do 1604-1656 Italian Painter
Daniel van Heil 1604-1662 Flemish Painter
Isaac Soreau 1604-1638 Flemish Painter
Andrea Vaccaro 1604-1670 Italian Painter
Johann Boeckhorst 1605-1668 Flemish Painter
Adriaen Brouwer 1605-1638 Flemish Painter
Josse van Craesbeeck 1605-1662 Flemish Painter
Dirck van Delen 1605-1671 Dutch Painter
Girolamo Forabosco 1605-1679 Italian Painter
Pietro Liberi 1605-1687 Italian Painter
Francesco Maffei 1605-1660 Italian Painter
Pierre Patel 1605-1676 French Painter
Lodewijk de Vadder 1605-1655 Flemish Painter
Anthonie Jansz. van der Croos 1606-1661 Dutch Painter
Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi 1606-1680 Italian Painter
Jan Davidsz. de Heem 1606-1683 Dutch Painter
Laurent de La Hyre 1606-1656 French Painter
Nicolas Mignard 1606-1668 French Painter
Orazio de Ferrari 1606-1657 Italian Painter
Pieter Jansz Quast 1606-1647 Dutch Painter
Rembrandt van Rijn 1606-1669 Dutch Painter/Engraver
Theodoor van Thulden 1606-1669 Flemish Painter
Cecco Bravo 1607-1661 Italian Painter
Wenceslaus Hollar 1607-1677 Bohemian Engraver
Mathieu Le Nain 1607-1677 French Painter
Remigius van Leemput 1607-1675 Flemish Painter
Jan Lievens 1607-1674 Dutch Painter
Pacecco de Rosa 1607-1656 Italian Painter
Palamedes Palamedesz. 1607-1638 English/Dutch Painter
Erasmus Quellinus 1607-1678 Flemish Painter
Cornelis Saftleven 1607-1681 Dutch Painter
Jacob Adriaensz. Backer 1608-1651 Dutch Painter
Pieter Duyfhuysen 1608-1677 Dutch Painter
Willem de Poorter 1608-1648 Dutch Painter
Jean Tassel 1608-1667 French Painter
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione 1609-1664 Italian Painter
Samuel Cooper 1609-1672 English Miniaturist
Salomon Koninck 1609-1656 Dutch Painter
Judith Leyster 1609-1660 Dutch Painter
Pieter van Lint 1609-1690 Flemish Painter
Carlo Francesco Nuvolone 1609-1662 Italian Painter
Artus Quellinus I 1609-1668 Flemish Sculptor
Herman Saftleven the Younger 1609-1685 Dutch Painter
Joachim von Sandrart 1609-1688 German Painter
Sassoferrato 1609-1685 Italian Painter
Johann Heinrich Schonfeld 1609-1683 German Painter
Lubin Baugin 1610-1663 French Painter
Ercole Bazicaluva 1610-1661 Italian
Jan Dirksz Both 1610-1652 Dutch Painter
Cecco del Caravaggio 1610-1620 Italian Painter
Anthonie de Lorme 1610-1679 Dutch Painter
Gerard Donck 1610-1640 Dutch Painter
Ercole Ferrata 1610-1686 Italian Sculptor
Juan de Pareja 1610-1670 Spanish Painter
Simon Luttichuys 1610-1661 Dutch Painter
Francesco Maltese 1610-1660 Italian Painter
Esteban March 1610-1668 Spanish Painter
Giovanni Martinelli 1610-1659 Italian Painter
Louisa Moillon 1610-1696 French Painter
Jan Miense Molenaer 1610-1668 Dutch Painter
Adriaen van Ostade 1610-1685 Dutch Painter
Michele Pace 1610-1670 Italian Painter
Giovanni Francesco Romanelli 1610-1662 Italian Painter
Gilles Rousselet 1610-1686 French Engraver
Dirck van Santvoort 1610-1680 Dutch Painter
Stefano della Bella 1610-1664 Italian Printmaker
Dirck Stoop 1610-1686 Dutch Painter
David Teniers the Younger 1610-1690 Flemish Painter
Egbert van Heemskerk I 1610-1680 Dutch Painter
Pieter Verbeeck 1610-1652 Dutch Painter
Anthonie Waterloo 1610-1690 Flemish
Jacob de Wet 1610-1671 Dutch Painter
David Des Granges 1611-1675 English Painter
William Dobson 1611-1646 English Painter
Jan Fyt 1611-1661 Flemish Painter
Gilles Guerin 1611-1678 French Sculptor
Jan van den Hoecke 1611-1651 Flemish Painter
Sebastiano Mazzoni 1611-1678 Italian Painter
Antonio de Pereda 1611-1678 Spanish Painter
Simone Pignoni 1611-1698 Italian Painter
Hendrik Martensz Sorgh 1611-1670 Dutch Painter
Pietro Testa 1611-1650 Italian Painter
Willem van de Velde the Elder 1611-1693 Dutch Painter
Hendrik Cornelisz van der Vliet 1611-1675 Dutch Painter
Il Volterrano 1611-1690 Italian Painter
Barent Avercamp 1612-1679 Dutch Painter
Andries Both 1612-1641 Dutch Painter
Simone Cantarini 1612-1648 Italian Painter
Nicolas Chaperon 1612-1656 French Painter
Benjamin Gerritsz. Cuyp 1612-1652 Dutch Painter
Domenico Gargiulo 1612-1679 Italian Painter
Louis Le Vau 1612-1670 French Architect
Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo 1612-1667 Spanish Painter
Bernardino Mei 1612-1676 Italian Painter
Pierre Mignard 1612-1695 French Painter
Pier Francesco Mola 1612-1666 Italian Painter
Frans Post 1612-1680 Dutch Painter
David Ryckaert the Younger 1612-1661 Flemish Painter
Harmen Steenwijck 1612-1656 Dutch Painter
Michel Anguier 1613-1686 French Sculptor
Pieter van den Bosch 1613-1663 Dutch Painter
Giulio Carpioni 1613-1678 Italian Painter
Jacques d'Arthois 1613-1686 Flemish Painter
Jean Daret 1613-1668 Flemish Painter
Gerrit Dou 1613-1675 Dutch Painter
Bartholomeus van der Helst 1613-1670 Dutch Painter
Jacob Marrel 1613-1681 Dutch Painter
Mattia Preti 1613-1699 Italian Painter
Simon Renard de Saint-Andre 1613-1677 French Painter
Juan de Arellano 1614-1676 Spanish Painter
Juan Carreno de Miranda 1614-1685 Spanish Painter
Jacob Hogers 1614-1660 Flemish
Jacob van Loo 1614-1670 Flemish Painter
Jan Mytens 1614-1670 Dutch Painter
Bonaventura Peeters I 1614-1652 Flemish Painter
Thomas Willeboirts 1614-1654 Flemish Painter
Jan Asselyn 1615-1652 Dutch Painter
Dionigi Bussola 1615-1687 Italian Sculptor
Gonzales Coques 1615-1684 Flemish Painter
Gaspard Dughet 1615-1675 French Painter
Govert Flinck 1615-1660 Dutch Painter
Joris Abrahamsz. van der Haagen 1615-1669 Dutch Painter
Jacob van Moscher 1615-1655 Dutch Painter
Francisco de Palacios 1615-1650 Spanish Painter
Pieter de Ring 1615-1660 Dutch Painter
Salvator Rosa 1615-1673 Italian Painter
Daniel Schultz 1615-1683 Polish Painter
Ferdinand Bol 1616-1680 Dutch Painter
Sebastien Bourdon 1616-1671 French Painter
Giovanni Bernardo Carbone 1616-1683 Italian Painter
Antonio Castillo y Saavedra 1616-1668 Spanish Painter
Bernardo Cavallino 1616-1656 Italian Painter
Carlo Dolci 1616-1686 Italian Painter
Lucas Franchoys the Younger 1616-1681 Flemish Painter
Ludolf Leendertsz. de Jongh 1616-1679 Dutch Painter
Eustache Le Sueur 1616-1655 French Painter
Isaac Luttichuys 1616-1673 Dutch Painter
Jean Michelin 1616-1670 French Painter
Thomas Wyck 1616-1677 Dutch Painter
Evaristo Baschenis 1617-1677 Italian Painter
Cesar van Everdingen 1617-1678 Dutch Painter
Luc Faydherbe 1617-1697 Flemish Sculptor/Architect
Bartolome Esteban Murillo 1617-1682 Spanish Painter
Gerard Terborch 1617-1681 Dutch Painter
Emanuel de Witte 1617-1691 Dutch Painter
John Michael Wright 1617-1694 English Painter
Michael Zurn 1617-1651 German Sculptor
Christoffel Jegher 1618-1667 Flemish
Sir Peter Lely 1618-1680 Dutch/English Painter
Michiel Sweerts 1618-1664 Flemish Painter
Jan Philips van Thielen 1618-1667 Flemish Painter
Sebastian de Herrera Barnuevo 1619-1671 Spanish Painter
Philips Koninck 1619-1688 Dutch Painter
Charles Le Brun 1619-1690 French Painter
Otto Marseus van Schrieck 1619-1678 Dutch Painter
Prince Rupert 1619-1682 German Engraver
Johann Spilberg 1619-1690 German Painter
Jan Victors 1619-1676 Dutch Painter
Philips Wouwerman 1619-1668 Dutch Painter
Cornelis Bega 1620-1664 Dutch Painter
Nicolaes Berchem 1620-1683 Dutch Painter
Abraham Hendrickz. van Beyeren 1620-1690 Dutch Painter
Aelbert Cuyp 1620-1691 Dutch Painter
Cosimo Fancelli 1620-1688 Italian Sculptor
Jan van Noordt 1620-1676 Dutch Painter
Pierre Puget 1620-1694 French Sculptor/Painter
Jan Jansz. van de Velde III 1620-1662 Dutch Painter
Antonio Maria Vassallo 1620-1670 Italian Painter
Juan de Zurbaran 1620-1649 Spanish Painter
Jean Arnould 1621-1687 Flemish Sculptor
Giacinto Brandi 1621-1691 Italian Painter
Jacques Courtois 1621-1676 French Painter
Gerbrand van den Eeckhout 1621-1674 Dutch Painter
Allart van Everdingen 1621-1675 Dutch Painter/Engraver
Pieter Gysels 1621-1690 Flemish Painter
Gilbert Jackson 1621-1642 English Painter
Cornelis de Man 1621-1706 Dutch Painter/Printmaker
Matthaus Merian the Younger 1621-1687 Swiss Painter
Isaack van Ostade 1621-1649 Dutch Painter
Egbert van der Poel 1621-1664 Dutch Painter
Israel Silvestre the Younger 1621-1691 French Engraver
Jan Baptist Weenix 1621-1663 Dutch Painter
Pieter Boel 1622-1674 Flemish Painter
Quirijn van Brekelenkam 1622-1670 Dutch Painter
Abraham Diepraam 1622-1670 Dutch Painter
Karel Dujardin 1622-1678 Dutch Painter
Carel Fabritius 1622-1654 Dutch Painter
Francisco de Herrera the Younger 1622-1685 Spanish Painter
Willem Kalf 1622-1693 Dutch Painter
Johannes Lingelbach 1622-1674 German/Dutch Painter
Adam Pynacker 1622-1673 Dutch Painter
Abraham van den Tempel 1622-1672 Dutch Painter
Juan de Valdes Leal 1622-1690 Spanish Painter
Govert Dircksz Camphuysen 1623-1672 Dutch Painter
Pieter Janssens Elinga 1623-1682 Dutch Painter
Filippo Lauri 1623-1694 Italian Painter
Hendrik Mommers 1623-1693 Dutch Painter
Robert Nanteuil 1623-1678 French Engraver
Herman Nauwincx 1623-1654 Dutch Painter
Reinier Nooms 1623-1664 Dutch Painter
Jurgen Ovens 1623-1678 German Painter
Joris van Son 1623-1667 Flemish Painter
Wallerant Vaillant 1623-1677 Flemish Painter
Jan van de Cappelle 1624-1679 Dutch Painter
Valerio Castello 1624-1659 Italian Painter
Lambert Doomer 1624-1700 Dutch Painter
Barent Fabritius 1624-1673 Dutch Painter
Gerret Willemsz. Heda 1624-1649 Dutch Painter
Bernhard Keil 1624-1687 Danish Painter
Antonio Raggi 1624-1686 Italian Sculptor
Rombout Verhulst 1624-1698 Dutch Sculptor
Melchiorre Barthel 1625-1672 German Sculptor
Domenico Maria Canuti 1625-1684 Italian Painter
Domenico Guidi 1625-1701 Italian Sculptor
Abraham Hondius 1625-1691 Dutch Printmaker/Painter
Carlo Maratta 1625-1713 Italian Painter
Paulus Potter 1625-1654 Dutch Painter
Jan Adriaensz. van Staveren 1625-1668 Dutch Painter
Jan Steen 1625-1679 Dutch Painter
Francis Barlow 1626-1704 English Painter
Jacob Esselens 1626-1687 Dutch Painter
Jan van Kessel 1626-1679 Dutch Painter
Nicolaes van Veerendael 1626-1691 Flemish Painter
Willem van Aelst 1627-1683 Dutch Painter
Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraten 1627-1666 Flemish Painter
Jan de Bray 1627-1697 Dutch Painter
Hendrick van der Burch 1627-1699 Dutch Painter
Samuel van Hoogstraten 1627-1678 Dutch Painter
Philippe-Augustin Immenraet 1627-1679 Flemish Painter
Giusto Le Court 1627-1679 Italian Sculptor
Onorio Marinari 1627-1715 Italian Painter
Domenico Piola 1627-1703 Italian Painter
Roelant Roghman 1627-1692 Dutch Painter
Jan Siberechts 1627-1703 Flemish Painter
Jacob van der Ulft 1627-1689 Dutch Painter
Hendrick Verschuring 1627-1690 Dutch Painter
Matthias Withoos 1627-1703 Dutch Painter
Carlo Cignani 1628-1719 Italian Painter
Guillaume Courtois 1628-1679 French/Italian Painter
Noel Coypel 1628-1707 French Designer
Biagio Falcieri 1628-1703 Italian Painter
Francois Girardon 1628-1715 French Sculptor
Jan Hackaert 1628-1685 Dutch Painter
Gaspard Marsy II 1628-1681 French Sculptor
Pedro de Mena 1628-1688 Spanish Sculptor
Jacob van Ruisdael 1628-1682 Dutch Painter
Vincent Laurensz van der Vinne 1628-1702 Flemish Painter
Pieter de Hooch 1629-1684 Dutch Painter
Pierre Le Gros I 1629-1714 French Sculptor
Gabriel Metsu 1629-1667 Dutch Painter
Lorenzo Pasinelli 1629-1700 Italian Painter
Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo 1629-1690 Italian Painter
Josefa de Obidos 1630-1684 Spanish/Portuguese Painter
Job Berckheyde 1630-1693 Dutch Painter
John Bushnell 1630-1701 English Sculptor
Cornelius Droochsloot 1630-1673 Dutch Painter
Willem Drost 1630-1680 Dutch Painter
Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg 1630-1676 Flemish Painter
Richard Gaywood 1630-1680 English Printmaker
Cornelius Gijsbrechts 1630-1675 Flemish Painter
Klaes Molenaer 1630-1676 Dutch Painter
Maria van Oosterwyck 1630-1693 Dutch Painter
Filippo Parodi 1630-1702 Italian Sculptor
Christopher Paudiss 1630-1666 German Painter
Christobal Ramirez de Arellano 1630-1644 Spanish Painter
Gillis Rombouts 1630-1678 Dutch Painter
Carl Borromaus Andreas Ruthart 1630-1703 German Painter
Jan Vonck 1630-1660 Dutch Painter
Roelof van Vries 1630-1681 Dutch Painter
Jan Wynants 1630-1684 Dutch Painter
Ludolf Backhuysen 1631-1708 Dutch Painter
Esaias Boursse 1631-1672 Dutch Painter
Jean-Baptiste de Champaigne 1631-1681 French Painter
Cornelis de Heem 1631-1695 Dutch Painter
Johan Heinrich Roos 1631-1685 German Painter
Johann Carl Loth 1632-1698 German Painter
Adam-Franz van der Meulen 1632-1690 Flemish Painter
Juriaen van Streeck 1632-1687 Dutch Painter
Jan Vermeer 1632-1675 Dutch Painter
Sir Christopher Wren 1632-1723 English Architect
Jan de Baen 1633-1702 Dutch Painter
Mary Beale 1633-1699 English Painter
Juan Antonio Escalante 1633-1670 Spanish Painter
Benedetto Gennari 1633-1715 Italian Painter
Dirk Helmbreker 1633-1696 Dutch Painter
Jacob Huysmans 1633-1696 Flemish Painter
Benoit Massou 1633-1684 French Sculptor
Frederic de Moucheron 1633-1686 Dutch Painter
Isaac Sailmaker 1633-1721 British
Willem van de Velde the Younger 1633-1707 Dutch Painter
Cornelis Bisschop 1634-1674 Dutch Painter
Adam Colonia 1634-1685 Dutch Painter
Ciro Ferri 1634-1689 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Luca Giordano 1634-1705 Italian Painter
Nicolaes Maes 1634-1693 Dutch Painter
Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer 1634-1699 French Painter
Eglon Hendrick van der Neer 1634-1703 Dutch Painter
Jacob Ochtervelt 1634-1682 Dutch Painter
Giuseppe Recco 1634-1695 Italian Painter
Egbert van Heemskerk II 1634-1704 Dutch Painter
Pieter van Anraadt 1635-1678 Dutch Painter
Jose Claudio Antolinez 1635-1675 Spanish Painter
Melchiore Caffa 1635-1667 Italian Sculptor
Abraham van der Hecken 1635-1655 Dutch Painter
Giovan Battista Langetti 1635-1676 Italian Painter
Dirck van der Lisse 1635-1669 Dutch Painter
David Loggan 1635-1692 British Painter
Frans van Mieris the Elder 1635-1681 Dutch Painter
Caspar Netscher 1635-1684 Dutch Painter
Edward Pearce 1635-1695 English Sculptor
Abraham Storck 1635-1710 Dutch Painter
Jean-Baptiste Tuby I 1635-1700 French Sculptor
Melchior d'Hondecoeter 1636-1695 Dutch Painter
Charles de La Fosse 1636-1716 French Painter
Adriaen van de Velde 1636-1672 Dutch Painter
Abraham Begeyn 1637-1697 Dutch Painter
Antonio Carneo 1637-1692 Italian Painter
Martin Desjardins 1637-1694 Dutch Sculptor
Vicente Salvador Gomez 1637-1700 Spanish Painter
Jan van der Heyden 1637-1712 Dutch Painter
Pieter Mulier 1637-1701 Dutch Painter
Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde 1638-1698 Dutch Painter
Luigi Garzi 1638-1721 Italian Painter
Meindert Hobbema 1638-1709 Dutch Painter
Elisabetta Sirani 1638-1665 Italian Painter
Il Baciccio 1639-1709 Italian Painter
Bartolomeo Bettera 1639-1688 Italian
Ferdinand Voet 1639-1700 Flemish Painter
Hendrik Bary 1640-1707 Dutch
Cornelis Beelt 1640-1702 Dutch Painter
Edwaert Collier 1640-1707 Dutch Painter
Antoine Coysevox 1640-1720 French Sculptor
Frans Cuyck Van Myerop 1640-1689 Flemish Painter
Gerard de Lairesse 1640-1711 Dutch Painter
Francisco Meneses Osorio 1640-1721 Spanish Painter
Abraham Mignon 1640-1679 Dutch Painter
Pedro Nunez de Villavicencio 1640-1695 Spanish Painter
Crescenzio Onofrij 1640-1712 Italian Painter
Pieter Cornelisz. van Slingelandt 1640-1691 Dutch Painter
Jacob Toorenvliet 1640-1719 Dutch Painter
Jacob Storck 1641-1688 Dutch Painter
Harman Verelst 1641-1699 Dutch Painter
Friedrich Winter Died 1711 Polish Glassmaker
Andre-Charles Boulle 1642-1732 French Furniture Artist
Abraham van Calraet 1642-1722 Dutch Painter
Claudio Coello 1642-1693 Spanish Painter
Lodewijk van der Helst 1642-1684 Dutch Painter
Francisque Millet 1642-1679 French Painter
Andrea Pozzo 1642-1709 Italian Painter
Jan Weenix II 1642-1719 Dutch Painter
Juan Simon Gutierrez 1643-1718 Spanish Painter
Orazio Marinali 1643-1720 Italian Sculptor
Godfried Schalcken 1643-1706 Dutch Painter
Etienne Allegrain 1644-1736 French Painter
Adriaen Frans Boudewyns 1644-1711 Flemish Painter
Jean Jouvenet 1644-1717 French Painter
Giuseppe Mazzuoli 1644-1725 Italian Sculptor
Simon Verelst 1644-1721 Dutch Painter
Cornelis Vermeulen 1644-1708 Dutch Engraver
David de Coninck 1645-1700 Flemish Painter
Aert de Gelder 1645-1727 Dutch Painter
Michiel van Musscher 1645-1705 Dutch Painter
Willem Frederik van Royen 1645-1723 German Painter
Jean Baptiste Theodon 1645-1713 French Sculptor
Francois de Troy 1645-1730 French Painter
Robert White 1645-1703 British Engraver
Giacinto Calandrucci 1646-1707 Italian Painter
John Griffier the Elder 1646-1718 Dutch Painter
Sir Godfrey Kneller 1646-1723 German/English Painter
Jules Hardouin Mansart 1646-1708 French Architect
Joseph Parrocel 1646-1704 French Painter
John Riley 1646-1691 English Painter
Corneille Van Cleve 1646-1732 French Sculptor
Anselme Flamen 1647-1717 French Sculptor
Maria Sibylla Merian 1647-1717 German Illustrator
Matthys Naiveu 1647-1721 Dutch Painter
Francis Place 1647-1728 English Engraver
Marcantonio Franceschini 1648-1729 Italian Painter
Gerard Hoet 1648-1733 Dutch Painter
Corneille Huysmans 1648-1727 Flemish Painter
Bon de Boullogne 1649-1717 French Painter
Elias van den Broeck 1649-1708 Dutch Painter
Jean-Baptiste Corneille 1649-1695 French Painter
Johannes Hanias 1650 German Engraver
Jan Jansz. de Heem 1650-1695 Dutch Painter
Luisa Roldan 1650-1704 Spanish Sculptor
Salomon Rombouts 1650-1702 Dutch Painter
Jan Verkolje 1650-1693 Dutch Painter
Daniel Vosmaer 1650-1666 Dutch Painter
Balthasar Permoser 1651-1732 German Sculptor
Philipp Peter Roos 1651-1705 German Painter
Jean-Baptiste Santerre 1651-1717 French Painter
Giambattista Foggini 1652-1725 Italian Sculptor
Anton Domenico Gabbiani 1652-1726 Italian Painter
Jan Wyck 1652-1700 Dutch Painter
Johannes Kip 1653-1722 Dutch Printmaker
Gaspar van Wittel 1653-1736 Dutch Painter
Antonio Bellucci 1654-1726 Italian Painter
Giuseppe Chiari 1654-1727 Italian Painter
Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole 1654-1719 Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste Huysmans 1654-1716 Flemish Painter
Jan van Kessel the Younger 1654-1708 Dutch Painter
Louis de Boullogne 1654-1733 French Painter
Giuseppe Passeri 1654-1714 Italian Writer/Painter
Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli 1654-1735 Italian Sculptor
Jacobus Vrel 1654-1662 Dutch Painter
Giuseppe Ghislandi 1655-1743 Italian Painter
Esteban Marquez de Velasco 1655-1696 Spanish
Antonio Molinari 1655-1704 Italian Painter
Hendrick Frans Verbruggen 1655-1724 Flemish Sculptor
Jan van Call I 1656-1703 Dutch Printmaker
Nicolaes Lachtropius 1656-1700 Dutch Painter
Massimiliano Soldani 1656-1740 Italian Sculptor
Jan Vermeer III 1656-1705 Dutch Painter
Ferdinando Galli Bibiena 1657-1743 Italian Designer
Jacob de Heusch 1657-1701 Dutch Painter
Pierre Etienne Monnot 1657-1733 French Painter/Sculptor
Francesco Solimena 1657-1747 Italian Painter
Ilario Spolverini 1657-1734 Italian
Joseph Vivien 1657-1734 French Painter
Nicolas Coustou 1658-1733 French Sculptor
Camillo Rusconi 1658-1728 Italian Sculptor
Francesco Galli Bibiena 1659-1739 Italian Designer
Michael Dahl 1659-1743 Swedish Painter
Hyacinthe Rigaud 1659-1743 French Painter
Adriaen van der Werff 1659-1722 Dutch Painter
Jakob Bogdany 1660-1724 Hungarian Painter
Adriaen Coorte 1660-1707 Dutch Painter
Marmaduke Cradock 1660-1717 British Painter
Cornelis Dusart 1660-1704 Dutch Painter
Antonio Giorgetti 1660s Italian Sculptor
Jan van Mieris 1660-1690 Dutch Painter
Antoine Coypel 1661-1722 French Painter
Alexandre-Francois Desportes 1661-1743 French Painter
Jan Frans van Bloemen 1662-1749 Flemish Painter
Jean de la Croix I 1662-1712 French Textile Artist
Paolo de' Matteis 1662-1728 Italian Painter
Willem van Mieris 1662-1747 Dutch Painter
Nicola Malinconico 1663-1721 Italian Painter
Alessandro Marchesini 1663-1738 Italian Painter
Johann Melchior Dinglinger 1664-1731 German Jeweller
Jonathan Richardson I 1664-1745 English Painter
Rachel Ruysch 1664-1750 Dutch Painter
Andreas Schluter 1664-1714 German Sculptor
Giuseppe Torretti 1664-1743 Italian Sculptor
Luca Carlevaris 1665-1731 Italian Painter
Giuseppe Maria Crespi 1665-1747 Italian Painter
Jean-Louis Lemoyne 1665-1755 French Sculptor
Giovanni Richter 1665-1745 Swedish Painter
Pieter van der Werff 1665-1722 Dutch Painter
Antonio Balestra 1666-1740 Italian Painter
Pierre Le Gros II 1666-1719 French Sculptor
Robert Le Lorrain 1666-1743 French Sculptor
Georg Philipp Rugendas I 1666-1742 German Painter
Jan Kupecky 1667-1740 Bohemian Painter
Jakob Christof Le Blon 1667-1741 German Painter
Isaac de Moucheron 1667-1744 Dutch Painter
Cristoforo Munari 1667-1720 Italian Painter
Antoine Rivalz 1667-1735 French Painter
Robert Tournieres 1667-1752 French Painter
Jean Thierry 1669-1739 French Sculptor
Franciscus Gijsbrechts 1670s Flemish Painter
Jacob van Schuppen 1670-1751 Austrian Painter
Donato Creti 1671-1749 Italian Painter
Philip van Kouwenbergh 1671-1729 Dutch
Rene Fremin 1672-1744 French Sculptor
Charles Jervas 1675-1739 Irish Painter
Sir James Thornhill 1675-1734 English Painter
Dirk van Valkenburg 1675-1721 Dutch Painter
Guillaume Coustou the Elder 1677-1746 French Sculptor
Thomas Forster 1677-1713 English Draughtsman
Giuseppe Antonio Petrini 1677-1755 Swiss Painter
Alexis Grimou 1678-1733 French Painter
Filippo Juvarra 1678-1736 Italian Architect
Sebastiano Conca 1680-1764 Italian Painter
Ivan Nikitin 1680-1742 Russian Painter
William Aikman 1682-1731 Scottish Painter
Jean Baptiste van Loo 1684-1745 Flemish Painter
Antonio Montauti 1685-1740 Italian Sculptor
Kosmas Damian Asam 1686-1739 German Sculptor
Giovanni Battista Crosato 1686-1758 Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste Oudry 1686-1755 French Painter
Jacques de la Joue II 1687-1761 French Painter
Gaspare Diziani 1689-1767 Italian Painter
Giuseppe Bazzani 1690-1769 Italian Painter
Egid Quirin Asam 1692-1750 German Sculptor
Johann Christof Merck 1695-1726 German Painter
Giacomo Ceruti 1698-1767 Italian Painter
Filippo della Valle 1698-1768 Italian Sculptor
Etienne Jeaurat 1699-1789 French Painter
Ivan Vishnyakov 1699-1761 Russian Painter
Lambert-Sigisbert Adam 1700-1759 French Sculptor
Jean Daulle 1703-1763 French Printmaker
Giuseppe Angeli 1712-1798 Italian Painter
Gregorio Guglielmi 1714-1773 Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste Deshays 1729-1765 French Painter
Giuseppe Cades 1750-1799 Italian Painter



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