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Artist: Constantin Brancusi
[Romanian sculptor, 1876-1957]

Title: Sleeping Muse

Date: 1910
Medium: bronze sculpture
Dimensions: 10.75 inches in length
Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Image size: 1184 x 1217 pixels, 319 Kbytes
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Constantin Brancusi: Sleeping Muse

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This photograph is the cover of Radu Varia's book Brancusi.

What does it mean when some of the most stunning reproductions of great art are being provided not by the museums that own the works, not by the foundations dedicated to preserving the artist's legacy, but by a bookstore?

The most straightforward answer, so commonplace that it can't even be considered cynical any more, is that Amazon and the publisher stand to gain financially from making the image accessible to potential buyers, while the cultural institutions don't perceive such a benefit. Yet.

Follow-up: As of September 2006, the "Look Inside" feature for this book is no longer available.
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