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Artist: Yayoi Kusama
[Japanese artist, born 1929]

Title: Exhibition

Dimensions: -

Image size: 2000 x 427 pixels, 284 Kbytes
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Yayoi Kusama: Exhibition

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This is an interesting panorama-style photograph of a whole room of the artist's quirky sculptures. It doesn't document any individual work very well, but there's a kind of monochromatic unity to the room that is quite expressive in itself. Unfortunately the details of when and where this photo was taken is not recorded, except that it was in Tokyo

There are more panoramic photos, including another shot of the Kusama exhibition from a slightly different location, on this page.

Looking at Yayoi Kusama's joyful work, I always notice how rare it is for artists to be allowed to have fun, or perhaps I should say allow themselves to have fun. There are only a handful of serious artists (perhaps that phrase says it all) I can think of who are fun to look at and who seem to be having fun. William Wegman, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Niki de Saint-Phalle. Jeff Koons has humorous elements in some of his works, but it strikes me as a shade too ironic. And Claes Oldenburg's monumental whimsy is amusing to look at, but I wonder if building those huge follies doesn't become kind of a chore after a while.
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