Must-See European Art Exhibitions for Summer 2010

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When planning your vacation this summer, be sure to make note of those temporary exhibitions that give you a rare peek at distant, private or widely dispersed collections of art. Some of these shows are truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With Europe being a cultural treasure trove with three times the population of the U.S., it was hard to limit this list to a manageable 20 exhibitions, but the result is a list of shows that promise to be popular, significant or intriguing enough to be worth boarding the TGV for. We're arranged them in an order stretching roughly in a north-to-south arc.

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Added July 10, 2010

Exhibition list:

Impressionism/Surrealism       Fakes, Mistakes & Discoveries       The Wyeth Family       Sargent & the Sea       Henry Moore       Pioneers of Modern Art       Thomas Demand       The Young Vermeer       Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective       William Kentridge       Masterpieces of Porcelain       Dutch Paintings of the Golden Age       Informel & Abstract Expressionism       Walton Ford       Graham/Trockel/Orozco       Thomas Struth       Caravaggio       Henri Rousseau       Turner & the Masters       Ghirlandaio & Florence      

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