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Rococo Art

Europe, 1715 to 1774

Rococo Art succeeded Baroque Art in Europe. It was most popular in France, and is generally associated with the reign of King Louis XV (1715-1774). It is a light, elaborate and decorative style of art.

Quintessentially Rococo artists include Jean-Honore Fragonard, François Boucher, Jean-Antoine Watteau and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

Rococo was eventually replaced by Neoclassicism, which was the signature visual style of Napoleon in France and of the American revolution.

Chronological Listing of Rococo Era Artists
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Gregorio de Ferrari 1644-1726 Italian Painter
Nicolas de Largilliere 1656-1746 French Painter
Giacomo Serpotta 1656-1732 Italian Sculptor
Francesco Trevisani 1656-1746 Italian Painter
Sebastiano Ricci 1659-1734 Italian Painter
Michele Rocca 1666-1751 Italian Painter
Nicolas Bertin 1667-1736 French Painter
Claude-Augustin Cayot 1667-1722 French Sculptor
Alessandro Magnasco 1667-1749 Italian Painter
Antonio Corradini 1668-1752 Italian Sculptor
Rosalba Carriera 1675-1757 Italian Painter
Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini 1675-1741 Italian Painter
Jean Raoux 1677-1734 French Painter
Marcellus Laroon the Younger 1679-1772 English Painter
Michel-Ange Houasse 1680-1730 French Painter
Giacomo Amiconi 1682-1752 Italian Painter
Giovanni Batista Piazetta 1683-1754 Italian Painter
Jean-Antoine Watteau 1684-1721 French Painter
Jean-Marc Nattier 1685-1766 French Painter
Giovanni Battista Pittoni 1687-1767 Italian Painter
Paul de Lamerie 1688-1751 Dutch/English Silversmith
Francois Le Moyne 1688-1737 French Painter
Francesco Maria Schiaffino 1688-1763 Italian Sculptor
Nicolas Lancret 1690-1743 French Painter
Georg Raphael Donner 1693-1749 Austrian Sculptor
Jacques Dubois 1693-1763 French Furniture Artist
Charles-Antoine Coypel 1694-1752 French Painter
Corrado Giaquinto 1694-1765 Italian Painter
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater 1695-1736 French Painter
Jacob de Wit 1695-1754 Dutch Painter
Giovanni Marchiori 1696-1778 Italian Sculptor
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1696-1770 Italian Painter
Canaletto 1697-1768 Italian Painter
Nicola Salvi 1697-1751 Italian Sculptor
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin 1699-1779 French Painter
Gian Antonio Guardi 1699-1761 Italian Painter
Giovan Maria Morlaiter 1699-1781 Italian Sculptor
Giuseppe Nogari 1699-1766 Italian Painter
Joseph Blackburn 1700-1780 English/American Painter
Charles Joseph Natoire 1700-1777 French Painter
Luigi Vanvitelli 1700-1773 Italian Architect
Thomas Hudson 1701-1779 English Painter
Pietro Longhi 1702-1785 Italian Painter
Louis-Francois Roubiliac 1702-1762 French/English Sculptor
Francesco Zuccarelli 1702-1788 Italian Painter
Francois Boucher 1703-1770 French Painter
Maurice Quentin de La Tour 1704-1788 French Painter
Andrea Casali 1705-1784 Italian Painter
Francoise Duparc 1705-1778 Spanish/French Painter
Pompeo Batoni 1708-1787 Italian Painter
Francesco Zugno 1708-1787 Italian Painter
Francesco Fontebasso 1709-1769 Italian Painter
Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain 1710-1795 French Sculptor
John Wollaston 1710-1775 English/American Painter
Francesco Guardi 1712-1793 Italian Painter
Domenico Maggiotto 1713-1794 Italian Painter
Allan Ramsay 1713-1784 Scottish Painter
Jean-Baptiste Pigalle 1714-1785 French Sculptor
Charles-Francois Hutin 1715-1776 French Sculptor
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau 1715-1783 French Painter
Aleksei Antropov 1716-1795 Russian Painter
Etienne-Maurice Falconet 1716-1791 French Sculptor
Bernardo Bellotto 1721-1780 Italian Painter
Charles Flipart 1721-1797 French Painter
Anna Dorothea Therbusch 1721-1782 German Painter
Sir Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792 English Painter
Jean-Baptiste Greuze 1725-1805 French Painter
Peder Als 1726-1776 Danish Painter
Thomas Gainsborough 1727-1788 English Painter
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 1727-1804 Italian Painter
Jean Baptiste Pillement 1728-1808 French Painter
Ivan Petrovich Argunov 1729-1802 Russian Painter
Paul Sandby 1730-1809 English Painter
Pierre Julien 1731-1804 French Sculptor
Jean-Honore Fragonard 1732-1806 French Painter
Hubert Robert 1733-1808 French Painter
Dmitrii Grigorevich Levitskii 1735-1822 Russian Painter
Fedor Rokotov 1735-1808 Russian Painter
Louis-Marin Bonnet 1736-1793 French Engraver
Niclas Lafrensen 1737-1807 French Painter
Georg David Matthieu 1737-1778 German Painter
Clodion 1738-1814 French Sculptor
John Smart 1741-1811 English Miniaturist
Richard Cosway 1742-1821 English Miniaturist
Piat-Joseph Sauvage 1744-1818 Flemish Painter
Anne Vallayer-Coster 1744-1818 French Painter
Marie Anne Gerard Fragonard 1745-1823 French Painter
Jean-Baptiste Marie Huet 1745-1811 French Painter
Francisco de Goya 1746-1828 Spanish Painter/Printmaker
Luis Paret y Alcazar 1746-1799 Spanish Painter
Antonio Carnicero 1748-1814 Spanish Painter
Claude Hoin 1750-1817 French Painter
Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder 1751-1830 Austrian Painter
Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii 1757-1825 Russian Painter
Joseph-Charles Marin 1759-1834 French Sculptor
Giacomo Guardi 1764-1835 Italian Painter



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