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Mid-19th Century

Realism is an approach to art in which subjects are depicted in as straightforward a manner as possible, without idealizing them and without following rules of formal artistic theory.
The earliest Realist work began to appear in the 18th century, in a reaction to the excesses of Romanticism and Neoclassicism. This is evident in John Singleton Copley's paintings, and some of the works of Goya. But the great Realist era was the middle of the 19th century, as artists became disillusioned with the artifice of the Salons and the influence of the Academies.

Realism came closest to being an organized movement in France, inspiring artists such as Camille Corot, Jean-Francois Millet and the Barbizon School of landscape painters.
Besides Copley, American Realists included the painters Thomas Eakins, and Henry Ossawa Tanner, both of whom studied in France.

French Realism was a guiding influence on the philosophy of the Impressionists. The Ashcan School artists, the American Scene painters, and, much later, on the Contemporary Realists are all following the American Realist tradition.

Chronological Listing of Realists
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Peter von Cornelius 1783-1867 German Painter
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot 1796-1875 French Painter
Constantin Guys 1802-1892 French Illustrator
Paul Gavarni 1804-1866 French Engraver
Josef Danhauser 1805-1845 Austrian Painter
William Dyce 1806-1864 Scottish Painter
William Sidney Mount 1807-1868 American Painter
Honore Daumier 1808-1879 French Illustrator
Christen Kobke 1810-1848 Danish Painter
George Caleb Bingham 1811-1879 American Painter
Jean-Francois Millet 1814-1875 French Painter
Adolf von Menzel 1815-1905 German Painter
Francois Bonvin 1817-1887 French Painter
Gustave Courbet 1819-1877 French Painter
Rosa Bonheur 1822-1899 French Painter
Augustin Theodule Ribot 1823-1891 French Painter
Auguste Bonheur 1824-1884 French Painter
Gustave Brion 1824-1877 French Painter
Emmanuel Fremiet 1824-1910 French Sculptor
Jozef Israels 1824-1911 Dutch Painter
Giovanni Fattori 1825-1908 Italian Painter
Silvestro Lega 1826-1895 Italian Painter
Paul Seignac 1826-1904 French Painter
Jules Breton 1827-1906 French Painter
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux 1827-1875 French Sculptor/Painter
Jervis McEntee 1828-1891 American Painter
John Quincy Adams Ward 1830-1910 American Sculptor
John George Brown 1831-1913 British/American Painter
Edouard Manet 1832-1883 French Painter
Antoine Vollon 1833-1900 French Painter
Edgar Degas 1834-1917 French Painter/Sculptor
Henri Fantin-Latour 1836-1904 French Painter
Eduardo Rosales 1836-1873 Spanish Painter
Jules Dalou 1838-1902 French Sculptor
Kitty Kielland 1843-1914 Norwegian Painter
Thomas Eakins 1844-1916 American Painter
Leon Augustin L'hermitte 1844-1925 French Painter
Wilhelm Leibl 1844-1900 German Painter
Mihaly Munkacsy 1844-1900 Hungarian Painter
Ilya Repin 1844-1930 Ukrainian/Russian Painter
Jules Bastien-Lepage 1848-1884 French Painter
Frank Duveneck 1848-1919 American Painter
Francisco Pradilla Ortiz 1848-1921 Spanish Painter
Augustus Saint-Gaudens 1848-1907 Irish/American Sculptor
Frants Henningsen 1850-1908 Danish Painter
Thomas Anshutz 1851-1912 American Painter
Julien Dupre 1851-1910 French Painter
Viggo Johansen 1851-1935 Danish Painter
Carl Locher 1851-1915 Danish Painter
Wilhelm Trubner 1851-1917 German Painter
Sir George Clausen 1852-1944 English Painter
Pascal-Adolphe-Jean Dagnan-Bouveret 1852-1929 French Painter
Jean-Louis Forain 1852-1931 French Painter/Illustrator
Christian Krohg 1852-1925 Norwegian Painter
Carl Larsson 1853-1919 Swedish Painter
George Carline 1855-1920 English Painter
Gilbert Gaul 1855-1919 American Painter
Erik Werenskiold 1855-1936 Norwegian Painter
Stanhope Alexander Forbes 1857-1947 Irish Painter
Henry H. La Thangue 1859-1929 British Painter
Henry Ossawa Tanner 1859-1937 African-American Painter
Anders Zorn 1860-1920 Swedish Painter
Charles Cottet 1863-1925 French Painter
Emile Friant 1863-1932 French Painter
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida 1863-1923 Spanish Painter
Harald Sohlberg 1869-1935 Norwegian Painter
Russell Drysdale 1912-1981 British/Australian Painter
Antonio Lopez Garcia Born 1936 Spanish Painter



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