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Europe, Mid to Late 16th Century

Mannerism, the artistic style which gained popularity in the period following the High Renaissance, takes as its ideals the work of Raphael and Michelangelo Buonarroti. It is considered to be a period of technical accomplishment but also of formulaic, theatrical and overly stylized work.

Mannerist Art is characterized by a complex composition, with muscular and elongated figures in complex poses. Discussing Michelangelo in his journal, Eugène Delacroix gives as good a description as any of the limitations of Mannerism:
"[A]ll that he has painted is muscles and poses, in which even science, contrary to general opinion, is by no means the dominant factor... He did not know a single one of the feelings of man, not one of his passions. When he was making an arm or a leg, it seems as if he were thinking only of that arm or leg and was not giving the slightest consideration to the way it relates with the action of the figure to which it belongs, much less to the action of the picture as a whole... Therein lies his great merit; he brings a sense of the grand and the terrible into even an isolated limb."

Prominent Members
In addition to Michelangelo, leading Mannerist artists included Rosso Fiorentino, Pontormo, and Parmigianino.

By the late 16th century, there were several anti-Mannerist attempts to reinvigorate art with greater naturalism and emotionalism. These developed into the Baroque style, which dominated the 17th century.

Chronological Listing of Mannerist Artists
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Amico Aspertini 1474-1552 Italian Painter
Masters of the Fontainebleau 16th Century French
Michelangelo Buonarroti 1475-1564 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo 1480-1548 Italian Painter
Il Pordenone 1484-1539 Italian Painter
Sebastiano del Piombo 1485-1547 Italian Painter
Domenico Beccafumi 1486-1551 Italian Painter
Jacopo Sansovino 1486-1570 Italian Sculptor
Alonso Berruguete 1488-1561 Spanish Painter/Sculptor
Correggio 1489-1534 Italian Painter
Baccio Bandinelli 1493-1560 Italian Sculptor
Pontormo 1494-1556 Italian Painter
Rosso Fiorentino 1494-1540 Italian Painter
Diego de Siloe 1495-1563 Spanish Sculptor/Architect
Giulio Romano 1499-1546 Italian Painter
Polidoro da Caravaggio 1500-1543 Italian Painter
Benvenuto Cellini 1500-1571 Italian Sculptor/Goldsmith
Jan Sanders van Hemessen 1500-1566 Flemish Painter
Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli 1500-1569 Italian Painter
Andrea Schiavone 1500-1563 Italian Painter
Niccolo Tribolo 1500-1550 Italian Sculptor
Perino del Vaga 1501-1547 Italian Painter
Agnolo Bronzino 1503-1572 Italian Painter
Parmigianino 1503-1540 Italian Painter
Francesco Primaticcio 1504-1570 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Juan de Juni 1507-1577 French/Spanish Sculptor
Hans Speckaert Died C.1577 Flemish Painter
Andrea Palladio 1508-1580 Italian Architect
Danese Cattaneo 1509-1573 Italian Sculptor
Leone Leoni 1509-1590 Italian Sculptor
Daniele da Volterra 1509-1566 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Francois Clouet 1510-1572 French Painter
Jean Goujon 1510-1565 French Sculptor
Francesco Salviati 1510-1563 Italian Painter
Lambert Sustris 1510-1560 Dutch Painter
Bartolommeo Ammanati 1511-1592 Italian Sculptor
Giorgio Vasari 1511-1574 Italian Writer/Painter
Prospero Fontana 1512-1597 Italian Painter
Niccolo dell'Abbate 1512-1571 Italian Painter
Pirro Ligorio 1513-1583 Italian Architect
Parrasio Micheli 1516-1578 Italian Painter
Tintoretto 1518-1594 Italian Painter
Gaspar Becerra 1520-1570 Spanish Painter/Sculptor
Antoine Caron 1520-1598 French Painter
Giorgio Ghisi 1520-1582 Italian Engraver
Luis de Morales 1520-1586 Spanish Painter
Giovanni Battista Moroni 1520-1578 Italian Painter
Giuseppe Porta 1520-1575 Italian Painter
Bernardino Campi 1522-1591 Italian Painter
Antonio Campi 1524-1587 Italian Painter
Paolo Farinati 1524-1606 Italian Painter
Willem van Tetrode 1525-1580 Dutch Sculptor
Alessandro Vittoria 1525-1608 Italian Sculptor
Luca Cambiaso 1527-1585 Italian Painter
Pellegrino Tibaldi 1527-1596 Italian Painter
Paolo Veronese 1528-1588 Italian Painter
Valerio Cioli 1529-1599 Italian Sculptor
Giambologna 1529-1608 Flemish/Italian Sculptor
Bartolomeo Passerotti 1529-1592 Italian Painter
Taddeo Zuccaro 1529-1566 Italian Painter
Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1530-1593 Italian Painter
Cornelis van Dalem 1530-1573 Dutch Painter
Vincenzo Danti 1530-1576 Italian Sculptor
Germain Pilon 1530-1590 French Sculptor
Tommaso Manzuoli 1531-1571 Italian Painter
Sofonisba Anguissola 1532-1625 Italian Painter
Martin de Vos 1532-1603 Flemish Painter
Pompeo Leoni 1533-1608 Italian Sculptor
Alessandro Allori 1535-1607 Italian Painter
Federico Barocci 1535-1612 Italian Painter
Vincenzo Campi 1536-1591 Italian Painter
Giovan Paolo Lomazzo 1538-1600 Italian Painter
Lucia Anguissola 1540-1565 Italian Painter
Hubert Gerhard 1540-1620 Dutch Sculptor
Jacopo Zucchi 1540-1596 Italian Painter
El Greco 1541-1614 Greek/Spanish Painter
Federico Zuccaro 1542-1609 Italian Painter
Pierre Dumonstier 1545-1625 French Painter
Bartholomeus Spranger 1546-1611 Flemish Painter
Jacopo Ligozzi 1547-1627 Italian Painter
Diana Scultori 1547-1612 Italian Engraver
Peter de Witte 1548-1628 Flemish Painter
Pietro Francavilla 1548-1615 Italian Sculptor
Karel van Mander 1548-1606 Dutch Writer/Painter
Palma Giovane 1548-1628 Italian Painter
Francesco Bassano 1549-1592 Italian Painter
Il Nosadella 1549-1571 Italian Painter
Giovanni Ambrogio Figino 1551-1608 Italian Painter
Hans von Aachen 1552-1615 German Painter
Lavinia Fontana 1552-1614 Italian Painter
Cristoforo Roncalli 1552-1626 Italian Painter
Marietta Robusti 1554-1590 Italian Painter
Otto van Veen 1556-1629 Flemish Painter
Leandro Bassano 1557-1622 Italian Painter
Adriaen de Vries 1560-1626 Dutch Sculptor
Pietro Bernini 1562-1629 Italian Sculptor
Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem 1562-1638 Dutch Painter
Abraham Bloemaert 1564-1651 Dutch Painter
Nicolas Cordier 1565-1612 French Sculptor
Camillo Mariani 1565-1611 Italian Sculptor
Joachim Antonisz. Wtewael 1566-1638 Dutch Painter
Giuseppe Cesari 1568-1640 Italian Painter
Giovanni Battista Crespi 1575-1633 Italian Painter
Stefano Maderno 1575-1636 Italian Sculptor
Georges Lallemant 1580-1636 French Painter
Francesco Mochi 1580-1654 Italian Sculptor
Panfilo Nuvolone 1581-1651 Italian Painter
Luis Juarez 1585-1638 Mexican Painter
Jacques Callot 1592-1635 French Engraver
Filippo Parodi 1630-1702 Italian Sculptor
Michael Lukas Leopold Willmann 1630-1706 German Painter
Antonio Carneo 1637-1692 Italian Painter



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