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French Artists

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Gislebertus12th CenturySculptor
Fragment of Lintel : Eve
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Jean de TouylDied 1349 
Evrard d'Orleans1292-1357Sculptor
Jean Pucelle1300-1355Manuscript Illuminator
Master of the Rebel Angels1340Painter
Jacquemart de Hesdin1350-1410Miniaturist
Christ Carrying the Cross
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Master of Mary of Burgundy15th CenturyManuscript Illuminator
Master of the Avignon School15th CenturyPainter
Master of the Manna15th Century 
Master of the Thuison Altarpiece15th CenturyPainter
Andres Marsal de Saxe1400 
Master of the Duke of Bedford1405-1435Miniaturist
Jacques Iverny1411-1435Painter
Jean Fouquet1420-1477Painter
Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels
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Enguerrand Quarton1420-1466Painter
The Coronation of the Virgin
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Simon Marmion1425-1489Painter
St. Mark - Detail
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Michel Colombe1430-1511Sculptor
St. George and the Dragon, 1508
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Nicolas Froment1430-1485Painter
Madonna and Child
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Jean Perreal1455-1530Painter
The Alchemist Talking with Nature
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Guillaume de Marcillat1467-1529Stained Glass Artist
Jean Barbet1475-1514 
Master A.C.16th CenturyPainter
Masters of the Fontainebleau16th Century 
Lady at Her Dressing Table
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Jean Poyet1483-1497Painter
Jean Clouet the Younger1485-1541Painter
Charles de Bourbon
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Jean Duvet1485-1561Engraver
Jean Cousin the Elder1495-1560Painter
Eva Prima Pandora
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Nicolas Dipre1495-1531Painter
Master of the Battle of Fornovo1495 
Corneille de Lyon1500-1575Painter
Madeleine de France, Queen of Scotland
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Master of Saint Gilles1500Painter
The Mass of St. Giles
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Master of the Latour d'Auvergne Triptych1500 
Ligier Richier1500-1567Sculptor
Flayed, or the Skeleton
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Pierre Bontemps1505-1568Sculptor
The Battle of Marignano
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Leonard Limosin1505-1575Painter
Hunting, presumed to be Henri II and Diane de Poitiers
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Juan de Juni1507-1577Sculptor
Francois Clouet1510-1572Painter
Miniature of Mary Queen of Scots
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Jean Goujon1510-1565Sculptor
Diana Mounted on a Stag
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Bernard Palissy1510-1589Potter
Bernard Palissy: Jarras Y Jarrones IV
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Pierre Reymond1513-1584Painter
The Bad Shepard
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Etienne Delaune1519-1583Goldsmith
The Workshop of Etienne Delaulne
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Antoine Caron1520-1598Painter
Dionysius the Areopagite
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Ponce Jacquiot1527-1572Sculptor
Germain Pilon1530-1590Sculptor
The Three Graces
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Barthelemy Prieur1540-1611Sculptor
Effigies of Anne de Montmorency
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Francois Quesnel1543-1619Painter
Francoise de Montmorency, called 'La belle Fosseuse'
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Pierre Dumonstier1545-1625Painter
Marc Duval1545-1581Painter
Mathieu Jacquet1545-1611Sculptor
Head of Henri IV
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Pierre Biard1559-1609Sculptor
Isaac Oliver1560-1617Miniaturist
Two Little girls, 1590
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Toussaint Dubreuil1561-1602Painter
Angelica and Medor
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Nicolas Cordier1565-1612Sculptor
Martin Freminet1567-1619Painter
Quentin Varin1570-1634Painter
Jacques Bellange1575-1616Painter
The Lamentation of Christ, c. 1616
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Paul Liegeois17th CenturyPainter
Master of the Procession17th CenturyPainter
Joan Valet17th Century 
Guillaume Dupre1576-1643Sculptor
Guy Francois1578-1650Painter
Trophime Bigot1579-1650Painter
Allegory of Vanity
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Georges Lallemant1580-1636Painter
Claude Deruet1588-1660Painter
Marie de Rohan-Montbazon as Diana the Huntress
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Simon Guillain1589-1658Sculptor
Nicolas Tournier1590-1638Painter
The Concert
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Simon Vouet1590-1649Painter
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Jacques Callot1592-1635Engraver
The Temptation of St. Anthony
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Georges de La Tour1593-1652Painter
The Dice Players
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Francois de Nome1593-1630Painter
Architectural fantasy
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Claude Vignon1593-1670Painter
The Prophet Samuel
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Valentin de Boulogne1594-1632Painter
The Judgement of Solomon
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Francois Perrier1594-1649Painter
Orpheus Before Pluto
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Nicolas Poussin1594-1665Painter
Nicolas Poussin: The Destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem by Titus
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Aubin Vouet1595-1641Painter
The Lamentation of Christ
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Jacques de Stella1596-1657Painter
Minerva with the Muses
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Jean Lemaire1597-1659Painter
Classical Landscape
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Charles Mellin1597-1649Painter
Sebastien Stoskopff1597-1657Painter
The Five Senses, or Summer, 1633
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Pierre Brebiette1598-1650Painter
Claude Mellan1598-1688Engraver
The Head of Christ, 1735
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Jacques Blanchard1600-1638Painter
Allegory of Charity
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Francois Garnier1600-1658Painter
Antoine Le Nain1600-1648Painter
Adoration of the Shepherds
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Jacques Linard1600-1645Painter
Corbeille de Fleurs
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Abraham Bosse1602-1676Engraver
The Court Ball
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Philippe de Champaigne1602-1674Painter
Vanitas Still Life with a Tulip, Skull and Hour-Glass
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Claude Lorrain1602-1682Painter
Claude Lorrain: Seaport with Embankment of St Ursula
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Henri Mauperche1602-1686Painter
Louis Le Nain1603-1648Painter
The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1638
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Francois Anguier1604-1669Sculptor
Pierre Patel1605-1676Painter
Perspective view of the gardens and chateau of Versailles
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Laurent de La Hyre1606-1656Painter
Laurent de La Hyre: Theseus and his Mother Aethra
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Nicolas Mignard1606-1668Painter
Moliere in the Role of Caesar
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Mathieu Le Nain1607-1677Painter
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Jean Tassel1608-1667Painter
Abduction of Helen of Troy
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Charles Poerson1609-1667Painter
Cincinnatus Returning to His Plough
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Lubin Baugin1610-1663Painter
Still Life with Chess-board, 1630
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Louisa Moillon1610-1696Painter
The Fruit and Vegetable Seller
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Gilles Rousselet1610-1686Engraver
St. Francois de Salles and St. Jeanne de Chantal
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Gilles Guerin1611-1678Sculptor
Tritons Watering the Horses of the Sun
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Nicolas Chaperon1612-1656Painter
Louis Le Vau1612-1670Architect
Garden Facade
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Pierre Mignard1612-1695Painter
Portrait of Madame de la Sabliere
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Michel Anguier1613-1686Sculptor
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Simon Renard de Saint-Andre1613-1677Painter
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Gaspard Dughet1615-1675Painter
Sebastien Bourdon1616-1671Painter
St. Vincent de Paul
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Eustache Le Sueur1616-1655Painter
The Muses Clio, Euterpe and Thalia
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Jean Michelin1616-1670Painter
Market Scene
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Charles Le Brun1619-1690Painter
Charles Le Brun: Seasons
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Pierre Puget1620-1694Sculptor/Painter
Milo of Croton Attacked by a Lion, 1672-82
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Jacques Courtois1621-1676Painter
The Battle of Lutzen in 1632
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Israel Silvestre the Younger1621-1691Engraver
The Prince of Conde as the Emperor of Turkey
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Robert Nanteuil1623-1678Engraver
Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Vicomte de Turenne
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Guillaume Courtois1628-1679Painter
Noel Coypel1628-1707Designer
Jupiter And Antiope
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Francois Girardon1628-1715Sculptor
Apollo Served By the Nymphs
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Etienne Le Hongre1628-1690Sculptor
Gaspard Marsy II1628-1681Sculptor
Pierre Le Gros I1629-1714Sculptor
Jean-Baptiste de Champaigne1631-1681Painter
Portrait of Antoine Arnauld
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Benoit Massou1633-1684Sculptor
Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer1634-1699Painter
Jean-Baptiste Tuby I1635-1700Sculptor
Apollo in His Chariot, from the Bassin d'Apollon
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Charles de La Fosse1636-1716Painter
God the Father Supported by Angels
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Jean-Jacques Clerion1637-1714Sculptor
Claude Lefebvre1637-1675Painter
Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Madame de Sevigne
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Antoine Coysevox1640-1720Sculptor
Fame Riding Pegasus (The Marly Horse)
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Andre-Charles Boulle1642-1732Furniture Artist
Louis XIV Wardrobe
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Francisque Millet1642-1679Painter
Etienne Allegrain1644-1736Painter
Promenade of Louis XIV by the Parterre du Nord
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Jean Jouvenet1644-1717Painter
Isaac Blessing Jacob, 1692
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Jean Baptiste Theodon1645-1713Sculptor
Francois de Troy1645-1730Painter
The Duchess of Maine
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Jules Hardouin Mansart1646-1708Architect
Church of the Invalides, built 1679-1708
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Joseph Parrocel1646-1704Painter
Cavaliers in Battle
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Corneille Van Cleve1646-1732Sculptor
Pieta, from the Royal Chapel
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Anselme Flamen1647-1717Sculptor
Philippe Magnier1647-1715Sculptor
Bon de Boullogne1649-1717Painter
Jean-Baptiste Corneille1649-1695Painter
The Resurrection of Lazarus
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Jean-Baptiste Santerre1651-1717Painter
La Comtesse de Bersac
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Louis de Boullogne1654-1733Painter
Louis de Boullogne: The Repose of Diana
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Jacques Prou1655-1706Sculptor
Francois Barois1656-1726Sculptor
Nicolas de Largilliere1656-1746Painter
La Belle Strasbourgeoise
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Pierre Etienne Monnot1657-1733Painter/Sculptor
Joseph Vivien1657-1734Painter
Francois de Salignac de La Mothe-Fenelon
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Nicolas Coustou1658-1733Sculptor
Art Prints from
Hyacinthe Rigaud1659-1743Painter
Portrait of Philibert Orry
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Pierre Lepautre1660-1744Sculptor
Plan of the Town and Chateau of Versailles
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Antoine Coypel1661-1722Painter
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Alexandre-Francois Desportes1661-1743Painter
Still Life with Bunches of Grapes
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Jean de la Croix I1662-1712Textile Artist
Jean-Louis Lemoyne1665-1755Sculptor
Pierre Le Gros II1666-1719Sculptor
Robert Le Lorrain1666-1743Sculptor
Nicolas Bertin1667-1736Painter
Study for the Resurrection
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Claude-Augustin Cayot1667-1722Sculptor
Antoine Rivalz1667-1735Painter
Pope Urban II
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Robert Tournieres1667-1752Painter
Robert Tournieres: Autumn, 1718
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Jean Thierry1669-1739Sculptor
Jean-Baptiste Vanmour1671-1737Painter
Figures Gathered Round a Kursi
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Rene Fremin1672-1744Sculptor
Claude Gillot1673-1722Painter
The Witches' Sabbath
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Bernard Picart1673-1733Painter
Sisyphus Pushing His Stone up a Mountain
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Alexis Simon Belle1674-1734Painter
Alexis Simon Belle: Marie Anne Victoire
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Pierre Nicolas Huilliot1674-1751Painter
Pierre-Jacques Cazes1676-1754Painter
Guillaume Coustou the Elder1677-1746Sculptor
One of the Marly Horses
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Jean Raoux1677-1734Painter
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Alexis Grimou1678-1733Painter
Gabriel Allegrain1679-1748 
Jean-Francois de Troy1679-1752Painter
The Ascension, 1721
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Michel-Ange Houasse1680-1730Painter
A Musical Evening
Art Prints from
Antoine Pesne1683-1757Painter
Anna Friederike Furtin Von Anhalt-Kothen
Art Prints from
Louis Caravaque1684-1754Painter
Portrait of Princess Anna, the Mother of Emperor Ivan VI
Art Prints from
Jacques-Francois Delyen1684-1761Painter/Printmaker
Jean-Antoine Watteau1684-1721Painter
Jean-Antoine Watteau: The Faux Pas
Art Prints from
Jean-Marc Nattier1685-1766Painter
Portrait of Madame Maria Leszczynska
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Oudry1686-1755Painter
Jean-Baptiste Oudry: Indian Blackbuck
Art Prints from
Francois Dumont1687-1726Sculptor
Queen Marie Antoinette Of France
Art Prints from
Jacques de la Joue II1687-1761Painter
Francois Le Moyne1688-1737Painter
Louis XV Giving Peace to Europe, 1729
Art Prints from
Philip Mercier1689-1760Painter
La Danse
Art Prints from
Nicolas Lancret1690-1743Painter
Nicolas Lancret: The Hunting Party Meal
Art Prints from
Jean Restout1692-1768Painter
Miracles of St. Paul at Ephesus, 1693
Art Prints from
Jacques Dubois1693-1763Furniture Artist
Charles-Antoine Coypel1694-1752Painter
Clytie Turning Into a Sunflower
Art Prints from
Juste-Aurele Meissonnier1695-1750Designer
Sofa, Messioner, Juste Aurele
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Pater1695-1736Painter
The Pleasures Of The Ball
Art Prints from
Jacques Andre Portail1695-1759Painter
A Portrait Study Of A Young Girl In Profile To The Right
Art Prints from
Etienne Parrocel1696-1775Painter
Louis Tocque1696-1772Painter
Jean Baptiste Masse
Art Prints from
Claude Arnulphy1697-1786Painter
Edme Bouchardon1698-1762Sculptor
Cupid Making a Bow from the Mace of Hercules
Art Prints from
Pierre Louis Dumesnil the Younger1698-1781Painter
Christina of Sweden and her Court (detail)
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Laurent Cars1699-1771Printmaker
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin1699-1779Painter
Young Man Sharpening Pencil
Art Prints from
Hubert Francois Gravelot1699-1773Engraver
Illustration for 'Nicomede' by Pierre Corneille
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Etienne Jeaurat1699-1789Painter
Carthusian Monks in Meditation
Art Prints from
Pierre Subleyras1699-1749Painter
The Falcon, illustration from the Fables of La Fontaine
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Lambert-Sigisbert Adam1700-1759Sculptor
Neptune Calming the Waves, 1757
Art Prints from
Michel-Francois Dandre-Bardon1700-1783 
A Literary Salon in The 18th Century
Art Prints from
Charles La Croix de Marseille1700-1782Painter
Charles Joseph Natoire1700-1777Painter
A Masquerade Ball
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Jacques-Andre-Joseph Aved1702-1766Painter
Jean-Philippe Rameau with a Violin
Art Prints from
Louis-Francois Roubiliac1702-1762Sculptor
Sir Isaac Newton
Art Prints from
Paul-Ambroise Slodtz1702-1758Sculptor
Icarus Falling, 1743
Art Prints from
Francois Boucher1703-1770Painter
Francois Boucher: Girl Resting
Art Prints from
Jean Daulle1703-1763Printmaker
Maurice Quentin de La Tour1704-1788Painter
Maurice Quentin de La Tour: Jeanne Poisson, the Marquise de Pompadour
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne II1704-1778Sculptor
Model for the monument of Louis XV
Art Prints from
Nicolas-Sebastien Adam1705-1778Sculptor
Prometheus in Chains
Art Prints from
Louis-Gabriel Blanchet1705-1772Painter
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1767
Art Prints from
Jacques Charlier1705-1790Miniaturist
The Birth of Venus
Art Prints from
Francoise Duparc1705-1778Painter
The Seamstress or, Young Woman Working
Art Prints from
Michelangelo Slodtz1705-1764Sculptor
Tomb of Jean Baptiste Joseph Languet de Gergy
Art Prints from
Carle Vanloo1705-1765Painter
Louis XV, King of France and Navarre
Art Prints from
Louis-Michel van Loo1707-1771Painter
Portrait of Denis Diderot
Art Prints from
Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain1710-1795Sculptor
Venus Entering her Bath
Art Prints from
Noel Halle1711-1781Painter
Venus Ou Le Midi, 1768
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre1713-1789Painter
The Schoolmistress
Art Prints from
Jacques-Germain Soufflot1713-1780Architect
View of the Facade, Built 1757-90
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Pigalle1714-1785Sculptor
Mercury Attaching His Winged Sandals
Art Prints from
Claude-Joseph Vernet1714-1789Painter
Claude-Joseph Vernet: The Entrance to the Port of Marseilles
Art Prints from
Charles-Nicolas Cochin the Younger1715-1790Draughtsman
The Masked Ball at the Galerie des Glaces
Art Prints from
Charles-Francois Hutin1715-1776Sculptor
A Saxon Villager in Her Kitchen
Art Prints from
Louis-Joseph Le Lorrain1715-1759Painter
Marianne Loir1715-1769Painter
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau1715-1783Painter
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau: A Girl with a Kitten
Art Prints from
Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe1716-1794Painter
The Siege of Yorktown in 1781, 1784
Art Prints from
Etienne-Maurice Falconet1716-1791Sculptor
The Kiss, Sevres group, after Boucher, 1765
Art Prints from
Joseph Marie Vien1716-1809Painter
A Young Woman In Turkish Costume Playing With A Cage-Bird
Art Prints from
Louis de Carmontelle1717-1806Painter/Architect
Baron Friedrich Melchior Grimm
Art Prints from
Jacques-Francois-Joseph Saly1717-1776Sculptor
Bust of Johan Georg Wille
Art Prints from
Jean Barbault1718-1762Painter
Women Draped in White
Art Prints from
Charles Amedee Philippe Vanloo1719-1795Painter
The Magic Lantern, 1764
Art Prints from
Charles Dominique Eisen1720-1778Painter
An Allegory Of The Arts
Art Prints from
Charles-Louis Clerisseau1721-1820Painter
Charles Flipart1721-1797Painter
Charles Germain de Saint-Aubin1721-1786Printmaker
Gilles Demarteau1722-1776Engraver
Art Prints from
Robert-Joseph Auguste1723-1805Silversmith
Pierre Francois Basan1723-1797Engraver
Pierre-Antoine Baudouin1723-1769Painter
The Reprimand
Art Prints from
Noel Le Mire1724-1801Engraver
Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin1724-1780Painter
Salon du Louvre, 1765
Art Prints from
Jean-Jacques Caffieri1725-1792Sculptor
A Terracotta Bust Of Jean Baptiste Rousseau (C.1671-1741)
Art Prints from
Joseph-Siffred Duplessis1725-1802Painter
Portrait Medallion of Louis XVI
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Greuze1725-1805Painter
Greuze: Boy in Red Waistcoat
Art Prints from
Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee1725-1805Painter
The Death of the Wife of Darius III
Art Prints from
Joseph Roux1725-1793 
Gabriel-Francois Doyen1726-1806Painter
Louis XVI, King of France
Art Prints from
Francois-Thomas Germain1726-1791Goldsmith
Alexis Nicolas Perignon I1726-1782Painter
Francois-Hubert Drouais1727-1775Painter
Family Concert
Art Prints from
Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot1727-1801Architect/Designer
Petitot: Fountain Design I
Art Prints from
Jean-Pierre-Antoine Tassaert1727-1788Sculptor
Pierre-Jacques Volaire1727-1802Painter
Vesuvius Erupting
Art Prints from
Etienne-Louis Boullee1728-1799Architect
Design for Newton's Cenotaph, 1764
Art Prints from
Nicolas-Guy Brenet1728-1792Painter
Henri II with Gaspard de Saulx
Art Prints from
Jean Baptiste Pillement1728-1808Painter
The Drinking Place
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Deshays1729-1765Painter
Simon Mathurin Lantara1729-1778Painter
Jean-Francois Leleu1729-1807Furniture Artist
Hughes Taraval1729-1785Painter
Augustin Pajou1730-1809Sculptor
Art Prints from
Pierre Julien1731-1804Sculptor
Nymph with a Goat
Art Prints from
Victor Louis1731-1800Architect/Designer
Pierre Pasquier1731-1806 
Louis-Joseph Watteau1731-1798Painter
The Violinist
Art Prints from
Jean-Honore Fragonard1732-1806Painter
Fragonard: The Swing
Art Prints from
Nicolas-Rene Jollain1732-1804Painter
Nicolas Rebille1732-1751 
Jean-Bernard Restout1732-1797Painter
St. Bruno Praying in the Desert, 1763
Art Prints from
Louis Germain1733-1791 
Hubert Robert1733-1808Painter
Fire at the Opera of the Palais-Royal
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Le Prince1734-1781Painter
The Miser
Art Prints from
Joseph Ducreux1735-1802Painter
Portrait of Pierre Choderlos De Laclos
Art Prints from
Jean Houel1735-1813Painter
The Taking of the Bastille, 14th July 1789
Art Prints from
Michael Nicolas-Bernard Lepicie1735-1784Painter
Jean-Jacques de Boissieu1736-1810Painter
Louis-Marin Bonnet1736-1793Engraver
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux1736-1806Architect
Eye Enclosing The Theatre at Besancon, France, 1847
Art Prints from
Augustin de Saint-Aubin1736-1807Engraver
The Washerwoman
Art Prints from
Niclas Lafrensen1737-1807Painter
Madame de Merteuil Seducing Cecile Volange
Art Prints from
Marie-Genevieve Navarre1737-1795Painter
Female faun with her child
Art Prints from
Jacques Gamelin1738-1803Painter
Jean-Jacques-Francois Le Barbier1738-1828Painter
The Surrender of Yorktown, 17th October 1781
Art Prints from
Jean-Jacques Lagrenee1739-1821Painter
David Victorious, 1780
Art Prints from
Louis Gustave Taraval1739-1794Painter
Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg1740-1812Painter
La Montagne, 1794
Art Prints from
Clement Pierre Marillier1740-1808Draughtsman
Louis Gabriel Moreau1740-1806Painter
Antoine Francois Callet1741-1823Painter
Allegory of the Surrender of Ulm, 20th October 1805
Art Prints from
Pierre-Etienne Falconet1741-1791Engraver
Jean-Antoine Houdon1741-1828Sculptor
Winter, or The Chilly Woman
Art Prints from
Jean-Michel Moreau1741-1814Painter
The Farewells, 1777
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Stouf1742-1826Sculptor
Louis-Simon Boizot1743-1809Sculptor
Time Shows The Truth
Art Prints from
Louis-Jean Desprez1743-1804Painter/Architect
Jean Jacques Forty1743-1801Painter
Anicet-Charles-Gabriel Lemonnier1743-1824Painter
Reading of the Tragedy 'L'Orphelin de la Chine'
Art Prints from
Jean-Laurent Mosnier1743-1808Painter
Portrait of Francisco Pizarro Spanish Conqueror of Peru
Art Prints from
Francois-Guillaume Menageot1744-1816Painter
The Marriage of Eugene de Beauharnais to Amalie Auguste
Art Prints from
Charles Ouizille1744-1830 
Charles Emmanuel Patas1744-1802 
Pierre Peyron1744-1814Painter
Anne Vallayer-Coster1744-1818Painter
The Attributes of The Arts, 1769
Art Prints from
Jean-Louis Voille1744-1805Painter
Adam Weisweiler1744-1820Furniture Artist
Marie Anne Gerard Fragonard1745-1823Painter
Jean-Baptiste Marie Huet1745-1811Painter
Pastoral scene with a cowherd
Art Prints from
Pierre Lacour1745-1814Painter
Rene Augustin de Maupeou
Art Prints from
Jean-Joseph Taillasson1745-1809Painter
Count Claude-Louis-Robert de Saint-Germain
Art Prints from
Jean-Guillaume Moitte1746-1810Sculptor
Law, Strength, Justice: Seal of The French Republic
Art Prints from
Philippe-Laurent Roland1746-1816Sculptor
Louis Rolland Trinquesse1746-1800Painter
Francois-Andre Vincent1746-1816Painter
Portrait of Monsieur Bergeret de Grancourt 1774
Art Prints from
Baron Dominique Vivant Denon1747-1825 
Obelisk of Cleopatra
Art Prints from
Jean-Simeon Rousseau de la Rottiere1747-1820Painter
Marie-Anne Collot1748-1821Sculptor
Portrait Bust of Catherine II
Art Prints from
Jacques-Louis David1748-1825Painter
Jacques-Louis David: Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
Art Prints from
Jean-Louis Laneuville1748-1826Painter
Jean Mathieu Philibert Serurier, Comte d'Empire
Art Prints from
Pierre-Alexandre Wille1748-1821Painter
Charity, 1777
Art Prints from
Adelaide Labille-Guiard1749-1803Painter
Portrait of a Woman, c.1787
Art Prints from
Claude Hoin1750-1817Painter
Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes1750-1819Painter
Roman Countryside
Art Prints from
Pierre-Philippe Thomire1751-1843Sculptor
Cupid and Psyche Mantlepiece Clock, 1799
Art Prints from
Jean-Louis Demarne1752-1829Painter
Haymakers Picnicking in a Field
Art Prints from
Martin Drolling1752-1817Painter
Interior of a Dining Room, 1816
Art Prints from
Jean-Francois Janinet1752-1814Printmaker
The Women of Les Halles Marching to Versailles
Art Prints from
Jacques Antoine Marie Lemoine1752-1824Painter
Henri-Pierre Danloux1753-1809Painter
Charles of France
Art Prints from
Charles-Melchior Descourtis1753-1820Printmaker
Michel Garnier1753-1819Painter
The Departure of the Dragoon Guard
Art Prints from
Antoine Berjon1754-1843Painter
Roses et Autres Fleurs, 1819
Art Prints from
Marie-Victoire Lemoine1754-1820Painter
Baron Jean Baptiste Regnault1754-1829Painter
Hortense de Beauharnais (1783-1837)
Art Prints from
Henry Roland Lancelot Turpin de Crisse1754-1800Painter
Louis-Philibert Debucourt1755-1832Painter/Printmaker
Robert-Jacques-Francois Lefevre1755-1830Painter
Pierre Fermat
Art Prints from
Nicolas-Antoine Taunay1755-1830Painter
The Entry of Napoleon Bonaparte and French Army into Munich
Art Prints from
Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun1755-1842Painter
Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun: Portrait of a Man
Art Prints from
Joseph Chinard1756-1813Sculptor
Juliette Recamier
Art Prints from
Pierre Cartellier1757-1831Sculptor
Tomb of Empress Josephine
Art Prints from
Joseph Roques1757-1847Painter
The Death of Marat, 1793
Art Prints from
Jean-Joseph-Xavier Bidauld1758-1846Painter
Le Parc De Mortefontaine, 1806
Art Prints from
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon1758-1823Painter
Portrait of the Empress Josephine
Art Prints from
Carle Vernet1758-1836Painter
Carle Vernet: Hunt in the Park in Fountainbleau
Art Prints from
Francois-Louis-Joseph Watteau1758-1823Painter
Battle of the Pyramids
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Mallet1759-1835Painter
The Republican Marriage
Art Prints from
Joseph-Charles Marin1759-1834Sculptor
The Bather, 1808
Art Prints from
Pierre Joseph Redoute1759-1840Painter
Pierre Joseph Redoute: Seasons
Art Prints from
Anne Allen1760Printmaker
Guillaume Lethiere1760-1832Painter
The Enlistment of The Volunteers
Art Prints from
Louis-Leopold Boilly1761-1845Painter/Printmaker
Napoleon Bonaparte Premier Consul
Art Prints from
Rose Adelaide Ducreux1761-1802Painter
Jacques-Edme Dumont1761-1844Sculptor
Marguerite Gerard1761-1837Painter
La Duchesse Abrantes et le General Junot
Art Prints from
Armand-Charles Caraffe1762-1822Painter
Louis Gauffier1762-1801Painter
Jacob with the Daughters of Laban, 1787
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Wicar1762-1834Painter
Louis Bonaparte and Louis Napoleon
Art Prints from
Antoine-Denis Chaudet1763-1810Sculptor
Phorbas Bringing Oedipus Back to Life, 1802-18
Art Prints from
Jean-Germain Drouais1763-1788Painter
Marius at Minturnae, 1786
Art Prints from
Philippe-Auguste Hennequin1763-1833Painter
Jean Antoine Laurent1763-1832Painter
The Entreaty, 1822
Art Prints from
Georges Michel1763-1843Painter
Windmill on the Outskirts of Paris
Art Prints from
Martin-Guillaume Biennais1764-1843Silversmith
Necessaire Belonging to Napoleon I
Art Prints from
Charles Percier1764-1838Architect/Designer
Dancer with a Tambourine
Art Prints from
Ange-Joseph Antoine Roux1765-1835Painter
Jean-Charles Tardieu1765-1830Painter
Troops halted on the Banks of the Nile
Art Prints from
Francois-Xavier Fabre1766-1837Painter
Portrait Of An Official, Said To Be L'Intendant Delonay
Art Prints from
Jean-Victor Bertin1767-1842Painter
Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson1767-1824Painter
The Sleep of Endymion, 1791
Art Prints from
Jean Baptiste Isabey1767-1855Painter
Theresa de Cabarrus aka Madame Tallien
Art Prints from
Henri-Francois Riesener1767-1828Painter
Madame Riesener and Her Sister
Art Prints from
Marie-Guillemine Benoist1768-1826Painter
Portrait of a Negress, 1799-1800,
Art Prints from
Francois-Joseph Bosio1768-1845Sculptor
The Nymph Salmacis, 1826
Art Prints from
Nicolas Cammillieri1768-1828Painter
Vincent Bertrand1770-1817 
Francois Gerard1770-1837Painter
Ossian Conjures up the Spirits with His Harp
Art Prints from
Francois-Honore-Georges Jacob-Desmalter1770-1841Furniture Artist
Dressing Table Belonging to Empress Josephine
Art Prints from
Charles-Balthazar-Julien Fevret de Saint-Memin1770-1852Painter
Thomas Jefferson
Art Prints from
Jean Broc1771-1850Painter
Leaving for a Walk
Art Prints from
Antoine-Jean Gros1771-1835Painter
Allegory of the Republic
Art Prints from
Francois Louis Thomas Francia1772-1839Painter
Moor with Windmill
Art Prints from
Francois-Frederic Lemot1772-1827Sculptor
Pierre-Athanase Chauvin1774-1832Painter
Pierre-Narcisse Guerin1774-1833Painter
Guerin: Henri de La Rochejaquelein
Art Prints from
Marie-Denise Villers1774-1821Painter
Young Woman Drawing
Art Prints from
Francois-Marius Granet1775-1849Painter
Meeting of the Chapter of the Order of the Temple
Art Prints from
J. Laurent19th Century 
Alphonse Maureau19th CenturyPainter
Marie-Francoise-Constance Mayer-Lamartiniere1775-1821Painter
Jean Vignaud1775-1826Painter
Felix Boisselier1776-1811Painter
Homer Singing with His Lyre
Art Prints from
Pierre-Henri Revoil1776-1842Painter
Art Prints from
Louis Hersent1777-1860Painter
The Bathers, 1830
Art Prints from
Jerome-Martin Langlois1779-1838Painter
The Death of Marat, after J-L David
Art Prints from
Alexandre-Evariste Fragonard1780-1850Painter
Mirabeau Answering Dreux-Breze
Art Prints from
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres1780-1867Painter
Study for the Martyrdom of St. Symphorian
Art Prints from
Merry-Joseph Blondel1781-1853Painter
Ptolemais given to Philip Augustus and Richard Lionheart
Art Prints from
Charles-Marie Bouton1781-1853Painter
Chapelle du Calvaire
Art Prints from
Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret1782-1863Painter
Honours Paid to Raphael After His Death, 1806
Art Prints from
Lancelot-Theodore Turpin de Crisse1782-1859Painter
Ponte Vecchio, ca.1811
Art Prints from
Georges Rouget1784-1869Painter
The Marriage of Napoleon I and Marie Louise
Art Prints from
Francois Rude1784-1855Sculptor
Head from La Marseillaise
Art Prints from
Abel de Pujol1785-1861Painter
Julius Caesar on the Ides of March
Art Prints from
Francois-Edouard Picot1786-1868Painter
Art Prints from
Jean-Pierre Cortot1787-1843Sculptor
Louis Daguerre1787-1851Photographer
Interior of the Chapel of Saint-Philippe, Paris
Art Prints from
Francois-Joseph Heim1787-1865Painter
The Chamber of Deputies at the Palais Royal
Art Prints from
Victor Schnetz1787-1870Painter
Procession of Crusaders around Jerusalem
Art Prints from
Pierre Jean David d'Angers1788-1856Sculptor
The Death of Achilles, 1811
Art Prints from
Horace Vernet1789-1863Painter
Art Prints from
Louis-Charles-Auguste Couder1790-1873Painter
Siege of Yorktown, 17th October 1781, 1836
Art Prints from
Claude-Marie Dubufe1790-1864Painter
Madame Claude Marie Dubufe
Art Prints from
Raymond Monvoisin1790-1870Painter
The Ninth Thermidor, c.1840
Art Prints from
Alexandre-Jean Dubois-Drahonet1791-1834 
Theodore Gericault1791-1824Painter
Theodore Gericault: Raft of the Medusa
Art Prints from
Nicolas-Toussaint Charlet1792-1845Painter
Cafe Jacqmotte
Art Prints from
Leon-Matthieu Cochereau1793-1817Painter
Denis Foyatier1793-1863Sculptor
Leon Cogniet1794-1880Painter
The Garde Nationale de Paris Leaves to Join the Army
Art Prints from
Henri Serrur1794-1865Painter
Antoine-Louis Barye1795-1875Sculptor/Painter
Two Jaguars from Peru
Art Prints from
Ary Scheffer1795-1858Painter
Frederic Chopin
Art Prints from
Jean-Claude Bonnefond1796-1860 
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot1796-1875Painter
Camille Corot: La Bacchanale
Art Prints from
Achille Etna Michallon1796-1822Painter
The Forum of Pompeii
Art Prints from
Lizinka-Aimee-Zoe de Mirbel1796-1849Miniaturist
Edouard Bertin1797-1871Painter
Paysage Idyllique
Art Prints from
Antoine Claudet1797-1867Photographer
William Henry Fox Talbot
Art Prints from
Joseph-Desire Court1797-1865Painter
Rigolette Trying to Distract herself during Germain's Absence
Art Prints from
Charles David1797-1869 
Paul Delaroche1797-1856Painter
Paul Delaroche: The Young Martyr, 1855
Art Prints from
Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury1797-1890Painter
The Assassination of Brion
Art Prints from
Sophie Rude1797-1867Painter
Louis II de Bourbon and Anne-Marie-Louise D'Orleans
Art Prints from
Jules Coignet1798-1860 
Theodore Caruelle d'Aligny1798-1871Painter
View of Capri
Art Prints from
Eugene Delacroix1798-1863Painter
Delacroix: Frightened Horse
Art Prints from
Francois-Auguste Biard1799-1882Painter
Louis-Philippe I and Queen Victoria at Le Treport
Art Prints from
Mathieu Antoine Roux1799-1872 
Hippolyte Bellange1800-1866Painter
Achille Deveria1800-1857Painter
Costume Sous Louis XVI
Art Prints from
Eugene Lami1800-1890Painter
The Inauguration Of The Crystal Palace, 1851
Art Prints from
Honore Pellegrin1800-1870Painter
Octave Tassaert1800-1874Painter
One Family's Unfortune with Suicide
Art Prints from
Christophe Fratin1801-1864Sculptor
Andre Giroux1801-1879Photographer
Philippe Grass1801-1876Sculptor
Charles-Laurent Marechal1801-1887Painter/Stained Glass Artist
Hippolyte Victor Valentin Sebron1801-1897Painter
Interior of an Abbey in Ruins, 1848
Art Prints from
Camille Flers1802-1868Painter
Francois-Desire Froment-Meurice1802-1855Goldsmith
Theodore Gudin1802-1880Painter
The Capture of the Fort of Saint-Jean-d'Ulloa in 1838
Art Prints from
Constantin Guys1802-1892Illustrator
Constantin Guys: Box Seats
Art Prints from
Victor Hugo1802-1885Writer/Draughtsman
Le Gai Chateau
Art Prints from
Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps1803-1860Painter
The Desert Ride, 1839
Art Prints from
Eugene Isabey1803-1886Painter
Art Prints from
Antoine Johannot1803-1852Painter
Alphonse de Lamartine Reading to His Family
Art Prints from
Camille Roqueplan1803-1855Painter
Jacques-Raymond Brascassat1804-1867Painter
Adrien Dauzats1804-1868Painter
The Palais de Justice
Art Prints from
V. DeGrailly1804-1889Painter
Niagara Falls Scene
Art Prints from
Paul Gavarni1804-1866Engraver
Portrait of Victor Hugo 1829
Art Prints from
Joseph Philibert Girault de Prangey1804-1892Photographer
Paul Huet1804-1869Painter
Breakers off Granville Point in the Channel, 1853
Art Prints from
William Oliver1804-1853 
Unrequited Love - a Scene from Much Ado About Nothing
Art Prints from
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet1804-1860Painter
The Night Watch at Austerlitz
Art Prints from
Henri-Frederic Schopin1804-1880Painter
The Morning of The 18th Brumaire 1799
Art Prints from
Henri de Triqueti1804-1874Sculptor
View of the door of La Madeleine
Art Prints from
Eugene Blery1805-1887Printmaker
Claudius Jacquand1805-1878Painter
Two Boys Dressing Up as Soldiers
Art Prints from
Francois Joseph Frederic Roux1805-1870Painter
Louis Boulanger1806-1867Painter
Portrait of Victor Hugo
Art Prints from
Paul Chenavard1807-1895Painter
Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Pena1807-1876Painter
Diaz de la Pena: The Jean de Paris Heights in the Forest of Fontainebleau
Art Prints from
Jean-Jacques Feuchere1807-1852Sculptor
Auguste Glaize1807-1893Painter
Eugene-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval1808-1885Painter
Portrait of Jeanne de Tourbay
Art Prints from
Auguste Borget1808-1877Painter
The Bay and Island of Hong Kong
Art Prints from
Honore Daumier1808-1879Illustrator
The Rescue, ca.1870
Art Prints from
Eugene Deveria1808-1865Painter
The Reception of Christopher Columbus by Ferdinand and Isabella
Art Prints from
Jehan Duseigneur1808-1866Sculptor
Orlando Furioso
Art Prints from
Antoine Etex1808-1888Sculptor/Painter
Simon Saint-Jean1808-1860Painter
Hippolyte Flandrin1809-1864Painter
Hippolyte Flandrin: Young Male by the Sea
Art Prints from
Victor Mottez1809-1897Painter
Resurrection of the Dead
Art Prints from
Auguste Preault1809-1879Sculptor
Auguste Preault: Silence, 1848
Art Prints from
Adolphe-Felix Cals1810-1880Painter
The Meal at Honfleur
Art Prints from
Alfred de Dreux1810-1860Painter
Alfred de Dreux: The Pasha's Pride
Art Prints from
Pierre-Jules Mene1810-1879Sculptor
Jules-Achille Noel1810-1881Painter
Queen Victoria's Visit to Cherbourg, 1858
Art Prints from
Henri-Victor Regnault1810-1878Photographer
Constant Troyon1810-1865Painter
Country Woman Riding a Donkey
Art Prints from
Charles Aubry1811-1877Photographer
Jean-Auguste Barre1811-1896Sculptor
Jules Dupre1811-1889Painter
Prosper Marilhat1811-1847Painter
The Cedars of Lebanon
Art Prints from
Francois Geoffroi Roux1811-1882Painter
Marc Antoine Capne Fcois Faure
Art Prints from
Adolphe Braun1812-1877Photographer
Charles Martin1812-1906Illustrator
Full Length Portrait of J.M.W. Turner
Art Prints from
Theodore Rousseau1812-1867Painter
In the Wood at Fontainebleau
Art Prints from
Edouard Baldus1813-1889Photographer
Charles Emile Jacque1813-1894Painter
Celestin Francois Nanteuil1813-1873Painter
Don Quixote in a Cage
Art Prints from
Isidore Pils1813-1875Painter
The Fall of the Vendome Column
Art Prints from
Antoine Chintreuil1814-1873Painter
Path through the Apples Trees (oil)
Art Prints from
Jean Baptiste Clesinger1814-1883Sculptor
Bust of Madame Sabatier, 1847
Art Prints from
Charles-Theodore Frere1814-1888Painter
Louis Francais1814-1897Painter
Mont-Blanc Seen from Saint-Cergues
Art Prints from
Jean-Francois Millet1814-1875Painter
Jean-Francois Millet: The Gleaners
Art Prints from
Francois-Auguste Ravier1814-1895Painter
Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc1814-1879Architect
Decorative Scheme with King Arthur
Art Prints from
Jean-Achille Benouville1815-1891Painter
View of a Roman Villa, 1844
Art Prints from
Thomas Couture1815-1879Painter
The Romans of the Decadence (detail)
Art Prints from
Charles Muller1815-1892Painter
The Call for the Last Victims of the Terror
Art Prints from
Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier1815-1891Painter
Allegory of the Siege of Paris, 1870
Art Prints from
Dominique Louis Papety1815-1849Painter
Guillaume de Clermont defending Ptolemais (Acre) in 1291
Art Prints from
Philibert Perraud1815-1863Photographer
Charles Edward Boutibonne1816-1897Painter
Showing A Preference, 1874
Art Prints from
Leon-Victor Dupre1816-1879Painter
Richard Faxon1816-1875 
Regis-Francois Gignoux1816-1882Painter
Indian Summer, 1855
Art Prints from
Adrien Guignet1816-1854Painter
Charles Marville1816-1879Photographer
Paris, Rue Soufflot, the Pantheon
Art Prints from
Philippe Rousseau1816-1887Painter
Still Life with Portrait of Chardin
Art Prints from
Alexandre Antigna1817-1878Painter
The Fire, 1850
Art Prints from
Francois Bonvin1817-1887Painter
Interior of a Tavern
Art Prints from
Charles-Francois Daubigny1817-1878Painter
Charles-Francois Daubigny: Sunset on the Oise
Art Prints from
Ernest Hebert1817-1908Painter
Art Prints from
Louis Roux1817-1903Painter
Highlander of New York
Art Prints from
Adolphe Appian1818-1898Painter
Shore of Lake Bourget (Bord du Lac du Bourget)
Art Prints from
Louis-Theodore Devilly1818-1886Painter
Louis Duveau1818-1867Painter
Henri Jean-Louis Le Secq1818-1882Photographer
Public Baths in Paris, ca.1852
Art Prints from
Theodore Chasseriau1819-1856Painter
Andromeda Tied to the Rock by the Nereids
Art Prints from
Gustave Courbet1819-1877Painter
The Oak of Flagey, called Vercingetorix
Art Prints from
Andre-Adolphe Eugene Disderi1819-1889Photographer
Communards in their coffins, c.1871
Art Prints from
Louis-Edouard Dubufe1819-1883Painter
Portrait of Joseph Fouche, Duke of Otranto
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Fauvelet1819-1883Painter
Henri-Joseph Harpignies1819-1916Painter
Art Prints from
Charles Francois Jalabert1819-1901Painter
Horace, Virgil and Varius
Art Prints from
Jules-Eugene Lenepveu1819-1898Painter
The Martyrs in the Catacombs, 1855
Art Prints from
Auguste Anastasi1820-1889Painter
Eugene Fromentin1820-1876Painter/Writer
The Land of Thirst
Art Prints from
Gustave Le Gray1820-1884Photographer
Brig On The Water, 1856
Art Prints from
Charles Negre1820-1880Photographer
Arria And Poetus By Pierre Le Paultre
Art Prints from
Felix Nadar1820-1910Photographer
Portrait of Jean Charles Deburau as Pierrot
Art Prints from
Pierre Andrieu1821-1892Painter
Men Carrying Away a Corpse, 23rd February 1848
Art Prints from
Francois-Leon Benouville1821-1859Painter
Odalisque, 1844
Art Prints from
Theophile-Emmanuel Duverger1821-1901Painter
The Final Warning, 1886
Art Prints from
Jean-Louis Hamon1821-1874Painter
The Human Comedy
Art Prints from
Charles Landelle1821-1908Painter
Portrait of Alfred de Musset
Art Prints from
Emile Lecomte-Vernet1821-1900Painter
Theophile-Victor-Emile Lemmens1821-1867Painter
Charles Meryon1821-1868Printmaker
College Henri IV and the Lycee Napoleon, 1864
Art Prints from
Felix Ziem1821-1911Painter
Harbour in Constantinople
Art Prints from
Rosa Bonheur1822-1899Painter
Study of Horses
Art Prints from
Rodolphe Bresdin1822-1885Engraver
Alfred Dehodencq1822-1882Painter
Jean-Joseph-Hippolyte-Romain Ferrat1822-1882Sculptor
Evariste-Vital Luminais1822-1896Painter
Les Enerves De Jumieges
Art Prints from
Pierre-Louis Pierson1822-1913Photographer
Sophie Anderson1823-1903Painter
Sophie Anderson: Love in a Mist
Art Prints from
Alexandre Bida1823-1895Painter
The Exile from Judah
Art Prints from
Alfred Boisseau1823-1901Painter
Alexandre Cabanel1823-1889Painter
Cleopatra Testing Poisons on the Condemned Prisoners
Art Prints from
Philibert-Leon Couturier1823-1901Painter
Marcellin Gilbert Desboutin1823-1902Painter/Printmaker
The Violin Player
Art Prints from
Hugues Merle1823-1881 
The Storyteller, 1874
Art Prints from
Augustin Theodule Ribot1823-1891Painter
Still Life with a Pomegranate
Art Prints from
Louis-Gustave Ricard1823-1873Painter
Louis-Augustin Auguin1824-1904Painter
Auguste Bonheur1824-1884Painter
Eugene Boudin1824-1898Painter
Eugene Boudin: Marine scene
Art Prints from
Gustave Boulanger1824-1888Painter
Art Prints from
Gustave Brion1824-1877Painter
Gavroche had fallen only to rise again, from Les Miserables
Art Prints from
Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse1824-1887Sculptor
Statue of Alexandre Dumas Pere
Art Prints from
Emmanuel Fremiet1824-1910Sculptor
Equestrian statue of Joan of Arc
Art Prints from
Jean-Leon Gerome1824-1904Painter/Sculptor
Art Prints from
Alfred Jacquemart1824-1896Sculptor
Adolphe-Joseph-Thomas Monticelli1824-1886Painter
Art Prints from
Pierre Puvis de Chavannes1824-1898Painter
The Reaper
Art Prints from
Charles Bargue1825-1883Painter
Two Ladies on a Swing, Illustration from 'Les Sylphides'
Art Prints from
Adolphe William Bouguereau1825-1905Painter
Madonna of the Roses
Art Prints from
Charles Chaplin1825-1891Painter
Young Girl with a Nest
Art Prints from
Francois-Nicolas Chifflart1825-1901Painter
The Populace Besieging Notre-Dame
Art Prints from
Charles Soulacroix1825-1900Painter
Frederic Soulacroix: Lady with the Fan
Art Prints from
Ferdinand Heilbuth1826-1889Painter
The Reader, 1856
Art Prints from
Emile Levy1826-1890Painter
The Death of Orpheus, 1866
Art Prints from
Gustave Moreau1826-1898Painter
Gustave Moreau: Study of Horses and Jockeys
Art Prints from
Ludovic Piette1826-1878Painter
Frederick Rondel1826-1892Painter
Paul Seignac1826-1904Painter
Picking Cherries
Art Prints from
Leon Belly1827-1877Painter
Caravan of Pilgrims Cross the Desert to Mecca
Art Prints from
Jules Breton1827-1906Painter
Jules Breton: Song of the Lark
Art Prints from
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux1827-1875Sculptor/Painter
The Spy, Episode of the Siege of Paris, 1871
Art Prints from
Ernest Christophe1827-1892Sculptor
Charles Henri Joseph Cordier1827-1905Sculptor
Bust of a Sudanese Man, 1857
Art Prints from
Maxime Lalanne1827-1886Painter
Paul Baudry1828-1886Painter
Toilette of Venus
Art Prints from
Etienne Carjat1828-1906Photographer/Illustrator
Victor Hugo on Jersey Rock
Art Prints from
Jules-Elie Delaunay1828-1891Painter
The Plague in Rome, 1869
Art Prints from
Eugene Deshayes1828-1890Painter
Pierre-Eugene-Emile Hebert1828-1893Sculptor
Jules Jacques Veyrassat1828-1893Painter
John-Lewis Brown1829-1890Painter
17th June 1815, 7 O'Clock, 1869
Art Prints from
Henriette Browne1829-1901Painter
The Sisters of Mercy, 1859
Art Prints from
Paul Dubois1829-1905Sculptor/Painter
Portrait of Madame Jean-Paul Casimir-Perier
Art Prints from
Jean-Jacques Henner1829-1905Painter
Jean-Jacques Henner: Study of a Woman in Red
Art Prints from
Paul Desire Trouillebert1829-1900Painter
Morning Effect, Silver Birches and a River
Art Prints from
Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe1830-1901Painter
Victor Nehlig1830-1909Painter
Camille Pissarro1830-1903Painter
Camille Pissarro: Girl with a Stick, 1881
Art Prints from
Charles Sellier1830-1882Painter
Montgolfier's Air Balloon
Art Prints from
Jean-Alexandre-Joseph Falguiere1831-1900Sculptor
Tarcisius, Christian Martyr, 1868
Art Prints from
Leopold Flameng1831-1911Painter/Printmaker
Art Prints from
Gustave Dore1832-1883Illustrator
Gustave Dore: Don Quixote in his Library
Art Prints from
Gustave Eiffel1832-1923Architect
Edouard Manet1832-1883Painter
Edouard Manet: Waitress Serving
Art Prints from
Hypolyte-Alex-Andre-Julien Moulin1832-1884Sculptor
Zacharie Astruc1833-1907 
Leon Bonnat1833-1922Painter
The Bandit's Wife, 1872
Art Prints from
Felix Bracquemond1833-1914Engraver
Henri Michel Antoine Chapu1833-1891Sculptor
Steam, c.1889
Art Prints from
Antoine Vollon1833-1900Painter
A spilled bag of cherries
Art Prints from
Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi1834-1904Sculptor
The Statue of Liberty
Art Prints from
Edgar Degas1834-1917Painter/Sculptor
Ballerine in Rosa
Art Prints from
Paul-Camille Guigou1834-1871Painter
Art Prints from
Camille-Leon-Louis Silvy1834-1910Photographer
Prince Albert, Consort of Queen Victoria
Art Prints from
Paul-Prosper Tillier1834-1915Painter
Victor Huguet1835-1902Painter
Arab Encampment, 1872
Art Prints from
Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville1835-1885Painter
The Gervais Battery at the Siege of Sebastopol
Art Prints from
Jules Cheret1836-1932Printmaker
Prosper d'Epinay1836-1914Sculptor
Henri Fantin-Latour1836-1904Painter
Henri Fantin-Latour: Bouquet De Julienne Et Fruits
Art Prints from
Stanislas Lepine1836-1892Painter
The Seine from the Quai de la Rapee
Art Prints from
Jules-Joseph Lefebvre1836-1911Painter
Eugene-Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte
Art Prints from
Louis de Clercq1836-1901Photographer
James Tissot1836-1902Painter
Tissot: Seaside
Art Prints from
Pierre-Auguste Cot1837-1883Painter
Pierre-Auguste Cot: The Storm
Art Prints from
Jules Ferdinand Jacquemart1837-1880 
Alphonse Legros1837-1911Painter/Sculptor
Portrait of Thomas Henry Huxley
Art Prints from
Portrait of Edouard Manet, circa 1880
Art Prints from
Jules Dalou1838-1902Sculptor
Bust of Eugene Delacroix
Art Prints from
Marie-Francois Firmin-Girard1838-1921Painter
En Vacance
Art Prints from
Jean-Paul Laurens1838-1921Painter
The Last Moments of Maximilian, 1882
Art Prints from
Leon-Germain Pelouse1838-1891Painter
Tony Robert-Fleury1838-1912Painter
Philippe Pinel Releasing Lunatics from Their Chains
Art Prints from
Louis-Emile Adan1839-1937Painter
Paul Cezanne1839-1906Painter
Dans la Vallee de L'Oise
Art Prints from
Jules-Adolphe Goupil1839-1883Painter
Art Prints from
Hubert-Noel Louis1839-1925 
Alfred Sisley1839-1899Painter
The Church at Moret, Frosty Weather, 1893
Art Prints from
Marie Bracquemond1840-1916Painter
On The Terrace at Sevres, 1880
Art Prints from
Gustave Guillaumet1840-1887Painter
Evening Prayer in the Sahara, 1863
Art Prints from
Claude Monet1840-1926Painter
Emile Munier1840-1895Painter
Pardon, Mama
Art Prints from
Odilon Redon1840-1916Painter
Odilon Redon: Apollo's Chariot
Art Prints from
Auguste Rodin1840-1917Sculptor
Auguste Rodin: Pianist's Hand
Art Prints from
Ferdinand Roybet1840-1920Painter
Art Prints from
Jehan Georges Vibert1840-1902Painter
Louis-Ernest Barrias1841-1905Sculptor
Nature Unveiled to Science
Art Prints from
Frederic Bazille1841-1870Painter
The City Walls of Aigues-Mortes, 1867
Art Prints from
Laurent Joseph Daniel Bouvier1841-1901Painter
Jean-Charles Cazin1841-1901Painter
Cottage in the Dunes
Art Prints from
Charles Edouard Delort1841-1895Painter
The Bargain, 1894
Art Prints from
Armand Guillaumin1841-1927Painter
Berthe Morisot1841-1895Painter
Berthe Morisot: Skating in the Park
Art Prints from
Pierre-Auguste Renoir1841-1919Painter
The Luncheon of the Boating Party
Art Prints from
Hippolyte-Camille Delpy1842-1910Painter
Snow at Montmartre, 1869
Art Prints from
Pierre-Paul-Leon Glaize1842-1932Painter
Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy1842-1923Painter/Sculptor
Georges Clairin1843-1919Painter
Sarah Bernhardt as a Queen
Art Prints from
Ernest Duez1843-1896Painter
A Reflective Moment, 1895
Art Prints from
Henri Regnault1843-1871Painter
Henri Regnault: Salome
Art Prints from
Marie Cazin1844-1924Painter/Sculptor
Theophile-Louis Deyrolle1844-1923Painter
Alfred Guillou1844-1926Painter
Leon Augustin L'hermitte1844-1925Painter
Edmond Petitjean1844-1925Painter
Henri Rousseau1844-1910Painter
Henri Rousseau: Battling Tiger and Buffalo
Art Prints from
Jules Tavernier1844-1889Painter
Jules Tavernier: Sunrise over Diamond Head
Art Prints from
Benjamin Constant1845-1902Painter
St John Chrysostom Exiled by Empress Eudoxia
Art Prints from
Fernand Cormon1845-1924Painter
Eugene Grasset1845-1917Designer
Three Women and Three Wolves
Art Prints from
Madeleine Lemaire1845-1928Painter
Luigi Loir1845-1916Painter
Urban Landscape
Art Prints from
Marius-Jean-Antonin Mercie1845-1916Sculptor/Painter
Gloria Victis, 1874
Art Prints from
Emile Galle1846-1904Glassmaker
Figure of a Cat
Art Prints from
Luc-Olivier Merson1846-1920Painter
The Vision, 1872
Art Prints from
Jean Andre Rixens1846-1924Painter
Felix-Hilaire Buhot1847-1898Painter
Edouard Debat-Ponsan1847-1913Painter
The Massage, 1883
Art Prints from
Henry F. Farny1847-1916Painter/Printmaker
Through the Mountains
Art Prints from
Victor-Gabriel Gilbert1847-1933Painter
Paul-Albert Bartholome1848-1928Sculptor/Painter
Jules Bastien-Lepage1848-1884Painter
Resting Peasants, 1877
Art Prints from
Gustave Caillebotte1848-1894Painter
Gustave Caillebotte: Le Pont De L'Europe
Art Prints from
Edouard Detaille1848-1912Painter
The Dream, 1888
Art Prints from
Paul Gauguin1848-1903Painter
Hail Mary
Art Prints from
Pierre-Georges Jeanniot1848-1934Painter
Henry Lerolle1848-1929Painter
Jean Beraud1849-1935Painter
Albert Besnard1849-1934Painter
Eugene Carriere1849-1906Painter
Reclining Nude
Art Prints from
Theobald Chartran1849-1907Painter
Portrait of Mounet-Sully
Art Prints from
Eva Gonzales1849-1883Painter
Portrait of a Girl Holding a Sparrow
Art Prints from
Louis Welden Hawkins1849-1910 
Le Sphinx Et Le Chimere
Art Prints from
Albert Lebourg1849-1928Painter
Auguste-Louis Lepere1849-1918Painter
Balloon Landing at Pre St-Gervais
Art Prints from
Eugene Henri Cauchois1850-1911Painter
Summer Flowers in a Glass Vase
Art Prints from
Eugene Grandin1850-1909Painter
Cesar Pattein1850-1931Painter
Jean-Francois Raffaelli1850-1924Painter
Julien Dupre1851-1910Painter
Julien Dupre: Turning the Hay
Art Prints from
Claude-Emile Schuffenecker1851-1934Painter
Louis Beroud1852-1930Painter
Eugene Buland1852-1927Painter
Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret1852-1929Painter
Jean-Louis Forain1852-1931Painter/Illustrator
Henri Gervex1852-1929Painter
Henry-Jules-Jean Geoffroy1853-1924Painter
Eugene Alexis Girardet1853-1907Painter
The Sacred Fire Of Jerusalem
Art Prints from
Paul Jamin1853-1903Painter
Spoils of the Battle, c.1893
Art Prints from
Maurice Leloir1853-1940Painter/Illustrator
Charles August Mengin1853-1933Painter
Marius Michel1853-?Painter
Charles Angrand1854-1926Painter
Henry-Julien Detouche1854-1913 
Eugene Galien-Laloue1854-1941Painter
Norbert Goeneutte1854-1894Painter
The Paupers' Meal on a Winter Day in Paris
Art Prints from
Gaston La Touche1854-1913Painter
Art Prints from
Hippolyte Petitjean1854-1929Painter
Alfred Smith1854-1932 
Paul SteckDied 1924Painter
Frank M. Boggs1855-1926Painter
Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel1855-1913Painter
Doctor Peter's Toothpaste, 1894
Art Prints from
Ludwig Deutsch1855-1935Painter
Paul de Longpre1855-1911Painter
Pierre Roche1855-1922Sculptor
Alexandre Seon1855-1917Painter
Lamentations of Orpheus
Art Prints from
Eugene Atget1856-1927Photographer
Henri-Edmond Cross1856-1910Painter
The Iles D'Or (The Iles D'Hyeres, Var)
Art Prints from
Francois Flameng1856-1923Painter
Jules Girardet1856-1938Painter
Charles Maurin1856-1914Painter
L'Aperitif Concert, Rue Dorsel
Art Prints from
Henri Moret1856-1913Painter
Waiting for the Return of the Fishermen in Brittany, 1894
Art Prints from
Delphin Enjolras1857-1945Painter
Alphonse Osbert1857-1939Painter
Eugene Lawrence Vail1857-1934Painter
Adolphe-Leon Willette1857-1926Illustrator
Louise Abbema1858-1927Painter
Maria Bashkirtseff1858-1884Painter/Writer
A Meeting
Art Prints from
Maximilien Luce1858-1941Painter
Edouard Drouot1859-1945Sculptor
Paul Helleu1859-1927Painter/Engraver
Ernest Laurent1859-1929Painter
Louis Majorelle1859-1926Designer
Georges Antoine Rochegrosse1859-1938Painter
Georges Seurat1859-1891Painter
Georges Seurat: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte
Art Prints from
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen1859-1923Painter/Printmaker
Edmond-Francois Aman-Jean1860-1935Painter
Antoine Calbet1860-1944Painter
Paulin JenotDied C.1930 
Rene Lalique1860-1945Glassmaker
Henri Martin1860-1943Painter
Louis Anquetin1861-1932Painter
Jacques-Emile Blanche1861-1942Painter
Emile Antoine Bourdelle1861-1929Sculptor
Etienne Dinet1861-1929Painter
Gustave Leheutre1861-1932 
Aristide Maillol1861-1944Sculptor
Armand Point1861-1932Painter
Lucien Simon1861-1945Painter
Rupert Carabin1862-1932Sculptor
Charles Leandre1862-1934Painter
Henri Eugene Augustin Le Sidaner1862-1939Painter
Emile-Rene Menard1862-1930Painter
Albert-Joseph Penot1862-1930Painter
Charles Cottet1863-1925Painter
Charles Filiger1863-1928Painter/Printmaker
Emile Friant1863-1932Painter
Jeanne Jacquemin1863-1938Painter
Lucien Metivet1863-1930Printmaker
Maxime Maufra1863-1918Painter
Landscape at Pont-Aven, c.1893-94
Art Prints from
Jules-Alexis Muenier1863-1942Painter
Lucien Pissarro1863-1944Painter
Paul Serusier1863-1927Painter
Paul Signac1863-1935Painter
Albert Belleroche1864-1944Painter/Printmaker
Victor Charreton1864-1936Painter
Camille Claudel1864-1943Sculptor
Marie Lucas-Robiquet1864-1959Painter
Ferdinand du Puigaudeau1864-1930Painter
Paul Ranson1864-1909Painter
Edge Of The Forest
Art Prints from
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec1864-1901Painter/Printmaker
Moulin Rouge
Art Prints from
Pierre Bonnaud1865-1930Painter
Georges Chavignaud1865-1944Painter
Leon Dabo1865-1960Painter
Lucien Levy-Dhurmer1865-1953Painter
Henri Lebasque1865-1937Painter
Gustave Loiseau1865-1935Painter
Suzanne Valadon1865-1938Painter
Felix Vallotton1865-1925Painter
Wassily Kandinsky1866-1944Painter
Pierre Bonnard1867-1947Painter
William Robert Colton1867-1921 
Hector Guimard1867-1942Architect/Designer
Henri Gabriel Ibels1867-1936Painter
Ker Xavier Roussel1867-1944Painter
Emile Bernard1868-1941Painter
Jules-Alexandre Grun1868-1934Painter
Georges Lacombe1868-1916Painter/Sculptor
The Ages of Life, 1892
Art Prints from
Edouard Vuillard1868-1940Painter
Albert Andre1869-1954Painter
Paul Chabas1869-1937Painter
Pierre-Felix Fix-Masseau1869-1937Sculptor/Printmaker
Henri Matisse1869-1954Painter/Sculptor
Fernand Piet1869-1942Painter
Armand Seguin1869-1903Painter/Printmaker
Louis Valtat1869-1952Painter
Antoine Bouvard1870-1956Painter
Lucie Cousturier1870-1925Painter/Writer
Georges d'Espagnat1870-1950Painter
Maurice Denis1870-1943Painter
Charles Lacoste1870-1959 
Edgar Maxence1871-1954 
Georges Rouault1871-1958Painter
Joseph Victor Roux-Champion1871-1953Painter
Auguste Brouet1872-1941 
Pierre Dubreuil1872-1944Photographer
Edgar Chahine1874-1947 
Charles Despiau1874-1946Sculptor
Georges Dupuis1874-1932Painter
Henri Manguin1874-1949Painter
Pierre-Eugene Montezin1874-1946Painter
Charles Hoffbauer1875-1957Painter
Albert Marquet1875-1947Painter
Henri-Emilien Rousseau1875-1933Painter
Jacques Villon1875-1963Painter
Raymond Duchamp-Villon1876-1918Sculptor
The Horse
Art Prints from
Charles Dufresne1876-1938Painter
Julio Gonzalez1876-1942Sculptor
Jean Puy1876-1960Painter
Maurice de Vlaminck1876-1958Painter
Raoul Dufy1877-1953Painter
Herbert Haseltine1877-1962Sculptor
Jean-Emile Laboureur1877-1947Painter
Otto Freundlich1878-1943Painter/Sculptor
Charles Isaac Ginner1878-1952Painter
Charles Camoin1879-1965Painter
Jean Frelaut1879-1954 
Othon Friesz1879-1949Painter
Francis Picabia1879-1953Painter
Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann1879-1933Designer
Leopold Survage1879-1968Painter
Andre Derain1880-1954Painter/Sculptor
Lucien Labaudt1880-1943Painter
Pierre Roy1880-1950 
Albert Gleizes1881-1953Painter
Fernand Leger1881-1955Painter
Henri Le Fauconnier1881-1946Painter
Georges Braque1882-1963Painter
Edouard Cortes1882-1969Painter
Edmund Dulac1882-1953Illustrator
Jean Dupas1882-1964Designer
Auguste Herbin1882-1960Painter
Gaston Lachaise1882-1935Sculptor
Luc-Albert Moreau1882-1948Painter
Camille Bombois1883-1970Painter
Coco Chanel1883-1971Designer
Henri Hayden1883-1970Painter
Louis Marcoussis1883-1941Painter
Jean Metzinger1883-1956Painter
Gustave Adolphe Mossa1883-1971 
Maurice Utrillo1883-1955Painter
Rembrandt Bugatti1884-1916Sculptor
Art Prints from
Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac1884-1974Painter
Antoine Pevsner1884-1962Sculptor
Robert Delaunay1885-1941Painter
Sonia Delaunay1885-1979Painter/Designer
Roger de la Fresnaye1885-1925Painter
Marie Laurencin1885-1956Painter
Henri Laurens1885-1954Sculptor
Andre Lhote1885-1962Painter/Sculptor
Jules Pascin1885-1930Painter
Jean Arp1886-1966Painter/Sculptor
Victor Dubreuil1886-1900Painter
Money To Burn, 1893
Art Prints from
Tsugoharu Foujita1886-1968Painter
Amedee Ozenfant1886-1966Painter
Marc Chagall1887-1985Painter/Stained Glass Artist
Le Corbusier1887-1965Architect
Andrew Dasburg1887-1979Painter
Marcel Duchamp1887-1968Conceptual Artist
Valentine Hugo1887-1968Painter
Roger Bissiere1888-1964Painter
Jean Dufy1888-1964Painter
Louis Icart1888-1950Painter/Illustrator
Jean Cocteau1889-1963 
Jean-Gabriel Domergue1889-1962 
Pierre de Belay1890-1947Painter
Robert Laurent1890-1970Sculptor
Elsa Schiaparelli1890-1973Designer
Ossip Zadkine1890-1967Painter/Sculptor
Max Ernst1891-1976Painter
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska1891-1915Sculptor
Portrait of Horace Brodsky
Art Prints from
Moise Kisling1891-1953Painter
Jacques Lipchitz1891-1973Sculptor
Marcel Gromaire1892-1971Painter
Jean Lurcat1892-1966Painter/Textile Artist
Chaim Soutine1893-1943Painter
Claude Cahun1894-1954Photographer
Jean Hugo1894-1984 
Jacques-Henri Lartigue1894-1986Photographer
Jean Pougny1894-1956Painter
Andre Breton1896-1966Writer/Artist
Paul Jacoulet1896-1960Printmaker
Andre Masson1896-1987Painter
Jean Puiforcat1897-1945Sculptor
Jean Fautrier1898-1964Painter
Charles Lapicque1898-1988Painter
Jean Gorin1899-1981Painter/Sculptor
Henri Michaux1899-1984Writer/Painter
Jean Carlu1900-1997Printmaker
Antoine de Saint-Exupery1900-1944Writer/Illustrator
Yves Tanguy1900-1955Painter
Jean Dubuffet1901-1985 
Jean Prouve1901-1984Designer
Hans Bellmer1902-1975 
Wifredo Lam1902-1982Painter
Andre Lanskoy1902-1976Painter
Charlotte Perriand1903-1999Designer
Jean Bazaine1904-2001Painter
Maurice Esteve1904-2001Painter
Jean Helion1904-1987Painter
Hans Hartung1904-1989Painter
Germaine Richier1904-1959Sculptor
Christian Dior1905-1957Designer
Pierre Tal-Coat1905-1985Painter
Andreas Feininger1906-1999Photographer
Yves Brayer1907-1990Painter
Henri Cartier-Bresson1908-2004Photographer
Victor Vasarely1908-1997Painter
Maria Elena Vieira da Silva1908-1992Painter
Dora Maar1909-1997Photographer
Louise Bourgeois1911-2010Sculptor
Alfred Manessier1911-1993Painter
Robert Doisneau1912-1994Photographer
Francis Gruber1912-1948Painter
Roberto Matta1912-2002Painter
Jean-Michel Atlan1913-1960Painter
Pierre SoulagesBorn 1919Painter
Jean JansemBorn 1920Painter
Cesar1921-1998Sculptor/Assemblage Artist
Francoise GilotBorn 1921Painter
Simon Hantai1922-2008Painter
Edouard Boubat1923-1999Photographer
Robert Filliou1926-1987 
Raymond Hains1926-2005 
Francois MorelletBorn 1926Painter/Sculptor
Jacques de la VillegleBorn 1926Mixed Media Artist
Arman1928-2005Assemblage Artist
Bernard Buffet1928-1999Painter
DelfinoBorn 1928Sculptor
Elliott ErwittBorn 1928Photographer
Yves Klein1928-1962Conceptual Artist
MarisolBorn 1930Sculptor
Niki de Saint-Phalle1930-2002Painter/Sculptor
Roman Opalka1931-2011Painter
Lucien ClergueBorn 1934Photographer
LjubaBorn 1934Painter
Ben VautierBorn 1935Installation Artist
Martial RaysseBorn 1936Painter
Claude ViallatBorn 1936Painter
Daniel BurenBorn 1938Conceptual Artist
MoebiusBorn 1938Illustrator
Philippe CazaBorn 1941Writer/Illustrator
Bernar VenetBorn 1941Conceptual Artist
Manfred BuchheitBorn 1943Photographer
Annette MessagerBorn 1943Installation Artist
Christian BoltanskiBorn 1944Installation Artist
Gilles PeressBorn 1946Photographer
Bertrand LavierBorn 1949Installation Artist
Jean-Marc BustamanteBorn 1952Photographer
Bettina RheimsBorn 1952Photographer
Sophie CalleBorn 1953Photographer
Bernard FrizeBorn 1954 
Huang Yong PingBorn 1954 
Pierre HuygheBorn 1962Video Artist
Pierre BismuthBorn 1963Conceptual Artist
Claude CloskyBorn 1963 
Xavier VeilhanBorn 1963 
Philippe ParrenoBorn 1964 
Dominique Gonzalez-FoersterBorn 1965 
Matthieu LauretteBorn 1970Installation Artist
Pierre et Gilles Photographers


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