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Italian Artists

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The Eagle Painter6th Century B.C.Vase Painter
The Inscription Painter6th Century B.C.Vase Painter
The Sisyphus Painter400 B.C.Vase Painter
Asteas4th Century B.C.Vase Painter
The Darius Painter4th Century B.C.Vase Painter
The Underworld Painter4th Century B.C.Vase Painter
Benedetto Antelami1150-1230Sculptor
Relief panel depicting the Deposition, 1178
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Pietro Vassalletto1154-1186Sculptor
Mastro Guglielmo1158-1165Sculptor
Guido da Siena13th CenturyPainter
The Nativity
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Master of Saint Francis13th CenturyPainter
Master of the Franciscan Crucifixes13th CenturyPainter
Barisano da Trani1179Sculptor
St. George and the Dragon, Relief Panel
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Bonanno da Pisa1179-1186Sculptor/Architect
Bonaventura Berlinghieri1215-1242Painter
St. Francis of Assisi with Scenes from His Life, 1235
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Margaritone d'Arezzo1216-1290Painter
Nicola Pisano1220-1284Sculptor
Plaster Cast Sculpture Showing Detail of a Lion
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Coppo di Marcovaldo1225-1274Painter
Madonna and Child
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Fra Guglielmo1235-1310Sculptor
Guido Bigarelli1238-1257Sculptor
The Virgin and Child in Majesty surrounded by Six Angels
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Pietro Cavallini1250-1330Painter
Two crusaders of the Minutolo family
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Giovanni Pisano1250-1314Sculptor
Virgin and Child
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Duccio di Buoninsegna1255-1319Painter
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Lorenzo Maitani1255-1330Sculptor/Architect
Meliore di Jacopo1260-1271Painter
Arnolfo di Cambio1264-1302Sculptor
Interior View of The Church
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Giotto di Bondone1267-1337Painter
Adoration of the Magi
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Antonio Fiorentino14th Century 
Master of San Jacopo a Mucciana14th CenturyPainter
Master of the Bardi Saint Francis14th CenturyPainter
Crucifix with Saint Peter
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Master of the Fogg Pieta14th CenturyPainter
Master of the Life of Saint John the Baptist14th CenturyPainter
Bernardo Daddi1280-1348Painter
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Pietro Lorenzetti1280-1348Painter
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Simone Martini1285-1344Painter
Simone Martini: Angel Gabriel
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Tino da Camaino1285-1337Sculptor
Statue of Henry VII Holy Roman Emperor
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Ambrogio Lorenzetti1290-1348Painter
Allegory of Good Government: Commune of Siena
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Lippo Memmi1290-1347Painter
St. Peter
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Andrea Pisano1295-1348Sculptor
The Art of Forging, decorative relief panel
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Jacopo del Casentino1297-1358Painter
Saint Catherine
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Segna di Buonaventure1298-1331Painter
Taddeo Gaddi1300-1366Painter
St. Francis Receiving The Stigmata
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Giovanni da Balduccio1300-1360Sculptor
Goro di Gregorio1300-1334Sculptor
Paolo Veneziano1300-1362Painter
Coronation of The Virgin
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Pietro da Rimini1300-1350Painter
Saint Cecilia Master1300-1320Painter
Gano di Fazio1302-1318Sculptor
Pacino di Bonaguida1303-1340Painter
St. Nicholas of Myra
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Vitale da Bologna1309-1360Painter
Agostino di Giovanni1310-1347Sculptor
Guariento di Arpo1310-1370Painter
An Angel Protecting A Soul In The Balance From The Devil
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Allegretto Nuzi1315-1373Painter
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Six Angels
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Nino Pisano1315-1368Painter/Sculptor
The Virgin of the Annunciation
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Ugolino di Nerio1317-1330Painter
Madonna and Child
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Ugolino Lorenzetti1320-1360Painter
Maso di Banco1320-1350Painter
The Baptism, Relief Tile from the Campanile
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Giusto de Menabuoi1320-1397Painter
Dove - Jesus's Baptism Detail
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Andrea di Orcagna1320-1368Painter
The Triumph of Death, Detail
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Francesco Traini1321-1363Painter
The Triumph of Death
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Puccio Capanna1325-1350Painter
Tommaso da Modena1325-1379Painter
Dominican Monk at His Desk
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St. George Liberates the Princess
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Barnaba da Modena1330-1386Painter
Adoration of the Child
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Bartolo di Fredi1330-1410Painter
Presentation in the Temple
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Simone dei Crocefissi1330-1399Painter
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Jacopo di Cione1330-1398Painter
Madonna and Child
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Luca di Tomme1330-1390Painter
Preaching of Saint Paul
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Master of the Codex of Saint George1330Sculptor
Simone dei Crocifissi1330-1399Painter
The Dream of the Virgin, c.1355-60
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Andrea di Vanni d'Andrea1332-1414Painter
Master of the Dominican Effigies1336-1345Painter
Page with Historiated Initial 'S'
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Giovanni da Campione1340-1360Sculptor
Lippo Vanni1341-1375Painter/Manuscript Illuminator
Andrea da Firenze1343-1377Painter
St. Dominic Sending Forth the Hounds of the Lord
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Nardo di Cione1343-1365Painter
Madonna Del Parto and Donor
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Agnolo Gaddi1345-1396Painter
The Nativity
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Paolo di Giovanni Fei1345-1411Painter
Puccio di Simone1345-1365Painter
Madonna of Humility with Saints
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Niccolo di Buonaccorso1348-1388Painter
Nicolo da Bologna1348-1399 
Barna da Siena1350Painter
Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane
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Bonino da Campione1350-1390Sculptor
Giovanni da Milano1350-1369Painter
The Virgin Appearing to St. Bernard
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Master of the Rinuccini Chapel1350-1375 
The Charity of St. Anthony Abbot
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Niccolo di Ser Sozzo Tegliacci1350-1363Painter
Spinello Aretino1350-1410Painter
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Alberto Arnoldi1351-1364Sculptor
Giovanni Bon1355-1443Sculptor/Architect
The Porta Della Carta, Built 1438-43
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Giovanni del Biondo1356-1399Painter
Lorenzo Veneziano1356-1372Painter
Madonna and Child
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Gherardo Starnina1360-1413Painter
Francesco di Vannuccio1361-1389Painter
Triptych with the Madonna Enthroned
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Domenico De'Cori1362-1450Sculptor
Taddeo di Bartolo1362-1422Painter
The Annunciation with St. Cosmas and St. Damian, 1409
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Francesco di Valdambrino1363-1435Sculptor
Niccolo di Pietro Gerini1368-1415Painter
Gentile da Fabriano1370-1427Painter
Flight Into Egypt
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Jacobello Del Fiore1370-1439Painter
The Coronation of the Virgin in Paradise
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Lorenzo Monaco1370-1425Painter
The Adoration of the Magi, 1422
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Michelino da Besozzo1370-1450Painter
The Mystical Wedding of Saint Catherine of Alexandria
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Giovanni Toscani1370-1430Painter
Jacopo della Quercia1371-1438Sculptor
Fonte Gaia (Detail)
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Bicci di Lorenzo1373-1452Painter
The Coronation of The Virgin
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Master of 141915th CenturyPainter
Master of Pratovecchio15th CenturyPainter
Stefano da Verona1375-1438Painter
Stefano di Zevio1375-1451Painter
Filippo Brunelleschi1377-1446Sculptor/Architect
View of The Nave
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Lorenzo Ghiberti1378-1455Sculptor
The Sacrifice of Isaac
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Nanni di Banco1380-1421Sculptor
Relief Depicting Artists and Craftsmen at Work
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Jacobello Dalle Masegne1383-1409Sculptor
Group of Students from Bologna
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Masolino da Panicale1383-1447Painter
The Baptism of Christ and View of Baptistry
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Martino di Bartolomeo di Biago1384-1435Painter
Giovanni dal Ponte1385-1437Painter
The Seven Liberal Arts
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The Prophet Jeremiah, 1423-27
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Fra Angelico1387-1455Painter
The Madonna Delle Ombre, Detail of St. Dominic
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Parri Spinelli1387-1453Painter
Andrea di Bartolo1389-1428 
Annunciation of the Madonna
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Madonna with a Rose Bush
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Piero di Niccolo Lamberti1393-1435Sculptor
Mariotto di Nardo1394-1424Painter
The Martyrdom of St. Lawrence
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Nicolo di Pietro1394-1440Painter
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Donor
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Pisanello: The Virgin and Child with Saints
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Michelozzo di Bartolomeo1396-1472Sculptor/Architect
Panel from Prato Cathedral
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Francesco Squarcione1397-1468Painter
Paolo Uccello1397-1475Painter
Paolo Uccello: The Presentation of Mary in the Temple (detail)
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Jacopo Bellini1400-1470Painter
Madonna and Child
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Domenico di Bartolo1400-1447Painter
Domenico Veneziano1400-1461Painter
Madonna and Child with Saints
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Michele Giambono1400-1462Painter
Coronation of The Virgin
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Luca della Robbia1400-1482Sculptor
Logic and Dialectic
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Masaccio: Distribution of the Alms
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Giovanni di Paolo1403-1483Painter
Paradise, from The Last Judgement predella
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Leon Baptista Alberti1404-1472Architect
Medallion Self Portrait
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Fra Filippo Lippi1406-1469Painter
Fra Lippi: The Annunciation
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Sano di Pietro1406-1481Painter
Virgin and Child with Angels
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Lo Scheggia1406-1486Painter
Giovanni da Modena1409-1456Painter
Bernardo Rossellino1409-1464Sculptor
Tomb of Leonardo Bruni
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Pietro di Giovanni d'Ambrogio1410-1449Painter
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Giovanni di Francesco1412-1459Painter
Zanobi Strozzi1412-1468Painter
Historiated Initial O
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Apollonio di Giovanni1415-1465Painter
Allegory of Prudence
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Paolo Romano1415-1470Sculptor
Michele di Matteo Lambertini1416-1469Painter
Domenico di Michelino1417-1491Painter
Dante and His Poem
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Agostino di Duccio1418-1481Sculptor
Gemini Represented by the Twins
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Andrea Bregno1418-1503Sculptor/Architect
Zanobi Machiavelli1418-1479Painter
The Madonna And Child
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Nanni di Bartolo1419-1451Sculptor
Neri di Bicci1419-1491Painter
Madonna and Child with Pomegranate
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Bertoldo di Giovanni1420-1491Sculptor
Medal with the Head of Giuliano De'Medici
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Giovanni Boccati1420-1487Painter
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Benedetto Bonfigli1420-1496Painter
The Annunciation
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Bartolommeo Caporali1420-1505Painter
Adoration of the Shepherds
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Giovanni Francesco da Rimini1420-1470Painter
Benozzo Gozzoli1420-1497Painter
Benozzo Gozzoli: Lorenzo De Medici
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Luciano Laurana1420-1479Architect
Citta Ideale-Tavola di Baltimora
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Antonio Vivarini1420-1484Painter
The Virgin Enthroned with Saints
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Bartolomeo Bon1421-1464Sculptor/Architect
St. Virgin and Child Surrounded By St. Zenobius
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Piero della Francesca1422-1492Painter
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Andrea del Castagno1423-1457Painter
Andrea del Castagno: Monumento a Niccolo
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Alessio Baldovinetti1425-1499Painter
Alessio Baldovinetti: Portrait of a Lady in Yellow
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Antonio Bregno1425-1457Sculptor/Architect
Bartolomeo di Tommaso da Foligno1425-1453Painter
Master of the Mascoli Altar1425-1450Sculptor
Niccolo di Liberatore1425-1502Painter
Antonio Rossellino1427-1479Sculptor
Madonna (Detail)
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Gentile Bellini1429-1507Painter
Portrait of a Young Man
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Mino da Fiesole1429-1484Sculptor
Piero De' Medici 1453
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Antonello da Messina1430-1479Painter
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Lazzaro Bastiani1430-1512Painter
Christ Blessing
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Belbello da Pavia1430-1473Manuscript Illuminator
Noah and the Ark
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Giovanni Bellini1430-1516Painter
Leonardo Loredan, Doge of Venice
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Carlo Crivelli1430-1495Painter
Carlo Crivelli: St. Catherine of Alexandria
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Desiderio da Settignano1430-1464Painter/Sculptor
Tomb of Carlo Marsuppini
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Vincenzo Foppa1430-1515Painter
Virgin and Child with Saints
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Francesco Laurana1430-1502Sculptor
Isabella Di Aragona Princess of Naples
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Master of the Osservanza1430-1450Manuscript Illuminator
Saint Anthony of Egypt
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Matteo di Giovanni1430-1495Painter
The Massacre of The Innocents
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Niccolo Fiorentino1430-1514Goldsmith
Antoniazzo Romano1430-1508Painter
Annunciation with Children and the Cardinal
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Giovanni Santi1430-1494Painter/Writer
Lamentation of The Dead Christ
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Cosme Tura1430-1495Painter
St. George and the Dragon, from a polyptych, 1469
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Andrea Mantegna1431-1506Painter
Trompe L'Oeil Oculus
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Savelli Sperandio1431-1504Sculptor
Francesco Benaglio1432-1492Painter
Antonio Pollaiolo1432-1498Painter/Sculptor
Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, 1475
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Marco Zoppo1433-1478Painter
The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels
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Francesco del Cossa1435-1477Painter
St. John the Baptist
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Pietro Lombardo1435-1515Sculptor
View of the Exterior, Built 1481-89
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Andrea della Robbia1435-1525Sculptor
Relief of the Head of a Lady
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Andrea del Verrocchio1435-1488Sculptor/Painter
Equestrian Monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni
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Benvenuto di Giovanni1436-1518Painter
Ascension of the Virgin (Predella Detail)
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Matteo Civitale1436-1501Painter/Sculptor
Francesco di Simone Ferrucci1437-1493Sculptor
Bernardo Parentino1437-1531Painter
Temptation of St. Anthony
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Melozzo da Forli1438-1494Painter
Melozzo da Forli: Angel with Violin
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Francesco di Giorgio Martini1439-1501Painter/Sculptor
Adoration of the Child by St. Ambrose and St. Bernard
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Cosimo Rosselli1439-1507Painter
The Crossing of the Red Sea
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Bartolomeo Bellano1440-1496Sculptor
Vittorio Crivelli1440-1501Painter
The Madonna And Child Enthroned With Angels
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Jacopo de'Barbari1440-1515Painter
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Antonio Rizzo1440-1499Sculptor
The Scala Dei Giganti, Commissioned in 1485
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Bartolomeo Vivarini1440-1500Painter
St. Anthony of Padua
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Piero Pollaiolo1441-1496Painter
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Luca Signorelli1441-1523Painter
One of the Damned Riding on a Devil
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Benedetto da Maiano1442-1497Sculptor
The Madonna
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Jacopo del Sellaio1442-1493Painter
Triumph of Chastity
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Baldassare Estense1443-1504Painter
Portrait of Borso D'Este, Prince of Ferrara
Art Prints from
Giuliano da Sangallo1443-1516Architect
Bonifacio Bembo1444-1477Painter
Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan
Art Prints from
Donato Bramante1444-1514Architect/Painter
St. Peter's Basilica
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Antonio Marescotti1444-1462 
Biagio d'Antonio da Firenze1445-1510Painter
Sandro Botticelli1445-1510Painter
Sandro Botticelli: The Birth of Venus, 1480
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Fra Carnevale1445-1484Painter
Pier Francesco Fiorentino1445-1497Painter
Fiorenzo di Lorenzo1445-1525Painter
St. Bernardino of Siena
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Gherardo di Giovanni1445-1497Miniaturist
Liberale da Verona1445-1530Painter
The Abduction of Helen
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Pietro Perugino1445-1523Painter
The Virgin and Child with Saints
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Alvise Vivarini1445-1505Painter
St. Clare, c. 1485-90
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Francesco Botticini1446-1498Painter
Scenes from The Martyrdom of St. John The Baptist
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Giovanni Antonio Amadeo1447-1522Sculptor
Sculpture of the Virgin and Child
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Pablo de San Leocadio1447-1520Painter
The Virgin and Child
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Domenico da Tolmezzo1448-1507Painter
Agnolo degli Erri1448-1482Painter
Domenico Gagini1449-1492Sculptor
Domenico Ghirlandaio1449-1494Painter
An Old Man and a Boy
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Ludovico Brea1450-1523Painter
Coronation of the Virgin, 1513
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Bernardino Jacopi Butinone1450-1507Painter
Vittore Carpaccio1450-1525Painter
Vittore Carpaccio: Dream of St. Ursula
Art Prints from
Francesco Antonio del Cherico1450-1470Miniaturist
Guidoccio Cozzarelli1450-1516Painter
Episodio Di Storia Antico
Art Prints from
Antonio Leonelli da Crevalcore1450-1525 
Ercole de'Roberti1450-1496Painter
The Institution of the Eucharist, c.1490
Art Prints from
Francesco Francia1450-1517Painter
Francesco Francia: Madonna and Child with Infant St. John
Art Prints from
Master of the Castello Nativity1450-1475Painter
The Madonna and Child with Saints, 1449-50
Art Prints from
Guido Mazzoni1450-1518Sculptor
Bartolomeo Montagna1450-1523Painter
St. Monicamadonna and Child with St. Andre
Art Prints from
Lo Spagna1450-1528Painter
Bernardino Zenale1450-1526Painter
Antonio da Fabriano1451-1486 
Attavante Degli Attavanti1452-1525Miniaturist
The Sciences Mountain with Moses, Sardi
Art Prints from
Portrait Medal of Bramante
Art Prints from
Leonardo da Vinci1452-1519Painter/Inventor
Leonardo da Vinci: Vitruvian Man
Art Prints from
Giacomo Cozzarelli1453-1515Sculptor
Lucrezia Borgia
Art Prints from
Ambrogio de Predis1455-1508Painter
Portrait of a Bearded Nobleman
Art Prints from
Filippino Lippi1457-1504Painter
The Dispute with Simon Mago (Nero Enthroned)
Art Prints from
Benedetto Ghirlandaio1458-1497Painter
Antonio Lombardo1458-1516Sculptor
Lorenzo di Credi1458-1537Painter
The Virgin Adoring the Child, 1490-1500
Art Prints from
Giambattista Cima da Conegliano1459-1517Painter
The Annunciation, 1495
Art Prints from
Hercules and The Hydra
Art Prints from
Alessandro Araldi1460-1530Painter
Portrait of Barbara Pallavicino, c. 1520-28
Art Prints from
Madonna and Child
Art Prints from
Francesco Bonsignori1460-1519Painter
Christ Falls Under The Cross
Art Prints from
Vincenzo Civerchio1460-1544Painter
Lorenzo Costa1460-1535Painter
A Concert
Art Prints from
Benedetto Diana1460-1525Painter
Bernardino Fungai1460-1516Painter
Giannicola di Paolo1460-1544Painter
Tullio Lombardo1460-1532Sculptor
Sebastiano Mainardi1460-1513Painter
Virgin and Child with St. John the Baptist and Archangels
Art Prints from
Francesco Maineri1460-1535 
Francesco Marmitta1460-1505Painter
Marco Palmezzano1460-1539Painter
Christ Carrying the Cross
Art Prints from
Andrea Solario1460-1524Painter
Andrea Solario: Portrait of Charles d'Amboise
Art Prints from
Bernardino Zaganelli1460-1510Painter
Niccolo Dell'Arca1462-1494Sculptor
Piero di Cosimo1462-1521Painter
A Satyr Mourning over a Nymph
Art Prints from
Cristofano Robetta1462-1535 
Cristoforo Mantegazza1464-1482Sculptor
Antonello de Saliba1466-1535Painter
Portrait of a Man
Art Prints from
Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio1466-1516Painter
Narcissus at The Fountain
Art Prints from
Raffaellino del Garbo1466-1524Painter
Art Prints from
Domenico di Paris1467-1492Sculptor
Giovanni Agostino da Lodi1467-1524Painter
Baptism of Christ
Art Prints from
Andrea Sansovino1467-1529Sculptor
Virgin and Child with St. Anne
Art Prints from
Valerio Belli1468-1546Jeweller
Marble Relief of Valerio Belli
Art Prints from
Boccaccio Boccaccino1468-1525Painter
Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet
Art Prints from
Clemente da Urbino1468 
Lorenzo di Alessandro da Sanseverino1468-1503Painter
Cristoforo Solari1468-1524Sculptor
Francesco Granacci1469-1543Painter
Charles VIII Entering Florence
Art Prints from
Giovanni della Robbia1469-1529Sculptor
Art Prints from
Timoteo Viti1469-1525Painter
St. Thomas a Becket and St. Martin of Tours
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Veneto1470-1531Painter
Portrait of a Lady
Art Prints from
Marco Basaiti1470-1530Painter
Valediction Christi
Art Prints from
Pier Francesco Bissolo1470-1554Painter
Girolamo di Benvenuto1470-1524Painter
Michele da Verona1470-1540Painter
Girolamo Mocetto1470-1531Painter
Andrea Previtali1470-1528Painter
Man in black cap
Art Prints from
Il Riccio1470-1532Sculptor
Gian Cristoforo Romano1470-1512Sculptor
Gaudenzio Ferrari1471-1546Painter
The Concert of Angels
Art Prints from
Francesco Morone1471-1529Painter
Silvestro Dell'Acquila1471-1504Sculptor
Fra Bartolommeo1472-1517Painter
The Annunciation with Saints, 1515
Art Prints from
Antonio Mantegazza1472-1495Sculptor
Nicola di Maestro Antonio d'Ancona1472 
The Madonna and Child under an Archway
Art Prints from
Pietro Torrigiano1472-1528Sculptor
Tomb of Henry VII and His Wife, Elizabeth of York
Art Prints from
Mariotto Albertinelli1474-1515Painter
Annunciation (Angel Detail)
Art Prints from
Amico Aspertini1474-1552Painter
Benedetto da Rovezzano1474-1554Sculptor
Girolamo dai Libri1474-1555Painter
The Deposition, 1490
Art Prints from
Giovanni Francesco Rustici1474-1554Sculptor
Zoan Andrea1475-1505Painter/Printmaker
Bartolomeo di Giovanni1475-1511Painter
Saint Jerome (detail)
Art Prints from
Giuliano Bugiardini1475-1554Painter
The Birth of St. John The Baptist
Art Prints from
Marco d'Oggiono1475-1530Painter
The Archangels Triumphing Over Lucifer
Art Prints from
Master of Santo Spirito16th CenturyPainter
Damiano Mazza16th CenturyPainter
Michelangelo Buonarroti1475-1564Painter/Sculptor
Michelangelo: Delphic Sibyl
Art Prints from
Martino Piazza1475-1523Painter
Marcantonio Raimondi1475-1534Engraver
The Judgement of Paris
Art Prints from
Girolamo Genga1476-1551Painter
Saint Mary Magdalene
Art Prints from
Benedetto Briosco1477-1514Sculptor
Cesare da Sesto1477-1523Painter
Mary With Jesus, St. Joseph and St. Catherine of Alexandria
Art Prints from
Art Prints from
Il Sodoma1477-1549Painter
Man on Horseback
Art Prints from
Carlo di Braccesco1478-1501Painter
Giovanni Francesco Caroto1480-1555Painter
Madonna Sewing
Art Prints from
Lorenzo Lotto1480-1556Painter
The Annunciation, ca.1534-35
Art Prints from
Bernardino Luini1480-1532Painter
Bernardino Luini: Adoration of the Magi
Art Prints from
Ludovico Mazzolino1480-1528Painter
The Massacre of The Innocents
Art Prints from
Nicola da Urbino1480-1538Ceramicist
Palma Vecchio1480-1528Painter
The Fall
Art Prints from
Pietro da Rho1480-1508Sculptor
Girolamo Santacroce1480-1556Painter
Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo1480-1548Painter
St. Mary Magdalene Approaching the Sepulchre
Art Prints from
Ugo Da Carpi1480-1525Painter/Printmaker
Vincenzo di Catena1480-1531Painter
Madonna and Child with Saints
Art Prints from
Ambrogio Bevilacqua1481-1512Painter
The Annunciation
Art Prints from
Girolamo Marchesi1481-1550Painter
Baldassare Peruzzi1481-1536Painter/Architect
Roman Perspective
Art Prints from
Tommaso Cazzaniga1481-1504Sculptor
Giulio Campagnola1482-1514Engraver
Ridolfo Ghirlandaio1483-1561Painter
Portrait of an Old Man
Art Prints from
St. George Struggling with the Dragon, c.1505
Art Prints from
Portrait of a Youth with Gloves
Art Prints from
Giovanni Mansueti1484-1526Painter
Il Pordenone1484-1539Painter
Girolamo Romanino1484-1562Painter
St. Anthony of Padua
Art Prints from
Francesco da Sangallo1484-1576Sculptor
Francesco Zaganelli1484-1532Painter
Innocenzo da Imola1485-1548Painter
Holy Family with St. Francis and St. John
Art Prints from
Pier Francesco Sacchi1485-1528Painter
Sebastiano del Piombo1485-1547Painter
Art Prints from
Titian: An Invalid
Art Prints from
Andrea del Sarto1486-1530Painter
Andrea del Sarto: Head of a Child
Art Prints from
Domenico Beccafumi1486-1551Painter
St Bernardino of Siena Preaching
Art Prints from
Jacopo Sansovino1486-1570Sculptor
Bacchus, 1510
Art Prints from
Andrea del Brescianino1487-1524Painter
Francesco Xanto Avelli1487-1542Ceramicist
Giovanni Martini da Udine1487-1564Painter
Bonifacio Veronese1487-1553Painter
Rest on The Flight Into Egypt
Art Prints from
Giovanni da Nola1488-1558Sculptor
Giovan Francesco Penni1488-1528Painter
The Last Judgement
Art Prints from
Girolamo della Robbia1488-1566Sculptor
Cola Dell'Amatrice1489-1550Painter
Correggio: Noli Me Tangere (detail)
Art Prints from
Bernardino Licinio1489-1565Painter
Madonna and Child with St. Francis, c.1540
Art Prints from
Agostino Veneziano1490-1540Engraver
Giovanni Cariani1490-1547Painter
Portrait Of An Astronomer
Art Prints from
Battista Dossi1490-1548Painter
The Vision of St. Hildegard
Art Prints from
Dosso Dossi1490-1542Painter
Detail of Polyptychon, Virgin & Child with infant St.John
Art Prints from
Defendente Ferrari1490-1535Painter
The Madonna Suckling Her Child, 1520-30
Art Prints from
Gandolfino da Roreto1490-1530Painter
Girolamo Giovenone1490-1555Painter
Altobello Melone1490-1543Painter
Cesare Borgia, Duke of Valencia
Art Prints from
Ortolano Ferrarese1490-1525Painter
Ispwell Lass, 1805
Art Prints from
Properzia de Rossi1490-1530Sculptor
Michelangelo Anselmi1492-1556Painter
Francesco Beccaruzzi1492-1563Painter
Marco Marziale1492-1507Painter
Domenico Puligo1492-1527Painter
Madonna and Child with the Infant St John the Baptist
Art Prints from
Giovanni Antonio Sogliani1492-1544Painter
Madonna And Child Before A Landscape
Art Prints from
Baccio Bandinelli1493-1560Sculptor
Cosimo I De Medici
Art Prints from
Francesco Melzi1493-1570Painter
Leda and The Swan
Art Prints from
Francesco Bacchiacca1494-1557Painter
Portrait of a Lady
Art Prints from
Giovanni Bernardi1494-1553Jeweller
Domenico Capriolo1494-1528Painter
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1512
Art Prints from
Portrait of a Halberdier
Art Prints from
Rosso Fiorentino1494-1540Painter
Musician Angel
Art Prints from
Severo da Ravenna1496-1543Sculptor
Giovanni Battista Bertucci1498-1516Painter
Giorgio Giulio Clovio1498-1578Painter
Self Portrait
Art Prints from
Moretto da Brescia1498-1554Painter
Christ and the Angel
Art Prints from
Giulio Romano1499-1546Painter
The Building of the Trojan Horse
Art Prints from
Paris Bordone1500-1571Painter
Paris Bordone: The Rape of Proserpine
Art Prints from
Domenico Campagnola1500-1564Painter
Polidoro da Caravaggio1500-1543Painter
Art Prints from
Benvenuto Cellini1500-1571Sculptor/Goldsmith
The Nymph of Fontainebleau, 1542
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Franco1500-1561Painter
Christ on The Road to Calvary
Art Prints from
Madonna and Child
Art Prints from
Master of the David and Saint John Statuettes1500 
Master of the Griselda Legend1500Painter
Master of the Marble Madonnas1500Sculptor
Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli1500-1569Painter
St. John Changes Sticks and Stones Into Jewels
Art Prints from
Callisto Piazza1500-1562Painter
Guglielmo della Porta1500-1577Sculptor/Architect
Andrea Schiavone1500-1563Painter
Samson Killing a Philistine
Art Prints from
Niccolo Tribolo1500-1550Sculptor
Art Prints from
Girolamo da Carpi1501-1556Painter
Perino del Vaga1501-1547Painter
Tarquinius The Proud
Art Prints from
Giulio Campi1502-1572Painter
Saint Agatha's Burial
Art Prints from
Pierfrancesco Foschi1502-1567Painter
Agnolo Bronzino1503-1572Painter
Portrait of Eleonora Da Toledo
Art Prints from
Andrea Busati1503-1530Painter
Five Angels
Art Prints from
Michele Tosini1503-1577Painter
Saint Mary Magdalen
Art Prints from
Camillo Boccaccino1504-1546Painter
Rocco Marconi1504-1529Painter
Francesco Primaticcio1504-1570Painter/Sculptor
Diane de Poitiers
Art Prints from
Giovanni Alberghetti I1505 
Gian Jacopo Caraglio1505-1565Engraver
Giovanni Larciani1505-1530Painter
Bartolomeo da Brescia1506-1578 
Domenico del Barbiere1506-1570Sculptor
Lodovico Lombardo1507-1575 
Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli1507-1563Sculptor
Il Vignola1507-1573Architect
Gian Girolamo Grandi1508-1560 
Andrea Palladio1508-1580Architect
Corinthian Columns (HC)
Art Prints from
Danese Cattaneo1509-1573Sculptor
Matthys Cock1509-1548Painter
Leone Leoni1509-1590Sculptor
Medallion of Andrea Doria, ca.1541
Art Prints from
Daniele da Volterra1509-1566Painter/Sculptor
Portrait Bust of Michelangelo Buonarroti
Art Prints from
Jacopo Bassano1510-1592Painter
Saint Roch Visiting the Plague Victims
Art Prints from
Giulio di Antonio Bonasone1510-1576Painter
Jacopino del Conte1510-1598Painter
Portrait of Michelangelo, c. 1535
Art Prints from
Francesco Salviati1510-1563Painter
The Incredulity of St. Thomas
Art Prints from
Bartolommeo Ammanati1511-1592Sculptor
Leda and The Swan
Art Prints from
Lelio Orsi1511-1587Painter
Giorgio Vasari1511-1574Writer/Painter
Art Prints from
Prospero Fontana1512-1597Painter
Art Prints from
Bernardino Lanino1512-1583Painter
The Madonna With The Sleeping Child And The Infant Baptist
Art Prints from
Niccolo dell'Abbate1512-1571Painter
Niccolo dell'Abbate: Altarpiece of Sainte-Chapelle
Art Prints from
Pirro Ligorio1513-1583Architect
Jacopo Nizzola da Trezzo1515-1589 
Polidoro Lanzani1515-1565Painter
Marcello Venusti1515-1579Painter
Bathsheba Bathing, circa 1550
Art Prints from
Parrasio Micheli1516-1578Painter
Niccolo Circignani1517-1596Painter
Portrait of a Woman
Art Prints from
Giorgio Ghisi1520-1582Engraver
Pietro Marescalca1520-1589Painter
Giovanni Battista Moroni1520-1578Painter
Portrait of a Man, presumed to be Clement Marot
Art Prints from
Domenico Poggini1520-1590Sculptor
Giuseppe Porta1520-1575Painter
Giovan Battista Ramenghi1521-1601Painter
Bernardino Campi1522-1591Painter
Antonio Campi1524-1587Painter
Paolo Farinati1524-1606Painter
Pandora Offers the Box to Epimetheus
Art Prints from
Federico Brandani1525-1575Sculptor
Alessandro Vittoria1525-1608Sculptor
Relief Depicting a Venetian Galleon
Art Prints from
Sebastiano TorrigianiDied 1596Sculptor
Luca Cambiaso1527-1585Painter
The Battle of Lepanto, 7th October 1571
Art Prints from
Pellegrino Tibaldi1527-1596Painter
The Holy Family With Saint Catherine
Art Prints from
Paolo Veronese1528-1588Painter
The Eternal Father
Art Prints from
Valerio Cioli1529-1599Sculptor
Statue of Mercury, c.1564
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Passerotti1529-1592Painter
Art Prints from
Pietro degli Ingannati1529-1548Painter
Taddeo Zuccaro1529-1566Painter
Charles V, Francis I and Alessandro Farnese
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Arcimboldo1530-1593Painter
Art Prints from
Vincenzo Danti1530-1576Sculptor
Honour Triumphing over Deceit, c.1561
Art Prints from
Lattanzio Gambara1530-1574Painter
Master B. of the Die1530sEngraver
Tommaso Manzuoli1531-1571Painter
Tommaso Manzuoli: The Fall of Icarus
Art Prints from
Pierino da Vinci1531-1554Sculptor
Sofonisba Anguissola1532-1625Painter
Portrait of Alessandro Farnese
Art Prints from
Il Bastianino1532-1602Painter
Girolamo Muziano1532-1592Painter
Orazio Samacchini1532-1577Painter
Pompeo Leoni1533-1608Sculptor
Giacomo della Porta1533-1602Architect
Giacomo della Porta: Interior of the Dome at St. Peters Basilica
Art Prints from
Stoldo Lorenzi1534-1583Sculptor
Alessandro Allori1535-1607Painter
Marie De Medici
Art Prints from
Federico Barocci1535-1612Painter
Saint Lucy
Art Prints from
Vincenzo Campi1536-1591Painter
The Fruit Dealer
Art Prints from
Santi di Tito1536-1602Painter/Architect
Portrait of a Lady, Bust Length
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Naldini1537-1591Painter
View in New St. Peter's in Rome
Art Prints from
Giovan Paolo Lomazzo1538-1600Painter
Art Prints from
Andrea Michelli1538-1617Painter
King Henri III of France visiting Venice in 1574
Art Prints from
Andre Andreani1540-1623Printmaker
Lucia Anguissola1540-1565Painter
Giovanni Bandini1540-1599Sculptor
Annibale Fontana1540-1587Sculptor
Jacopo Zucchi1540-1596Painter
The Mine, 1572
Art Prints from
Federico Zuccaro1542-1609Painter
Francis I and Alessandro Farnese Entering Paris in 1540
Art Prints from
Il Poppi1544-1597Painter
Jacopo Zanguidi1544-1574Painter
Jacopo Ligozzi1547-1627Painter
Quercus Robur E Parus Coerculeis
Art Prints from
Diana Scultori1547-1612Engraver
Pietro Francavilla1548-1615Sculptor
Palma Giovane1548-1628Painter
Christ Shown to the People
Art Prints from
Francesco Bassano1549-1592Painter
Winter (The Butcher)
Art Prints from
Girolamo Campagna1549-1625Sculptor
Il Nosadella1549-1571Painter
Taddeo Landini1550-1596Sculptor
Scipione Pulzone1550-1598Painter
Portrait of Pope Pius V (Michele Ghislieri)
Art Prints from
Birth of the Virgin, 1610-15
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Scolari1550-1600Painter/Printmaker
Giovanni Ambrogio Figino1551-1608Painter
Lavinia Fontana1552-1614Painter
A Noblewoman Said To Be Bianca Cappello
Art Prints from
Barbara Longhi1552-1638Painter
St. Catherine of Alexandria
Art Prints from
Cristoforo Roncalli1552-1626Painter
Cherubino Alberti1553-1615Painter
Giovanni Sons1553-1611Painter
Jacopo Chimenti1554-1640Painter
Portrait of Cosimo II De' Medici
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Paggi1554-1627Painter
Madonna of The Rosary
Art Prints from
Marietta Robusti1554-1590Painter
Lodovico Carracci1555-1619Painter
Abraham and the Three Angels
Art Prints from
Andrea Lillio1555-1627Painter
St. Roch
Art Prints from
Master of Flora1555-1570Painter
Antonio Tempesta1555-1630Painter
Antonio Tempesta: The Battle of the Amazons
Art Prints from
Giovanni Caccini1556-1612Sculptor
Bartolomeo Cesi1556-1629Painter
Alessandro Maganza1556-1640Painter
Cristoforo Stati1556-1619Sculptor
Leandro Bassano1557-1622Painter
Orpheus Charming The Animals
Art Prints from
Agostino Carracci1557-1602Painter
A Peasant Man, Head And Shoulders, Shouting
Art Prints from
Bernardo Castello1557-1629Painter
Giovanni Alberti1558-1601Painter
Gregorio Pagani1558-1605Painter
Pyramus and Thisbe
Art Prints from
Tiziano Aspetti1559-1606Sculptor
Lodovico Cigoli1559-1613Painter/Architect
Portrait of a Young Nobleman
Art Prints from
Enea Talpino1559-1626Painter
Andrea Boscoli1560-1607 
Wedding at Cana, 1580-85
Art Prints from
Bartolommeo Carducci1560-1610Painter
Annibale Carracci1560-1609Painter
Art Prints from
Belisario Corenzio1560-1640Painter
Niccolo Frangipane1560-1600Painter
A Shepherd
Art Prints from
Domenico Robusti1560-1635Painter
Portrait of Francesco Bassano
Art Prints from
Pietro Bernini1562-1629Sculptor
Orazio Gentileschi1563-1639Painter
Madonna and Child with St. Frances of Rome
Art Prints from
Francesco Vanni1563-1610Painter
Drawing of a Woman with Child
Art Prints from
Camillo Mariani1565-1611Sculptor
Giovanni Baglione1566-1643Painter
Sacred Love and Profane Love
Art Prints from
Ottavio Miseroni1567-1624Jeweller
Ventura Salimbeni1567-1613Painter
Giuseppe Cesari1568-1640Painter
Perseus Rescuing Andromeda, 1602
Art Prints from
Francesco Curradi1570-1661Painter
The Triumph of Judith, c.1620-30
Art Prints from
Caravaggio: The Cardsharps
Art Prints from
Antiveduto Gramatica1571-1626Painter
Rutilio Manetti1571-1639Painter
St. Paul
Art Prints from
Nicolo de Bonis1574-1592 
Giulio Cesare Procaccini1574-1625Painter/Sculptor
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Crespi1575-1633Painter
Art Prints from
Pietro Faccini1575-1602Painter
Stefano Maderno1575-1636Sculptor
Master of the Annunciation to the Shepherds17th CenturyPainter
Guido Reni1575-1642Painter
Guido Reni: Madonna
Art Prints from
Tommaso Salini1575-1625Painter
Young Shepherd Playing with a Cat
Art Prints from
Tanzio da Varallo1575-1633Painter
Giovanni Bilivert1576-1644Painter
Lionello Spada1576-1622Painter
Good Fortune
Art Prints from
Gian Battista Viola1576-1622Painter
Cristofano Allori1577-1621Painter
St. John The Baptist in The Desert
Art Prints from
Giacomo Cavedone1577-1660Painter
Pietro Tacca1577-1640Sculptor
Portrait bust of Jean de Bologna
Art Prints from
Alessandro Tiarini1577-1668Painter
Pope Eugene IV Consecrating The Convent of San Marco
Art Prints from
Francesco Albani1578-1660Painter
The Baptism of Christ
Art Prints from
Orazio Borgianni1578-1616Painter
Saint Christopher
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Caracciolo1578-1635Painter
Saint Onophrius
Art Prints from
Vincenzo Carducci1578-1638Painter
Saint Anthony Of Padua And The Infant Christ
Art Prints from
Fede Galizia1578-1630Painter
Ottavio Leoni1578-1630Printmaker/Painter
Portrait of Galileo Galilei
Art Prints from
Matteo Rosselli1578-1650Painter
Adoration of The Magi, 1629
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Schedone1578-1615Painter
Bartolomeo Schedoni1578-1615Painter
Charity, c.1611
Art Prints from
Alessandro Turchi1578-1649Painter
The Death of Anthony and Cleopatra, 1630-35
Art Prints from
Francesco Bordoni1580-1654Sculptor
Francesco Mochi1580-1654Sculptor
Carlo Saraceni1580-1620Painter
Carlo Saraceni: Venus and Mars
Art Prints from
Antonio Susini1580-1624Sculptor
St. Mary Magdalene
Art Prints from
Panfilo Nuvolone1581-1651Painter
Bernardo Strozzi1581-1644Painter
Portrait of Nicolo Raggi
Art Prints from
Remigio Cantagallina1582-1656Engraver
Giovanni Lanfranco1582-1647Painter
The Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, 1620-5
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Manfredi1582-1622Painter
Meeting of Drinkers
Art Prints from
Antonio Carracci1583-1618Painter
Andrea Ansaldo1584-1638Painter
Sisto Badalocchio1585-1619Painter
Mars and Venus, Before 1620
Art Prints from
Angelo Caroselli1585-1652Painter
Massimo Stanzione1585-1656Painter
The Madonna And Child
Art Prints from
Tiberio Tinelli1586-1638Painter
Filippo Napoletano1587-1629Painter
Allegory of Married Life
Art Prints from
Domenico Feti1589-1624Painter
St. Margaret Beside The Vanquished Devil
Art Prints from
Domenico Fiasella1589-1669Painter
The Imperiale Family
Art Prints from
Sinibaldo Scorza1589-1631Painter
Cosimo Fanzago1591-1678Sculptor
Guercino: Joseph and the Wife of Potiphar
Art Prints from
Jusepe de Ribera1591-1652Painter
The Assumption of Mary Magdalene, 1636
Art Prints from
Giovanni da San Giovanni1592-1636Painter
Lorenzo de' Medici
Art Prints from
Gianfrancesco Susini1592-1646Sculptor
Jacopo Vignali1592-1664Painter
Tobias and the Archangel Raphael
Art Prints from
Cornelis de Wael1592-1669Painter
At The Bar
Art Prints from
Artemisia Gentileschi1593-1652Painter
Judith and Holofernes
Art Prints from
Niccolo Roccatagliata1593-1633Sculptor
Cesare Dandini1595-1658Painter
The Abduction of Helen of Troy
Art Prints from
Pietro da Cortona1596-1669Painter
The Head of an Angel
Art Prints from
Ercole Procaccini il Giovane1596-1676Painter
Francois Duquesnoy1597-1643Sculptor
Bust of a Woman
Art Prints from
Alessandro Algardi1598-1654Sculptor
Art Prints from
Gianlorenzo Bernini1598-1680Sculptor/Painter
The chair of St.Peter
Art Prints from
Francesco del Cairo1598-1674 
Self Portrait
Art Prints from
Daniele Crespi1598-1630Painter
The Pieta
Art Prints from
Francesco Borromini1599-1667Architect
Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Rome
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Coriolano1599-1676 
Andrea Sacchi1599-1661Painter
The Death of Dido
Art Prints from
Gioacchino Assereto1600-1649Painter
The Torture of Prometheus
Art Prints from
Giovanna Garzoni1600-1670Painter
Piatto Di Baccelli
Art Prints from
Giovanni Serodine1600-1630Painter
Guido Cagnacci1601-1681Painter
Death of Cleopatra
Art Prints from
Giuliano Finelli1601-1653Sculptor
Michelangelo Cerquozzi1602-1660Painter
Detail of Flowers
Art Prints from
Michele Desubleo1602-1676Painter
Pietro della Vecchia1602-1678Painter
The Four Fathers of The Church
Art Prints from
Francesco Furini1603-1646Painter
Lot and His Daughters
Art Prints from
Pietro Novelli1603-1647Painter
Pietro Paolini1603-1681Painter
The Concert
Art Prints from
Viviano Codazzi1604-1670Painter
St. Peter's, Rome
Art Prints from
Giovanni Do1604-1656Painter
Andrea Vaccaro1604-1670Painter
Girolamo Forabosco1605-1679Painter
Head Of Apollo
Art Prints from
Pietro Liberi1605-1687Painter
Penitent Mary Magdalene with Putti
Art Prints from
Francesco Maffei1605-1660Painter
Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyards
Art Prints from
Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi1606-1680Painter
Orazio de Ferrari1606-1657Painter
Cecco Bravo1607-1661Painter
Pacecco de Rosa1607-1656Painter
Saint Agnes
Art Prints from
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione1609-1664Painter
Jesus Driving the Merchants from the Temple
Art Prints from
Carlo Francesco Nuvolone1609-1662Painter
The Madonna
Art Prints from
Ercole Bazicaluva1610-1661 
Cecco del Caravaggio1610-1620Painter
Guardian Angel Succoring a Soul in Purgatory
Art Prints from
Ercole Ferrata1610-1686Sculptor
Luca Forte1610-1670Painter
Francesco Maltese1610-1660Painter
Giovanni Martinelli1610-1659Painter
An Allegory of Astronomy
Art Prints from
Michele Pace1610-1670Painter
Pensionante del Saraceni1610Painter
Pensionante del Saraceni: Still Life with Fruit and Carafe
Art Prints from
Giovanni Francesco Romanelli1610-1662Painter
Enea Fighting Turnus
Art Prints from
Stefano della Bella1610-1664Printmaker
Study of a Female Figure with Cupid and a Dog
Art Prints from
Sebastiano Mazzoni1611-1678Painter
The Death Of Cleopatra
Art Prints from
Simone Pignoni1611-1698Painter
Pietro Testa1611-1650Painter
Il Volterrano1611-1690Painter
Saint Catherine Of Alexandria
Art Prints from
Simone Cantarini1612-1648Painter
Domenico Gargiulo1612-1679Painter
Bernardino Mei1612-1676Painter
Pier Francesco Mola1612-1666Painter
Homer Dictating his Poem
Art Prints from
Giulio Carpioni1613-1678Painter
The Kingdom of Hypnos
Art Prints from
Mattia Preti1613-1699Painter
Daniel Interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's First Dream
Art Prints from
Dionigi Bussola1615-1687Sculptor
Salvator Rosa1615-1673Painter
Port at Sunset
Art Prints from
Giovanni Bernardo Carbone1616-1683Painter
Bernardo Cavallino1616-1656Painter
Finding of Moses
Art Prints from
Carlo Dolci1616-1686Painter
St. Cecilia (patron saint of musicians)
Art Prints from
Evaristo Baschenis1617-1677Painter
Lutes And Violin On A Table, A Curtain To The Right
Art Prints from
Ferdinando Tacca1619-1686Sculptor
Cosimo Fancelli1620-1688Sculptor
Antonio Maria Vassallo1620-1670Painter
Giacinto Brandi1621-1691Painter
Allegory of Philosophy
Art Prints from
Giovanni Ghisolfi1623-1683Painter
Ruins of the Baths of Caracalla
Art Prints from
Filippo Lauri1623-1694Painter
Festival in Honour of Queen Christina of Sweden
Art Prints from
Valerio Castello1624-1659Painter
Massacre of the Innocents
Art Prints from
Antonio Raggi1624-1686Sculptor
Domenico Maria Canuti1625-1684Painter
Domenico Guidi1625-1701Sculptor
Carlo Maratta1625-1713Painter
Carlo Maratta: Christ and the Woman from Samaria
Art Prints from
Giusto Le Court1627-1679Sculptor
Onorio Marinari1627-1715Painter
David and Goliath
Art Prints from
Domenico Piola1627-1703Painter
Anamorphosis of Rubens
Art Prints from
Carlo Cignani1628-1719Painter
Francis I Touching for the King's Evil at Bologna
Art Prints from
Guillaume Courtois1628-1679Painter
Biagio Falcieri1628-1703Painter
Lorenzo Pasinelli1629-1700Painter
Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo1629-1690Painter
Still Life of Mushrooms on a Rocky Bank
Art Prints from
Filippo Parodi1630-1702Sculptor
Benedetto Gennari1633-1715Painter
King James II, In Garter Robes
Art Prints from
Ciro Ferri1634-1689Painter/Sculptor
Luca Giordano1634-1705Painter
The Prayer in the Garden
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Recco1634-1695Painter
Still Life of Fish, c.1670-80
Art Prints from
Melchiore Caffa1635-1667Sculptor
Giovan Battista Langetti1635-1676Painter
Art Prints from
Antonio Carneo1637-1692Painter
Luigi Garzi1638-1721Painter
Elisabetta Sirani1638-1665Painter
Judith With The Head Of Holofernes
Art Prints from
Il Baciccio1639-1709Painter
Self Portrait, 1667
Art Prints from
Bartolomeo Bettera1639-1688 
Crescenzio Onofrij1640-1712Painter
Andrea Pozzo1642-1709Painter
Andrea Pozzo: Baroque Architecture
Art Prints from
Orazio Marinali1643-1720Sculptor
Gregorio de Ferrari1644-1726Painter
Ceiling with the Spring
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Mazzuoli1644-1725Sculptor
The Death of Adonis, 1709
Art Prints from
Giacinto Calandrucci1646-1707Painter
Marcantonio Franceschini1648-1729Painter
Marcantonio Franceschini: Angels Playing Music
Art Prints from
Felice Boselli1650-1732Painter
Giambattista Foggini1652-1725Sculptor
Anton Domenico Gabbiani1652-1726Painter
Antonio Bellucci1654-1726Painter
Adoration of The Shepherds
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Chiari1654-1727Painter
The Holy Family with Elizabeth
Art Prints from
Giovanni Gioseffo dal Sole1654-1719Painter
Giuseppe Passeri1654-1714Writer/Painter
Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli1654-1735Sculptor
Giuseppe Ghislandi1655-1743Painter
Count Galeatius Secco Suardo
Art Prints from
Gregorio Lazzarini1655-1730Painter
Rebecca at the Well
Art Prints from
Antonio Molinari1655-1704Painter
Giacomo Serpotta1656-1732Sculptor
Massimiliano Soldani1656-1740Sculptor
Francesco Trevisani1656-1746Painter
The Banquet of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra
Art Prints from
Ferdinando Galli Bibiena1657-1743Designer
Francesco Solimena1657-1747Painter
Barak and Deborah
Art Prints from
Ilario Spolverini1657-1734 
Camillo Rusconi1658-1728Sculptor
Francesco Galli Bibiena1659-1739Designer
Sebastiano Ricci1659-1734Painter
Bathsheba Bathing, ca.1725
Art Prints from
Antonio Giorgetti1660sSculptor
Paolo de' Matteis1662-1728Painter
Nicola Malinconico1663-1721Painter
Alessandro Marchesini1663-1738Painter
Giuseppe Torretti1664-1743Sculptor
Luca Carlevaris1665-1731Painter
Regatta Held in Honour of Frederick VI of Denmark
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Maria Crespi1665-1747Painter
Woman Playing a Lute
Art Prints from
Antonio Balestra1666-1740Painter
Thetis Dipping The Infant Achilles Into Water From The Styx
Art Prints from
Benedetto Luti1666-1724Painter
Michele Rocca1666-1751Painter
Nymphs with Coral
Art Prints from
Alessandro Magnasco1667-1749Painter
A Court of the Inquisition, c.1710-20
Art Prints from
Cristoforo Munari1667-1720Painter
Antonio Corradini1668-1752Sculptor
Veiled Girl
Art Prints from
Donato Creti1671-1749Painter
Pastoral Idyll - Dance of the Nymphs
Art Prints from
Giovacchino Fortini1671-1736Sculptor
Pier Leone Ghezzi1674-1755Painter
Ghezzi: Horse Head
Art Prints from
Rosalba Carriera1675-1757Painter
Portrait of Antoine Watteau
Art Prints from
Aureliano Milani1675-1749Painter
Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini1675-1741Painter
Pellegrini: The Clemency of Alexander the Great
Art Prints from
Marco Ricci1676-1730Painter
Art Prints from
Filippo Juvarra1678-1736Architect
Sebastiano Conca1680-1764Painter
The Vision of Aeneas in the Elysian Fields
Art Prints from
Carlo Antonio Rambaldi1680-1717Painter
Giacomo Amiconi1682-1752Painter
Two Court Ladies Out Shooting With Their Retinue
Art Prints from
Giovanni Batista Piazetta1683-1754Painter
A Shepherdess With A Gourd And A Peasant Boy Playing Pipes
Art Prints from
Antonio Montauti1685-1740Sculptor
Francesco Monti1685-1768Painter
Nymphs, Satyrs and Putti
Art Prints from
Carlo Carloni1686-1775Painter
Giovanni Battista Crosato1686-1758Painter
Francesco Simonini1686-1753Painter
Giovanni Battista Pittoni1687-1767Painter
Saint Peter
Art Prints from
Francesco Maria Schiaffino1688-1763Sculptor
Gaspare Diziani1689-1767Painter
The Entrance of Alexander the Great into Babylon
Art Prints from
Domenico Dupra1689-1770Painter
Maria Barbara de Braganza, Queen of Spain
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Bazzani1690-1769Painter
Placido Costanzi1690-1759Painter
Giovanni Paolo Pannini1691-1765Painter
Pannini: Vedute Di Roma Moderna
Art Prints from
Giovanni Domenico Ferretti1692-1768Painter
The Harlequin Painter, c. 1742
Art Prints from
Corrado Giaquinto1694-1765Painter
The Legendary Battle of Clavijo
Art Prints from
Andrea Locatelli1695-1741Painter
Giuseppe Galli Bibiena1696-1756Designer
Francesco de Mura1696-1782Painter
Classical Scene
Art Prints from
Giovanni Marchiori1696-1778Sculptor
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo1696-1770Painter
Abraham and the Three Angels
Art Prints from
The Rialto Bridge, Venice
Art Prints from
Nicola Salvi1697-1751Sculptor
Plan of Trevi Fountain
Art Prints from
Antonio Bonazza1698-1761Sculptor
Giacomo Ceruti1698-1767Painter
St. Prosdomus Baptizing St. Justina
Art Prints from
Filippo della Valle1698-1768Sculptor
Gian Antonio Guardi1699-1761Painter
Sacrifice of Isaac
Art Prints from
Giovan Maria Morlaiter1699-1781Sculptor
Giuseppe Nogari1699-1766Painter
Art Prints from
Pietro Bracci1700-1773Sculptor
Antonio Joli1700-1777Painter
The Election of the Pope
Art Prints from
Luigi Vanvitelli1700-1773Architect
Tiber Valley
Art Prints from
Pietro Longhi1702-1785Painter
Masked Figures in a Venetian Coffee House
Art Prints from
Francesco Zuccarelli1702-1788Painter
An Italianate River Landscape
Art Prints from
Andrea Soldi1703-1771Painter
Portrait Of A Musician
Art Prints from
Andrea Casali1705-1784Painter
Angelica and Medoro
Art Prints from
Pietro Rotari1707-1762Painter
A Girl, Half-Length, in a Blue Jacket and White Headscarf
Art Prints from
Pompeo Batoni1708-1787Painter
Pompeo Batoni: Pierre de Suffren-Saint-Tropez
Art Prints from
Davide Antonio Fossati1708-1779 
Francesco Zugno1708-1787Painter
Francesco Fontebasso1709-1769Painter
The Battle of the Granicus in May 334 BC
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Zais1709-1789Painter
Landscape with a River and Dancing Peasants
Art Prints from
Francesco Foschi1710-1780Painter
Michele Giovanni Marieschi1710-1743Painter
Michele Giovanni Marieschi: Entree Du Grand Canal
Art Prints from
Lorenzo Peracino1710-1790 
Giuseppe Angeli1712-1798Painter
Francesco Guardi1712-1793Painter
Departure of the Bucentaur (detail)
Art Prints from
Domenico Maggiotto1713-1794Painter
Gregorio Guglielmi1714-1773Painter
Paolo Monaldi1720-1799Painter
Peasants Drinking By A Farmhouse
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Piranesi1720-1778Engraver
Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Carceri VII, 1760
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Sanmartino1720-1793Sculptor
Bernardo Bellotto1721-1780Painter
Castle Courtyard, 1762
Art Prints from
Domenico Corvi1721-1803Painter
Gaspare Traversi1722-1770Painter
The Concert
Art Prints from
Francesco Londonio1723-1783Painter
Antonio Zucchi1726-1795Painter
View of the cupola
Art Prints from
Francesco Bartolozzi1727-1815Engraver
Angels Drawing
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Cipriani1727-1785Painter
Figure of a Warrior
Art Prints from
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo1727-1804Painter
The Minuet or Carnival Scene
Art Prints from
Giuliano Traballesi1727-1812Painter
Filippo Falciatore1728-1768Painter
An Ornamental Garden
Art Prints from
Ubaldo Gandolfi1728-1781Painter
Head of an Old Man in a Turban
Art Prints from
Pietro Antonio Novelli1729-1804 
The Seven Sacraments: Communion, 1779
Art Prints from
Giovanni Casanova1730-1795Painter
Mauro Antonio Tesi1730-1766Painter
Alessandro Longhi1733-1813Painter
Portrait of a Musician
Art Prints from
Gaetano Gandolfi1734-1802Painter
Saint Cecilia, 1791
Art Prints from
Flaminio Innocenzo Minozzi1735-1817 
Biagio Rebecca1735-1808Painter
Pietro Fabris1740-1792Painter
Eruption of Vesuvius, Monday 9th August 1779
Art Prints from
Giacomo Quarenghi1744-1817Painter/Architect
The Riding School of the Imperial Guards, St. Petersburg
Art Prints from
Francesco Tironi1745-1800 
Giuseppe Barberi1746-1809 
Carlo Labruzzi1748-1817Painter
Francesco Righetti1749-1819Sculptor
Giuseppe Cades1750-1799Painter
Gaetano Monti1750-1827 
Giuseppe Ceracchi1751-1801Sculptor
Pietro Gonzaga1751-1831Painter
Andrea Appiani1754-1817Painter
Louis-Charles-Antoine Desaix De Veygoux
Art Prints from
Antonio Canova1757-1822Sculptor
Cupid and Psyche (Detail)
Art Prints from
Felice Giani1758-1823Painter
Domenico Pellegrini1759-1840 
Dance in a Salon in Buenos Aires, c. 1831
Art Prints from
Lorenzo Sacchetti1759-1834 
Giuseppe Bernardino Bison1762-1844Painter
San Marco, Venice
Art Prints from
Pietro Fancelli1764-1850 
Giacomo Guardi1764-1835Painter
View of the Church of Santa Maria Della Salute
Art Prints from
Giovanni Battista Gigola1769-1841Painter
Vincenzo Camuccini1771-1844Painter
Vincenzo Camuccini: The Death of Julius Caesar
Art Prints from
Pelagio Palagi1775-1860Painter/Designer
Greeks and Trojans Fight over the Body of Patroclus
Art Prints from
Lorenzo Bartolini1777-1850Sculptor
Bacchante, 1824
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Bossi1777-1815Painter
Bartolomeo Pinelli1781-1835Painter
Carnevale A Roma, 1816
Art Prints from
Fortunato Duranti1787-1863Painter
Pietro Tenerani1789-1869Sculptor
Psyche Abandoned
Art Prints from
Luigi Marta1790-1858 
Francesco Hayez1791-1882Painter
Hayez: The Kiss
Art Prints from
Giuseppi Fedi1792-1820Painter
Giuseppe Molteni1800-1867Painter
Madonna in Prayer
Art Prints from
Feodor Bruni1801-1875Painter
Constantino Brumidi1805-1880Painter
Carlo Marochetti1805-1867Sculptor
St. Mary Magdalene Ascending to Heaven
Art Prints from
Giacinto Gigante1806-1876Painter
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
Art Prints from
Giovanni Maria Benzoni1809-1873Sculptor
An Italian White Marble Group Entitled I Pompeiani
Art Prints from
Ippolito Caffi1809-1866Painter
The Parthenon, 1863
Art Prints from
Benito Panunzi1810-1890Photographer
Amedeo Preziosi1816-1882Painter
Ottoman Coffee House, 1862
Art Prints from
Giovanni Dupre1817-1882Sculptor
Antonio Fontanesi1818-1882Painter
The Raincloud
Art Prints from
Filippo Palizzi1818-1899Painter
The Hunting Party Of Ferdinand II Of Naples
Art Prints from
Joseph Fagnani1819-1873Painter
Giacomo Brogi1822-1881Photographer
Francesco Maestosi1822-1883Painter
Sala Dell'iliad, Pitti Palace, Florence, C. 1870
Art Prints from
Giovanni Fattori1825-1908Painter
The Italian Camp at The Battle of Magenta, 1859
Art Prints from
Luigi Borro1826-1886Sculptor
Giovanni Costa1826-1903Painter
An Oriental Beauty
Art Prints from
Silvestro Lega1826-1895Painter
Portrait of Eleonora Tommasi
Art Prints from
Alberto Pasini1826-1899Painter
The Grand Canal, Venice
Art Prints from
Gabriele Castagnola1828-1883Painter
Giuseppe Castiglione1829-1908Painter
Palace of The Calm of The Sea and The Water Clock, Peking
Art Prints from
Giovanni Bastianini1830-1868Sculptor
Portrait Bust of Girolamo Benivieni
Art Prints from
Felice A. Beato1830-1904Photographer
Samurai with Raised Sword
Art Prints from
Raffaele Giannetti1832-1916Painter
Giorgio Sommer1834-1914Photographer
Mummies in the Palermo Catacombs, Italy
Art Prints from
Telemaco Signorini1835-1901Painter
The Inspection
Art Prints from
Giuseppe Alinari1836-1892Photographer
Adriano Cecioni1838-1886Painter/Sculptor
Mose Bianchi1840-1904Painter
A Woman Knitting, 1872
Art Prints from
Filippo Carcano1840-1914Painter
The Little Flower Girl
Art Prints from
Charles Caryl Coleman1840-1928Painter
Domenico Gavarrone1840-1875Painter
Federico Zandomeneghi1841-1917Painter
The Lesson
Art Prints from
Giovanni Boldini1842-1931Painter
Giuseppe Grandi1843-1894Sculptor
Achille D'Orsi1845-1929Sculptor
Giuseppe de Nittis1846-1884Painter
Lunch in the Garden
Art Prints from
Ercole Rosa1846-1893Sculptor
Giovanni Luzzo1851-1877Painter
Francesco Paolo Michetti1851-1929Painter
Vincenzo Gemito1852-1929Sculptor
Antonio Mancini1852-1930Painter
Gaetano Previati1852-1920Painter
Paolo and Francesca
Art Prints from
Angelo Morbelli1853-1919Painter
Art Prints from
Gaetano Bellei1857-1922Painter
Giulio Rosati1858-1917Painter
The Sitting, 1887
Art Prints from
Medardo Rosso1858-1928Sculptor
Giovanni Segantini1858-1899Painter
The Angel of Life
Art Prints from
Frederic Soulacroix1858-1933Painter
Ernesto Bazzaro1859-1937Sculptor
Leonardo Bistolfi1859-1933Sculptor
Mario Rutelli1859-1941Sculptor
Roberto Rive1860-1889Photographer
Fabio Fabbi1861-1946Painter
Paul Troubetzkoy1866-1938Sculptor
Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo1868-1907Painter
Washing in the Sun, 1905
Art Prints from
Adolfo Wildt1868-1931Sculptor
Giorgio Kienerk1869-1948Painter/Sculptor
Giacomo Balla1871-1958Painter
Libero Andreotti1875-1933Sculptor
Leonetto Cappiello1875-1942Printmaker
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti1876-1944Writer
Herbert Haseltine1877-1962Sculptor
Joseph Stella1877-1946Painter
Marcello Dudovich1878-1962Printmaker
Carlo Carra1881-1966Painter
Umberto Boccioni1882-1916Painter/Sculptor
The Street Enters the House
Art Prints from
Romano Romanelli1882-1968Sculptor
Evaristo Boncinelli1883-1946Sculptor
Felice Casorati1883-1963Painter
Giovan Battista Crema1883-1964Painter
Gino Severini1883-1966Painter
Armando Spadini1883-1925Painter
Rembrandt Bugatti1884-1916Sculptor
Art Prints from
Ernesto de Fiori1884-1945Sculptor
Amedeo Modigliani1884-1920Painter/Sculptor
Girl with Pigtails
Art Prints from
Alfeo Faggi1885-1966Painter
Roberto Melli1885-1958Painter/Sculptor
Luigi Russolo1885-1947Painter
Mario Sironi1885-1961Painter
Riccardo Francalancia1886-1965Painter
Francesco Trombadori1886-1961Painter
Giorgio de Chirico1888-1978Painter/Sculptor
Alberto Magnelli1888-1971Painter
Alberto Gerardi1889-1965Sculptor
Arturo Martini1889-1947Sculptor
Fausto Pirandello1889-1975Painter
Giorgio Morandi1890-1964Painter
Elsa Schiaparelli1890-1973Designer
Virgilio Guidi1891-1984Painter
Gio Ponti1891-1979Architect/Designer
Alberto Savinio1891-1952Painter
Fortunato Depero1892-1960Designer
Osvaldo Licini1894-1958Painter
Enrico Prampolini1894-1956Painter
Massimo Campigli1895-1971Painter
Antonietta Raphael Mafai1895-1975Sculptor
Ottone Rosai1895-1957Painter
Ettore Colla1896-1968Sculptor
Filippo de Pisis1896-1956Painter
Tina Modotti1896-1942Photographer
Atanasio Soldati1896-1953Painter
Antonio Donghi1897-1963Painter
Mino Maccari1898-1989 
Lucio Fontana1899-1968Sculptor/Painter
Rico Lebrun1900-1964 
Francesco Messina1900-1995Sculptor
Marino Marini1901-1980Sculptor
Fausto Melotti1901-1986Sculptor
Mario Mafai1902-1965Painter
Gino Bonichi1904-1933Painter
Mino Rosso1904-1963Sculptor
Renato Birolli1905-1959Painter
Jon Corbino1905-1964 
Domenico Cantatore1906-1998Painter
Marcello Mascherini1906-1983Sculptor
Alberto Viani1906-1989Sculptor
Marino Mazzacurati1907-1969Painter/Sculptor
Bruno Munari1907-1998 
Giuseppe Santomaso1907-1990Painter
Giacomo Manzu1908-1991Sculptor
Alberto Ziveri1908-1990Painter
Oscar Gallo1909-1994Sculptor
Franco Garelli1909-1973Sculptor
Franco Gentilini1909-1981Painter
Zoran Music1909-2005Painter
Pietro Annigoni1910-1988Painter
Mirko Basaldella1910-1969Sculptor
Umberto Mastroianni1910-1998Sculptor
Ennio Morlotti1910-1992Painter
Armando PizzinatoBorn 1910Painter
Fiorenzo Tomea1910-1960Painter
Sandro Cherchi1911-1998Sculptor
Agenore Fabbri1911-2000Sculptor
Berto Lardera1911-1989Sculptor
Carlo Mattioli1911-1994Painter
Luciano Minguzzi1911-2004Sculptor
Giovanni Stradone1911-1981Painter
Afro Basaldella1912-1976Painter
Carmelo Cappello1912-1996Sculptor
Bruno Cassinari1912-1992Sculptor
Nino Franchina1912-1988Sculptor
Renato Guttuso1912-1987Painter
Umberto Milani1912-1969Sculptor
Aligi Sassu1912-2000Sculptor
Frank CassaraBorn 1913 
Pericle Fazzini1913-1987Sculptor
Emilio Greco1913-1995Sculptor
Luigi GrossoBorn 1913Sculptor
Giovanni PaganinBorn 1913Sculptor
Toti Scialoja1914-1998Painter
Harry Bertoia1915-1978Sculptor/Designer
Alberto Burri1915-1995Painter
Leonardi Leoncillo1915-1968Sculptor
Mario Negri1916-1987Sculptor
Ettore Sottsass1917-2007Designer
Mimmo Rotella1918-2006Painter
Andrea Cascella1919-1990Sculptor
Paolo SoleriBorn 1919Architect
Vittorio Tavernari1919-1987Sculptor
Emilio Vedova1919-2006Painter
Pietro Consagra1920-2005Sculptor
Giuseppe AjmoneBorn 1923Painter
Carla AccardiBorn 1924 
Enrico Baj1924-2003Painter
Renzo Vespignani1924-2001Painter
Mario Merz1925-2003 
Bruno LucchesiBorn 1926Sculptor
Marcello MucciniBorn 1926 
Arnaldo PomodoroBorn 1926Sculptor
Piero Dorazio1927-2005Painter
DelfinoBorn 1928Sculptor
Alberto SughiBorn 1928Painter
Augusto Perez1929-2000Sculptor
Enrico CastellaniBorn 1930Painter
Joe Colombo1930-1971Designer
Gio Pomodoro1930-2002Sculptor
Marisa MerzBorn 1931Sculptor
Italo Scanga1932-2001 
Domenico Gnoli1933-1969Painter
Piero Manzoni1933-1963Conceptual Artist
Michelangelo PistolettoBorn 1933Painter/Sculptor
Giovanni AnselmoBorn 1934Sculptor
Mario Schifano1934-1998 
Lino TagliapietraBorn 1934Glassmaker
Valerio AdamiBorn 1935Painter
Agostino BonalumiBorn 1935 
Pino Pascali1935-1968Painter
Ben VautierBorn 1935Installation Artist
Luciano Fabro1936-2007Sculptor
Giorgio GriffaBorn 1936 
Renzo PianoBorn 1937Architect
Niele ToroniBorn 1937 
Vettor PisaniBorn 1938 
Maurizio NannucciBorn 1939 
Gaetano PesceBorn 1939Designer/Architect
Alighiero e Boetti1940-1994 
Giulio PaoliniBorn 1940Painter/Sculptor
Ettore SpallettiBorn 1940 
Piero GilardiBorn 1942Sculptor
Oliviero ToscaniBorn 1942Photographer
Pier Paolo CalzolariBorn 1943Installation Artist
Gilberto ZorioBorn 1944Sculptor
Sandro ChiaBorn 1946 
Gianni Versace1946-1997Designer
Gino de Dominicis1947-1998Painter
Giuseppe PenoneBorn 1947Sculptor/Conceptual Artist
Remo SalvadoriBorn 1947 
Mimmo PaladinoBorn 1948Sculptor
Enzo CucchiBorn 1949Painter
Sergio RagalziBorn 1951Sculptor
Francesco ClementeBorn 1952Painter
Domenico BianchiBorn 1955 
Gianni MottiBorn 1958 
Olivo BarbieriBorn 1960Photographer
Maurizio CattelanBorn 1960 
Mario AiroBorn 1961 
Liliana MoroBorn 1961 
Grazia ToderiBorn 1963Video Artist
Monica BonviciniBorn 1965Installation Artist
Bettina WernerBorn 1965Salt Artist
Enrica BorghiBorn 1966 
Eva MarisaldiBorn 1966 
Vanessa BeecroftBorn 1969Performance Artist
Francesco VezzoliBorn 1971 
Carlo Maria Mariani Painter
Pietro Mazzinghi  


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