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Matthew Paris1200-1259Manuscript Illuminator
George Gower1540-1596Painter
Portrait of Elizabeth Sydenham, Lady Drake
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John Bettes1545-1570Painter
Thomas Wentworth, 1st Baron Wentworth of Nettlestead, 1549
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Nicholas Hilliard1547-1619Miniaturist
Sir Francis Drake, 1581
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Robert Peake1551-1626Painter
A Gentleman Traditionally Identified As Sir Walter Raleigh
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Isaac Oliver1560-1617Miniaturist
Two Little girls, 1590
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Rowland Lockey1565-1616Painter
Inigo Jones1573-1652Architect
Banqueting House, Whitehall, Built in 1622
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William Larkin1580-1619Painter
Portrait of Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset
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Sir Nathaniel Bacon1585-1627Painter
Nicholas Stone1586-1647Sculptor/Architect
John Hoskins1590-1665Miniaturist
Cornelius Johnson1593-1661Painter
Portrait Of A Gentleman
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John Souch1594-1644Painter
Pieter de Molyn1595-1661Painter
John Hayls1600-1679Painter
Portrait of Samuel Pepys
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Palamedes Palamedesz.1607-1638Painter
Palamedes Palamedesz: Battle Scene at Lutzen, 1632
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Samuel Cooper1609-1672Miniaturist
Miniature of James II as the Duke of York, 1661
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David Des Granges1611-1675Painter
William Dobson1611-1646Painter
Portrait Of King Charles I
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John Michael Wright1617-1694Painter
A Highland Chieftain: Lord Mungo Murray (1668-1700)
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Sir Peter Lely1618-1680Painter
Barbara Villiers, as St. Catherine of Alexandria
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Gilbert Jackson1621-1642Painter
Francis Barlow1626-1704Painter
Frontispiece of 'Plutarch's Lives'
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John Bushnell1630-1701Sculptor
Richard Gaywood1630-1680Printmaker
Sir Christopher Wren1632-1723Architect
St. Paul's Cathedral During the Blitz of London
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Mary Beale1633-1699Painter
Isaac Sailmaker1633-1721 
The Eddystone Lighthouse
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David Loggan1635-1692Painter
St. Paul's Cathedral
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Edward Pearce1635-1695Sculptor
Henry Gyles1640-1709Glass Painter
John Greenhill1642-1676Painter
Robert White1645-1703Engraver
Title page from The History of the Reformation of the Church of England
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Sir Godfrey Kneller1646-1723Painter
Samuel Pepys
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John Riley1646-1691Painter
Portrait of Samuel Pepys
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Francis Place1647-1728Engraver
Marmaduke Cradock1660-1717Painter
Peacock and Pheasant
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Jonathan Richardson I1664-1745Painter
Alexander Pope and His Dog, Bounce
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Sir James Thornhill1675-1734Painter
Detail of George I from the Painted Hall, Greenwich
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Thomas Forster1677-1713Draughtsman
Marcellus Laroon the Younger1679-1772Painter
Charles Collins1680-1744 
Peter Monamy1681-1749Painter
A Man-O-War and a Sailing Boat
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Richard Phillips 1681-17411681-1741Painter
William Aikman1682-1731Painter
Mark Catesby1682-1749Painter
Mark Catesby: Butterfly Botanical I
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Bernard Lens1682-1740 
John Wootton1682-1764Painter
A Mounted Officer, Horsemen Beyond In A Landscape
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George Vertue1683-1756Engraver
Philip de Mornay, Count of Plessis
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John Harris1686-1740Engraver
Paul de Lamerie1688-1751Silversmith
John Smibert1688-1751Painter
Bartholomew Dandridge1691-1755Painter
Joseph Highmore1692-1780Painter
Mary, Countess of Shaftsbury and her Son
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John Michael Rysbrack1694-1770Sculptor
Statue of Queen Anne
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John Vanderbank1694-1739Painter
John Faber the Younger1695-1756Printmaker
Peter Pelham1695-1751Engraver
Cotton Mather
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Samuel Buck1696-1779 
Samuel Buck: Parliament House and Westminister Abbey
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William Hogarth1697-1764Painter/Printmaker
Marriage a La Mode II, Shortly after the Marriage
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Stephen Slaughter1697-1765Painter
Portrait of Lord Bowes of Clonlyon
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Gawen Hamilton1698-1737Painter
Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, and his family
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George Knapton1698-1778Painter
Portrait of Frances Macartney
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Joseph Blackburn1700-1780Painter
George Lambert1700-1765Painter
Thomas Spencer1700-1753Painter/Engraver
Thomas Worlidge1700-1766Painter
Portrait of Sappho
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Thomas Hudson1701-1779Painter
John Baptist Jackson1701-1780Printmaker
Louis-Francois Roubiliac1702-1762Sculptor
Sir Isaac Newton
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Samuel Scott1702-1772Painter
Custom House Quay
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James Seymour1702-1752Painter
James Seymour: Fox Hunting in Full Cry
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William Taverner1703-1772Painter
William Hoare1707-1792Painter
William Pitt The 'Elder', Later 1st Earl of Chatham
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John Devoto1708-1752 
Francis Hayman1708-1776Painter
Act V Scene vii from Shakespeare's 'King John'
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Jean Baptiste Claude Chatelain1710-1758Engraver
A View to The Grotto of The Serpentine River
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James Deacon1710-1750 
Thomas Frye1710-1762Painter
John Wollaston1710-1775Painter
Portrait of Thomas Ritchie, c.1765
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Arthur Devis1712-1787Painter
A Family Group on a Terrace in a Garden, 1749
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Thomas Carwitham1713-1733 
Allan Ramsay1713-1784Painter
Lady Holland, 1766
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Richard Wilson1713-1782Painter
View of the River Dee, c.1761
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Edward Penny1714-1791Painter
Richard Dalton1715-1791 
Henry Robert Morland1716-1797Painter
Alexander Cozens1717-1786Painter
Rocky Landscape
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Robert Edge Pine1720-1788Painter
King George II, 1759
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Charles Grignion1721-1810Engraver
Thomas Sandby1721-1798 
Westminster Hall and New Palace Yard
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Samuel Wale1721-1786Painter
The Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
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Benjamin Wilson1721-1788Painter
Portrait of Charles Watson-Wentworth
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Dominic Serres1722-1793Painter
The fourth action off Trincomalee between the English
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Joseph Wilton1722-1803Sculptor
English White Marble Bust Of Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727)
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Charles Brooking1723-1759Painter
Shipping Off the South Coast of England
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Gavin Hamilton1723-1798Painter
The Rape of Helen
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Sir Joshua Reynolds1723-1792Painter
Admiral Barrington
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Rev. William Gilpin1724-1804Painter
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George Stubbs1724-1806Painter
Stubbs: Zebra
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John Collet1725-1780 
George Whitefield preaching
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James Lambert1725-1779 
Thomas Patch1725-1782Painter
A Mediterranean Seaport
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Francis Swaine1725-1782Painter
Shipping On The River Thames
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Francis Cotes1726-1770Painter
Portrait of a Lady with a Statuette of Cupid
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Anthony Walker1726-1765Printmaker
Thomas Gainsborough1727-1788Painter
Thomas Gainsborough: The Morning Walk
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William Williams1727-1791Painter
Robert Adam1728-1792Architect/Designer
Robert Adam: Ornamenta
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George Barret Sr.1728-1784Painter
Anthony Devis1729-1816Painter
Francis Holman1729-1784Painter
James Basire1730-1802Printmaker
James Basire: Design for a Stone Bridge
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Balthazar Nebot1730-1765Painter
Richard Roper1730-1775Painter
Richard Roper: The Racehorse Regulus
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Paul Sandby1730-1809Painter
View of the City from the Terrace of Somerset House
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William Tomkins1730-1792Painter
Josiah Wedgwood1730-1795Potter
Wedgwood Medallions
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William Pether1731-1821Painter
John Inigo Richards1731-1810Painter
A View Of Westminster Abbey
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Sawrey Gilpin1733-1807Painter
Thomas Lawranson1733-1786Painter
Richard Brompton1734-1782Painter
Tilly Kettle1734-1786Painter
Portrait of Richard Kempenfelt Rear-Admiral of The Blue
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George Romney1734-1802Painter
Portrait of Ann Barbara Russell
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Joseph Wright of Derby1734-1797Painter
Wright of Derby: The Iron Forge
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Thomas Banks1735-1805Sculptor
Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland1735-1811Painter
Richard Cumberland
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Jeremiah Meyer1735-1789Painter
Jonathan Skelton1735-1759Painter
Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's, Rome
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Alexander Runciman1736-1785Painter
Joseph Nollekens1737-1823Sculptor
Thomas Beach1738-1806Painter
Julia Keathberry
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William Jones1738-1749Painter
Valentine Green1739-1813Engraver
John Hall 1739-17971739-1797Painter
Francis Towne1739-1816Painter
Rydal Water, 1786
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Richard Cooper Jr.1740-1814Painter
Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg1740-1812Painter
La Montagne, 1794
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Edward Haytley1740-1762Painter
William Marlow1740-1813Painter
A View Of The Thames At Southwark Looking Towards The City
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James Millar1740-1805 
Squire Morland
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Jacob More1740-1793Painter
Self Portrait, 1783
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John Hamilton Mortimer1740-1779Painter
Sergeant-At-Arms Bonfoy, His Son, And John Clementson
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George Dance II1741-1825Painter/Architect
John Henry Fuseli1741-1825Painter
The Nightmare
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Nicholas Pocock1741-1821Painter
John Skippe1741-1811 
John Smart1741-1811Miniaturist
Richard Cosway1742-1821Miniaturist
Mrs Joseph Smith
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Ozias Humphrey1742-1810Painter
Portrait of Bridger Seward with a Cricket Bat
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Thomas Jones1742-1803Painter
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William Pars1742-1782Painter
An Italian Villa
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John Francis Rigaud1742-1810Painter
George Beare1743-1749Painter
Portrait of an Elderly Lady and a Young Girl
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Richard Earlom1743-1822Printmaker
David Allan1744-1796Painter
David Allan: Portrait of William Inglis
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Thomas Hearne1744-1817Painter
Furness Abbey, Lancashire
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William Hodges1744-1797Painter
India River Pavilions I
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Thomas Sunderland1744-1828 
Robert Fagan1745-1816 
Sylvester Harding1745-1809Painter
The Picnic, La Collation, 1772
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W. Oram1745-1777Painter
John Russell1745-1806Painter
A Market Girl Holding A Mallard Duck, 1787
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John Bogle1746-1803 
James Northcote1746-1831Painter
Admiral Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood
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Michael Angelo Rooker1746-1801Painter
Michael Angelo Rooker: Landscapes 2 of 4
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Henry Walton1746-1813Painter
Hugh Barron1747-1791Painter
Joseph Farington1747-1821Painter
Francis Wheatley1747-1801Painter
Cries of London PL1
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Nicholas Thomas Dall1748-1776 
Anne Seymour Damer1748-1828Sculptor
Samuel de Wilde1748-1832Painter
John Pritt Harley as Pedrillo in The Castle of Andalusia
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Robert Dodd1748-1816Painter
The Battle of Trafalgar
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Francis Harwood1748-1783Sculptor
Thomas Daniell1749-1840Painter
Art Prints from
Philip Reinagle1749-1833Painter
Mrs Congreve and her children in their London drawing room
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John 'Warwick' Smith1749-1831Painter
Henry William Bunbury1750-1811Illustrator
Falstaff's Escape
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John Downman1750-1824Painter
George Engleheart1750-1829Painter
Daniel Gardner1750-1805Painter
Sir John Taylor and his Family
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Frances Scott1750-1817Painter
Samuel Shelley1750-1808 
Henry Tresham1750-1814Painter
Clara Wheatley1750-1838Painter
Heneage Finch, Fourth Earl of Aylesford1751-1812 
John Cranch1751-1821Painter
William Hamilton1751-1801Painter
William Hamilton: Greek Vases
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James Jefferys1751-1784 
John Webber1751-1793Painter
View Near Matavai Bay, Otaheite
Art Prints from
John Robert Cozens1752-1797Painter
Chamonix and Martigny
Art Prints from
Robert Dighton1752-1814Painter
The First Day Of Term - Or The Devil Among Lawyers
Art Prints from
Robert Smirke1752-1845Painter/Illustrator
Odysseus and Circe
Art Prints from
John Raphael Smith1752-1812Painter
Sir George Howland Beaumont1753-1827Painter
Sir William Beechey1753-1839Painter
Warren Hastings at His Desk
Art Prints from
Thomas Bewick1753-1828Engraver
The Stag or Red-Deer
Art Prints from
Francis Nicholson1753-1844Painter
View towards King Alfred's Tower, Stourhead
Art Prints from
Sir John Soane1753-1837Architect
Benjamin Thompson1753-1814Painter
Gainsborough Dupont1754-1797Painter
Three Daughters of King George III
Art Prints from
William Russell Birch1755-1834Painter
Henry Bone1755-1834 
The Hon. Mrs Thomas Hope in a Red Velvet Dress
Art Prints from
John Flaxman1755-1826Sculptor
Electra and Chorus Bearing Vessels For Libation
Art Prints from
Prince Hoare1755-1834Painter
Robert Laurie1755-1836 
Robert Pollard1755-1838Painter
Thomas Stothard1755-1834Painter
General Nathaniel Green
Art Prints from
Samuel Alken Sr.1756-1815Painter
Isaac Cruikshank1756-1811Illustrator
Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia
Art Prints from
Abraham Pether1756-1812Painter
Sir Henry Raeburn1756-1823Painter
The Paterson Children
Art Prints from
Thomas Rowlandson1756-1827Illustrator
Richardson's Theatre
Art Prints from
William Blake1757-1827Writer/Painter/Illustrator
William Blake: Ancient of Days
Art Prints from
Richard Corbould1757-1831 
William Doughty1757-1782Painter
James Gillray1757-1815Illustrator
The Liberty of the Subject
Art Prints from
Thomas Hardy1757-1805Painter
Off Calais
Art Prints from
Sir Richard Colt Hoare1758-1838 
John Hoppner1758-1810Painter
Etching of Viscount Horatio Nelson from Hop Orig
Art Prints from
Alexander Nasmyth1758-1840Painter
Annefield with Glasgow beyond
Art Prints from
John Deare1759-1798Sculptor
Young Man Holding a Disc
Art Prints from
Julius Caesar Ibbetson1759-1817Painter
A Drawnet at Tenby
Art Prints from
Thomas Luny1759-1837Painter
Sir Edward Hawke defeating Admiral M. de Conflans
Art Prints from
Dr. Thomas Monro1759-1833Painter
John Nost Sartorius1759-1828Painter
Two Couples Of Hounds In A Park
Art Prints from
John Thomas Serres1759-1825Painter
The Coast Of France Around Brest, 1801
Art Prints from
Lemuel Francis Abbott1760-1803Painter
Lemuel Francis Abbott: Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson
Art Prints from
Edward Francis Burney1760-1848 
The Waltz
Art Prints from
Maria Cosway1760-1838Painter
Portrait Of The Hon
Art Prints from
George Garrard1760-1826 
Portrait of a liver and white pointer
Art Prints from
Francis Guy1760-1820Painter
William Payne1760-1830Painter
Thomas Whitcombe1760-1824Painter
Destruction of the French Fleet at Toulon
Art Prints from
George Montard Woodward1760-1809Illustrator
Quack Doctor
Art Prints from
John Laporte1761-1839 
John Opie1761-1807Painter
Boadicea Haranguing The Britons
Art Prints from
Guy Head1762-1800Painter
Art Prints from
John White Abbott1763-1851Painter
John White Abbott: Langdale Pikes
Art Prints from
George Arnald1763-1841Painter
Egyptian Campaign Battle of the Nile
Art Prints from
William Artaud1763-1823 
Edward Dayes1763-1804Painter
Bulwell Hall, Nottingham
Art Prints from
Daniel Dodd1763-1791 
Murderer Exposed in the Old Bailey, London
Art Prints from
George Morland1763-1804Painter
George Morland: Farmyard
Art Prints from
John Henderson1764-1843Painter
Benjamin Henry Latrobe1764-1820Architect
Capitol of the United States
Art Prints from
Samuel Drummond1765-1844 
Sir Mark Isambard Brunel c. 1835
Art Prints from
Samuel Howitt1765-1822Painter
North America Bear Hunt
Art Prints from
John Claude Nattes1765-1822 
View of The Pont du Chatelet and Notre-Dame Cathedral, 1810
Art Prints from
Archibald Robertson1765-1835Painter
Alexander Hamilton
Art Prints from
Elizabeth Leveson-Gower, Countess of Sutherland1765-1839Painter
Richard Westall1765-1836Painter
Salamanca, from The Victories of the Duke of Wellington
Art Prints from
Henry Singleton1766-1839Painter
Hector Heaves a Boulder at the Greek Camp
Art Prints from
John Thomas Smith1766-1833 
View of the Home of Sir Paul Pindar, 1810
Art Prints from
William Alexander1767-1816Painter
William Alexander: Great Wall of China
Art Prints from
Rev. William Henry Barnard1767-1818Painter
George Barret Jr.1767-1842Painter
Joshua Cristall1767-1847Painter
John Glover1767-1849Painter
Aboriginal Coroboree in Van Diemen's Land
Art Prints from
John Hassell1767-1825 
Bonaparte's Mal-Maison at St. Helena, 1821
Art Prints from
William Locke Jr. of Norbury1767-1847Painter
Thomas Buttersworth1768-1828Painter
Euryalus, Thunderer and Ajax
Art Prints from
John Crome1768-1821Painter
Shepherd and His Dog Watching over a Flock of Sheep
Art Prints from
Henry Edridge1768-1821Painter
Benjamin Marshall1768-1835Painter
Thomas Mellish
Art Prints from
Robert Willoughby1768-1843 
Thomas Barker of Bath1769-1847Painter
Benjamin Burnell1769-1828Painter
William Daniell1769-1837Painter
Art Prints from
Robert Field1769-1819Painter
Robert Hills1769-1844Painter
Peter La Cave1769-1806Painter
Robert Ladbrooke1769-1842Painter
Sir Thomas Lawrence1769-1830Painter
Lawrence: Miss Peel
Art Prints from
William Owen1769-1825Painter
The Hudson Family
Art Prints from
William Henry Pyne1769-1843Painter
Queen Mary's State Bed Chamber, Hampton Court
Art Prints from
James Ward1769-1859Painter
Art Prints from
Henry Bernard Chalon1770-1849 
George Clint1770-1854Painter
Sir Giles Overreach in a New Way to Pay Old Debts
Art Prints from
Thomas Phillips1770-1845Painter
Portrait of Lord Byron
Art Prints from
J. Pringle1770-1818Painter
William Young Ottley1771-1836 
Paul Storr1771-1844Sculptor/Designer
William Henry Brooke1772-1860 
Slaves Shipping Cotton by Torch-Light
Art Prints from
William Foster1772-1812 
Amelia Long1772-1837Painter
Thomas Richard Underwood1772-1836Painter
Rev. Richard Hume Lancaster1773-1853 
Paul Sandby Munn1773-1845 
Charles White 1773-17941773-1794Painter
Hugh William Williams1773-1829Painter
George Chinnery1774-1852Painter
View of Macao, China
Art Prints from
Charles Turner1774-1857Painter
Miles Walters1774-1849Painter
Thomas Weaver1774-1843Painter
The White Heifer That Travelled
Art Prints from
J. Anderson19th CenturySculptor
John Augustus Atkinson1775-1833Painter
The Battle of Waterloo, June 18th 1815
Art Prints from
James Bourne1775-1863Painter
Entrance to Locomotive Engine House Camden Town
Art Prints from
Dr. William Crotch1775-1847Printmaker
William Alfred Delamotte1775-1863 
Thomas Girtin1775-1802Painter
Rainbow on the Exe
Art Prints from
Lady Gordon1775-1867Painter
Thomas Heaphy1775-1835Painter
Ramsay Richard Reinagle1775-1862Painter
Two Boys in Green and Red Velvet Suits
Art Prints from
Robert Salmon1775-1845Painter
Boston Harbor, 1843
Art Prints from
Richard Taylor1775-1791 
Joseph Mallord William Turner1775-1851Painter
Fighting Temeraire
Art Prints from
William Winstanley1775-1806Painter
President John Adams
Art Prints from
John Constable1776-1837Painter
On The Thames Near Battersea Bridge
Art Prints from
Joshua Shaw1776-1860Painter
Lady Wharncliffe1776-1853 
Thomas Christopher Hofland1777-1843 
Edward Hawke Locker1777-1849Painter
Government House at Malacca
Art Prints from
James Lonsdale1777-1839Painter
Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
Art Prints from
Sir Robert Ker Porter1777-1842Painter
Capture of Azov, 18th May 1696
Art Prints from
John Jackson1778-1831Painter
Ann Sanders1778Painter
John Varley1778-1842Painter
Lake Scene
Art Prints from
Thomas Birch1779-1851Painter
Representation of the US Frigate, Constitution
Art Prints from
Sir Augustus Wall Callcott1779-1844Painter
Brisk Gale, Dutch East-Indiaman Landing Passengers
Art Prints from
George Cuitt Jr.1779-1854Painter
James Barenger1780-1831Painter
James Warren Childe1780-1862 
Samuel Colman 1780-18451780-1845Painter
George Perfect Harding1780-1853 
Portrait of Philip II of Spain
Art Prints from
John Wesley Jarvis1780-1840Painter
John Wesley Jarvis: President Andrew Jackson
Art Prints from
Samuel Lane1780-1859 
Vice Admiral Robert Fitzroy
Art Prints from
John Preston Neale1780-1847 
Joseph Powell1780-1834Painter
William P. Sherlock1780-1821 
Joseph Constantin Stadler1780-1812Printmaker
The Procession at Freemasons' Hall, London
Art Prints from
Andrew Wilson1780-1848 
Leith Roads with Shipping
Art Prints from
Alfred Chalon1781-1860Painter
Flora and Zephyr
Art Prints from
Sir Francis Legatt Chantrey1781-1841Sculptor
George Cooke1781-1834Engraver
Milo of Crotona
Art Prints from
George Dawe1781-1829Painter
Field Marshal Prince Von Blucher
Art Prints from
William John Huggins1781-1845Painter
A Two Decker off Gibraltar
Art Prints from
Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe1781-1851 
Cornelius Varley1781-1873Painter
Market Place, Hereford, 1803
Art Prints from
William Westall1781-1850Painter
Part of St. Peter's College (Peterhouse), Cambridge
Art Prints from
William Allan1782-1850Painter
Lord Byron reposing after having swum the Hellespont
Art Prints from
John Sell Cotman1782-1842Painter
The Mill
Art Prints from
John Ferneley I1782-1860Painter
Thomas Wilkinson with the Hurworth
Art Prints from
William Havell1782-1857Painter
Sion House
Art Prints from
George Robert Lewis1782-1871 
Henry Moses1782-1870 
Etruscan Earthenware IV
Art Prints from
Frederick Nash1782-1856 
Lady Susan Elizabeth Percy1782-1847Painter
Henry William Pickersgill1782-1875Painter
Isaac Pocock1782-1835Painter
John Simpson1782-1847Painter
Daniel Turner1782-1817Painter
Westminster Bridge
Art Prints from
Thomas Uwins1782-1857Painter
Westminster Abbey
Art Prints from
David Cox1783-1859Painter
Windermere During The Regatta, 1832
Art Prints from
John Cox Dillman Engleheart1783-1862Painter
Andrew Geddes1783-1844Painter
Samuel Prout1783-1852Painter
Prison Hulks on the Thames
Art Prints from
Thomas Sully1783-1872Painter
Portrait Of A Girl Reading, 1842
Art Prints from
John Burnet1784-1868Engraver
Samuel Collings1784-1789 
Picturesque Beauties of Boswell
Art Prints from
Peter de Wint1784-1849Painter
Art Prints from
Henry Thomas Alken1785-1851Painter
Over the Fence II
Art Prints from
John Scandrett Harford1785-1866 
John Baverstock Knight1785-1859 
Sir William Newton1785-1869Painter
Sir David Wilkie1785-1841Painter
The Reading of a Will
Art Prints from
William Frederick Witherington1785-1865 
Gathering Watercress on the River Mole, Surrey
Art Prints from
Heneage Finch, Fifth Earl of Aylesford1786-1859 
William Derby1786-1847Painter
Alexander Fraser1786-1865Painter
Benjamin Robert Haydon1786-1846Painter
Portrait of William Wordsworth 1842
Art Prints from
William Hilton the Younger1786-1839Painter
George Jones1786-1869Painter
William James Bennett1787-1844 
Niagara Falls
Art Prints from
Abraham Cooper1787-1868Painter
Abraham Cooper: Hunting Scene in the Counties
Art Prints from
Henry Corbould1787-1844Painter
William Etty1787-1849Painter
The Deluge
Art Prints from
Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding1787-1855Painter
Harlech Castle, 1820
Art Prints from
George Henry Harlow1787-1819Painter
Mrs. Weddel and Children
Art Prints from
Frederick Mackenzie1787-1854 
Frederick Mackenzie: Bank Parlor
Art Prints from
Patrick Nasmyth1787-1831Painter
Art Prints from
William Shayer Sr.1787-1879Painter
William Shayer: Racing Incidents
Art Prints from
Edward Hodges Baily1788-1867Sculptor
Maternal Affection, 1837
Art Prints from
James Burnet1788-1816Painter
William Collins1788-1847Painter
The Blue Waters of Plymouth
Art Prints from
Sir John Watson Gordon1788-1864Painter
A Portrait Of Robert Baird Of Auchmedden
Art Prints from
William Home Lizars1788-1859Painter
George Fennel Robson1788-1833Painter
Southwark Bridge And Saint Paul's Cathedral
Art Prints from
John Martin1789-1854Painter
Satan presiding at the Infernal Council
Art Prints from
William Turner of Oxford1789-1862Painter
Mary Millicent Chaplin1790-1858Painter
John Gibson1790-1866Sculptor
Land Fall, 2005
Art Prints from
William Henry Hunt1790-1864Painter
Plucking the fowl
Art Prints from
David Charles Read1790-1851Painter
Henry Perronet Briggs1791-1844Painter
Sir Thomas Young
Art Prints from
William Linton1791-1876 
View of the Tiber and the Roman Campagna, 1829
Art Prints from
George Cruikshank1792-1878Illustrator
Monstrosities of 1818
Art Prints from
Sir George Hayter1792-1871Painter
John Charles, 3rd Earl Spencer
Art Prints from
John Linnell1792-1882Painter
Four Poster Bed, in the Chinese style
Art Prints from
James Pollard1792-1867Painter
James Pollard: Fox-Hunter's Meeting
Art Prints from
Ferdinand Becker1793-1825 
Augustus Earle1793-1838Painter
A Government Jail Gang, Sydney
Art Prints from
Sir Charles Lock Eastlake1793-1865Painter
Robert Havell1793-1878Painter/Printmaker
Art Prints from
William Andrews Nesfield1793-1881Painter
Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
Art Prints from
Edmund Thomas Parris1793-1873 
The Coronation Of Queen Victoria, C.1838
Art Prints from
Joseph Severn1793-1879Painter
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Art Prints from
Clarkson Frederick Stanfield1793-1867Painter
On the Dogger Bank, 1846
Art Prints from
John Zephaniah Bell1794-1883Painter
Anne Brownell Jameson1794-1860Writer
Charles Robert Leslie1794-1859Painter
The Duke of Wellington Studying a Bust of Napoleon
Art Prints from
Gilbert Stuart Newton1794-1835Painter
Portrait of Walter Scott
Art Prints from
Samuel William Reynolds Jr.1794-1872Painter
Sir William Charles Ross1794-1860Painter
James Stark1794-1859Painter
Cattle Grazing
Art Prints from
Henry Wyatt1794-1840Painter
William Behnes1795-1864Sculptor
Stephen Poyntz Denning1795-1864Painter
Richard Dighton1795-1880 
Three Gentlemen Greeting Each Other
Art Prints from
Walter Geikie1795-1837Painter
Fishing Boats in Leith, Scotland
Art Prints from
William Heath1795-1840Illustrator
The Battle of Toulouse
Art Prints from
John Frederick Herring1795-1865Painter
Pharoah's Horses
Art Prints from
William Tombleson1795-1835 
Seat of Lord Halesby
Art Prints from
David Roberts1796-1864Painter
David Roberts: Great Temple of Abu Simbel
Art Prints from
Christina Robertson1796-1854Painter
Portrait of Furstin Susupolt
Art Prints from
Antoine Claudet1797-1867Photographer
William Henry Fox Talbot
Art Prints from
James Duffield Harding1797-1863Painter
Thomas Churchyard1798-1865 
William Harvey1798-1866Engraver
Discovery Of The Circulation Of Blood, 1628
Art Prints from
Frederick Richard Lee1798-1879 
John Graham Lough1798-1876Sculptor
Anna Atkins1799-1871Photographer
Edward Calvert1799-1883Painter
John Wilson Ewbank1799-1847 
James Holland1799-1870Painter
A Rose
Art Prints from
Charles Landseer1799-1879Painter
Mary Martha Pearson1799-1871 
Sir William Boxall1800-1879Painter
John Wilson Carmichael1800-1868Painter
John Wilson Carmichael: The Brayford Pool And Lincoln Cathedral
Art Prints from
John Hayter1800-1891 
Portraits of The Children of The Rev.Joseph Arkwright
Art Prints from
Frederick Yeates Hurlstone1800-1869Painter
Thomas Henry NicholsonDied 1870Illustrator
James Baker Pyne1800-1870Painter
South Corridor, Windsor Castle, 1838
Art Prints from
William Henry Fox Talbot1800-1877Photographer
Articles of Glass
Art Prints from
Thomas Webster1800-1886Painter
A Musical Evening
Art Prints from
Thomas Cole1801-1848Painter
Thomas Cole: River in the Catskills
Art Prints from
Samuel Cousins1801-1887Engraver
William A. Wilson1801-1836Painter
John Wood1801-1870Painter
Thomas Woodward1801-1852 
Richard Beard1802-1885Photographer
Richard Parkes Bonington1802-1828Painter
Self Portrait
Art Prints from
David Octavius Hill1802-1870Painter/Photographer
Fishermen Ashore
Art Prints from
George Lance1802-1864Painter
George Lance: The Village Coquette
Art Prints from
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer1802-1873Painter
Dignity and Impudence
Art Prints from
David Lucas1802-1881 
Andrew Morton1802-1845Painter
George Philip Reinagle1802-1835Painter
Thomas Shotter Boys1803-1874Engraver
The Horseguards And Company
Art Prints from
George Chambers1803-1840Painter
A View Of Saint Paul's From The Thames
Art Prints from
Thomas Sidney Cooper1803-1902Painter
Thomas Sidney Cooper: Sheep in the Water Meadows
Art Prints from
Edward Duncan1803-1882Painter
Lifeboat Going to the Aid of a Sailing Ship
Art Prints from
Sir Francis Grant1803-1878Painter
Sir Francis Grant: John Whyte-Melville of Bennochy
Art Prints from
Charles Cooper Henderson1803-1877Painter
John Prescott Knight1803-1881 
Henry Liverseege1803-1832Painter
Henry Courtney Selous1803-1890Painter
Jerusalem in Her Grandeur
Art Prints from
Thomas Allom1804-1872Painter
Garden of The Imperial Palace, Peking
Art Prints from
George Baxter1804-1867Printmaker
View of the Crystal Palace
Art Prints from
John Scarlett Davis1804-1845Painter
The Dews of Evening
Art Prints from
G.W. Gent1804-1822Painter
William Leighton Leitch1804-1883Painter
Santa Maria della Salute from the Grand Canal, Venice
Art Prints from
John Frederick Lewis1804-1876Painter
Hareem Life, Constantinople
Art Prints from
Joseph Paul1804-1887Painter
Richard Redgrave1804-1888Painter
Young Lady Bountiful
Art Prints from
William Theed1804-1891Sculptor
Walter John Trower1804-1877 
Robert Brandard1805-1862 
Samuel Palmer1805-1881Painter
The Water-Organ, Tivoli
Art Prints from
Robert R. Whale1805-1887Painter
William Dyce1806-1864Painter
Joash Shooting the Arrow of Deliverance, 1844
Art Prints from
Solomon Alexander Hart1806-1881Painter
The Young Falconer, 1835
Art Prints from
George Harvey1806-1876Painter
Art Prints from
Joseph Murray Ince1806-1859Painter
William Frome Smallwood1806-1834 
Henry Burn1807-1884Painter
Thomas Duncan1807-1845Painter
Prince Charles Edward and the Highlanders Entering Edinburgh
Art Prints from
Paul Falconer Poole1807-1879Painter
Escape from Pompeii
Art Prints from
Henry Weekes1807-1877Sculptor
Thomas Chambers1808-1866Painter
Thomas Chambers: Hudson Valley, Sunset
Art Prints from
Joseph Bartholomew Kidd1808-1889 
William Henry Bartlett1809-1854Painter/Engraver
William Henry Bartlett: Fountain and Square of St. Sophia, Istanbul
Art Prints from
Dr. Hugh Welch Diamond1809-1886Photographer
Owen Jones1809-1874Architect/Designer
The Great Exhibition of 1851
Art Prints from
Dr. John Murray1809-1898Photographer
John Murray1809-1898Photographer
George Richmond1809-1896Painter
George Richmond: Amsterdam
Art Prints from
Elizabeth Rigby1809-1893Writer
Henry Bright1810-1873Painter
The Battle Between The Frogs And The Mice
Art Prints from
William Edward Frost1810-1877Painter
Life Study of The Male Figure
Art Prints from
Julia Emily Gordon1810-1896Painter
John Rogers Herbert1810-1890 
An Israeli Mother, 1857/1860
Art Prints from
Theodor von Holst1810-1844Painter
Illustration from 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley
Art Prints from
John Jabez Edwin Mayall1810-1901Photographer
Henry John Boddington1811-1865Painter
A View of Windsor Castle from the Thames
Art Prints from
Marshall Claxton1811-1881Painter
Edward William Cooke1811-1880Painter
Edward William Cooke: Venice
Art Prints from
Charles West Cope1811-1890Painter
Attempted arrest of 5 members of the House of Commons
Art Prints from
Thomas Creswick1811-1869Painter
Thomas Creswick: Fishing on the River Thames Near Eton
Art Prints from
Robert MacPherson1811-1872Photographer
William Bell Scott1811-1890Painter
Industry of the Tyne: Iron and Coal, 1861
Art Prints from
Samuel Walters1811-1882Painter
Samuel Walters: Portrait of the Isis
Art Prints from
William Callow1812-1908Painter
Leaning Tower, Bologna
Art Prints from
William Davis1812-1873Painter
Prize Bull
Art Prints from
Eden Upton Eddis1812-1901Painter
John William Hill1812-1879Painter
Study Of Fruit, 1877
Art Prints from
Samuel Laurence1812-1884 
First Study for The Portrait of George Eliot 1860
Art Prints from
William James Muller1812-1845Painter
Temple of Denderah, Upper Egypt
Art Prints from
Frances Flora Bond Palmer1812-1876 
Low Water in the Mississippi
Art Prints from
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin1812-1852Designer
Wallpaper Design For the House of Lords' Library
Art Prints from
George Arthur Fripp1813-1896Painter
Harry Hall1813-1882 
Harry Hall: Harry Hieover on Tilter
Art Prints from
Abraham Hulk1813-1897Painter
William Parrott1813-1869Painter
The Acrobats' Camp, Epsom Downs
Art Prints from
Oscar Gustave Rejlander1813-1875Photographer
Portrait of Lewis Carroll
Art Prints from
Thomas Miles Richardson Jr.1813-1890Painter
Figures On The Road Below Fort Leon, Sicily
Art Prints from
Thomas Clark1814-1883Painter
John Joseph Cotman1814-1878 
Joseph Durham1814-1877Sculptor
John Absolon1815-1895Painter
The Battlefield of Crecy, 26 August, 1346
Art Prints from
Richard Ansdell1815-1885Painter
Returning from The Hill, 1868
Art Prints from
Thomas Jones Barker1815-1882Painter
The Girls We Left Behind Us
Art Prints from
Hablot Knight Browne1815-1882Illustrator
Demons in a Churchyard
Art Prints from
Julia Margaret Cameron1815-1879Photographer
Julia Margaret Cameron: Portrait of a Child
Art Prints from
Alfred Elmore1815-1881Painter
The Proposal, 1860
Art Prints from
John Ferneley II1815-1862Painter
Benjamin Brecknell Turner1815-1894Photographer
A Street in Ludlow
Art Prints from
Francis Bedford1816-1894Photographer
An Excavated Temple at The Foot of The Sphinx
Art Prints from
Augustus Leopold Egg1816-1863Painter
Taming of the Shrew
Art Prints from
William Rimmer1816-1879Painter/Sculptor
Edward Matthew Ward1816-1879 
Charles II and Nell Gwynne
Art Prints from
Edward Armitage1817-1896Painter
Art Prints from
James Cameron1817-1882Painter
Richard Dadd1817-1886Painter
Sir Thomas Phillips in Eastern Costume
Art Prints from
William Charles Thomas Dobson1817-1898Painter
Walter Fitch1817-1892Painter
Parkman's Lily
Art Prints from
Sir John Gilbert1817-1897Painter
Last Sight of Old England
Art Prints from
John Callcott Horsley1817-1903Painter
The Reading Lesson
Art Prints from
John Leech1817-1864Illustrator
Mr Fezziwig's Ball, from A Christmas Carol
Art Prints from
Henry Nelson O'Neil1817-1880Painter
A Volunteer, 1860
Art Prints from
John Phillip1817-1867Painter
A Scottish Christening
Art Prints from
Alfred Stevens 1817-18751817-1875Painter/Sculptor
The Bath, c.1867
Art Prints from
George Frederic Watts1817-1904Painter/Sculptor
The Bowman Portrait of Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Art Prints from
William G. Yorke1817-1888Painter
William Nicoll Cresswell1818-1888Painter
Sir Francis Seymour Haden1818-1910Printmaker
Self Portrait, 1862
Art Prints from
Edward Lear1818-1888Painter/Illustrator
Philae on the Nile
Art Prints from
Thomas Falcon Marshall1818-1878Painter
The Emigrants
Art Prints from
George Mason1818-1872Painter
Duncan McFarlane1818-1865Painter
Charles Clifford1819-1863Photographer
Thomas Francis Dicksee1819-1895 
John Faed1819-1902Painter
Shakespeare and His Friends at the Mermaid Tavern
Art Prints from
Roger Fenton1819-1869Photographer
Incidents Of Camp Life Photographed In The Crimea
Art Prints from
John Anster Fitzgerald1819-1906Painter
Fairy Twilight
Art Prints from
William Powell Frith1819-1909Painter
William Powell Frith: The Railway Station
Art Prints from
Edwin Hayes1819-1904Painter
James Clarke Hook1819-1907Painter
Cornelius Jabez Hughes1819-1894Photographer
Henry le Jeune1819-1904Painter
Henry le Jeune: Burning Leaves
Art Prints from
Professor Henry Lewis1819-1904Painter
John Ruskin1819-1900Writer/Painter
Etna From Taormina
Art Prints from
Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait1819-1905Painter
Buck and Doe in the Adirondacks
Art Prints from
Henry Hawkins1820-1881 
John Frederick Herring Jr.1820-1907Painter
Art Prints from
William Huggins1820-1884Painter
A Lion in a Jungle Landscape
Art Prints from
Frederick Richard Pickersgill1820-1900Painter/Illustrator
Mother and Child with a poppy
Art Prints from
James Sant1820-1916Painter
Children in the Wood
Art Prints from
Sir John Tenniel1820-1914Illustrator
Alice Stretches at the Neck
Art Prints from
Robert Adamson1821-1848Photographer
Fishermen Ashore
Art Prints from
Hercules Brabazon Brabazon1821-1906Painter
Head of Goya
Art Prints from
Ford Madox Brown1821-1893Painter
The Last of England
Art Prints from
Alexander Gardner1821-1882Photographer
Abraham Lincoln, 1863
Art Prints from
Robert Mendham1821-1858Painter
Sir Joseph Noel Paton1821-1901Painter
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (The Story of Thomas Rhymer)
Art Prints from
Thomas Seddon1821-1856Painter
James Smetham1821-1889Painter/Writer
Saul Hiding Among the Stuff, 1866
Art Prints from
Samuel Bough1822-1878Painter
Fishing Party at Loch Achray
Art Prints from
Sir William Fettes Douglas1822-1891Painter
The Alchemist, 1853
Art Prints from
Alfred Downing Fripp1822-1895Painter
Francis Frith1822-1898Photographer
Fountains, Trafalgar Square, London
Art Prints from
Frederick Goodall1822-1904Painter
A Turkish Pasha
Art Prints from
Charles Stewart Harding1822-1894 
Lilly Martin Spencer1822-1902Painter
This Little Piggy Went To Market, 1857
Art Prints from
William Lindsay Windus1822-1907Painter
James Archer1823-1904Painter
James Archer: Which Hand Will You Take?
Art Prints from
Charles Bell Birch1823-1893Sculptor
Edwin Edwards1823-1879 
William Ford1823-1884Painter
William Gale1823-1909 
The Song of Miriam the Prophetess
Art Prints from
William Hart1823-1894Painter
Charles Samuel Keene1823-1891 
Storming Of Malakoff
Art Prints from
William Simpson1823-1899Painter
Hospital at Scutari, Detail of Florence Nightingale
Art Prints from
James Sherwood Westmacott1823-1900Sculptor
John R. Wildman1823-1839Painter
Daniel Alexander Williamson1823-1903Painter
General George Ernest Boulanger
Art Prints from
George Washington Wilson1823-1893Photographer
Henry Alexander Bowler1824-1903Painter
Eyre Crowe1824-1910Painter
Slave Market
Art Prints from
Richard Doyle1824-1883Illustrator
Fairy Procession
Art Prints from
Henry Heath1824-1828Illustrator
Man-Trap Warning
Art Prints from
George Elgar Hicks1824-1914Painter
George Elgar Hicks: Adelaide Maria
Art Prints from
John George Naish1824-1905Painter
Abraham Solomon1824-1862Painter
The Acquittal
Art Prints from
Eleanor Vere Boyle1825-1916Painter
Tommelise, from Thumbkinetta
Art Prints from
James Collinson1825-1881Painter
Myles Birket Foster1825-1899Painter
Myles Birket Foster: Pathway To The Water Meadows
Art Prints from
Alexander Munro1825-1871Sculptor
Erskine Nicol1825-1904Painter
The Mariner
Art Prints from
William Strutt1825-1915Painter
The Gamekeeper's Companion
Art Prints from
James Webb1825-1895 
The Lost Sheep
Art Prints from
Thomas Woolner1825-1892Sculptor
George Price Boyce1826-1897Painter
The Great Sphinx At Gizeh, 1862
Art Prints from
William Maw Egley1826-1916Painter
Flo Dombey in Captain Cuttle's Parlour
Art Prints from
Thomas Faed1826-1900Painter
The end of a happy day
Art Prints from
John Howard Griffiths1826-1898Painter
Robert Braithwaite Martineau1826-1869Painter
The Christmas Hamper
Art Prints from
William Notman1826-1891Photographer
William Burges1827-1881Architect/Designer
Walter Howell Deverell1827-1854Painter
The Dauphin Of France
Art Prints from
William Holman Hunt1827-1910Painter
Finding Jesus in the Temple - Detail
Art Prints from
Henry Hugh Armstead1828-1905Sculptor
James Campbell1828-1893Painter
The Solicitor's Office, 1857
Art Prints from
Charles Allston Collins1828-1873Painter
Lionel Bicknell Constable1828-1887Painter
James McDougal Hart1828-1901Painter
George Bernard O'Neill1828-1917Painter
George Bernard O'Neill: Harvesters
Art Prints from
Henry Pether1828-1865Painter
Moonlight on the Thames
Art Prints from
Edward Pritchett1828-1864Painter
Eastern Merchants at The Entrance to The Grand Canal
Art Prints from
Dante Gabriel Rossetti1828-1882Painter
Rossetti: Helen of Troy
Art Prints from
George Augustus Henry Sala1828-1896Printmaker
Frederic George Stephens1828-1907Painter
Henry Tanworth Wells1828-1903Painter
The Bird's Nest
Art Prints from
James Hayllar1829-1920Painter
The Thorn
Art Prints from
Thomas Hill1829-1908Painter
Yosemite Falls
Art Prints from
Edwin Long1829-1891Painter
Easter Vigil
Art Prints from
Henry Stacy Marks1829-1898Painter
Henry Stacy Marks: Manchurian Crane
Art Prints from
John Everett Millais1829-1896Painter
John Everett Millais: Ophelia
Art Prints from
Edward Moran1829-1901 
Passing Ambrose Lightship
Art Prints from
Frederick Sandys1829-1904Painter
Alcestis: A Portrait Of Lady Donaldson, 1877
Art Prints from
Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal1829-1862Painter
John Roddam Spencer Stanhope1829-1908Painter
Love and the Maiden
Art Prints from
Felice A. Beato1830-1904Photographer
Samurai with Raised Sword
Art Prints from
William Shakespeare Burton1830-1916Painter
John Cameron1830-1876 
Alfred William Hunt1830-1896Painter
John William Inchbold1830-1888Painter
Ferritet, Lake Geneva, 1882
Art Prints from
Samuel Phillips Jackson1830-1904Painter
Lord Frederic Leighton1830-1896Painter/Sculptor
Frederic Leighton: Winding the Skein
Art Prints from
Eadweard Muybridge1830-1904Photographer
Jockey on a Galloping Horse
Art Prints from
Charles S. Raleigh1830-1925 
Henry Peach Robinson1830-1901Photographer
Henry Wallis1830-1916Painter
The Death of Chatterton
Art Prints from
Joanna Boyce1831-1861Painter
John Brett1831-1902Painter
Glorious Sunset
Art Prints from
John George Brown1831-1913Painter
John George Brown: The Music Lesson, 1870
Art Prints from
Robert Howlett1831-1858Photographer
The Great Eastern, 1857
Art Prints from
Benjamin Williams Leader1831-1923Painter
Henry Moore 1831-18951831-1895Painter
Carlo Crivelli: Chesil Beach, Rain Clearing Off
Art Prints from
Philip Webb1831-1915Architect
Design for The Red House, Bexley Heath
Art Prints from
James Aumonier1832-1911Painter
Punting on the Thames
Art Prints from
Lewis Carroll1832-1898Writer/Photographer
Alice Pleasance Liddell As The Beggar Maid
Art Prints from
John Dawson-Watson1832-1892Painter
Charles Altamont Doyle1832-1893Illustrator
Self Portrait
Art Prints from
Keeley Halswelle1832-1891 
Waiting for the Blessing outside Rome
Art Prints from
Arthur Hughes1832-1915Painter
Arthur Hughes: Ophelia
Art Prints from
Charles Edward Johnson1832-1913Painter
Sussex Sheep Washing
Art Prints from
Sir William Quiller Orchardson1832-1910Painter
The Forest Pet, 1871
Art Prints from
Rebecca Solomon1832-1886Painter
The Love Letter, 1861
Art Prints from
George Henry Boughton1833-1905Painter
The Deed Chest
Art Prints from
Edward Burne-Jones1833-1898Painter
Garden of the Hesperides
Art Prints from
Philip Hermogenes Calderon1833-1898Painter
With The River, 1869
Art Prints from
George Vicat Cole1833-1893Painter
George Vicat Cole: Watching the Flock
Art Prints from
Henry William Banks Davis1833-1914Painter
Edward William Godwin1833-1886Designer
Exhibition Cabinet
Art Prints from
William G.R. Hind1833-1889Painter
Edith Maud Rawdon-Hastings, Countess of Loudoun1833-1874 
Philip Richard Morris1833-1902 
Land Ahoy!, 1864
Art Prints from
Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm1834-1890Sculptor
Samuel Bourne1834-1912Photographer
Vishnu Pud and Other Temples, Benares
Art Prints from
Joseph Clark1834-1926 
Christopher Dresser1834-1904Designer
Tea-service with gilt interiors
Art Prints from
George Du Maurier1834-1896Writer/Illustrator
Svengali Mesmerises Trilby
Art Prints from
William Morris1834-1896Writer/Designer
Design for Avon Chintz
Art Prints from
Emily Mary Osborn1834-1893Painter
For the Last Time, 1864
Art Prints from
William Bromley1835-1888Painter
The Present, 1864
Art Prints from
Samuel Butler1835-1902Writer/Painter
George Clare1835-1890Painter
Spring Flowers and a Bird's Nest on a Mossy Bank
Art Prints from
Henry Andrew Harper1835-1900Painter
George Dunlop Leslie1835-1921Painter
George Dunlop Leslie: Sun and Moon Flowers
Art Prints from
William McTaggart1835-1910Painter
Corn Flowers, 1888
Art Prints from
Stephan D. Skillet1835-1860Painter
William Frederick Yeames1835-1918Painter
William Frederick Yeames: When Did you Last See Your Father?
Art Prints from
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema1836-1912Painter
The Baths of Caracalla
Art Prints from
Peter Graham1836-1921Painter
Peter Graham: Flowers and Fruit in bowl
Art Prints from
Atkinson Grimshaw1836-1893Painter
At The Park Gate
Art Prints from
John Haynes-Williams1836-1908 
Arthur Boyd Houghton1836-1875Painter
Sir Edward Poynter1836-1919Painter
Libra and Her Sparrow
Art Prints from
John Tudgay1836-1865Painter
Hugh Carter1837-1903 
Alphonse Legros1837-1911Painter/Sculptor
Portrait of Thomas Henry Huxley
Art Prints from
Thomas Moran1837-1926Painter
John Thomson1837-1921Photographer
David Wilkie Wynfield1837-1887Photographer
Daniel Cottier1838-1891Stained Glass Artist
William Keith1838-1911Painter
Valentine Cameron Prinsep1838-1904Painter
The Taj Mahal, 1879
Art Prints from
Walter Shirlaw1838-1909Painter
William de Morgan1839-1917Ceramicist
A Large Baluster Vase In The Isnik Style
Art Prints from
David Farquarson1839-1907Painter
David Farquarson: The Shortening Winter's Day Draws To a Close
Art Prints from
Charles Farrer1839-1891Painter
Buckwheat Field, c.1863
Art Prints from
William John Hennessy1839-1917Painter/Printmaker
William John Hennessy: Pride of Dijon
Art Prints from
Henry Holiday1839-1927Painter/Stained Glass Artist
George Goodwin Kilburne1839-1924Painter
John MacWhirter1839-1911Painter
Alpin Meadow
Art Prints from
Charles E. Perugini1839-1918Painter
Charles E. Perugini: In the Orangery
Art Prints from
John Pettie1839-1893Painter
The Proposal, 1869
Art Prints from
John Bennett1840-1907Potter
Georgina Macdonald1840-1920Painter
Briton Riviere1840-1920Painter
Briton Riviere: The Last Spoonful
Art Prints from
Lionel Percy Smythe1840-1918Painter
The Coming of Spring
Art Prints from
Simeon Solomon1840-1905Painter
Art Prints from
Marcus Stone1840-1921Painter
Art Prints from
Frederick Walker1840-1875Painter
A Drawing Room Scene
Art Prints from
Mark Fisher1841-1923Painter
Charles Napier Hemy1841-1917Painter
Hemy: Through Sea and Air
Art Prints from
Colin Hunter1841-1904 
Albert Joseph Moore1841-1893Painter
Apples, 1875
Art Prints from
Frederik Tudgay1841-1921Painter
Robert Bateman 1842-19221842-1922Painter
William Lees Judson1842-1928Painter
John William Buxton Knight1842-1908Painter
William Richardson1842-1877Painter
Sir William Blake Richmond1842-1921Painter
Countess of Airlie
Art Prints from
Thomas Matthews Rooke1842-1942Painter
Thomas J. Somerscales1842-1927 
Lucy Madox Brown1843-1894Painter
The Tempest
Art Prints from
George Howard, Ninth Earl of Carlisle1843-1911Painter
Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria
Art Prints from
Henry Farrer1843-1903Painter/Engraver
Sir Luke Fildes1843-1927Painter
Heywood Hardy1843-1933Painter
Emma Sandys1843-1877Painter
Art Prints from
George William Joy1844-1925Painter
Charles Robertson1844-1891Painter
The Shoes of the Faithful
Art Prints from
Marie Spartali Stillman1844-1927Painter
Annie Louise Swynnerton1844-1933Painter
Charles Burton Barber1845-1894Painter
Off To School
Art Prints from
Claude Calthrop1845-1893Painter
Walter Crane1845-1915Illustrator
The Earth And Spring, 1875
Art Prints from
Albert Goodwin1845-1932Painter
Frank Holl1845-1888Painter
Art Prints from
John Wainwright1845-1873Painter
John Wainwright: Stately Garden I
Art Prints from
Robert Barrett-Browning1846-1912Painter
F.M. Bell-Smith1846-1923Painter
Edward Frederick Brewtnall1846-1902Painter
Edward Frederick Brewtnall: The Honeymooners
Art Prints from
Elizabeth Butler1846-1933Painter
Randolph Caldecott1846-1886Illustrator
Illustration of Animals' Tea Party
Art Prints from
Joseph Farquharson1846-1935Painter
Walter Greaves1846-1930Painter
Kate Greenaway1846-1901Illustrator
Kate Greenaway: Mother and Child
Art Prints from
Edward Charles Halle1846-1914 
A Lady with Lyre
Art Prints from
Henry Woods1846-1921Painter
Sir Thomas Brock1847-1922Sculptor
Frederick Morgan1847-1927Painter
Alfred Parsons1847-1920Painter
Flowery Glade
Art Prints from
Theodore Roussel1847-1926Painter
John Macallan Swan1847-1910Painter/Sculptor
Indian Leopards
Art Prints from
William Howard Yorke1847-1921Painter
Helen Allingham1848-1926Painter
Edwin Douglas1848-1914 
Edwin Douglas: Two Setters in a Highland Landscape
Art Prints from
Alfred Edward Emslie1848-1918Painter
Andrew Carrick Gow1848-1920 
The Amateur
Art Prints from
Edouard Lanteri1848-1917Sculptor
Walter William Ouless1848-1924 
Raymond Yelland1848-1900Painter
Sir Alfred East1849-1913Painter
The Entrance to the Temple of Kiyomizu-Dera, Kyoto
Art Prints from
Robert Harris1849-1919Painter
John Seymour Lucas1849-1923 
J.H.S. Mann1849-1884Painter
The Guardian Angels
Art Prints from
Charles Fairfax Murray1849-1919Painter
John Melhuish Strudwick1849-1935Painter
Sir Hubert von Herkomer1849-1914Painter
Bottom Asleep, 1891
Art Prints from
John William Waterhouse1849-1917Painter
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Art Prints from
John Reinhard Weguelin1849-1927Painter
Harry Bates1850-1899Sculptor
John Collier1850-1934Painter
Frederic George Cotman1850-1920Painter
One Of The Family
Art Prints from
Edward John Gregory1850-1909 
Boulter's Lock Sunday Afternoon
Art Prints from
John Lee1850-1870Painter
The Bookstall On Church Street, Liverpool
Art Prints from
Marie J. Naylor1850-1950 
Sir Hamo Thornycroft1850-1925Sculptor
Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow1850-1919Painter
Early Morning Mist in the Mountains, Shilthorn
Art Prints from
James Charles1851-1906Painter
Outside the Sweet Shop
Art Prints from
Edward Robert Hughes1851-1917Painter
Edward Robert Hughes: Midsummer Eve
Art Prints from
Abraham Hulk Jr.1851-1922Painter
Joseph Mordecai1851-1940 
John Robertson Reid1851-1926Painter
William Robert Symonds1851-1934Painter
Leslie Ward1851-1922Illustrator
Spy: Golfers: Hoarce Hutchinson & John Ball Jr.
Art Prints from
William Lionel Wyllie1851-1931Painter
Laura Alma-Tadema1852-1909Painter
At The Doorway
Art Prints from
Alfred de Breanski Sr.1852-1928Painter
Sir George Clausen1852-1944Painter
Timothy Cole1852-1931Engraver
Edward Onslow Ford1852-1901Sculptor
Edward Matthew Hale1852-1924Painter
Walter Langley1852-1922Painter
Among the Missing
Art Prints from
Edmund Blair-Leighton1853-1922Painter
God Speed
Art Prints from
Sir Frank Dicksee1853-1928Painter
Frederick Henry Evans1853-1943Photographer
Alfred Herbert Palmer1853-? 
Frank Sutcliffe1853-1941Photographer
Alfred Gilbert1854-1934Sculptor
Thomas Cooper Gotch1854-1931Painter
Walter Dendy Sadler1854-1923 
Adrian Stokes 1854-19351854-1935Painter
James Havard Thomas1854-1921Sculptor
Walter Withers1854-1914Painter
George Carline1855-1920Painter
Yews in the Old Yews Wood
Art Prints from
Evelyn de Morgan1855-1919Painter
Portrait Of Margaret Rawlins, 1883
Art Prints from
John Henry Yeend King1855-1924Painter
Mortimer Menpes1855-1939Painter
Thomas Ralph Spence1855-1918Painter
A Greek Festival
Art Prints from
Edward Stott1855-1918Painter
Alfred Wallis1855-1942 
Kate Elizabeth Bunce1856-1927Painter
Alfred Drury1856-1944Sculptor
Peter Henry Emerson1856-1936Photographer
Thomas Benjamin Kennington1856-1916 
Mummy's Little Darling
Art Prints from
Alfred William Rich1856-1921Painter
Tom Roberts1856-1931Painter
Richard Caton Woodville Jr.1856-1927Painter
Frank Bramley1857-1915Painter
Art Prints from
Sir Arthur Stockdale Cope1857-1940Painter
Sir Frank Short1857-1945Printmaker
John Falconar Slater1857-1937Painter
Charles Francis Annesley Voysey1857-1941Designer
George Lawrence Bulleid1858-1933Painter
Arthur Hacker1858-1919Painter
Arthur Hacker: Girl in a Punt
Art Prints from
Tom Humphrey1858-1922 
Arthur Melville1858-1904Painter
The Little Bull Fight: 'Bravo Toro'
Art Prints from
Louis John Rhead1858-1926Illustrator
Henry Scott Tuke1858-1929Painter
Hedley Fitton1859-1929Printmaker
Elizabeth Adela Armstrong Forbes1859-1912Painter
Hide And Seek
Art Prints from
Sir James Guthrie1859-1930Painter
Bernard Hall1859-1935 
Henry H. La Thangue1859-1929Painter
William Logsdail1859-1944 
Henrietta Rae1859-1928Painter
Henry Maynell Rheam1859-1920Painter
The Fairy Wood
Art Prints from
William Strang1859-1921Painter
William Strang: The Japanese Fan
Art Prints from
Arthur John Elsley1860-1952Painter
Samuel Melton Fisher1860-1939 
Sir George Frampton1860-1928Sculptor
Edith Hayllar1860-1948Painter
John Kane1860-1934 
Roberto Rive1860-1889Photographer
Walter Richard Sickert1860-1942Painter
Solomon Joseph Solomon1860-1927Painter
Philip Wilson Steer1860-1942Painter
Archibald Thorburn1860-1935Painter
Louis Wain1860-1939Illustrator
Edward Arthur Walton1860-1922Painter
Miss Christian Elspeth Mallock
Art Prints from
Joseph Crawhall1861-1913Painter
American Jockeys, Or Racehorses
Art Prints from
Alfred Glendening1861-1907Painter
Alfred Glendenning: Spring Picking Flowers
Art Prints from
John William Godward1861-1922Painter
Art Prints from
Sir Charles Holroyd1861-1917Painter
Joseph Edward Southall1861-1944Painter
Dame Ethel Walker1861-1951Painter
Thomas Robert Way1861-1913 
The Scotch Crane, ca.1904
Art Prints from
Edgar Bundy1862-1922Painter
Antonio Stradivari, 1893
Art Prints from
Alexander Colquhoun1862-1941Painter
Maurice William Greiffenhagen1862-1931Painter/Illustrator
Alfred Morgan1862-1904Painter
Sir William Reynolds-Stephens1862-1943Sculptor
F. Cayley Robinson1862-1927Painter/Illustrator
Bernard Sickert1862-1932Painter
Albert Chevallier Tayler1862-1925Painter
Albert Toft1862-1949Sculptor
Henry Tonks1862-1937Painter
Charles Robert Ashbee1863-1942 
Robert Anning Bell1863-1933Painter
Frederick Carder1863-1963Glassmaker
William Cooper1863-1943Painter
Herbert Draper1863-1920Painter
The Mountain Mists
Art Prints from
Paul Maitland1863-1909Painter
Charles Haslewood Shannon1863-1937Painter
Wright Barker1864-1941Painter
Albert Belleroche1864-1944Painter/Printmaker
Beatrice Bland1864-1951 
Maud Earl1864-1943Painter
Edward Atkinson Hornel1864-1933Painter
Archibald Knox1864-1933Designer
Margaret MacDonald1864-1933Designer
Phil May1864-1903Illustrator
Calculating Gentleman
Art Prints from
John Quinton Pringle1864-1925Painter
Arthur Wardle1864-1949Painter
Robert Bevan1865-1925Painter
Henry Jamyn Brooks1865-1925 
William Frank Calderon1865-1943 
Sir David Cameron1865-1945Painter
Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott1865-1945Designer/Architect
Charles Spencelayh1865-1928Painter
Walter I. Cox1866-1930 
John Duncan1866-1945Painter
Roger Fry1866-1934Painter/Writer
Sigismund Goetze1866-1939Painter
Richard Jack1866-1952Painter
Beatrix Potter1866-1943Illustrator
Charles de Sousy Ricketts1866-1931Painter
Sir Frank William Brangwyn1867-1956Painter
William Robert Colton1867-1921 
Andre Devambez1867-1944Painter
David Muirhead1867-1930Painter
Barry Parker1867-1941Sculptor
Arthur Rackham1867-1939Illustrator
Collier Smithers1867-1943Painter
John Henry F. Bacon1868-1915Painter
Charles Conder1868-1909Painter
Imperia La Belle
Art Prints from
Charles Wellington Furse1868-1904Painter
George Harcourt1868-1948Painter
Charles Rennie Mackintosh1868-1928Designer
Herbert Macnair1868-1955Painter/Designer
Sidney Meteyard1868-1947Painter
Henry Arthur Payne1868-1940Architect
S.J. Lamorna Birch1869-1955Painter
F.S. Challener1869-1959Muralist
Lucy Kemp-Welch1869-1958Painter
Philip Alexius de Laszlo1869-1937Painter
William Lee-Hankey1869-1952Painter
Sir Edwin Lutyens1869-1944Architect
Wilfrid de Glehn1870-1951Painter
Roland Wheelwright1870-1955Painter
Arthur Drummond1871-1951Painter
Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale1871-1945Painter
Mabel Nicholson1871-1918Painter
Samuel John Peploe1871-1935Painter
Francis Derwent Wood1871-1926Sculptor
Aubrey Beardsley1872-1898Illustrator
Art Prints from
Sir Max Beerbohm1872-1956Illustrator
Robert Brough1872-1905Painter
Edward Reginald Frampton1872-1923 
George Musgrave1872 
Sir William Nicholson1872-1949Painter
Sir William Rothenstein1872-1945Painter
John Byam Shaw1872-1919Painter
Queen Mary and Princess Elizabeth entering London
Art Prints from
Harold Speed1872-1957Painter
Arthur Briscoe1873-1943Painter
J.E.H. MacDonald1873-1932Painter
Henry Thomas Schafer1873-1915Painter/Sculptor
Divinely Fair
Art Prints from
Charles Sims1873-1928Painter
Winston Spencer Churchill1874-1965Politician/Painter
Francis Dodd1874-1949 
John Duncan Fergusson1874-1961Painter
Frank Gillett1874-1927 
Harold Harvey1874-1941Painter
Harold Knight1874-1961Painter
Frances MacNair1874-1921Painter/Illustrator
Design For A Decorative Frieze
Art Prints from
Leonard Campbell Taylor1874-1969Painter
Philip Connard1875-1958Painter
Martin Hardie1875-1952 
Max Meldrum1875-1955Painter
Leslie Morgan20th CenturyPainter
Sir Muirhead Bone1876-1953Engraver
Reginald Grenville Eves1876-1941Painter
Harold Gilman1876-1919Painter
Still Life With Flowers In A Vase, C. 1911-14
Art Prints from
Frederick Landseer Maur Griggs1876-1938 
Gwen John1876-1939Painter
Alfred de Breanski Jr.1877-1945Painter
William Cook of Plymouth1877-1879 
Frank Cowper1877-1958Painter
George Leslie Hunter1877-1931Painter
Dame Laura Knight1877-1970Painter
Donald Maxwell1877-1936 
Carton Moore-Park1877-1956Painter/Illustrator
Sir William Reid Dick1878-1961Sculptor
Hilda Fearon1878-1917 
Afternoon on the River
Art Prints from
Spencer Gore1878-1914Painter
Game of Tennis
Art Prints from
Augustus John1878-1961Painter
Ambrose McEvoy1878-1927Painter
Sir Alfred James Munnings1878-1959Painter
Millicent Sowerby1878-1967Illustrator
Vanessa Bell1879-1961Painter
Lady Edna Clarke Hall1879-1979Painter
Gerald Kelly1879-1972Painter
James Bolivar Manson1879-1945Painter
Sir Matthew Smith1879-1959Painter
Sir Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley1880-1952Painter
Malcolm Drummond1880-1945Painter
Thomas Cantrell Dugdale1880-1952Painter
Jacob Epstein1880-1959Sculptor
Sir William Russell Flint1880-1969Painter
Malcolm Osborne1880-1963 
Bryant Baker1881-1970Sculptor
Henry J. Hudson1881-1912Painter
Portrait Of Mary Doris Reed
Art Prints from
Maxwell Armfield1882-1972Painter
Alvin Langdon Coburn1882-1966Photographer
Eric Gill1882-1940Sculptor
Wyndham Lewis1882-1957Writer/Painter
William Palmer Robins1882-1959 
Martin Bloch1883-1954Painter
Alfred Egerton Cooper1883-1974Painter
Edward Julius Detmold1883-1957Illustrator
John Fullwood1883-1931 
Henry Lamb1883-1960Painter
Ernest Stephen Lumsden1883-1948 
James McBey1883-1959 
Stanley Anderson1884-1966Painter
Herbert Johnson Harvey1884-1928 
Therese Lessore1884-1945Painter
Walter J. Phillips1884-1963Painter
Glyn Philpot1884-1937 
Duncan Grant1885-1978Painter
Marguerite Kirmse1885-1954Printmaker
Arthur Lismer1885-1969Painter
Herbert Gordon Warlow1885-1942 
Edmund Blampied1886-1966Painter/Printmaker
Frank Dobson1886-1963Sculptor
Ernest Procter1886-1935Painter
Ian Strang1886-1952Draughtsman
James Dickson Innes1887-1914Painter
Elizabeth Keith1887-1956Printmaker
Bernard Leach1887-1979Potter
Laurence S. Lowry1887-1976Painter
Margaret Lindsay Williams1887-1960 
Bertram Brooker1888-1955Painter
Eric Kennington1888-1960Painter/Sculptor
Margaret Tarrant1888-1959Illustrator
Sir Cedric Morris1889-1982Painter
Paul Nash1889-1946Painter
Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson1889-1946Painter/Printmaker
Henry Rushbury1889-1968 
Edward Wadsworth1889-1949Painter
David Bomberg1890-1957Painter
Gerald Leslie Brockhurst1890-1978Painter
Charles Cundall1890-1971Painter
Isaac Rosenberg1890-1918Writer/Painter
Leon Underwood1890-1975Painter/Sculptor
Mark Gertler1891-1939Painter
Bernard Meninsky1891-1950Painter
Job Nixon1891-1938 
Stanley Spencer1891-1959Painter
Ethelbert White1891-1972Painter
Allan Gwynne-Jones1892-1982Painter
Thomas Lowinsky1892-1947Painter
Dod Procter1892-1972Painter
Gilbert Spencer1892-1979Painter
J.R.R. Tolkien1892-1973Writer/Illustrator
John Armstrong1893-1973Painter
James Bateman1893-1959Painter
Dora Carrington1893-1932Painter
Ivon Hitchens1893-1979Painter
John Nash1893-1977Painter
Winifred Nicholson1893-1981Painter
Meredith Frampton1894-1984Painter
Lucia Moholy1894-1989Photographer
Ben Nicholson1894-1982Painter
Montague Dawson1895-1973Painter
Percy W. Gibbs1895-1925Painter
David Jones1895-1974Writer/Painter
Anne Redpath1895-1965Painter
William Roberts1895-1980Painter
Richard Carline1896-1980Painter
Edward Wolfe1897-1982Painter
Sybil Andrews1898-1992Printmaker
William George Gillies1898-1973Painter
Clare Leighton1898-1989Engraver
Henry Moore1898-1986Sculptor
Eileen Agar1899-1991Painter
Douglas Percy Bliss1900-1984Painter
Sir Roland Penrose1900-1984Painter
Mary Potter1900-1981 
Mary F. Raphael1900Painter
John Tunnard1900-1971Painter
Francis Criss1901-1973Painter
Stanley William Hayter1901-1988Painter
A.C. Leighton1901-1965Painter
Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe1901-1979Painter
Christopher Wood1901-1930Painter
Enid ButcherBorn 1902 
Edward Irvine Halliday1902-1984Painter
Kenneth HolmesBorn 1902 
Sir Thomas Monnington1902-1976Painter
Lucie Rie1902-1995Ceramicist
Adrian Stokes 1902-19721902-1972Painter
Edward Bawden1903-1989Painter
Thomas Hennell1903-1945Painter
Barbara Hepworth1903-1975Sculptor
Sir William MacTaggart1903-1981Painter
William Evan Charles Morgan1903-1979 
Claude Muncaster1903-1974Painter
John Piper1903-1992Painter
Eric Ravilious1903-1942Painter
Ceri Richards1903-1971Painter/Printmaker
Frances Richards1903-1985Painter
Graham Sutherland1903-1980Painter
Cecil Beaton1904-1980Photographer
Stephen Bone1904-1958Painter
Bill Brandt1904-1983Photographer
Edward Le Bas1904-1966 
Edward Burra1905-1976Painter
Anthony Gross1905-1984Painter
Tristram Hillier1905-1983Painter
Jack Markow1905-1983Illustrator
Kenneth Martin1905-1984Painter/Sculptor
Robert Medley1905-1994Painter
Elinor Bellingham-Smith1906-1988Painter
Pamela Bianco1906-1994Painter
Evelyn Dunbar1906-1960Painter
Henry George Glyde1906-1998Painter
Margaret BarkerBorn 1907 
James McIntosh Patrick1907-1998 
Sir William Coldstream1908-1987Painter
Cecil Collins1908-1989Painter
Victor Pasmore1908-1998Painter
Michael Rothenstein1908-1993Painter
Carel Weight1908-1997Painter
Francis Bacon1909-1992Painter
Peter Greenham1909-1992Painter
Samuel Haile1909-1948 
Robin Darwin1910-1974Painter
Rodrigo Moynihan1910-1990Painter
Edward Seago1910-1974Painter
Julian Trevelyan1910-1988Printmaker
Roger Hilton1911-1975Painter
Ruskin Spear1911-1990 
Wilhelmina Barns-GrahamBorn 1912Painter
Russell Drysdale1912-1981Painter
Gordon Onslow Ford1912-2003Painter
Keith Vaughan1912-1977Painter
Reg Butler1913-1981Sculptor
John O'Connor1913-2004Painter
Leonard RosomanBorn 1913Painter
William Scott1913-1989Painter
Norman Blamey1914-2000Painter
Lynn Chadwick1914-2003Sculptor
Robert Colquhoun1914-1962Painter
Harold HitchcockBorn 1914Painter
Margaret Mellis1914-2009 
Terry Frost1915-2003Painter
William Gear1915-1997Painter
Bernard Meadows1915-2005Sculptor
Kenneth Rowntree1915-1997Painter
Denton Welch1915-1948Painter/Writer
Kenneth Armitage1916-2002Sculptor
Robert Buhler1916-1989Painter
Derek Hill1916-2000Painter
Sylvia Sleigh1916-2010Painter
Robert Adams1917-1984Sculptor/Painter
Leonora Carrington1917-2011Painter/Writer
Nigel Henderson1917-1985Photographer
John Minton1917-1957Painter
Peter BellBorn 1918Painter
Sir Roger de Grey1918-1995Painter
Sir Lawrence Gowing1918-1991Painter
Peter Lanyon1918-1964Painter
Prunella Clough1919-1999Painter
John Coplans1920-2003Photographer
Alan Davie1920-2014Painter
Patrick Heron1920-1999Painter
Michael Ayrton1921-1975 
Peter de Francia1921-2012 
Joan Eardley1921-1963Painter
John Latham1921-2006 
John CraxtonBorn 1922Painter
Lucian Freud1922-2011Painter
Richard Hamilton1922-2011 
Albert IrvinBorn 1922Painter
Raymond Mason1922-2010Sculptor
William Turnbull1922-2012Sculptor/Painter
Jeffery CampBorn 1923Painter
Anthony EytonBorn 1923Painter
Sir Anthony Caro1924-2013Sculptor
Geoffrey ClarkeBorn 1924Sculptor
Eduardo Paolozzi1924-2005Sculptor
Sandra Blow1925-2006Painter
Ian Hamilton Finlay1925-2006Sculptor
Craigie AitchisonBorn 1926Painter/Printmaker
William BowyerBorn 1926Painter
Peter Coker1926-2004Painter
Beryl Cook1926-2008Painter
Peter Kinley1926-1988 
Leon KossoffBorn 1926Painter
Alan ReynoldsBorn 1926 
Michael Andrews1928-1995Painter
John Bratby1928-1992Painter
Jack SmithBorn 1928Painter
Joe TilsonBorn 1928 
Adrian BergBorn 1929Painter
Barrie CookBorn 1929Painter
Gillian AyresBorn 1930Painter
Trevor BellBorn 1930Painter
Robyn DennyBorn 1930Painter
Dame Elisabeth Frink1930-1993Sculptor
Anthony HillBorn 1930Painter/Sculptor
Bryan KnealeBorn 1930Sculptor
Lord SnowdonBorn 1930Photographer
Frank AuerbachBorn 1931Painter
Elizabeth BlackadderBorn 1931Painter
Martin BradleyBorn 1931 
Barrie CookeBorn 1931Painter
Malcolm MorleyBorn 1931Painter/Sculptor
Bridget RileyBorn 1931Painter
Richard SmithBorn 1931Painter
Peter BlakeBorn 1932 
Alan Green1932-2003Painter
Howard HodgkinBorn 1932Painter
Gordon House1932-2004 
Ronald KingBorn 1932 
David TindleBorn 1932Painter
Euan Uglow1932-2000Painter
Bernard CohenBorn 1933Painter
Paul GobleBorn 1933Illustrator
Mark Boyle1934-2005 
John Hoyland1934-2011Painter
Phillip KingBorn 1934Sculptor
Graham MetsonBorn 1934 
Cedric Price1934-2003Designer
Ralph Rumney1934-2002Painter
Ivor AbrahamsBorn 1935Sculptor
William TuckerBorn 1935Sculptor
David AnnesleyBorn 1936Sculptor
Frank BowlingBorn 1936Painter
Patrick Caulfield1936-2005 
Gerald Laing1936-2011Painter/Sculptor
Ralph SteadmanBorn 1936Writer/Illustrator
Derek BoshierBorn 1937 
David HockneyBorn 1937 
Allen JonesBorn 1937 
Tom PhillipsBorn 1937Painter
John SaltBorn 1937Painter
David BaileyBorn 1938Photographer
Rita DonaghBorn 1939Painter
Antony DonaldsonBorn 1939Painter
Rackstraw DownesBorn 1939Painter
Anthony GreenBorn 1939Painter
Patrick HughesBorn 1939Painter
John LessoreBorn 1939Painter
Peter PhillipsBorn 1939Painter
John WalkerBorn 1939Painter
Clive BarkerBorn 1940 
Simon Combes1940-2004Painter
Susan HillerBorn 1940Installation Artist
John PearsonBorn 1940Painter
John WonnacottBorn 1940Painter
Victor BurginBorn 1941 
Michael Craig-MartinBorn 1941 
Barry Flanagan1941-2009Sculptor
Brendan NeilandBorn 1941Painter
John Bellany1942-2013Painter
Nigel HallBorn 1943Sculptor
Bill JacklinBorn 1943Painter
Stephen WillatsBorn 1943Conceptual Artist
Stephen BuckleyBorn 1944Painter
Roger DeanBorn 1944Illustrator
Bruce McLeanBorn 1944 
Bruce PenningtonBorn 1944Painter/Illustrator
Maggi HamblingBorn 1945Painter/Sculptor
Mags HarriesBorn 1945Sculptor
Richard LongBorn 1945Environmental Artist
Rodney MatthewsBorn 1945Painter/Illustrator
David NashBorn 1945Environmental Artist
Stephen CoxBorn 1946Sculptor
Hamish FultonBorn 1946 
Tim HeadBorn 1946 
Graham NicksonBorn 1946Painter
Judy PfaffBorn 1946Sculptor/Installation Artist
Chris AchilleosBorn 1947Painter/Illustrator
Roger AcklingBorn 1947Sculptor
Brian FroudBorn 1947Illustrator
Alan LeeBorn 1947Painter/Illustrator
Chris MooreBorn 1947Painter/Illustrator
Richard WentworthBorn 1947Sculptor
Jim BurnsBorn 1948Painter/Illustrator
Alan CharltonBorn 1948 
Chris DruryBorn 1948Environmental Artist
Alison WildingBorn 1948Sculptor
Bill WoodrowBorn 1948Sculptor
Tony CraggBorn 1949Sculptor/Installation Artist
Richard DeaconBorn 1949Sculptor
Craigie HorsfieldBorn 1949Photographer
Stephen FarthingBorn 1950Painter
Antony GormleyBorn 1950Installation Artist
Zaha HadidBorn 1950Architect
Jock McFadyenBorn 1950Painter
Edward AllingtonBorn 1951 
Tony BevanBorn 1951 
Sue CoeBorn 1951 
Christopher Le BrunBorn 1951Printmaker
Martin ParrBorn 1952Photographer
Steven Campbell1953-2007Painter
Helen Chadwick1953-1996Installation Artist
Stephen GoodfellowBorn 1953 
Therese OultonBorn 1953Painter
Jack VettrianoBorn 1953Painter
Lubaina HimidBorn 1954Painter
Anish KapoorBorn 1954Installation Artist
John KeaneBorn 1954 
Peter Randall-PageBorn 1954Sculptor
Shirazeh HoushiaryBorn 1955Sculptor
Fred GambinoBorn 1956Painter/Illustrator
Andy GoldsworthyBorn 1956Environmental Artist
Paul GrahamBorn 1956Photographer
Ann Veronica JanssensBorn 1956 
David MachBorn 1956Installation Artist
Christopher BucklowBorn 1957Photographer
Cerith Wyn EvansBorn 1958Installation Artist
Peter HowsonBorn 1958Painter
Julian OpieBorn 1958Digital Artist
Peter DoigBorn 1959Painter
Mark WallingerBorn 1959 
Ken CurrieBorn 1960Painter
Cathy de MonchauxBorn 1960Sculptor
Isaac JulienBorn 1960 
Grayson PerryBorn 1960Ceramicist
Adam FussBorn 1961Photographer
Dinos ChapmanBorn 1962Installation Artist
Jonathan Alistair ForrestBorn 1962Painter
Mark FrancisBorn 1962 
Gary HumeBorn 1962Painter
Callum InnesBorn 1962Painter
Sarah LucasBorn 1962Sculptor
Yinka ShonibareBorn 1962Textile Artist
Tracey EminBorn 1963 
Marcus HarveyBorn 1963Painter
Michael LandyBorn 1963Installation Artist
Alain MillerBorn 1963Painter
Fiona RaeBorn 1963Painter
Gillian WearingBorn 1963 
Rachel WhitereadBorn 1963Installation Artist
Stephen ConroyBorn 1964 
Liam GillickBorn 1964Installation Artist
Jim LambieBorn 1964Installation Artist
Marc QuinnBorn 1964Sculptor
Matthew RitchieBorn 1964Installation Artist
Adam ChodzkoBorn 1965Conceptual Artist
Tacita DeanBorn 1965 
Damien HirstBorn 1965Installation Artist
Rebecca WarrenBorn 1965Sculptor
Alison WattBorn 1965Painter
Stephen YoullBorn 1965Illustrator
Fiona BannerBorn 1966 
Glenn BrownBorn 1966Painter
Shaun CassidyBorn 1966Sculptor
Jake ChapmanBorn 1966Installation Artist
Mat CollishawBorn 1966 
Ian DavenportBorn 1966Painter
Jeremy DellerBorn 1966 
Douglas GordonBorn 1966 
Paul BinnieBorn 1967Printmaker
Abigail LaneBorn 1967Installation Artist
Sarah MorrisBorn 1967Painter
Simon PattersonBorn 1967Conceptual Artist
Simon StarlingBorn 1967Conceptual Artist
Sam Taylor-WoodBorn 1967Video Artist
Gavin TurkBorn 1967 
Jane WilsonBorn 1967Installation Artist
Louise WilsonBorn 1967Installation Artist
Martin CreedBorn 1968Installation Artist
Ceal FloyerBorn 1968 
Chris OfiliBorn 1968 
David ShrigleyBorn 1968 
Cecily BrownBorn 1969Painter
Steve McQueenBorn 1969Video Artist
Jonathan MonkBorn 1969 
Keith TysonBorn 1969 
Richard BillinghamBorn 1970Photographer
Jenny SavilleBorn 1970Painter
Darren AlmondBorn 1971 
Hannah StarkeyBorn 1971Photographer
Tino SehgalBorn 1976 
Banksy Painter
Gilbert and George Performance Artists
C. Hustwick  
Langlands and Bell  
June Mendoza Painter
Anne Sudworth Painter


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